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  1. Spot on Dogs eye

    I hope it turns out to be nothing serious, it does look similar to what two of our dogs had but it’s positioning is a little different.
  2. Spot on Dogs eye

    I’ve tried to see it again but all I’m getting is the ‘play’ symbol with a line through it and nothing happens when I click on it.
  3. Spot on Dogs eye

    Your links aren’t working but from what you have described I have had two dogs with this and it was nothing (can’t remember the term the vet used), I would get it checked out just in case but I wouldn’t stress too much.
  4. Oh wonderful we’ve been feeding earthborn holistic instead of Canidae. Can anyone tell me how long before you would see negative signs in a puppy.
  5. Not sure if they are still around, I’ve always used Liberty tables they are sturdy but fold down easily, they also have a built in handle that makes them easy to carry.
  6. Harness or Collar, what do you use for walks?

    I have never used one of these collars and honestly don’t know anything about them, I do know it was always on the dog (was a regular client) and I assume the vets were correct however there is always the possibility they weren’t.
  7. Harness or Collar, what do you use for walks?

    The vets assesssed it and it was a burn, I’ve seen a lot of things working with dogs but this was a first. This was probably about 10 years ago, I don’t know if the collars have changed much since then, I also don’t know if it was being used correctly.
  8. Harness or Collar, what do you use for walks?

    I guess humans can turn any device into something harmful, I lost track of the amount of customers with flat collars that were way too tight, harnesses fitted poorly and even put on twisted, abcessses caused by choke chains, head collars that had caused damage around the muzzle, even had an Airedale that had a hole burnt in his throat from a shock collar.
  9. Harness or Collar, what do you use for walks?

    One thing I’ve nevet understood is why prong collars are banned here when they are so much more gentle and less damaging than head collars, check chains and quite a few types of harnesses.
  10. Harness or Collar, what do you use for walks?

    We use a sporn easy fit harness, it’s nicely padded, doesn’t rub under the armpits or pull on the neck in any way. I personally dislike any head collar/halti type devices, check chains or no pull harnesses that squeeze under the armpits.
  11. Catapress

    Finally heard back late this arvo, they advised to give half an hour before food, tried it tonight and no vomiting!!! If that should fail then half morning half at night.
  12. Catapress

    Thanks, Rascal was very similar on Lovan, he was freaking out over every little sound, wouldn’t eat, didn’t want to leave our bed and was generally very depressed, was a really awful experience. I am waiting for the vets to call me back to advise what to do from here.
  13. Catapress

    I have been giving it with his meal as the vet suggested. it is working well for his anxiety but obviously not for his tummy. We have tried Lovan but he reacted really bad.
  14. Catapress

    We have been trialling Rascal on Catapress for his anxiety, it works really well except he vomits about 15-20 mins after taking it and looks queasy and unsettled for an hour or so after, I have trialled nights without it and he’s ok so I’m sure it’s the medication. Has anyone else used it and had this issue, did it resolve over time or did you stop using it?
  15. Kate Haines???

    Have sent you a PM