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  1. 2 Italian greyhounds killed by dogs in Melbourne in the last week! That’s why I often pick mine up in public places
  2. People are now giving their dogs actual pet funerals, through funeral homes! Service and all. I bury my pets at home, I keep my old pure cotton sheets for the very purpose of wrapping them up, but I won’t be having a funeral for them.
  3. Sometimes a puppy is fine as a pet but really not of breeding quality. Unscrupulous breeders can still use it to breed from.
  4. I’m surprised she hasn’t come under scrutiny of the ATO. At those prices she’s racking in the money.
  5. And here’s their goofy housemate Soda the whippet. He’s just had a milestone today, he cocked his leg for the first time. Hopefully now he’ll stop pissing on his front legs. Because he’s soon of dating age we decided to get his Tinder profile shot. We’re going for the thoughtful, intelligent yet McDreamy look. Has he nailed it?
  6. Neko and Secret are alive and well. Neko turned 8 in August and Secret had her 6th birthday a bit over a week ago. Neko is still quite playful sometimes which I love. If anything, Secret is the more serious of the 2.
  7. Follow Aticia on Pilbara Working Dogs on Facebook. She’s fantastic with her dogs. She always thanks them and the cattle when they work well.
  8. Lots more breeds need to be included and breeders need to stop exaggerating the conformation of their chosen breeds to the nth degree. Even whippets have changed so much in 20 years, and not for the better.
  9. Bulldogs and Cavaliers can no longer be bred in Norway due to health problems, unless breeders begin outcrossing to improve the health of these 2 breeds. It was bound to happen. They won’t be the only breeds it’s sure spread to more countries too. Bring it on I say.
  10. I watched it on iview. I’ve been following Aticia (Pilbara Dogs) for a few years on Facebook. She’d mentioned Gossip Girl but nothing about how or why she had her. I was surprised to see them on this.
  11. A friend of mine is very good. Belinda Blight. Her face book page is Hound and Hand. this is the portrait she did of Secret’s brother Obi
  12. Grab a hold of his ear and twist it too!
  13. I wonder if her transportation down to you might’ve terrified her and sort of imprinted on her brain. I don’t know how to describe it, but my puppy was a bit of a loner although liked trotting along with her outside I think, from what the breeder told me. when I got him flown down he was terrified and also completely shut down. He improved fairly quickly but there’s some things I notice about him and I wonder if his natural temperament along with a frightening experience of being flown to a strange place and a person he didn’t know, at a sensitive and impressionable age might’ve influenced his behaviour. do you think it’s possible something like this has affected your puppy too?
  14. I think I’d just give them a full refund. I’d rather get the puppy back than have them try to recoup their money by on selling without telling me on gumtree or similar.
  15. That’s amazing. Good dog Zollie! As a kid I always thought my dog Bobby would save me if anyone attacked me because whenever my brother would beat me up Bobby would always come to my aid. Then one day I was walking through the railway underpass and a man grabbed me. I was terrified……and so was Bobby. He took off for home without a second glance back at me and left me to look after myself and fend the man off, which luckily for me I did. I had a friend with a lovely German Shepherd and she saved his life. He had a fire break out in his kitchen. Annie the Shepherd started barking and bolted out of the house. My friend was disappointed in her and thought she was a coward. A short time later some people from up the street came to his house because Annie hadn’t run away in fear, she’d gone for help. They said she went running into their yard barking and then running back out onto the street. They quickly realised she wanted them to follow her. What a star she was. I actually knew Annie and she was a beautiful dog. If I had a Shepherd I’d love one like her. Sadly she and her owner have now passed away.
  16. I rarely take my dogs to parks now. I used to go every day to the large park near me. Back then I knew most of the dogs and people. There was a regular group who all walked together but now there is so many people with no clue about dogs, and dogs they haven’t trained. I’d be terrified one would kill my Italian greyhounds who wouldn’t have a chance. It’s too risky. I’d love to regularly take Soda there. He’s been twice and I didn’t see a single familiar face. Maybe it will be better now lockdown is over. Perhaps people will go back to work and I can find a quiet time to take him.
  17. He’s growing like a weed. I weighed him yesterday at 14 weeks old. He’s 8.2 kgs. Like most modern whippets today he won’t be small. I’m hoping he won’t be much more than 15 kilos. Actually I’m hoping he will be less, but it’s unlikely and I’ll love him regardless. He’s already stolen my heart. Todays photo. I’d picked all the dog beds and toys, and blankets and everything else puppy related off the floor to vacuum. He clambered up off the floor too.
  18. Secret today. Still miniscule with a big personality, and still wearing the temporary puppy collar I made for her 5 years ago.
  19. I haven’t bought meat for my dogs from pet suppliers for years now. I know from past experience that when the knacker man comes to collect a dead beast they never ask if it was given medication with a withholding period, or even how it died. It could’ve been given the green dream, they don’t care. I wouldn’t feed it to my pets. I just get supermarket or butcher meat. I buy a whole raw chook for $3.90kg and chop it up. I buy lamb chop off cuts for $7kg or sometimes on special for $5kg. Free range eggs from a local grower $5 per dozen. Salmon off cuts $3 kg. Then lamb or beef heart, liver etc. all fit for human consumption. Occasionally I get some venison from a friend. They dogs loved that! Bone dust for free and the occasional road kill bunny that gets chucked in the freezer for about a month and then fed whole to them, fur, guts, the lot.
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