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  1. Hey guys just wondering if there are any Vic stockists of Black Hawk Holistic? Thanks
  2. Thanks Ish!! All lots of sheppy birthdays all around, I hope they all enjoyed their special day!!
  3. Thankyou she says!! I hope everyone is well and their sheps. I don't come on DOL much now except to check the GSD thread~
  4. Shyla at 3 weeks old Shyla at 6 weeks old (3 weeks post major esophagus surgery) Shyla at 8 weeks old... in the car on the way home, and standing Shyla at 6 months old Shyla at 9 months.. I can carry you still! Shyla 1.5yrs Shyla 2 yrs Last week with her duck family, and cruciate surgery shaved leg nearly back to furry
  5. She says thanks!
  6. Shyla my beautiful amazing girl turned 2 on Friday! I didn't get to make a thread here cos I went away for the weekend, I put something up on facebook but that was all. She is such a special girl, never did I think getting a puppy would result in me bringing a furry best friend who I love SO SO much into my life. She has had a tough 2 years, she had major surgery at 3 weeks of age on her esophagus cos she couldn't get solids down into her belly, and is now 6 weeks post cruciate surgery. So my wish is for her to now live a healthy life free from surgery tables as she has had her fair share of major ops at such a tender age, and I hope to do my best to help her with that Not happy jan in her tiara (the one I wore on my wedding day) Smiling with her duck suckle family Sporting her healing leg Smiling with mummy Such a happy, well behaved German Shepherd!!!!!!
  7. Shy drops in and says hi everyone!! I'm a month post-op in 2 days and can start going on walks again!! I have been very lazy the past 4 weeks and put on 500g but I will play it off soon enough and I am a lean dog so it doesn't matter
  8. Oh WOW Ish love the duck toy photos!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look how manky it is in the last few pics, it even went in the dam :cry:
  9. I remember you telling me that when I first got Shy, Pockets
  10. LMAO Love the caption!
  11. Awww stunning pics Ish!!!! What a life ;) ;) Shyla fell in love with a dog on tv today, she hurried over to the screen after I took this shot and was fully sniffing it
  12. I didn't know about not feeding when it's hot - is that because they drink more? I will start soaking Shys kibble too And yes, she burps herself after every meal, usually comes up to say thanks and burps in your face
  13. Of course GSDs can and will bark! Many are nuisance barkers - if I left mine outside she would be too It has nothing to do with how 'obedient' they are, they naturally guard their territory and many are very sensitive to any little noise and it will set them off GSDs are in fact a very vocal breed of dog Barking, whining, howling, sooking...
  14. Thanks so much for the warning signs guys. It's just so hard, as with Silas for example, when you notice these signs it seems to be too late! I've heard some people get a procedure done with bloat prone dogs where they attach the side of the stomach to the wall of the abdomen so that if bloat occurs the stomach can't twist.. but even then some have died from bloat anyway regardless of this procedure. Such a terrible risk we have with this problem, RIP Silas I hope it gets easier in time gsdog2
  15. We have a happy sheppy today 6 days post cruciate op :D Feeling good and no more pain The morning began with a biiiig smile and stretch