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  1. I have noticed there is a trend among some people using very strong behaviour to discipline young puppies. I seriously don’t understand this mentality, you bring a new baby into your home/life the most important thing is building a bond and trust, using some of these scare tactics does neither of these. I feel it needs to be discussed since some advice being given out especially to anyone new to dogs could potentially cause there puppies to be fearful, untrusting, reactive and at worst fear biters. I have specialised in grooming aggressive, fearful and biting dogs
  2. Ok grabbing a collar in a positive way is what should be done, grabbing a puppy by the collar to discipline it before it has been taught to accept it is a problem. And I never said it is traumatic but it is a good way to cause reactivity in a breed that has a tendency to become reactive. I have lost track of the amount of poodles I have handled that are bad biters, so much that their owners are scared of them, many started out with using too much negative reinforcement. I assume from your comments you have plenty of experience with poodles.
  3. I wouldn’t advise disciplining a poodle the way you have suggested, they are a very sensitive breed and it doesn’t take much to make them become hand shy and turn into serious biters.
  4. Our bearded collie girl was the mouthiest pup I have ever experienced, ripped holes in so many of our clothes, would mouth any part of our bodies, would do it from behind, when you patted her anywhere, trying to brush her etc, the only thing that helped was time and time out, she could get out of all our puppy pens from day one so I just put her in another room or out the back door when she got too silly. As soon as she lost all her puppy teeth the behaviour completely stopped. Make sure your puppy has plenty to chew on, teething makes their gums and mouth sore which can ofte
  5. I think these contracts are a load of rubbish, if you are spending x amount, generally thousands these days, the dog should be yours to do whatever you wish. The average person is not going to suddenly turn into a puppy farmer anyway.
  6. Yes and they seem to work very well for the situation.
  7. We have the same issue with Rascal, he was ok as a very young dog but as the years have gone by he has got worse, now he even reacts as soon as he feels the weather change and a storm coming, he pants, shakes and tries to squeeze into unusual places. The vet described Alprazolam, we only use it when there’s a storm and it makes a huge difference, it does give him the munchies and he looks a bit high but at least he’s happy.
  8. Yes puppy prices have jumped by huge amounts this year and from my research the reason legit breeders increased their prices was because the puppy farmers did, it has been to stop people buying their pups and then selling them to make a profit. I was very lucky to get my chi girl just as all this started, if I had waited any longer I would have ended up paying double. I personally wouldn’t pay over $2500 for any dog.
  9. Thank you, I feel better, it’s been a rough couple of weeks and the stress from it has set my recovery back a little, I’ve promised my physio now my girl is ok I’ll get back on track.
  10. She went back to the vet today to have the stitches from her dew claw removal out, he was happy with how she is healing and I am allowed to start walking her again.
  11. They told me not to worry and said it will just be the scar tissue and eventually it will disappear. I wouldn’t have been so worried if the surgery had gone smoothly.
  12. Thanks I’m going to ring them as soon as they open this morning. Unfortunately up here vet visits are expensive and they charge even for follow up stuff. Its been quite a few years since I had a female dog desexed and I don’t recall any of them having anything like this afterwards.
  13. I am having some issues with our 9 month old chi and her toileting. They are a breed that are notoriously hard to toilet train, we had our previous girl very well trained but Maisie will get up on furniture and poop/pee, she will do it on the carpets and even in the big dogs beds. She is in a puppy pen at night so that’s not an issue but any other time it’s a big problem. We have the bedroom gated so she can’t access the carpet, but the dog beds and couches are more problematic. I had major surgery 8 weeks ago and spent a week in hospital, then I had a huge recov
  14. On Tue Cassie my kelpie girl went in to be desexed, surgery didn’t go straight forward and she lost more blood than she should of. We took her home and had to monitor her closely for a couple of days, luckily she was fine. Today I have noticed a hard marble size lump at the surgical site, not sure if I should be worried, stupidly I forgot to close my bedroom door during the day and she jumped over the baby gate a few times. I assume it’s not a hernia as it’s hard but not sure if it warrants spending even more money at the vet tomorrow. I am super paranoid about anythi
  15. Rather than giving chicken necks give whole chicken frames, I stuff them with other food and give them as a meal twice a week to my bigger dogs.
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