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  1. I have had a toy poodle that developed this, it's also known as milk fever or eclampsia. My vet only had me take the pups off her for 24 hours. She was substituted with calcium syrup, and given a chicken wing each day and of course we kept a very close eye on her. Pups were weaned at 3 1/2 Weeks onto solids. You are also going to have to keep a very close eye on her teats for mastitis and if there is any sign of development, keep a warm compress on her teats.
  2. I have tried to stay out of this thread, though I have followed it carefully! I always put my price in my dogzonline listings. It absolutely annoys me that people don't. If somebody rings me we don't have to have that discussion and I know they can afford it before we have to have the long conversation re the home they can offer, experience and all the rest. I really don't understand why everyone doesn't do it. Why the big secret?
  3. Just for information, I am an ANKC registered breeder of toy poodles and would sell an apricot female for $5k in the current market. I DO NOT have any pups for sale.. Just saying. I strongly suggest you contact toy poodle breeders that you find listed here and ask to be considered when they next have a litter due. Surely you wouldn't pay $7,000 unless perhaps it was show quality and on mains. It is not so easy to buy a female at the moment, but just wait and check the listings on here daily and you will find one.
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