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  1. The next letter I would send would be saying your looking into taking legal action.
  2. This exactly. I have never had an issue in the past as I introduce myself properly and give details about the home I can offer, I have only been turned down by multiple breeders of the same breed, all sent me one liners, ‘we don’t home to people with children’, was so unfriendly and rude I ended giving up and getting a x of the breed instead. Now however prices are so high I’m not comfortable approaching any breeder (except the one that bred our beardie) as I often see them put no time wasters or ask your husband, wife, partner first (how can you do that if you have no details including price) etc. in the past I’ve known I was likely to afford the dogs/pups I was interested in but now there’s so much variation, they could be anything from $1500 to $8000.
  3. Anyone on here that’s a breeder can you please tell me what should someone looking for a pup/dog do, if breeders don’t like being asked how much their puppies/dogs are and for what ever reason don’t want to disclose the amount on their advertised litters/dogs but also don’t want their time wasted, how is anyone supposed to know if the pups/dogs are in their budget without causing an issue or making breeders angry?
  4. Those are not family pets and I would expect to pay a high price for a trained working dog or a dog for breeding and showing. My younger daughter desperately wants another chihuahua but I’m not even game enough to make contact with any breeders as I know they don’t like being asked how much, and the likelihood is they will be more than we can afford, I also don’t want to waste anyone’s time.
  5. Yes my time is worth something the pup I ended up keeping was payment enough, with the inflated price the only way for us to potentially own any more dogs is to breed from our own, something I would have never considered doing in the past, luckily I don’t really care if they’re pure or crosses as long as they’re healthy with good temperaments. oh and just as a side note, we didn’t intentionally breed from our girl but we made sure we didn’t everything right.
  6. Dogsfevr incorrect, I didn’t have management issues, yes the carpet was a big expense however no different to an unexpected c-section. I ended up breaking even and got a free puppy to add to my pack so I’m the end actually saved myself about $5000.
  7. I understand there’s a lot to go wrong and I’m no breeder, we were down $4000 the min they were born because Mum decide to whelp under our bed instead of in the whelping box next to the bed, $3000 worth of carpet (only a few years old) destroyed on top of having to pay to replace the flooring. One litter was hard enough and cost us a fortune because we did everything right and spared no expense, when I realised one of the puppies I sold had a congenital issue I took the pup back and refunded the buyer their money and then was the one to take her in to be euthanised, I was up through the night every night to sit with mum because she wouldn’t stay with them to feed during the night without me, I spent so much time cleaning up poop and pee because I wanted them reared inside with us, I was so exhausted I fell asleep in my car one day in the supermarket car park, I can understand the amount of time, effort and money that goes into produce quality dogs, my issue isn’t with breeders making money or covering their costs, it’s the fact that I watched prices become extremely inflated in a few weeks. How can a litter from a breeder be advertised for $2000 a pup and then only a few weeks later their next litter be $4500 per pup? Same breeders, same breed. Its really disheartening to think so many people can no longer afford to have a dog in their life. I never had any intention of breeding and our girl was desexed as soon as the vet gave her the all clear but seeing how the prices are now I’m glad she had the litter because it allowed me to add another dog to our pack when there’s no way my husband would ever agree to spend $5000 plus on a dog.
  8. This is where the problem lies, puppy prices more than doubled over the course of a few weeks, I don’t care if you’re a registered breeder or not the expenses did not suddenly go up in that space of time. The litter we had (no they weren’t purebred and I won’t discuss it here as it’s a purebred forum) to ensure they went to good homes and we’re not flipped I advertised them at a high price then dropped it once I was sure they were good homes. Everyone of those puppy buyers has stayed in touch and all have been so happy to get a beautiful family dog that they could actually afford.
  9. Find yourself a good dog Chiro, there’s a high possibility it’s a back injury not a leg injury and a standard vet is unlikely to of help if it’s a chiropractic issue.
  10. Yes there can be extra costs potentially an extra few thousand $$$ however I still can’t see how it can add up to $6000-$8000 per puppy Oh and just to add, we kept one puppy, we gave one away to the owner of the fathers best friend and one ended up being euthanised due to congenital abnormalities so that left only 5 pups to sell.
