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  1. Hidden Fence containment

    There is also the issue of not leaving the collar in place for more than 10 hrs at a time otherwise the dog can get skin necrosis sores from the electrodes rubbing the skin. I used one about 20 yrs ago to deter fence jumping & fence fighting but I fully concur with the other posters re run thru.
  2. So is it then hypocritical to denounce live baiting of greyhounds while supporting dogging of pigs? Generally pig dog pups have to be trained to hunt before they are loosed on adult pigs and for that piglets are used. I've only ever come across one NZ site where the young pig dogs are muzzled when being worked on pigs. By the way, if you really want to see cruelty in pig dogging search on the phrase 'Adu Bagong'.
  3. Accommodation for Trip across Nullabor

    Did a return trip to WA last year with my dog in a campervan stopping mainly at caravan parks or roadhouses. Liked Streaky Bay in SA, then went on to Nundroo Roadhouse & Mundrabilla RH, followed by Balladonia RH & a CP at Kalgoorlie - a bit of hassle there with the 'pet friendly' CP I had booked at as they told me on arrival the pet friendliness only extended to small dogs (something the guides don't mention). After touring the goldfields, my last stop before Perth was in Westonia, which I liked because it was a township a few kms off the main highway (no truck noise) and had a nice pub. One guide I have found useful in my travels is Australian Caravan Park Reports . As for a muzzle for a BC, I would recommend going to a farm supplies store (either bricks & mortar or on-line) rather than a pet shop. The former seem more likely to have muzzles to prevent sheepdogs picking up baits, whereas pet shops sell muzzles like the Baskerville Ultra, which prevents biting but allows the dog to pick up treats.
  4. Kodi: why is this forum quiet about it?

    Because animals like Kodi can't tell their side of the story we need organisations such as the Animal Defenders Office who can provide legal expertise.
  5. Good for her :) A decision to use an e-collar .

    So how are SA police dogs and the military dogs that guard the raaf base trained to release from a bite?
  6. Story here: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/they-were-already-gone-cold-two-dogs-found-dead-in-suspected-baiting-20170609-gwocxs.html
  7. Risk from wild dog baits

    In Europe, sheep farmers often use liivestock protection dogs, such as Maremmas, to protect flocks from wolves, so I don't suppose they would use baiting - otherwise their dogs would be poisoned.
  8. Dog stabbed to death in Perth park by hoodie-wearing man; police seek witnesses: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-05-18/dog-stabbed-to-death-in-perth-park/8536332
  9. New strain of Parvo

    Scary. My adult GSD had a few days of bloody diarrhoea a couple of years ago after a stay in a boarding kennel near Cairns. When I got home the vet diagnosed EPI but I have had him off creatin for almost a year now with no issues. So now I am wondering..........
  10. Muzzle Recommendations

    The Bumas muzzles are certainly very colourful and because they are custom made to order are likely to be a good fit. However they are also as a consequence quite expensive compared to other muzzles. The Bumas company is based in Austria (you can google on bumas beisskorb) and recently opened an agency in the USA. I wouldn't know how to buy one from Australia, perhaps through a european forwarding company. You would need to allow for freight costs so it would be an expensive exercise.
  11. Muzzle Recommendations

    The rule regarding muzzling on Melbourne suburban trains is not law. As with Bunnings, it is the private policy of the European-based train operating company, mirroring the policy in their European home base. It happened with the privatisation of Melbourne's trams and trains when Jeff Kennett was premier. Dogs are still completely prohibited on the Victorian government-owned V-Line country trains and I believe dogs are prohibited on public transport in all other states as the public transport there is state government owned.
  12. This seminar may be of interest to Canberra people, although with newspaper articles such as this I doubt that the topics will get much support from the government.
  13. Nsw To Ban Greyhound Racing From July 2017

    Illegal live baiting of greyhounds is moreover a form of cheating just as drugging horses in thoroughbred and harness racing industry and doping of human athletes is cheating. Humans are constantly trying to cheat, whether this be in sports or other activities, eg driving over the speed limit or plagiarising student essays. If you are not going to ban the activity associated with the cheating then one is faced with the issues of: Detection of the cheating in the face of people's rights to privacy (you can't simply enter a private greyhound training facility or fly a surveillance drone over it any time you feel like it); and What sanctions do you apply to people found guilty of cheating? There is also the issue of hypocrisy. As WoofnHoof said, we have zero tolerance for dog fighting, however as a society we tolerate the hunting of animals with dogs (eg pig hunting and I dare say some pig dog pups are blooded during training). Where do we draw the line between cruelty and allowing a dog to express its natural predatory instinct? We also have a lack of understanding of the neurological processes associated with erotic stimulation of the brain of predatory species (ourselves included). Why does a cat enjoy playing with a mouse before killing it? Why do wild canids go on a killing spree when encountering domesticated sheep? Why do some humans get a kick of killing animals for pleasure (recreational hunting) while other humans get addicted to 'pleasures' such as bullfighting, animal baiting & fighting, animal torture? Yet other humans get a kick out of perversions like BDSM, torture of fellow humans (aka ISIS) or get addicted to drugs or the sexual abuse of children. In the past we've used the biblical explanation of sin, but if we accept that all living species evolved from primitive organisms including their electrochemical computers (brains), why and how does erotic stimulation occur?
  14. Nsw To Ban Greyhound Racing From July 2017

    Its not only China that the dogs get exported to. Also Vietnam http://e.vnexpress.net/news/travel-life/visit-vietnam-beach-town-and-bet-for-the-fastest-dog-3553782.html