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  1. My male was castrated last Wednesday 5 days ago, and my girl has now come on heat. Do I need to keep them separated or his he fully sterile by now?
  2. Luvapoo


    Big hugs, we are lucky to have many beautiful dogs cross our path but some are truly our heart dogs. Run free across the rainbow bridge beautiful boy.
  3. A very sad situation that so many poor souls find themselves in, but what a beautiful reunion.
  4. Virgin has announced it will allow small dogs and cats on domestic flights. I just can't see how this will be satisfactory for those travelling without pets.
  5. I would be happy to pay that if it were a once off. Our Council charges annually. An undesexed dog $180 a year. I do get this half price as I'm an approved kennel and ANKC breeder but it's a lot with 6 dogs! Not complaining, but I do like the NSW rule of only paying once
  6. The puppy market is simply saturated. Rescues are overflowing at record numbers. I read somewhere that one million more people became dog owners during covid. The Covid prices made many decide to be breeders and now the pendulum has shifted. So you are not alone, I am reading the same sentiments on breeder groups I am part of
  7. https://7news.com.au/news/dog-breeder-ordered-to-pay-nsw-woman-thousands-after-medical-diagnosis--c-12872538
  8. No you can't advertise on DoL if you're with MDBA. Only ANKC (now Dogs Australia) members can advertise here
  9. Everyone has different ideas on this. I personally don't agree with dictating to a puppy buyer what they can or cannot do with a pup they have paid for. I love it how some breeders think it's okay for them to breed, but not anyone else, and claim they are being ethical and responsible. Oh Please. I would check with your state body whether a breeder has the right to withhold the pedigree papers. As stated by others, the breeder must transfer the microchip to you, or give you the paperwork at the time of sale, so you can attend to it yourself.
  10. They have been allowed to go back on the market after issuing a ban that lasted less than a day
  11. I have had cavaliers, pugs, and now toy poodles. The cavs were terribly sweet but a big concern was the lack of recall if there was something more interesting happening (like a roo). They get a pretty bad rap in the health stakes too. Pugs are just loveable clowns, again health issues arise and the shedding is painful. I don't think I could go past a poodle now, super obedient, submissive, non shedding and I enjoy the grooming.
  12. Our friends in Northern NSW are from a family who bred Huntaways in NZ from way back in the 1960s. They have a cabinet full of winning trophy's. They brought them over to Australia when they moved in the 70s or 80s. They had 10,000 acres, cattle and sheep They are brilliant working dogs. It's the only time I had seen these dogs
  13. Thanks @Rebanne, the bravecto is what I am most concerned about. My dogs are not treated for anything except worms as we don't have fleas here and very rarely see the odd bush tick.
  14. I have 5 toy poodles and we have ear mites. One female is 3 weeks pregnant. Vet has suggested bravecto and Ilium ear drops. Has anyone else experienced ear mites and had success with treatment? and do you know how we may have got them as we are on a property and my dogs don't mix with others. Thanks
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