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  1. Before bed we used to give just a few dry food bits since they would only get a little (soaked)dry food with their breakfast, I found it was easy to portion out for such little tummy’s.
  2. Even when we had big dogs they were fed twice daily, I don’t agree with once daily feeding for any dog but I’m sure plenty of people would disagree. As for the peas and lentils debate I don’t know, growing up before all this research was done our family dogs were fed everything (including sharing chocolate) and they rarely got sick. Our boys get breakfast around 7:30, snack 12:30-1:00, dinner 6:00-6:30 and when we had the tiny dogs (under 3kg) I would give another snack about 10:30 before bed.
  3. Having owned tiny dogs for quite a few years I found feeding two main meals a day with a snack in betweeen and a snack before bed works well. Even now the boys are 4kg and 6kg so small but not tiny, I still feed two meals plus midday snacks. Oh and to add I don’t like free feeding, most of the dogs I met that got fed like that were over weight, also leaving dry food out all day sends it off not something I would want my dog eating.
  4. Vets and lack of knowledge

    All those things are where I have clashed with vets, especially when working in a clinic, I struggle to understand how someone can spend so many years and money educating themselves and in the end don’t do any of their own research and instead believe only txt books and drug companies.
  5. Vets and lack of knowledge

    Do you mind me asking which vets in particular you prefer to see there. My first two visits were horrible both with the same vet, I specifically avoid her and will drive to Mornington if she’s the only one on, I have however very good faith in Kerrilee (I think that’s right) we have seen her on a number of occasions but the last time I checked she’s only there one day a week.
  6. Vets and lack of knowledge

    Just to add apologies to anyone if my posts seem too harsh I just word things to get straight to the point, not actually meaning to be as judgemental as they probably sound.
  7. Vets and lack of knowledge

    Next time I’m in i’ll mention it, he was really nice and just new so I don’t want to create an issue for the poor guy. As for the bones advice he’s certainly not the first vet that has told me the same thing, I do think he was a little nervous so I think that could be why he forget to check ears. I was very polite to him and he did comment on how well maintained Hugo was.
  8. Vets and lack of knowledge

    True and I have found a really good vet doesn’t always have to be right but will admit they don’t have the experience in a particular area and put you onto someone that does, instead of pretending like they know it all and give out the wrong advice or doing surgeries they aren’t competent in doing. I don’t disagree it would be a very hard job and I don’t envy them.
  9. Vets and lack of knowledge

    Totally agree but unfortunately that’s all too common, the biggest reason I gave up grooming after 23 years is because I was no longer coping with seeing so much constant neglect, my physical and mental health have suffered a lot from being so exposed to it all for so long, as much as I love dogs I will never work with them again. I still have customers ringing/texting me (after not grooming for the last 18 months) to get info on feeding, skin problems, ear problems, etc etc because they don’t trust their vets to give them straight out knowledgeable answers, that’s telling me there is seriously something wrong with the industry.
  10. Vets and lack of knowledge

    Oh and I’m not having a shot at young vets, I actually thought this vet was very nice and I did like him I just think they need more varied education before advising their clients. I lost track of the amount of times I groomed dogs straight after a vet consult and had to send them back into see a vet on pick up because they had missed things like infected ears, rotten teeth, curled dew claws, impacted anal glands etc. all because the check up wasn’t thorough enough, ok for me I have enough experience and I check my own dogs over properly every two weeks when they are bathed and groomed, however the average person in my experience doesn’t always notice when their dog has a problem. Prime example, I had a client with a little Maltese, the first time I groomed it the owner thought it smelled so bad from being dirty and matted, as soon as I got near it I knew there was infection somewhere, poor little thing clipped off the matts on its face to find a hole straight through the bone, it had a tooth abscess so bad the bone above it was crumbling, dog had immediate surgery (didn’t even finish the groom) and ended up losing all but it’s four canines.
  11. Vets and lack of knowledge

    I didn’t ask him to check his ears because I know they are ok, I do expect when I’m paying $80+ for a consult that the vet checks all the basics without being asked.
  12. Vets and lack of knowledge

    Actually you are very rude from other posts it seems your not a very nice person, I don’t expect a vet to know breed specific clips but I’ve never met a vet yet that had no idea a poodle naturally had a hairy face, they aren’t exactly a rare breed.
  13. Vets and lack of knowledge

    He asked looking very confused, it’s a little hard to shave a dogs face all over without taking off the whiskers, I don’t believe their is anything cruel about it.
  14. Vets and lack of knowledge

    Not sure what BFD means but I would hope most vets should have some idea how most breeds naturally look, I knew that when I was a teenager. IMO if you like your job you go above and beyond to educate yourself as much as possible especially when dealing with something living, learning just from a txt book is not good enough. The biggest downfall to moving so far away has been losing my trusted vet, so far I have found one very good vet in town but she only works one day a week.
  15. Vets and lack of knowledge

    Took Hugo to the local vets yesterday for an all over check up just to make sure he is all good before he meets his potential new owner. Was a youngish new vet, quite nice, mostly checked him over although didn’t look in his ears at all (not too good being a poodle) then asked me the oddest question “why doesn’t he have any whiskers’ I was a little dumbfounded since his face is obviously shaved, had to explain this to him, also he doesn’t believe dogs should have bones and are better off with greenies and denta sticks, guess he hasn’t done his research into the blockages greenies have caused. Oh how I wish vets would have more hands on and experience before they are put in position to treat people’s pets.