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  1. A very sad situation that so many poor souls find themselves in, but what a beautiful reunion.
  2. Virgin has announced it will allow small dogs and cats on domestic flights. I just can't see how this will be satisfactory for those travelling without pets.
  3. I would be happy to pay that if it were a once off. Our Council charges annually. An undesexed dog $180 a year. I do get this half price as I'm an approved kennel and ANKC breeder but it's a lot with 6 dogs! Not complaining, but I do like the NSW rule of only paying once
  4. The puppy market is simply saturated. Rescues are overflowing at record numbers. I read somewhere that one million more people became dog owners during covid. The Covid prices made many decide to be breeders and now the pendulum has shifted. So you are not alone, I am reading the same sentiments on breeder groups I am part of
  5. https://7news.com.au/news/dog-breeder-ordered-to-pay-nsw-woman-thousands-after-medical-diagnosis--c-12872538
  6. No you can't advertise on DoL if you're with MDBA. Only ANKC (now Dogs Australia) members can advertise here
  7. Everyone has different ideas on this. I personally don't agree with dictating to a puppy buyer what they can or cannot do with a pup they have paid for. I love it how some breeders think it's okay for them to breed, but not anyone else, and claim they are being ethical and responsible. Oh Please. I would check with your state body whether a breeder has the right to withhold the pedigree papers. As stated by others, the breeder must transfer the microchip to you, or give you the paperwork at the time of sale, so you can attend to it yourself.
  8. They have been allowed to go back on the market after issuing a ban that lasted less than a day
  9. I have had cavaliers, pugs, and now toy poodles. The cavs were terribly sweet but a big concern was the lack of recall if there was something more interesting happening (like a roo). They get a pretty bad rap in the health stakes too. Pugs are just loveable clowns, again health issues arise and the shedding is painful. I don't think I could go past a poodle now, super obedient, submissive, non shedding and I enjoy the grooming.
  10. Our friends in Northern NSW are from a family who bred Huntaways in NZ from way back in the 1960s. They have a cabinet full of winning trophy's. They brought them over to Australia when they moved in the 70s or 80s. They had 10,000 acres, cattle and sheep They are brilliant working dogs. It's the only time I had seen these dogs
  11. Thanks @Rebanne, the bravecto is what I am most concerned about. My dogs are not treated for anything except worms as we don't have fleas here and very rarely see the odd bush tick.
  12. I have 5 toy poodles and we have ear mites. One female is 3 weeks pregnant. Vet has suggested bravecto and Ilium ear drops. Has anyone else experienced ear mites and had success with treatment? and do you know how we may have got them as we are on a property and my dogs don't mix with others. Thanks
  13. I have searched this subject and there are quite a few posts regarding the removal of dew claws. I noticed a couple of members of the forum have mentioned that it is now illegal to remove Dew claws in Australia. Would anybody have any links to confirm that this is actually the law? Thank you
  14. Beautifully put thank you. I completely see the experience the writer is describing. I have rehomed three older retired breeding females on this site. I always put a photo, a full description (age, weight, nature, current living arrangements, desexed) AND price. I don't expect somebody to grovel to me with their whole life story before I disclose information to them. Once a prospective purchaser has this information then they can phone me and we go from there. I then ask lots of questions and in all instances my girls have found wonderful homes with people who still keep in touch. Honestly, if anybody wanted to steal a photo they only have to go on Gumtree where there are currently over 7000 ads for dogs.
  15. I am often looking at puppy for sale ads and prices have definitely dropped a lot in Australia. For example, the once popular breeds, such as the cross bred cavoodle, I have seen advertised for as low as $1,500 when they were up to $8,000 at the peak. It is my guess that you could ring a lot of people advertising puppies and offer what you can afford and they may take it as they cannot sell pups. It is a deterrent for people adopting when they can buy exactly what they want for a similar price.
  16. https://www.9news.com.au/national/dogs-for-adoption-melbourne-record-number-of-pet-dogs-being-given-up-in-victoria/444e42dc-554a-430a-b6a7-5e50490feae6 We could all see this coming sadly. There is a record number of puppies for sale on DOL as well.
  17. Sadly this breed of dog has become popular due to the show Bluey. As mentioned above people are buying them with no idea of the training and exercise demands. When I was young we had two stumpy tailed cattle dogs. They were brilliant dogs but needed constant training exercise and discipline. They were not good with small children, in fact we didn't trust them with small children.
  18. I was quite shocked and saddened to read this post but it has prompted me to do some more research into the use of animals for experimentation in Australia. I feel almost very ignorant to have discovered that over a million animals, ranging from baboons to mice are used each year in Australia for all types of experimentation. I just googled "animals used for experiments in Australia" and the statistics are alarming It really just makes me so very sad.
  19. Very good to see an actual punishment for this behaviour. I am waiting for a matter to go to court later this year for a scam that occurred to me (and many others) at the end of 2019. The court date has been adjourned twice so hopefully it will go ahead this time. I am heartened to see that the courts are actually taking this seriously.
  20. I have searched the forum for this topic but surprised to find no match. My dogs are all going crazy for grass lately. Like for the last month. We have had lots of rain and when they are let out of a morning they are heading straight for the wet fresh pick. This is a new thing for them. They even stop to eat the grass on our morning walks. I know it was always said that if dogs eat grass they are sick or lacking something but their behaviour is perfectly normal they are energetic and acting the same. I feed mostly black hawk kibble (yes recipe has changed) they also have a small amount of pet mince most days, and a fresh chicken leg once a week. I have bought a more expensive kibble called meals 4 mutts, and we'll see if this makes any difference but meanwhile wondering about others experiences please.
  21. I too would be interested to hear another's experiences with the new blend. I have ordered some and also have ordered some Advance as a backup plan. Mine have always preferred the Black Hawk to the Advance, but will eat either.
  22. Provided both parents healthy and DNA cleared as you have mentioned, there is no reason to be concerned. As @Podgus stated, the terms simply relate to size. Under 11 inches is toy, 11 to 15 is Miniature, and over 15 is Standard. In Australia. I once had a mains pedigree male registered as a Toy that grew to 13 inches. He was too big for my girls sadly. He was a beauty.
  23. So another perspective: For me, putting a pup on mains means that I believe it is suitable for both breeding and showing. I sell on mains whenever I think the pup would be suitable for BOTH. I am not a show person and rely heavily on breeder friends and mentors, and the breed standard as shown on this site. For example, poodles have to have a solid coloured coat and occasionally a spot of white may come through on the coat for whatever reason. Or the tail is not straight, or the points are not perfect. We learn as we go. Maybe to you colour sounds trivial, but it does matter, and although my dogs are fully health checked every year and DNA cleared if they don't meet the breed standard, I am not selling that pup on mains. I am however fully confident I am selling healthy pets. I would absolutely love to sell everything on mains and be very proud to see my prefix on other people's pedigrees. But I am only doing it if I believe pup is suitable. And even then no one has a crystal ball when you let a pup leave you at 8 - 10 weeks. Of course I can only speak for my breed but I am sure every other breeder has a breed standard they need to adhere to and may hold puppies back on limited for that reason.
  24. Interesting thread. I am an ANKC registered breeder. I made contact with a breeder listed on this site recently seeking a female on mains. She has pups for sale. She said "oh goodness no, I am very protective of my bloodlines did you know that the grandmother of one of the pups in question was BIS" Yes, the grandmother. She finally said that she would sell me a female on mains but she would have to be half owner to stop me from selling any of the pups I bred on mains. THIS is the mentality of some. Needless to say I was not interested in that arrangement.
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