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  1. Is it any wonder.......

    I spent years trying to do the same thing, I realised I was wasting my time, to be honest many of the ‘oodles’ I groomed had great temperaments and were great family dogs and in all honesty we’re perfectly suitable for what their owners wanted.
  2. Your First Dog

    My very first own dog was a Doberman called Taran.
  3. Feeding

    Ok I think I’ll give them the Supercoat and not stress too much, I have noticed they only eat the Canidae if they are really hungry and some days they won’t eat it at all. Would prefer them to enjoy their food, it’s also a lot cheaper and easier to get.
  4. Feeding

    Would you change to a lesser quality dry food if your dogs preferred it. We normally use Canidae dry along with tinned, cooked and raw foods, the dogs get lots of variety. When we got Maisie the breeder was using Supercoat so we bought a bag and planned on slowly swapping her over, I have been mixing it in with the other dogs dry and have noticed they pick it all out and leave the Canidae. Trying to decide which food to now use, the better quality or the one they prefer.
  5. Dog tag size

    Yeah I decided on medium, thought asking on here would be some help but obviously not lol. After searching everywhere Etsy, EBay, online pet stores etc. I have decided on this Red Dingo tag for Cassie and waiting for my OH to choose one for Abby, although if he doesn’t hurry up I’m going to decide on something! I found a few I liked but these looked like the best quality and they have a lifetime guarantee.
  6. Dog tag size

    I want to order tags for Abby and Cassie but trying to work out what size would be best, Abby is a bearded collie and Cassie is a kelpie, the tags will be circular with either a 30mm (medium) or 38mm (large) diameter, I was thinking medium but not 100% certain.
  7. Help buying puppy interstate

    Contact KCR pet transport 1300766992, I used them to fly my chihuahua puppy from Broken Hill to Melbourne with a 4 hour stop off in Sydney, they were great to deal with.
  8. Enrichment yards

    We have an acre of backyard for the dogs, they love my daughters sandpit, the frog pond and fish pond, running over and under our bridges, digging the gravel from between the pavers, collecting and chewing sticks that have turned to charcoal from the fire, and the two big girls absolute favourite is using our hedges to play hide and seek, chasey through them and climbing on top of them. Abby in the sandpit. Abby and Cassie playing on top of one of the smaller hedges, they have also created a tunnel through it and through the big one in the background. This is the bridge that’s at ground level, they love running over it and using underneath as a tunnel.
  9. The Cost of Puppies

    I think $2000 for a well bred, well raised, cared for puppy is quite reasonable, that is around the amount we have paid for our last two, but when breeders of most breeds are starting at $3000 and up, plenty in the $4000-$5000 price range I think that is getting ridiculous for a family pet.
  10. The Cost of Puppies

    At the moment puppy prices are ridiculous, we were lucky our last two were reasonably priced but over all they are way over priced, $3000+ for limited register for so many breeds????? I paid $300 for my kelpie x and less for Rascal and they are just as good as our two pedigree dogs.
  11. Grooming

    There is no short term solution, dog’s like yours were my specialty when I was grooming, from here on all grooming needs to be slow and positive, aim for a good experience rather than a great job. i would sedate and muzzle, as your dog improves lessen the sedation, then aim to reduce the use of the muzzle (although he may need to be muzzled always when doing the front legs). Try to touch his feet and legs between grooming while rewarding him, stop as soon as he reacts badly, wait for him to calm, reward then touch again. Do this each day in a non threatening way. Some dogs improve very quickly, others take weeks to months. Keep in mind once you remove the fear you lose the bad reactions. Where are you located?
  12. Opinions on breed

    If she is happy with a medium size dog that needs regular grooming and lots of exercise/mental stimulation a bearded collie would be fitting. One of the main reasons I agreed with my husband getting a beardie is because of their beautiful temperament and cuddly nature with out being overly needy. Everyone tends to lean toward poodles when they have allergies but on the whole they easily become one ownered and clingy and not overly social (not all of them of course) one of the biggest reasons we no longer have any after living with them for the last 20 or so years.
  13. Our new girl.

    Oh sounds good.
  14. Our new girl.

    Oh what sort of doggie? I looked for breeders and decided to be flexible. glad I did because she’s fitted in beautifully. Maybe we could catch up and go walking.
  15. Our new girl.