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  1. We have 5 dogs, 4 female and 1 male, our pack prior to that was 3 male and 1 female, I’ve lived in a pack situation for over 20 years and only twice had serious issues between dogs, both times it was between a male and female. With the experiences I’ve had I’ve found it depends on personality more than gender, I personally will never again have more than one male at a time as the only problem I’ve encountered with more than one male (even desexed) is the competition marking territory including in the house. Edited to add: for us 3 is our magic number and the easiest to manage. It allows a single dog to be taken out on its own and the other 2 still have each other, I’ve never had the issue of one being left out.
  2. She’s gone, I’m sorry I don’t have the mental energy to explain everything, she slowly went downhill over the weekend and I knew it was time to let her go. Her last pic, there was so much pain in her eyes, the sparkle completely gone.
  3. I’m quite upset writing this but I thought I would do one last update. Today at 11:45 Katie will be given her wings, she’s had two rough nights and I knew yesterday it was time, the spark is gone from her eyes and all I can see now is a dog that is exhausted and ready to say goodbye. They are the most amazing species, she was let down by humans more than once, neglected for years, clearly in pain, yet still so trusting. I promised to do my best for her, I wish I could do more.
  4. The size of mine was (I think) $160, that is fully framed and ready to hang, also includes a genuine certificate of authenticity.
  5. I highly recommend this artist, I’ve had two portraits done, one of my Cassie (kelpie) and one of my husbands girl Abby (bearded collie) she will work with one or multiple photos and will make sure it’s perfect and you’re 100% happy before framing is done and payment is taken. She is lovely lady and can’t speak highly enough of her and her work. Pics don’t do them justice.
  6. For anyone following Katie’s story, we have found out she is 13 1/2, her original owner is deceased so she has been fed but received no other care for the past 5 years, she has clearly been mistreated along with neglected as we’re seeing a few things indicating a fear response but over all she’s a happy girl. We have her on two supplements as well as Meloxicam and we are adding in some more pain relief this afternoon (once the vets have dispensed it) she now has a bed fit for a queen and has become part of our pack. We have her booked in, in 4 weeks along with Rascal to both go in together for their dentals.
  7. Woohoo Katie has been given the all clear, heart sounds good and bloods were all normal, we’ve started her on Meloxicam to help with the arthritis (will also be looking into the other suggestions) and she’s booked to go in a few weeks to have a dental along with Rascal!!! The vets believe her heavy panting is pain related so hoping that will settle once her pain is under control.edited to add sorry for the sideways photos have no idea why they’re coming out like that.
  8. Thank you for all the suggestions, and the nice comments about my daughter we have started Katie on supplements to help with her arthritis, she is off for her vet visit this afternoon (along with Rascal) so hoping she checks out ok and doesn’t have anything too serious going on, will update once we’re home.
  9. I don’t get on here very often these days but I thought I would put up a post about a beautiful old girl we have just taken in, I just want to highlight to others to step in and be pro active when you see abuse and neglect. On Thur night my nearly 15 year old daughter was out in town with her boyfriend enjoying a local twilight market when they noticed a severely neglected very old dog wandering the streets, instead of turning a blind eye my daughter decided we needed to help, she managed to follow the dog to its yard, find out who it belonged to and report it to the rspca, she then rang and begged me to help get the dog somehow as it was being kept in appalling conditions, I decided to offer the owner a sum of money to hand the dog over and they willingly obliged. Katie is her name and she’s (apparently) 15 years old, the poor girl was so matted she was struggling to move, the smell of stale urine and faeces was so strong I was gagging the entire 5 min drive it took to get her home, she has a lot of arthritis, her eyesight is failing, her hearing isn’t great and she had been left to sleep on cold concrete with no shelter, her coat constantly wet as all the knots were like sponges. I am angered and sickened at how someone could treat such a beautiful old girl with such little care, amazingly in only 3 days of being clean and comfortable she has gone from looking depressed and ready to give up to being happy and I can see a sparkle in her old eyes and the most amazing smiling face. Katie has clearly had a hard life for a long time but she is still so forgiving and loving, she doesn’t want for much just a soft bed, good food and a little attention. I am so proud of my daughter for being persistent and unlike all the adults around and there were many, she chose to help, she chose to be this girls voice, she didn’t walk on as if it was someone else’s problem. We really didn’t need another dog however we will all make sacrifices to make sure she is kept comfortable and when the time comes she will die with dignity knowing she is loved and part of the family.
  10. A good breeder should offer you a partial refund if you chose to keep the dog and a full refund if you give it back, as long as you’re vet puts it in writing. I’ve been through this twice, first with an Airedale puppy, had a hereditary defect and had to be euthanised at 5 months old, breeder refunded us all our money as we had a letter from a specialist, the second was a 10 month old Samoyed from interstate, as soon as I got him home I knew something was wrong with his hips/back legs, took into the vet I worked, they knocked him out to do X-rays, he had hip dysplasia so bad the vet advised me not to wake him up and to euthanise on the spot, contacted the breeder, she spun some bull#%*t story and didn’t want to know about it, we lost money on the purchase price, the flight fees, and the vet bills, was a hard lesson to learn.
  11. What your saying is fair and makes sense but means absolutely nothing to someone just wanting a family pet, most average people don’t care if the dogs are champions or imports etc. they are just looking for a sound temperament, good health and often a particular colour in their chosen breed.
  12. The next letter I would send would be saying your looking into taking legal action.
  13. This exactly. I have never had an issue in the past as I introduce myself properly and give details about the home I can offer, I have only been turned down by multiple breeders of the same breed, all sent me one liners, ‘we don’t home to people with children’, was so unfriendly and rude I ended giving up and getting a x of the breed instead. Now however prices are so high I’m not comfortable approaching any breeder (except the one that bred our beardie) as I often see them put no time wasters or ask your husband, wife, partner first (how can you do that if you have no details including price) etc. in the past I’ve known I was likely to afford the dogs/pups I was interested in but now there’s so much variation, they could be anything from $1500 to $8000.
  14. Anyone on here that’s a breeder can you please tell me what should someone looking for a pup/dog do, if breeders don’t like being asked how much their puppies/dogs are and for what ever reason don’t want to disclose the amount on their advertised litters/dogs but also don’t want their time wasted, how is anyone supposed to know if the pups/dogs are in their budget without causing an issue or making breeders angry?
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