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  1. Bella had a benign lump removed early April , where the stitches where at the end of a long incision across her shoulder she seems really itchy . I gave her a scratch and the area has now swollen a little and is still itchy . she cant reach it herself so won't do any more damage to it but I'd like to know if it's possible for a scar to itch like that ? There's no broken skin. I've had an expensive run with her the last few months plus trying to pay for a funeral and her meds are $240 a month so I'm looking for some answers or remedies before I head of to the vet once again . Poor old girl is now 14 , has Vestibular disease and is deaf but she's happy . She's on Vinitovin and Previcox . Could she have a antihistamine ?
  2. Torn between getting another dog to be a companion to our old dog ( nearly 14 yr old red Cattle dog )and for my ill husband as well . Our dog loves all dogs , specially small fluffies but hubby is set on getting another Cattle dog. I would love to get another Cattle dog , however we have moved to Townsville and now have a smaller although fully secure yard . Our cattle dog was never overactive and fitted nicely into a routine of excersise and training with set rest times during the day , she was so easy to train and look after and still is . I recently saw a red ACD at the vets and it was a lightning ball of energy ( understatement lol) and I figured it would be my luck to end up with one . My animals are for keeps and I don't want to get it wrong , it would break my heart if a dog didn't suit our family. I have no experience with other breeds . We have been visiting the Townsville RSPCA to see if an older dog is available but unfortunately it still seems that breeding Bull Arab mixes is the in thing here and so sad to see so many being dumped and we just don't have the experience to handle a dog like that ( to be honest most seem to have some issues as well) What do older people do when they still want another dog but require a dog that isn't so full on ? Not sure a small fluffy is for us , I prefer a dog dog ( no offence meant , that's just us Money is not a problem , nor is care and love ( will be an inside dog with access to a lovely but smaller back yard , access to the beach for walks and social activities such as dog club training) I'm stuck, I don't know what to do.
  3. Bella ( nearly 14) is having some digestive issues with a second case of the runs in the last month. It's possible that's she's developed less tolerance to foods but unfortunate it's also been our fault as she's had human tit bits she shouldn't have had. I need to watch this and will be more vigilant as hubby still sneaks her bits ( he has cognitive problems and I don't think he means to but he forgets) I add probiotic yogurt to her dinner (raw and some Advance weight management dry food) and a 1/2 teaspoon of Slippery Elm powder . I was reading up on the Digestive enzyme - "Dr Goodpet Digestive powder canine is a specially formulated digestive enzyme supplement for dogs. For general health and digestive support. Contains no animal ingredients and is specially formulated for dogs. Additive free." Does anyone use this for their dogs or another brand with good results ?
  4. I'm thinking an easier and cheaper option might be to get hold of some medical grade adhesive and apply patches of non slip drawer matting like that on a roll . We have a hallway that is nearly 20+ meters long and to get a runner is probably not an option as hubby is not very mobile and it could be a tripping danger for him . Sigh poor doggies when they get older
  5. That's interesting Jumabaar , it looks like the granules are stuck on with what looks like superglue . I wonder ? I don't mind paying if it works so might have a look into it .
  6. Bella is now 13 and on treatment for arthritis and I've been using anti slip rubber nail covers to help her with traction on the floors. I read that you can use Paw Wax but its quite expensive. Is there a home made remedy ? Can you use surfboard wax ?
