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  1. There is only some truth to the article, yes dogs often eat grass because they like it, our dogs will stop in certain places just to eat the grass when we’re out walking, however they most definitely eat grass when feeling unwell in the stomach, so that part of the article is rubbish clearly these scientists haven’t lived with dogs and if they have it hasn’t been many.
  2. What your describing doesn’t sound like aggression it sounds like he’s overwhelmed and just telling other dogs he’s had enough, you need to watch more closely and end his playtime with other dogs before this happens, he is just a baby and if he continues to get overwhelmed by other dogs it could turn into serious aggression as he matures.
  3. Kelpies are amazing companions for chi’s and a small female kelpie isn’t that big, my girl is only 16kg.
  4. My dream dog is prob a well bred bull mastiff or another dobe but I will never have either now, by the time this pack has lived their lives we will be in our mid possibly late 50’s, we both do physical jobs and our bodies are starting to feel it, I’m also not a very big person so unfortunately their size/strength is no longer something I feel comfortable dealing with.
  5. Pitbulls and amstaffs we’re originally the same breed, the difference is amstaffs we’re bred for showing so have to be bred to a standard whereas pit bulls were still bred to do a job (weight pulls, dog fighting etc.) it is exactly the same as comparing a working line GSD, ACD, kelpie etc. to dogs bred for show.
  6. I don’t believe the study at all, it says golden retrievers have a longer lifespan than chihuahuas (just one example) which is a load of rubbish.
  7. I’ve experienced this with purebred pedigree dogs unfortunately a pedigree does not guarantee good health, I’m seeing plenty of pure pedigree dogs with very serious health issues, having a cross breed or pure breed doesn’t make an ounce of difference when puppies are only being produced for money.
  8. Can I just say I’ve been on these forums for approx. 20 years and it’s so nice to see this type of discussion not turn nasty and to hear other peoples thoughts without fear of being judged. The dog world and market has changed dramatically and I think people need to start moving with the times, dogs are dogs pure or cross, yes certain breeds have specific requirements but they all deserve the same love and care and I’m seeing a big shift in what that means, people are concerned about proper diet, maintenance and their dogs mental health, most dogs I groom these days aren’t matted messes or covered in fleas, they are well maintained, socialised and part of the family and the dogs they’ve chosen are perfectly suited to their owners needs.
  9. Yes unfortunately currently many are coming from puppy farms which of course is something I don’t like nor agree with, the popularity of these crosses is just growing and I don’t think they are going to disappear so the question is what’s the best course of action from here…….. if they are going to continue to be bred then wouldn’t it at least be better if the parent dogs were of good breeding with minimal genetic or temperament issues, now I understand most registered breeders of purebred dogs don’t want their dogs used for producing xbreeds but the market is there so why not for the health and well-being of the dogs doesn’t the dog community actually support good breeding of both pure and cross bred dogs, and market them better so there is a chance of pushing the puppy farmers out.
  10. I didn’t realise it was an old post as others have been replying but that is our updated leash laws, we didn’t have leash laws here until 2019, before that dogs were allowed anywhere off leash unless there were signs stating on leash only.
  11. This isn’t true as where I live you can have your dog off leash almost anywhere except in town but they do have to be under effective control.
  12. I understand this is a purebred dog forum but getting on here and bashing oodles and looking down on anyone that owns or wants one is a disgrace, all the nonsense spread about them is predominantly untrue, 28 years of grooming and I’ve seen a huge shift in the breeds people own, I groom a lot of purebred dogs still but a huge percentage of business is oodles and Maltese shihtzu crosses and most of them are lovely, well kept dogs with very dedicated owners. I can see why so many people are moving away from purebred dogs and I believe it’s mostly because of the breeders being rude and unapproachable as well as doing minimal to promote their breed, we went to the dog Xmas market on Sun at KCC park, was a nice day out, met many lovely dogs, there were multiple breeders there and out of four different breeds the only ones which were friendly were the corgi breeders, the others were rude and not friendly at all and two of the breeds we own, it was extremely disappointing.
  13. Hi I’ve been grooming almost 30 years so have plenty of experience with these coats, you are best to scissor trim feet, pants, feathering and skirt but never clip the entire dog, it is very hit and miss on how it will affect the coat, there is a risk the coat will not grow back the same and it is often left harder to manage, I have also seen these types of coats grow back patchy, the older the dog the bigger the risk.
  14. Here’s a couple more poodles that I’ve groomed that aren’t mine, one with shaved feet and one without, also clipped a bit shorter than I kept mine.
  15. Our last poodle in a pet clip, I’d just started growing out his moustache.
  16. We had poodles for 20 years and as long as he’s happy to do regular grooming and visits to a professional groomer a poodle (especially a mini) would be a great fit, the biggest difference I’ve noticed between the whippets and poodles are poodles are a bit smarter and tend to be a little bit more needy but other than that they have a lot of similarities.
  17. It does look like scratches and not a bite, especially since it’s on both sides of the face, no dog should have to tolerate kids in their face or being hugged by people they don’t know, sounds like the supervising adults are allowing incorrect interactions between the dog and kids, hope the dog isn’t euthanised.
  18. Jesus that’s horrific, your friend needs a new vet one that will listen and actually cares about her dogs future, I don’t think she’ll be able to make progress with her dog unless it’s put on medication for anxiety, this was about as traumatic experience as it gets and if not managed in the right way she could end up with a dog that’s completely shut down.
  19. Thank you I’ll send you the details. I don’t want the breeder to get in trouble but we did purchase him with the belief we’d get his papers. Oh also we’re in VIC and he is from a Vic breeder if that makes any difference.
  20. I thought I’d ask on here about one of our dogs and his pedigree papers, we bought him from a registered breeder (yes I did check she’s legitimate) he was purchased on limited registration and I expected to gets his papers the day we collected him (he was 4 months old) the breeder told us she would send them once she had them, a few months went by and she then told me she hadn’t registered the litter yet (he was around 7 months old at this stage) he’s now 16 months old and we still have no papers, just wondering what I can do to obtain them as I’ve never had this issue before and since we paid quite a bit of money for him I expected to get them.
  21. I have seen this cross advertised but haven’t groomed one, I do groom a number of poodle x border collies and poodle x airedales (amongst the usual oodles) and they are all lovely dogs and super smart.
  22. Yes a dispensing fee is always charged, even when I worked in a vet clinic years ago they charged a dispensing fee, it’s a joke, your paying a ridiculous amount just so they can print a label and stick it on the bottle. I’ve spent $169 on a bottle of propalin that I won’t be continuing using, Abby has become so aggressive in the last two weeks I have to stop the medication, we’ve had multiple incidents and if I wasn’t so experienced handling dogs either one of the other dogs would have been injured or somebody badly bitten, so as of now we don’t know what we can do from here as the vets have said the only other option is expensive surgery that doesn’t have a great success rate.
  23. Thank you for your suggestion, I asked them a few years ago for a script for different meds and they told me they wouldn’t do it for anyone, out of frustration I decided to call them today after I looked online and the cost of both meds is way cheaper so i spoke to a nurse and they agreed to write the scripts for a $35 fee, hoping if all goes smoothly I will save at least $500 for the year just on those two meds.
  24. How else do I get them, I know they won’t write a script for me to get them online and I live in a small country town the only other vet that’s reasonably local is more expensive than the one I go to.
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