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  1. Sandgrubber - I wasn't saying that the ring is the perfect solution. What has been done to several breeds is 'criminal' and bloody disgusting. I remember the German Shepherds of the 70's - proud, sound (mind and body) beautiful animals. Not the roach backed/down on hocks, screaming/mentally fragile beings of a few decades later. And that is only one of dozens of breeds that have been stuffed up physically and mentally (before anyone loses it - yes there are exceptions in individuals and breeders - I am referencing in general). The point I was attempting to make is that there are pups th
  2. Personally I think limited register should not be used as the 'default', but it sure does have a place. The part of this discussion which I haven't read (apologies if I have missed it) - is that not all pups will be worthy of full registration. There are many pups which genuinely should be on limited register. The differences between registrations is (a) should not be breed from and (b) not suitable for showing. Regardless of the registration, they can still compete in 'sports' (obedience, agility etc), is a representative of the breed and the breeder (has pedigre
  3. Not specific to Dobermanns (or even to dogs in general) - but pricing of any product overseas has pretty much zero relevance to the Australian market. Population (and population density), transportation, access etc all impact costs. I remember speaking to an American woman re mobile phone pricing - she was going off as 'in America all calls are free, we just pay a small amount for data'. She totally didn't get that the area to cover (towers, cabling, signal etc) compared to the number of paying customers completely changed the pricing model. Looking at it from a d
  4. The only real solution is to reinforce the house yard. I imagine you are in the bush for the 'natural' world it provides, but you now have a dog which is slowly (or not so slowly) destroying it. It is not your pups fault - it is in her nature and she is basically been given unlimited access to the 'lolly shop'. I cant believe that bones etc could ever replace the 'fun' of the movement, taste and noise of a real animal in distress (she may not have the intent to kill and maim - it may be play to her - but it sure isnt to the animals she is killing). Sorry - in my view you need to either c
  5. I can understand that it must be the hardest of all decisions - a young dog who is physically healthy. But, as you said - he does have an illness, it is just that it is not in his bones, or skin etc - it is in his mind. You have done all you can, and even though it would be extraordinarily hard, from the info you have given, there seems to be only one solution. I don't think you will ever get to the point you will be 'comfortable' with the solution - and that says a lot of positive things about you - it would be uncomfortable. If doing the MRI is financial
  6. I agree with the above - books come after meeting dogs and owners. Your list is extremely diverse - in size, temperament, exercise, potential noise, training style (and trainability) and 'living with a dog' lifestyle. What drew you to them (I suspect it may have been googling 'most popular dogs in Australia' or 'which dog makes the best pet' (or something similar). Not a bad starting place - but a bit like googling 'what are the best shoes' when deciding to go from walking around the block to running a marathon - a tweeny bit of the picture. I would recommend sitti
  7. Thanks again everyone. He is being moved to a low fat diet (no more dinner scraps etc - mmmmmmmmm ). His weight is good at the moment - he was a tad chubby a few months ago, but that had been corrected prior to the bloodtest (but could still have impacted it). He will get another blood test done in a few months, and will ask for a more detailed one. Fingers crossed all will be better, thanks
  8. Thanks all. I will pass the information on. I think it was a standard blood test, so a more detailed one may be required
  9. Hi, My brother recently changed vets, and a general blood test was done by the new vet. No symptoms or 'triggers' - it was a general 'new patient, let's do one to check everything is ok and to get a baseline'. The dog is a 9yo whippet who appears to be happy and healthy. The results have come back with a very high lipase reading (3 x normal level). Vet and owner are surprised as that level usually indicates pancreatitis or other issue which should be resulting in a sick/unwell dog. However, he is happy, noisy, bouncy etc and showing no indications that he is unwell.
  10. Agree with the above - unfortunately a courier company is not going to change their business model for one customer (or even several). There are so many logistical issues with a company providing a window and or calling in advance. Everything from driver/vehicle emergency impacting schedules to having to build a method for driver or customer to get in touch with you. I have worked 'on the other side' and it is not as simple as it sounds - in fact, unless it is designed at start up it is pretty much a nightmare. Imagine them saying they will deliver in the AM, and a
  11. It depends entirely on what you want to do, and what agreement you have with the breeder. From the NSW website: The ANKC issues two types of registration papers, and each puppy bought from an ANKC breeder will come with its own pedigree, either Main or Limited Registration. If a breeder has issued Main Register (blue) papers for your dog, it can be exhibited at a Conformation Show, used for breeding purposes or exported overseas. If the breeder has issued Limited Register papers (orange) it cannot be exhibited at a Conformation Show, used for breeding purposes or exported ove
  12. BDJ

    Pup only

    To put it bluntly - if she has not been sterilised, and is fertile, then yes, you can breed from her. But - should you breed from her is a totally different matter. The questions are: Is she healthy? Answer is that you have no idea. That requires specific testing on YOUR dog to know that Do you have approval from her breeder? Answer is that you don't. Do you have a mentor or access to someone who can give you help and advice? And I mean someone who will get out of bed at 2am and drive to your house to help Why do you want to breed? Do you have t
  13. I take you point on people jumping on a band wagon, and I certainly don't want that to occur. I will just make one point on my final post on this subject. I would appreciate not being mis represented. I used the word 'ethical' once (not multiple times) and only referenced one example of an action taken to a specific situation. And I stand by that.
  14. Struth Dogsfever - to be clear I will bold and underline what I put in above ........ Can completely understand many valid reasons for both (most listed above) and they have so many benefits ..... I don't remember coming anywhere near stating that people must only use the dog that lives near by, or a substandard animal (dog or bitch).
  15. Interesting topic. I have not had a prefix for 20plus years, so definitely not a current breeder and have no knowledge of the current % use of AI or non emergency c-sections. It may be a non issue, or it may be an increasing situation in some breeds/lines/breeders. Can completely understand many valid reasons for both (most listed above) and they have so many benefits and should never be banned. BUT - from a purely physical, anatomical and sex-drive/behaviour perspective, if either is becoming a frequent occurrence it can have negative impacts. If a stud d
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