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  1. I read the article and didn’t find it to be factual at all. We have had more health and temperament problems overall from the dogs we have had from show breeders than the xbreed (and a couple of purebred)mutts bred in someone’s backyard, that is over multiple breeds. How can they be healthier and have less issues when so many breeds are now so extreme or bred for their pretty colours just to make $$$$ or win shows. I grew up with a couple of GSD’s my parents were members of the club, our dogs had nice straight backs and beautiful conformation, dogs that could do the job they were bred for. To see them now is a disgrace. I will always have one purebred pedigree dog in the house but to say they are more likely to be healthier or have better temperaments is far from the truth.
  2. Urinary tract infection

    Ok thanks we have a good local health food shop. Is it used straight or do you mix it with water.
  3. Urinary tract infection

    An old friend that was a dog trainer swore by colloidal silver, she used to use it for all sorts of things especially for her dogs. Where would I buy it?
  4. Urinary tract infection

    Thanks I’ll give that a try.
  5. Urinary tract infection

    The vet has suggested to let her have a season before we desex her and hopefully that will correct the problem if not he can do the surgery at the same time as desexing her. We switched off Earthborn a little while ago we are using Canidae dry, nature’s gift tinned, 4 legs and raw meaty bones. He doesn’t want to put her on a urinary diet at this stage because he’s concerned it could affect her development. I have bought the dipsticks to test her urine at home so I will be doing that weekly (or if I notice any symptoms) and she will be straight on antibiotics. He also suggested washing the area every couple of days with Malaseb to try and keep the bacteria down.
  6. Urinary tract infection

    If that’s what the vet advises that’s what we’ll do. She is kept as clean and dry as possible but being a bearded collie (so obviously very hairy) and hair growing on the inside of the vulva it’s almost impossible to prevent infection. I was told she is likely to need antibiotics on and off until it either corrects itself or she has surgery.
  7. Urinary tract infection

    Thankyou we saw a different vet today, she was very thorough and has found it is an anatomical issue. Her vulva is turning inward creating pockets and the hair that should be growing on the outside is on the inside. We are seeing the senior vet next week for an assessment to decide how long we wait to see if it corrects itself and if it doesn’t what we do in terms of surgery etc.
  8. Abby is now 6 1/2 months old and has another urinary tract infection, the third one since we got her at 9 weeks. Has anyone on here had experience with a young dog and numerous infections. Did they eventually grow out of it. Was there something physically wrong or any underlying medical issues. What preventative measures did you take. We are seeing the vet in the next hour so I’m not avoiding vet treatment just looking for information, the only experience I have personally had with this was my old poodle and she had a stump pyrometer which was causing all the problem.
  9. Spot on Dogs eye

    I hope it turns out to be nothing serious, it does look similar to what two of our dogs had but it’s positioning is a little different.
  10. Spot on Dogs eye

    I’ve tried to see it again but all I’m getting is the ‘play’ symbol with a line through it and nothing happens when I click on it.
  11. Spot on Dogs eye

    Your links aren’t working but from what you have described I have had two dogs with this and it was nothing (can’t remember the term the vet used), I would get it checked out just in case but I wouldn’t stress too much.
  12. Oh wonderful we’ve been feeding earthborn holistic instead of Canidae. Can anyone tell me how long before you would see negative signs in a puppy.
  13. Not sure if they are still around, I’ve always used Liberty tables they are sturdy but fold down easily, they also have a built in handle that makes them easy to carry.
  14. Harness or Collar, what do you use for walks?

    I have never used one of these collars and honestly don’t know anything about them, I do know it was always on the dog (was a regular client) and I assume the vets were correct however there is always the possibility they weren’t.
  15. Harness or Collar, what do you use for walks?

    The vets assesssed it and it was a burn, I’ve seen a lot of things working with dogs but this was a first. This was probably about 10 years ago, I don’t know if the collars have changed much since then, I also don’t know if it was being used correctly.