  7. Bella is now 13 and has successfully lost 3 kilos which has taken some strain of her arthritis in her joints but she is now suffering from some muscle loss in her hind legs. I still walk her short distances on the property and on next doors property but because of roaming dogs and some of these are lost pig hunting dogs it hasn't been safe to go further . I don't have access to water therapy treatments. Is there anything I can do or give her that will help build up some muscle ? She occasionally slips onto her bum as her left rear leg is the worst , our house now has carpet runners throughout so she can walk better indoors and outdoors she's doing fine but when she veers off the carpet it will occasionally happen She is on Turmeric golden paste , and Pernase powder . I have Previcox tablets ( pain relief) for her but when I picked the last lot it was $50 for 10 tablets , not something I can keep doing however much I want to . Would anyone have any suggestions as to what kind of pain relief might also help ? She was on Cartrophen injections but they don't seem to make a lot of difference now . Any help greatly appreciated , I need to be better informed before I head of to my vet
  8. There's been numerous 'lost' farming hunting dogs up where I live who have survived on road kill and eventually found worse for wear but alive. I'd also be worried about parasites , however when you think of Roo meat for pets it's just culled roos that are processed so maybe it's ok but the enzymes in meat starts to deteriorate quickly after death giving bacteria a chance to build up .
  9. Cool , she loves pumpkin ( me too so there's always some in the house)
  10. This is our Bella , 11 yrs and gorgeous :) Her front is flabby between the breastbone and you can't feel her ribs. She's 32-33 kilo's depending on which scale I use as our vet has 2 offices . Ideally I'd like her to be 26-27 so there's less stress on her joints. How does she look to you ? She's still blowing a coat
  11. Well some months later and she's finally loosing some weight . All treats and human food sharing has stopped . She's on a 4 week course of injections for her joints as they were painfull and prevention her being active . That is working brilliantly . But , she's on a Hills metabolic dry food and after 5 days has decided she'll rather starve and for the first time ever is turning her nose up at food The Hills dry food) Done some research and not happy with the ingredients especially the amount of fillers such as corn and Beetroot pulp. Annoyed at myself for falling for the 20min spiel the vet gave about the Hills dry food and that she ordered the Hills metabolic and joint care dry food which I'm not going to buy unless I feel reassured Hills products are safe and ok . $56 for 2.7 kilos of dry food that has corn etc in it isn't my idea of genuine health care . I'm sure it suits lots of dogs but my dog will eat anything anytime so somethings up . I meant to do photos but forgot so will do a photo session tomorrow ???? I'm at a loss what to do , reducing her food just leaves her starving and begging for food and the Hills biscuits were keeping her full so now I'm back to square one ????
  12. Hi folks , I checked for previous posts on previcox 227mg but they seem pretty old. Bella 11 , is going onto the 4 x weekly injections and for the first 5 days has been prescribed previcox 227mg to get the pan under control. I'm too scared to administer it to her ( 1 tab a day x 5 days) after reading some reviews and certainly not comfortable giving it tonight in case she needs a vet ( fairly rural here) The vet did explain why she was suggesting it for 5 days only , which made me do a bit of online reading . But am I over concerned ?
  13. No chance of anyone feeding her , she's never out of our sight . I've tried Roo meat , but she doesn't seem to digest it well usually ended up with her eating grass after . Not sure on the raw diet but I'll certainly have a look , a bit limited to what we can get up FNQ
  14. MY Bella , Red ACD has been on a never ending round of diets to loose some weight the last few years . She's 11. She's front heavy , has a big chest and still has her 'figure' at the rear , slight incline in the flank and no rolls when she sits . she doesn't have the Cattle Dog 'Coffee Table " look :laugh: Yet she is 32 kilo's. Vets have advised numerous diets , cut back on food etc , no grain dry . some raw and and some dry and the list goes on. Currently I have her on 1 cup dry (non grain) that is divided into 3 so she has it in her treatball outside for exercise ( at the moment it's not safe to walk her here ) and 1 cup brown rice/veg with 1 chicken neck. 1 liver biscuit treat a day. Do some dogs just never loose weight ? She's healthy , apart from a hotspot recently but that cleared up in a few days. She saw the vet on Wednesday to have her nails clipped and she just shook her head when I asked her about Bella's weight . She said she's ok ( Vet also owns cattle dogs) So are some breeds just prone to be chubby when they get older ? I feel like her , we both just have to look at food and we put weight on
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