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  1. Thanks for the ideas I’ll check them out
  2. Unless you get a hairless breed there is no breed that needs minimal grooming but has minimal to no shedding.
  3. Our gorgeous Bearded Collie Abby had an accidental litter of puppies 8 weeks ago, it’s been a very emotional experience raising and caring for them and mum, and extremely hard saying goodbye to most of the bubs over the last two days, all have found great homes but having them leave has left an empty feeling which I’m sure will pass. We decided to allow our older daughter to keep one so I thought I’d introduce her. This is Mia, she was the smallest in the litter and is the most cheeky, beautiful, sweetest little girl and has become best buddies with Maisie or chi.
  4. That’s sounds good, do you know if they can pull just your dog off the background to make the decal or is it the entire photo
  5. I’m looking to get one made of Rascal, being a xbreed I can’t get a breed specific design. im sure there’s plenty out there but I was hoping someone might have used a particular site/company and could recommend them.
  6. I don’t have a lot of experience with the breed but the few I have groomed required careful handling as they were all very nervous and reactive and wouldn’t hesitate in biting if they didn’t like something and also had to be managed very carefully by their owners around unfamiliar dogs and people. Personally they are a breed I wouldn’t consider owning due to the temperament issues.
  7. Does anyone know of a company that makes personalised decals from photos that are good quality and suitable for sticking on car windows.
  8. If you can find FurKidz whitening shampoo try that, it leaves the dogs smelling beautiful for ages.
  9. Malaseb is good but it is drying, if your dog is just itchy and doesn’t have a skin condition you would be better off using Aloveen, I would also get the Aloveen conditioner and use it after every bath, rub a small amount through the coat/skin then rinse lightly so you don’t wash it all off.
  10. Metacam and Meloxicam as others have said are the same but Meloxicam is usually cheaper. We had our girl on Meloxicam also, she was with us for about 18 months after diagnosis and didn’t have any adverse reactions, our little chi x Pom had an autoimmune condition and was also on Meloxicam for about 2 years before he started to have a bad reaction to it.
  11. Thank you for replying I’ve only just seen your response, can I ask what would be your advise when we aren’t home, I have three other dogs (soon to be four) as well to consider.
  12. I’m sorry to hear your boys diagnosis sounds very similar to how we lost our girl, my only advise is try and enjoy every day possible with him, take lots of photos and do as many fun things as you can.
  13. It was only in one nostril, it started with a lot of normal sneezing and reverse sneezing, then came bleeding with the sneezing. At first there were no neurological symptoms but as it progressed she became very reactive and would snap at the other animals and people, we made the decision to PTS when she wasn’t able to breath properly. Unfortunately our girl was only 1.8kg with being so small it was hard enough for the vet to scope her (the smallest scope really wasn’t small enough) even a tiny tumour in a dog that size is very problematic and too hard to remove.
  14. I would go and have him scoped, we had a very similar thing happen with our previous chi, spent months treating for so called allergies/infections but she had a nasal tumour which was very high up and ended up spreading to her brain, we lost her at 5 years old. I personally wouldn’t be mucking around, hoping it is nothing serious.
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