  11. I have to somewhat agree with the op, puppy prices are ridiculous at the moment, no family dog is worth paying $6000-$8000 for, that is straight up greed. We got our chi just as COVID started, payed $1800 a few weeks later prices had doubled and have been going up since. We had a litter of 8 pups just over 6 months ago, they are medium sized dogs, I put 24/7 into them, they were born in our bedroom and were raised inside along with our 5 adult dogs, they were fed a high quality diet, wormed, microchipped, vaccinated etc, Mum had her necessary ultrasounds etc,we spared no expense so I have a good idea of costs involved.
  12. Thank you and that’s precisely why I’m telling it, I know it can be very hard for people to understand why others do certain things or behave in certain ways and I just want to get the message across that judging other people without knowing their circumstances is extremely unfair even if you disagree with them. For anyone on here that has not been exposed to death I just want to tell you that the idea of your dog/cat etc just falling asleep and not waking up is not reality and it is more often than not kinder and less stressful to take them in and have them gently and calmly PTS, if only we could do the same for humans.
  13. No one on here probably cares about me putting in my two cents but I will anyway. I have worked in the animal industry for years, actually my entire adult life, when I was young and naive I couldn’t comprehend anyone not staying with their animal in their last moments, actually I thought they were gutless cowards, then I experienced life and changed my mind. I had to have one of my older cats and also one of my dogs puppies PTS a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t stay with either, you see I have been that person that held numerous clients dogs while the vet administered the injection, I’m not a nurse I’m a groomer but I did it anyway because the clients wanted someone that loved their dog as much as them to stay, I have been there while other family members have had their beloved cats and dogs PTS, I’ve even had to take them myself on a couple of occasions, I have never generally shied away from it however having to perform CPR on one of my kids and having him die any way and having to turn off life support on two of our daughters has left me more fragile and unable to cope as easily with those final moments. I will be there with the dogs and cats I have now when it is their time (hopefully that’s a long way off) but I certainly will never judge anyone else again for not being able to and hopefully one day I will be strong enough to be that support when needed.
  14. Thanks for the ideas I’ll check them out
  15. Unless you get a hairless breed there is no breed that needs minimal grooming but has minimal to no shedding.
  16. Our gorgeous Bearded Collie Abby had an accidental litter of puppies 8 weeks ago, it’s been a very emotional experience raising and caring for them and mum, and extremely hard saying goodbye to most of the bubs over the last two days, all have found great homes but having them leave has left an empty feeling which I’m sure will pass. We decided to allow our older daughter to keep one so I thought I’d introduce her. This is Mia, she was the smallest in the litter and is the most cheeky, beautiful, sweetest little girl and has become best buddies with Maisie or chi.
  17. That’s sounds good, do you know if they can pull just your dog off the background to make the decal or is it the entire photo
  18. I’m looking to get one made of Rascal, being a xbreed I can’t get a breed specific design. im sure there’s plenty out there but I was hoping someone might have used a particular site/company and could recommend them.
  19. I don’t have a lot of experience with the breed but the few I have groomed required careful handling as they were all very nervous and reactive and wouldn’t hesitate in biting if they didn’t like something and also had to be managed very carefully by their owners around unfamiliar dogs and people. Personally they are a breed I wouldn’t consider owning due to the temperament issues.
  20. Does anyone know of a company that makes personalised decals from photos that are good quality and suitable for sticking on car windows.
  21. If you can find FurKidz whitening shampoo try that, it leaves the dogs smelling beautiful for ages.
  22. Malaseb is good but it is drying, if your dog is just itchy and doesn’t have a skin condition you would be better off using Aloveen, I would also get the Aloveen conditioner and use it after every bath, rub a small amount through the coat/skin then rinse lightly so you don’t wash it all off.
  23. Metacam and Meloxicam as others have said are the same but Meloxicam is usually cheaper. We had our girl on Meloxicam also, she was with us for about 18 months after diagnosis and didn’t have any adverse reactions, our little chi x Pom had an autoimmune condition and was also on Meloxicam for about 2 years before he started to have a bad reaction to it.
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