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  1. Hey guys just wondering if there are any Vic stockists of Black Hawk Holistic? Thanks
  2. Shyla my beautiful amazing girl turned 2 on Friday! I didn't get to make a thread here cos I went away for the weekend, I put something up on facebook but that was all. She is such a special girl, never did I think getting a puppy would result in me bringing a furry best friend who I love SO SO much into my life. She has had a tough 2 years, she had major surgery at 3 weeks of age on her esophagus cos she couldn't get solids down into her belly, and is now 6 weeks post cruciate surgery. So my wish is for her to now live a healthy life free from surgery tables as she has had her fair share of major ops at such a tender age, and I hope to do my best to help her with that Not happy jan in her tiara (the one I wore on my wedding day) Smiling with her duck suckle family Sporting her healing leg Smiling with mummy Such a happy, well behaved German Shepherd!!!!!!
  3. I remember you telling me that when I first got Shy, Pockets
  4. Of course GSDs can and will bark! Many are nuisance barkers - if I left mine outside she would be too It has nothing to do with how 'obedient' they are, they naturally guard their territory and many are very sensitive to any little noise and it will set them off GSDs are in fact a very vocal breed of dog Barking, whining, howling, sooking...
  5. Mine's an indoor dog and only goes outside if we are home and her dog door is open (and even then she only goes out for a wee!) otherwise when I'm at work she is locked indoors and has the run of the house. She LOVES it indoors and just sleeps the day away on leather couches and on her half a dozen beds :D If someone had a destructive dog it couldn't be in my house there's so many things that are chewable! It's great having a calm non destructive happy indoor dog
  6. Really! Thanks that sounds very interesting! I'll do some googling
  7. Yay! I'll definitely go through them then Yea I noticed the beef flavour dog one can't get imported so thats why I tried ordering the normal human one. Oh well I'm sure they will arrive from this place OK!
  8. Thanks thats awesome!! I did come across that link but it just looked like an article and not a place to order off (I get lazy sometimes to read things properly ) So do they send you a paypal invoice or something for you to pay via? *Excited*
  9. Hello! Well I had a rough time ordering Synflex from America (was fine last time) my 3 bottles were not in the postage bag in our work mail box the bag had a split on the side and was empty So I feel very paranoid buying it from America again! But Synflex really helped Shyla a year ago. Is there any other Pharmaceutical grade Glucosamine products that are safe for dogs as well as humans available in OZ? Can any human ones be used on dogs, or only if they say? We have gone through a tub of Sashas Blend but I didn't find it anywhere near as good as the Synflex, so was wondering if anyone has other suggestions available in Australia Is there any other supplement I should be giving if I am giving glucosamine - Does it effect the balance of anything else when administered regularly?
  10. but what is Glenda? LMAO I wondered the same thing! Nawww RIP glenda ----------------- Oh yeah, what's a Maglite? (wants to carry one too, whatever it is lol)
  11. LOL far out I'd be lying out cold on the ground at the 1hour and 5 minute mark! :laugh: I'm so glad my shepherd is a laid back one, she'd be happy with even just 20 minutes but I make sure when we walk its 45minutes + cos I think it's better for us and tires her out so that she can sleep til we get home in the evening. I like easy dogs cos I'm lazy
  12. LOL at min pins! My mums is the same, as soon as there's food that she deems as hers she is a little manic growling and snapping machine! At least she's in the kiddy pen when me and Shyla visit so that my shepherd is safe
  13. Yes I always allow an extra hour in the morning before work to walk my girl for at least 45 minutes and fit in a game of fetch after if I can, too. She's never left without having burnt some energy beforehand, which is maybe why she is so trustworthy being loose indoors on her own. She is a German Shepherd so some people gasp at the fact that I leave her indoors! IMO it's not really right to go to work without exercising a dog, but thats just my opinion and how I live with my dog and it keeps her and me happy
  14. it is not something I would put up on a public forum You'd take it to the vet to PTS so as not to break any laws. Good! I'd hope thats the way it would be done!
  15. My routine is very similar to this. I have varied start times but walk my dogs for a minimum 25 minutes every morning - most of the time it is 40-50 (only on the really early shift do I have to do a short one). We get out of bed and walk straight away, then they potter inside with me while I get ready. I let them out for a quick loo stop as I'm leaving, then they stay inside for about 10 hours. In the evenings they have outside time playing with me, and just hang around with me in the house till bedtime. On the weekends I try and spend as much time with them as possible, but of course I have to go to the shops etc, and every few weeks I'll do a day volunteering at the zoo. Because I work a long way from home, sometimes if I have something on in the evening I can't come home in between. On those days I have a petsitter come for a couple of hours in the middle of the day to give them company, let them go to the toilet etc. This system is working well for me for now, they are happy Very much like my routine! Except mine's missing the volunteering at the zoo part, that would be nice!!
  16. How does one "cull" a newborn puppy? It makes sense to leave 2 or 3 but if a vet isn't the one culling, how does a normal person do this? It gives me shivers that word!
  17. Shyla gets a 45-50 minute walk every morning that she's left alone for 9hrs indoors, regardless of weather. Then she lays on the bed and watches me get ready for work, then I feed her and put the radio on and leave. Mum comes at lunchtime to let her out and give her a kong and other goodies. She has a rabbit in a cage and 3 cats for company, they are often all sleeping around in the same room when I come home. I come home and she gets another half hour walk and some fetch. Then she hangs with us all evening and is asleep by 9pm onwards anyway. On days off she is the priority and gets to spend all day with us, unless on the rare chance we are going somewhere. If I go to mums or my friends place she comes too. She's uber happy and never stops smiling
  18. Interesting.... I am super fussy about whom I would ever ask or allow to look after my dogs, in fact we are the only ones who do this because we are far more comfortable this way. But even if I was happy to have someone check in on, feed, empty, etc a new puppy I might have, I certainly would never ask a 5 year old to do it. OMG No, no, no, you silly Not a pre-schooler. But her mummy, too. I did say a neighbour with a young pre-schooler. They make some interesting comments, like: "Puppies don't eat peanut butter, Mummy!" Oh yes they do. I have had mixed success with pet sitters. One couple didn't appear till 2:30 in the afternoon when they were supposed to let the dog out at 11:30 am. Turns out, the neighbour and her daughter beat all the others; hands down. Sorry, I misunderstood your post. Still, and of course that is great that you found that arrangement worked well for you and I am also glad it did, but mummy or not, no 5 year old would be going onto my property without me being there... and no this is not because my chosen breed is Rottweilers. I would be afraid the child would step on or pick up my puppy or squeal and flap it's arms around like children do. Alot of mummies do not understand what children should and should not do around baby puppies. Sorry, OT. Agree, not all mothers are diligent on seeing what their children are up to on or with other peoples property! My mum comes to let Shyla out for toilet and feed her at lunchtime, which is total and utter trust
  19. I didn't know this! So if my minced chicken frame mince and bones Shyla eats are frozen and then thawed and given to her, they aredepleted of Vitamin E and I should give her "E" supplements?
  20. I find it funny that people keep their dogs cooped up when its raining! It's just water, not acid
  21. I just get minced chicken frames from Lenards for Shyla in regards to mince. I wish there was turkey mince in bulk that I could feed her (I keep her off red meat) but its just human grade turkey mince in packages which are too expensive to feed often
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