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  1. Double K Groomers Edge Shampoo

    Where are you located I have half a drum, happy to fill up a couple of bottles for you. Nothing wrong with bathing dogs that often as long as they are rinsed properly, everyone of my dogs have been bathed every week to fortnight for over 20 years and never had a skin issue. Just realised the drum I have is Biogroom Econogroom, forgot I changed shampoos, it is just as good as the grimeinator, happy to give you some to try.
  2. Where to advertise

    It’s done Hugo has left on trial in his new home, I feel quite empty but I think he’s going to have the best life. If only doing the right thing didn’t have to be so hard
  3. Jan Fennell- thoughts, opinions

    Just an update I have someone meeting Hugo today and another person on Sat, one in particular I think will be completely perfect. I will se how he responds and go from there. I’m feeling a little better after talking to both these people, knowing he will have the chance to have a happy carefree life rather than one that makes him nervous.
  4. Jan Fennell- thoughts, opinions

    I was thinking similar but because I am the one with the dogs 24/7 everybody leaves it all to me, even if they help out in the short term I know it won’t last.
  5. Where to advertise

    Yes I had considered that but I had many fosters (a couple long termers) come back regularly for grooming and they were fine, got just as excited arriving as they did when they went home. Also I wouldn’t be able to do his grooming until March or later next year, once I properly recovered from my c-section, so there would a huge amount of time between adoption and seeing him again, probably long enough for him to be well established in a new home. To be honest I don’t really want to have to continue grooming him for someone else, I gave up grooming because of the stress it caused and I get anxiety just thinking about grooming someone else’s dog.
  6. Jan Fennell- thoughts, opinions

    I have managed to get him to put his head through it but not actually step through, I have to get the stuff to make the strips when I go and visit family not sure where to find what I’m looking for in town.
  7. Jan Fennell- thoughts, opinions

    Just watched that clip and I felt for the Saint Bernard, it clearly just wanted some attention, instead of marching it out why not get some treats and start doing some exercises like sit, drop etc so instead of being a nuisance it was given a job. If Hugo was marched outside like that just for wanting a pat or jumping up (which we encourage so we can reach him) he would slowly shut down. My older daughter is upset about the whole situation so at least we can work with Hugo some more, not sure if we’ll get any improvement but at least we can keep trying.
  8. Jan Fennell- thoughts, opinions

    Seems my gut instinct was correct, even though the home sounds good I couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling. I think I’ll keep looking for a more suitable home.
  9. Has anyone on here used her methods? Are they just a load of rubbish? Are they cruel at all (either psychologically or physically)? The lady coming to meet Hugo on Friday sounds like a good match but my only concern is she told me she’s been doing a lot of reading on Jan Fennell’s training methods, I can’t seem to find a lot of information on exactly how she works, but majority of reviews I’m reading say much of it is ignoring the dog for lengths of time and most comments are negative. Can anyone please share as much info as possible on her methods and possibly even give a better option, Hugo is a very sensative but demanding dog and the last thing he needs is someone that is constantly ignoring or being hard on him.
  10. Where to advertise

    After being in contact with numerous interested people I have a lady coming to meet Hugo on Friday, I have very mixed feelings about it all but my gut is telling me she seems like the ideal home. Apart from him being in a stimulating environment with no competition she is also happy to bring him back to me for grooming so at least I’ll be able to make sure he’s being well cared for.
  11. Where to advertise

    Thanks and yes I know the plastic stuff you are talking about, hopefully changing over to something like that won’t mean the chooks will work it out, they are pretty smart.
  12. Where to advertise

    I never worried about the dogs using it, normally I just let them out when they ask, the only reason we put it in was so the cats could go in and out without the chickens getting inside.
  13. Where to advertise

    The shower curtain is a great idea, that might work for my female cat, she won’t use it either.
  14. This happened to my old next door neighbor, they were told they were buying a little Jack Russell x, dog kept growing and turned out to resemble a GSD kelpie mix, they ended up rehoming it because they weren’t in a position to accommodate a large dog (dog was closer to GSD size than kelpie size).
  15. Where to advertise

    Thank you I’ve spoken to a few people today, only one sounded perfect but she isn’t sure if he’ll work out because he doesn’t use the dog door, I’m going to give it another try over the next few days and see if I can persuade him to go through it. The others although nice people don’t sound like he is suitable for them.