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  1. A dog has killed a woman in Canberra ....

    The new legislation doesn't seem to have solved the problem: https://www.canberratimes.com.au/national/act/almost-220-dog-attacks-in-horror-five-months-for-act-20180706-p4zq0g.html There seem to be many straying dogs at any given time going by the Canberra Lost Pets facebook page.
  2. NSW plans $195 annual fee for hunting dogs

    This is from the existing NSW Companion Animals Act: COMPANION ANIMALS ACT 1998 - SECT 33 Meaning of "dangerous" 33 MEANING OF "DANGEROUS" (1) For the purposes of this Act, a dog is "dangerous" if it:
  3. Has this thread been brought up because the Ipswich Mayor has now been charged with corruption?
  4. A dog has killed a woman in Canberra ....

    An update: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/police-hunt-for-men-after-man-dog-attacked-with-machete-in-home-invasion-20180403-h0yanu.html
  5. Puppy eating rocks, surgery, help!

    For a kelpie, you should be able find a good muzzle from a farm supplies shop, either physically or on line, rather than from suburban a pet shop. The Baskerville Ultra is more designed to stop biting than eating, while I'm not sure a Jafco provides adequate ventilation in our hot summers.
  6. Apparently another dog belonging to SA Correctional Services has had to be euthanized: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-25/advance-dermocare-dog-food-voluntarily-recalled-megaoesophagus/9584518
  7. With roo chasing, timing is important. Also you need a remote that has a range longer than merely a cricket pitch (which is the limit for some e-collars marketed to domestic pet owners) otherwise the dog will be out of range of the remote before you have a chance to push the stim button. As for virtual fencing, if there is no other barrier, then once the dog has discovered his/ her ability to run through the stim zone the virtual fence is ineffective. That's why in NSW it is only legal to use virtual fence e-collars in conjunction with a real fence.
  8. They do. 'Professional' grade collars have a variable intensity potentiometer facility where you can adjust the level of stim over a wide range, automatic cut-out so you can't stim for longer than about 10 sec (although I think any stim that long would have the dog a quivering wreck). They also have a 'nick' function providing a stim that lasts approx. 1/2 a second. So if you simply want to get the dog's attention you would use a low level nick (like a mozzie bite). The down side is that 'professional' collars will set you back upwards of $500.
  9. One-year-old dies after attack by Rottweiler dog

    Well now there's been another attack in Melbourne and the media is howling. http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/parenting/kids/its-time-to-ban-dangerous-dogs/news-story/f9f662204dac7f9c5eadf1915dc75ca0.
  10. Good news article about a Rotty

    There is actually an existing dog walk social group in Canberra.
  11. Council staff recommend the green light for dog breeding facility at Fosters Valley
  12. Year of the Dog: 16 February

    Let's hope it's a good year for dogs in China! Unless Chinese activists can persuade their government to pass better animal welfare laws I doubt much will change. Dogs will still be slaughtered for human consumption; Dog fighting is legal in China (although gambling on a dog fight is not); Dogs are still used as draught animals (poor man's horse) e.g. the so-called "rickshaw dogs". Also, this time of year, around Harbin in north-east china a tourist attraction is a ride in a one-dog open sleigh:
  13. Pet Insurance

    The way insurance works is that a many people contribute to a pot of money (premiums) from which hopefully fewer people make lower claims from the money pot than what goes in. Up until last year, most of our premiums were going to Allianz, as underwriters for Petplan. Then Petplan decided to change underwriter to the Lloyds MS Amlin syndicate. My guess is that Amjlin saw us people with middle-aged dogs as a high risk and since they hadn't been getting premiums from us from when we first took out the policies (they were pocketed by Allianz) they have sent us a price signal that we should either get off their books or pay a catch-up premium so that we end up paying them what we would have paid them had they been the underwriters from the time we first took out the policies. For me, I decided to get off their books and take out insurance with a competitor since not only was I faced with a doubling of my premium but Petplan/ Amlin have also introduced an age related co-payment on top of the normal excess that kicks in once the dog reaches 8 years old. I realise I will have wear the pre-existing conditions with the new insurer but hopefully the premiums will stay low enough that I can at least partially self insure but at least have some insurance for accidents.