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  1. My 13 year old cav has what we refer to as 'barnacles' on him. They are wart type things that the vet has told us come with age. He has one on his face near his eye which he has knocked the top off and it bleeds. It doesnt heal. Ive taken him to the vet about it 2 times and both times they have said there is really nothing they can do as he is too old to have it removed. It just wont heal as Im sure he rubs his face when we arent home. Any suggestions on what I can do? Bathe it in anything?
  2. So, our cav turned 13 on Jan 8th 2018 and has just turned 14. He is almost completely deaf now..barely hears us calling him from a few centimetres away. We think his eyesight might be going as well. He doesnt tun into things but he stands and stares at walls and can be sensitive to our touch, as though he doesnt expect it. My poor old man. We love him so so much and the kids are so accommodating to his needs. Only time we see his old spark is at dinner time.
  3. Its is driving us berserk. We have resorted to keeping him inside and going out with him when he needs to go out. As much as I would love another dog, we have decided not to get anymore dogs so unfortunately its not an option.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I thought eyes and ears too so I took him to the vet. The vet gave him a total clean bill of health although dementia wasn't discussed. Will look into it further.
  5. Can someone provide me with advice as to what to do with my 12 year old cavalier? He is driving us all absolutely nuts. He has developed this behaviour where he goes outside and stands there and barks at nothing. We have to go outside and bring him in. If we lock him in the house with us, he scratches on the glass door to get out. We let him out and he does it again. He does this multiple times during the day. There is literally nothing for him to bark at. We are all going nuts. Our neighbours haven't said anything but it must be driving them nuts too. He is predominantly an inside dog but he just does this stupid barking thing.
  6. I have a King Charles Cavalier who is 12. He's always been a very active dog, loves the beach and even did flyball. No heart problems but had a luxating patella operated on when he was young and made a great recovery. Both of my kids are terribly fond of him but we are thinking he may be nearing the end. His back legs literally fall out from under him at times - although he can still jump up to get onto my daughters bed. Sounds wierd but my husband and I think he has started developing 'parkinsons' type symptoms lately and they have gotten progressively worse. It's mainly with little shakes of the head. My husband and I were talking about taking him to the vet and the possibility of him having to be put to sleep if something was really wrong. Unbeknown to us, our young daughter heard the conversation and will now not let the dog out of her sight. I took him to the vet around 6-8 months ago and discussed his legs and the vet did a full exam and said he didnt appear to be in any pain, just had some arthritis and gave him a course of cartrophen injections. I know I need to take him to the vet and my husband and I are currently working on him getting her out of the house so I can take the dog for a checkup but I just wanted to know if anyone else had any info on the head shakes, which started out slight and seemed to have increased. I could say they are twitches but they seem a little more than that.
  7. Today I noticed that my 10 year old cav has chewed his feet so badly that the pads are very red and bleeding. We have been taking him to the park a fair bit lately but I suspect its more of an obsessive behaviour. He doesnt have any fleas but I did give him a warm bath and blow dry just to be sure. Any ideas on what I can use to treat his feet? He has actually chewed down to the nail bed on a few of his nails. I am watching him like a hawke and stopping him when I see him start to lick his feet. I was thinking maybe some betadine or maybe paw paw?
  8. cavmad


    Our Stelly girl died today. She had been a bit quiet the last couple of days and today she left us. My 3 year old daughter and 2 year old son were home all day with my mother in law, in and out of the house all day, playing with the dogs. I came home from work at around 3:45 to take my son to the doctor. My MIL took my daughter back outside as we were leaving. When I returned home and pressed the button for the roller door to come up, I could see a pile of blankets or sheets in the corner of the garage. My MIL, having heard the electric door opening came running from inside the house out to the garage...she looked upset and all I could say was 'what is in all of the sheets? I thought she was going to say a snake, so when she said 'stella' I still thought I heard 'snake'. I said 'what'? She started crying and saying how my daughter had gone outside to stella to pat her and talk to her as she was asleep on the concrete (as usual) and she called out that she wasn't waking up and that there were ants near her mouth. My MIL straight away knew what that meant and ushered my daughter inside and put Stella in blankets and towels in the garage. She said there would have only been a space of 1-2 hours since they were last outside. I got out of the car and went to Stelly. She had bitten her tonge very hard and there was blood. I thought she must have hurt herself but she was a ten year old cav on heart meds and looking back over her last few days, it would seem that her heart just gave up, especially with the heat today. We are so devastated. We resuced this dog from Sydney Dogs home in 2007. She was named Jolie and she was just adorable. She has cost us the price of a small home in the time we were lucky enough to have her but she brought so much joy to our lives. We are worried about Cooper, our male cav now as we work fulltime and he will now be home alone during the week days from 8-4. Stelly, you were such a beautiful girl. We will always love you so so much. Thank you for everything you taught us. I hope you are happy wherever you are.
  9. Am hoping the DOL brains trust can give me some info on what is wrong with my Stella's nose. I am thinking sunburn but am not sure. It doesn't appear sore and she doesn't dig or anything so it's not from that. I am off to the vet with her this afternoon but I just thought someone might be able to give me a heads up. If its sunburn, I'm thinking I'll have to keep her inside during the day which she will hate
  10. Hey guys, Don't get in here much anymore with a 21 month old baby and another due in 7 weeks. Just wanted to update about our two cavs though. Cooper (now aged 6) doing really well. Had to have a few teeth removed a few weeks ago as they were not in good condition but he's onto the royal canin dental now, so hopefully that will help too. Stella (now 8) has had her grade 1 heart murmur upgraded to a 4 so after xrays, blood pressure and uring testing, she is now on heart tablets twice a day. She seems happy enough in herself and her weight is down to 8 kilos so hopefully she will have a few more years in her yet. Hope all of your cavvie babies are doing well. xx
  11. I thought my Stella was wincing when scratching the side of her face/ear due to a knot. I searched and searched but couldn't find anything. She did it again tonight and upon further inspection, she has a rotten, very loose tooth. I could almost pull it out its so loose (not that I would). My question is, do I let it fall out on its own or do I absolutely have to take her to the vet and get it taken out.
  12. I would love a dog from Melloway.Their dogs are just divine.
  13. My male had an abscess on his bottom due to a blocked anal gland. He wasn't regularly scooting or anything but he did do one big scoot on my white bed cover, which left a pooey, bloody mark. I got him straight to the vet and he stayed in all day. He had to have it cut off and was on antibiotics. It doesn't sound like something a vet would let pass.
  14. We saw Steve just after we had our baby, I think she was six weeks old at the time. We have two dogs and he helped enormously. I would recommend him too.
  15. My Stella is very pushy. If she wants to be patted, she will come and sit next to you on the sofa and paw at you. She will then get comfortable and enjoy the pats. If you stop, she paws at you. She also has a habit of putting her head underneath your hand and lifting your hand up so you can involuntarily pat her. If I lock her outside for whatever reason, she will push the plastic doggy door against the glass door repeatedly and loudly until you let her in. Also, around 4pm, she will sit at my feet, wagging her tail, licking her lips and squirming, as this is her usual dinner time. Some of these behaviours are cute but I find them mostly annoying and demanding and I am looking forward to seeing a behaviourist in Aug to get some ideas as to how to rectify these issues.
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