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  1. https://thenewdaily.com.au/life/science/2021/02/10/diet-reduces-dog-droppings/
  2. That & people on farms who need to take their dogs into town to a vet or groomer as well as buy hardware.
  3. If you are not willing to abide by the rules then you are part of the problem. Hopefully this incident will deter beople from taking their dogs to Bunnings unless they have a real need. For all those anti-muzzle people, what are you going to do if there was a rabies outbreak and the government mandated muzzles in public like face masks during a covid outbreak, wthe the result that muzzles become as scarce as toilet paper?
  4. Expensive sheep dogs: https://www.theland.com.au/story/7100910/puppy-love-comes-with-a-world-record-11000-price-tag/?cs=4941&utm_source=The+Informer&utm_campaign=8d8792e3f9-THE_INFORMER_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_94698b0879-8d8792e3f9-68377701
  5. Lots of dogs were used to provide motive power prior to the industrial revolution. Just Google on "dog-powered". Apart from cart dogs, dogs were used to run on treadmills to operate butter churns etc.Dogs were also used in coal mines where tunnels were too small to accommodate pit ponies - replacing children after child labour laws were introduced.
  6. Am curious whether any of the study used strong distractions e.g. feral deer & foxes, during the training exercises, especially where the dog had previously self rewarded by chasing prey species.
  7. Why would you cross a wolfhound with a bull mastiff if it wasn't for the purpose of breeding a hunting dog? Also if the DAS rangers are involved I suspect the issue is not merely agressive display but there has actually been a reported attack.
  8. Apparently it's only a draft law at the moment. I believe there has been previous draft animal welfare legislation in China which has come to nothing. I believe the subject draft law is more to do with human health than animal welfare. Dog fighting as entertainment is still legal (although betting on a dog fight is not) and there are no welfare provisions for sleigh and cart dogs.
  9. Here we go again: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-01-25/rspca-called-out-for-how-it-euthanases-animals/11899682
  10. If you support PTH you may as well support this mob as well: https://thecavalrygroup.com/
  11. Has anybody in Perth, Sydney or Canberra been prosecuted as a result of this person being busted?
  12. In the light of the current horse slaughter controversy the number of 0 routine inspections is interesting.
  13. And this is what we end up with https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7536487/South-Australian-man-sentenced-tied-German-Shepherd-dogs-snout-shut-CABLE-TIE.html#i-3cd97e3320219cc7
  14. The 10 Ampere rating of a wall socket refers to the maximum current that can be safely drawn through it without overheating and possibly starting a fire. It is not a limit on what it can deliver. Yes. A more detailed explanation is given in Australian/ New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 60479.1:2002 & 60479.2:2002. Effects of current on human beings & livestock. & AS/NZS 60479.3:2002 https://infostore.saiglobal.com/en-au/Standards/AS-NZS-60479-1-2002-115882_SAIG_AS_AS_242135/. & https://infostore.saiglobal.com/en-au/Standards/AS-NZS-60
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