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  1. The Cost of Puppies

    At the moment puppy prices are ridiculous, we were lucky our last two were reasonably priced but over all they are way over priced, $3000+ for limited register for so many breeds????? I paid $300 for my kelpie x and less for Rascal and they are just as good as our two pedigree dogs.
  2. Grooming

    There is no short term solution, dog’s like yours were my specialty when I was grooming, from here on all grooming needs to be slow and positive, aim for a good experience rather than a great job. i would sedate and muzzle, as your dog improves lessen the sedation, then aim to reduce the use of the muzzle (although he may need to be muzzled always when doing the front legs). Try to touch his feet and legs between grooming while rewarding him, stop as soon as he reacts badly, wait for him to calm, reward then touch again. Do this each day in a non threatening way. Some dogs improve very quickly, others take weeks to months. Keep in mind once you remove the fear you lose the bad reactions. Where are you located?
  3. Opinions on breed

    If she is happy with a medium size dog that needs regular grooming and lots of exercise/mental stimulation a bearded collie would be fitting. One of the main reasons I agreed with my husband getting a beardie is because of their beautiful temperament and cuddly nature with out being overly needy. Everyone tends to lean toward poodles when they have allergies but on the whole they easily become one ownered and clingy and not overly social (not all of them of course) one of the biggest reasons we no longer have any after living with them for the last 20 or so years.
  4. Our new girl.

    Oh sounds good.
  5. Our new girl.

    Oh what sort of doggie? I looked for breeders and decided to be flexible. glad I did because she’s fitted in beautifully. Maybe we could catch up and go walking.
  6. Our new girl.

  7. Anyone has a dog allergic to vaccination?

    Just curious what year did that happen to you.
  8. Our new girl.

    Since I have been told I can’t have anymore children my husband agreed to going back to four dogs. I have been missing my little chihuahua Claudia since we lost her to a nasal/brain tumour about 2 1/2 years ago, I finally felt ready to get another one. So after a very long day yesterday little Maisie finally arrived late last night. She is so gorgeous and has already settled in well. At first I was going to look for one that was just like Claudia, actually contacted her breeder, but then thought that might not be the beat idea, so Maisie is a slightly different type and is going to be bigger, Claudia was 1.8kg and Maisie is already 1.4kg. I can’t wait for her ears to fully stand up, at the moment she looks like Dobby the house elf lol.
  9. Anyone has a dog allergic to vaccination?

    Obviously what happened to your poor pup was awful but I would still advise vaccinating with a C3, getting parvovirus is nasty, very expensive to treat and something you never want to experience. My oldest dog had a severe reaction to a vaccine many years ago along with our standard poodle, we nearly lost both, it was something to do with the batch, I still vaccinate but only every few years and only a C3, luckily I do because one of our dogs got parvo (didn’t realise he wasn’t vaccinated) he spent almost two weeks in intensive care, plasma transfusions, lots of medications etc. cost is a few thousand $$$, he was never the same, we ended up losing him to an autoimmune condition only a few years later (he didn’t have before the parvo) if all of our dogs had got it we wouldn’t have been able to treat them.
  10. Transport help

    I’m not using Dogtainers or Jetpets although I have used them in the past, they wouldn’t fly the pup from a regional airport. I am paying $420 for both flights with a 3 1/2 hour comfort stop between (I am hoping the puppy will be ok) by road if I could get the dog to Adelaide first (which I couldn’t) was going to be anything from $530-$890. The last time we used road transport for a dog (much bigger) was no where near that price.
  11. Transport help

    No company I’ve spoke to will road travel through broken hill and the expense of road travel even from Adelaide to Melb is ridiculous. All the transport costs have close to doubled, they’re sure making their money. Yes it will be a big trip but I guess pups are flown overseas regularly and then quarantined, so that’s even bigger.
  12. Transport help

    Qantas is taking booking a few days in advance. The flight has been changed to Monday because the airline over booked. The breeder is being quite flexible with any changes and if she gets stuck at Sydney for any reason the company can board her until the next available flight.
  13. Transport help

    Puppy is actually in Broken Hill but the breeder had a way to get her to Adelaide on Sat if we could arrange transport from there. I have however managed to get a flight on Friday from Broken Hill to Sydney then Sydney to Melb!!!
  14. Transport help

    I know this is probably a long shot but does anyone know a way I could get a puppy from Adelaide to Melbourne this Sat????
  15. Toy Poodle

    IMO good quality tinned or fresh for the fussy toys and skip the dry all together. Also feeding two meals a day for the ones over 3.5kg and three meals a day if they are under that weight even for adults.