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  1. Tick Information

    I am in south Gippsland and unknown to me we found out there are ticks around here. The dogs haven’t picked up any on our property but did pick up about 20 each at the local botanical gardens. As soon as we found them I collected a few and took them to the vet, was told they were just bush ticks, not to worry and just treat the dogs with Advantix. Within days Hugo became very ill and required two emergency vet visits, he had severe vomiting, lethargy and a high temp, he was put on meds and I had to syringe a hydrating liquid into him every hour around the clock for three days, then add food into the mix. We thought we were going to lose him, although he didn’t pick up paralysis ticks he had a severe reaction to being bitten (he is anaphylactic to bee stings).
  2. Adoption fee "too expensive"

    Ok thanks for clearing that up and I know there are so many people willing to hand over ridiculous amounts of money for xbreed mutts, I just never thought an ethical rescue would encourage that.
  3. Adoption fee "too expensive"

    I was taught when it comes to business/selling products ( yes I know dogs aren’t exactly a product) the value is only as much as a consumer is willing to pay. If the majority of people don’t think a xbreed rescue dog is worth as much as a purebred pedigree dog that has fully health tested parents along with guarantees for genetic issues, shouldn’t the price reflect that.
  4. Adoption fee "too expensive"

    Looks like a legit rescue with all vet work done, they have changed their ad a little to say the price reflects market value and the money will pay for other vet bills, guess people had been querying the price. I’m just a bit shocked I could get a tiny purebred chi with papers for less. The pups are a mix of multiple breeds they are just very small. They want $1000 for the mother (also a xbreed)$11,000 for rescuing a few little dogs is a pretty good profit!
  5. Adoption fee "too expensive"

    Just curious what people think, I noticed in the last few days there is a litter of 5 very small xbreed puppies for adoption, not the type you see as puppies often in rescue. Their adoption fee is listed as $2000 each, does that sound like someone trying to make a profit or is it a fair ask???
  6. Dog ear hair

    Yes keep the ears plucked, a tiny amount of hair is ok but too much and it will hold in moisture causing bacteria and yeast to grow. Also stops any drops you’re using from penetrating the areas necessary. If you do it weekly the hair will stay loose enough to pull out easily. Vets that say don’t pluck make lots of money from ear infections.
  7. Boxer dog and compatible breed companions

    An amstaff, they are robust, love to run/wrestle, tend to be tough pups, would keep up with a boxer and are generally really nice dogs.
  8. Can I lock a dog in a small room?

    I am not an angry person much the opposite however I have spent a lot of years working with and rescuing dogs. I have handled so many dogs that bite their owners, I have had owners beg me to take them because no one else can safely handle them, I have seen many dogs spending way to much time in muzzles, dogs banished outside 24/7 cause they are too risky around the kids, I have had to be the one to hold them while they are euthanised because the owner has been scared of them or just mentally can’t do it. I am not a perfect dog owner myself and do my best to keep educated on better understanding their needs and behaviours, I wish I could go back to having a houseful of my chosen breed but I decided to have kids and they are not an easy going tolerant breed so I have one and until my kids are all old enough I will not have another. Having kids means making sacrifices and I feel your lack of understanding combined with your child’s age and behaviour make for a miserable dog and possibly dangerous situation for your child, even at the best of times there is some amount of risk with young kids and dogs because kids are so unpredictable. Your obvious worry that your child will be bitten is a good indicator that you are not ready for a dog.
  9. Can I lock a dog in a small room?

    Really!!! You have lots of very good advice from many experienced dog people and you choose to ignore it all, either you’re arrogant, a troll or just plain stupid. If you are legit I feel sorry for your child and whatever dog comes your way.
  10. Can I lock a dog in a small room?

    Please do not do that, as Persephone stated that puts a dog in a very bad predicament, if the dog feels threatened and can’t defend itself the outcome could be very severe once the muzzle comes off. Years ago I regularly groomed a poor little dog like this, it took a dislike to the husband so it was kept muzzled while around him, he would get the wife to muzzle it before leaving home, I would remove the muzzle for grooming and he would not even take the dogs lead until the muzzle was back on. Over time the dogs aggression got worse and worse, so did it’s stress levels, it became so bad that even with the muzzle it couldn’t be in the same room as him. He assured me (he was a genuinely nice old man) he had never done anything to the dog, I think the wife was the root of the problem. The end result after numerous years of what I deem cruelty was a dead dog, and that’s the unfortunate reality.
  11. Can I lock a dog in a small room?

    I disagree that a cat couldn’t work, they fit all the requirements the op has mentioned ( besides the orientals and Burmese would be too full on and/or vocal). Choosing the right breed makes a huge difference. We have four cats, the Ragdollx is tolerant to everything (like most Ragdolls) he took to my adhd/odd daughter immediately, allowed her cuddle him, put blankets on him etc. 5 years on and he sleeps on her bed most nights, yep he would scratch if hurt but I would rather a child learn from that than a serious bite from a dog.
  12. Can I lock a dog in a small room?

    I don’t think the situation sounds ideal for many dogs, if you are so worried about the interaction with your son I wouldn’t bring one into the home at all. Maybe was until he is older and more able to understand what is ok and not ok. A large robust cat could be a better option as long as you understand if he’s too rough and gets scratched it’s not the cats fault. Not sure why the confused symbol????
  13. The Hugging Dog , Loubie :)

    Lol very cute.
  14. I have had mostly good and only a couple of bad experiences, generally I have done as much reasearch on the Breeder and their dogs as possible before even contacting them. My choosen breed is poodles so over the years I have learnt which ones are (basically) registered puppy farmers and which ones are legit good breeders. Look into what health testing is required for your chosen breed and make sure you see proof it is being done, don’t rely on a breeders word. My worst experience was purchasing a 10 month old Samoyed that apparently wasn’t quite up to show standards, had him flown to Vic, within 24 hours knew something was wrong, booked him in the following week to be castrated and have his hips and knees xrayed. He has such severe hip dysplasia on both sides the vets advised us not to wake him up, he was pts on the spot. I had done my research on the breeder but after much pushing found out the dog never belonged to her and she was just the go between to make it easier for the person to rehome him.
  15. Pembroke Welsh Corgi Breeders - Rude Breeders

    The whole experience dealing with breeders can be very daunting especially if it’s a breed you haven’t owned before. I have noticed certain breeds seem to be worse than others, over the years I’ve never had an issue dealing with poodle breeders (and a couple of other large breeds) however at one stage we wanted a different small breed, I contacted numerous breeders and either they didn’t reply or they were straight out rude and because we had kids we were apparently unsuitable owners. After trying for a few months we gave up and bought a cross of this particular breed, the experience was so bad if it had of been the first time to deal with breeders I probably would not own another pure bred dog. If breeders want people to buy their dogs/pups they need to be approachable and give people a chance, not just write someone off in one sentence. It is still customer service and often it is seriously lacking.