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  1. Link: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/home/pets/perth-man-savagely-attacked-by-his-own-dog/news-story/944ef4b0c36e06a0f8ff897009a2c4ca
  2. Apparently the Bill has been passed.
  3. Another dog attack. Dingo x's involved

    The article doesn't convince me that dingoes are more vicious than numerous other breeds. It seems simply a case of redirected aggression onto an elderly lady who was trying to break up a fight where 3 medium size dogs were attacking a small dog. The attacking dogs could easily have been bullys, shepherds, malamutes, staghounds or a variety of other breeds or crosses thereof. If the dogs were normally kept in pens like that pictured, it might indicate a lack of socialisation though.
  4. Can I find out the pedigree of my rescue GLAD?

    The GSD Council of Australia maintain an on-line database of ANKC registered GSDs. If the breeder had him microchipped & registered as a puppy you could search the database for his kennel prefix. You need to be a member of your state GSD body eg GSDL NSW to access the database.
  5. Fox taming experiment

    As far as I aware, the above is a slang definition. According to my Oxford Dictionary, the etymology of the word wild is of Germanic origin, from the word wilde meaning not domesticated or cultivated, whereas feral is from the Latin fera, referring specifically to wild animals. So it would be correct to refer to a wild animal as a feral animal but a wildflower would not generally be referred to as a feral flower. So lawyers and aficionados of Latin would talk about feral foxes whilst peasants and lower classes would refer to them as wild foxes.
  6. Fox taming experiment

    Apparently there is now a book about it titled "How to tame a fox and build a dog"
  7. Dog Policy - Port Stephens Council, NSW

    Do they also have a similar policy for roosters that crow before 7am?
  8. Dog breeding facility planned for Bathurst

    What about the pens that declared dangerous dogs have to be housed in?
  9. A dog has killed a woman in Canberra ....

    Not really. It's just that dog attacks in Canberra are a political issue at the moment. All over the world big dogs have been attacking little dogs for centuries. In the wild, coyote kill foxes, while wolves kill both coyote and foxes. As a society we humans domesticated wolves, but never completely eliminated their predatory instinct, and then we started shrinking some of them to be smaller than foxes. Also as a society, we seem to be unable to totally confine our canine companions to our properties when unsupervised so they get out and their predatory instincts kick in. Remember, dogcatchers have been around for centuries. I guess the latest incident will have rotties in the firing line, as they are in some european countries along with pitties.
  10. A dog has killed a woman in Canberra ....

    According to newspaper reports, the property was public housing rental. The housing authority claimed they had no record of being asked to repair the fence.
  11. Pet Insurance

    Just got my PetPlan renewal notice. The premium for my 6 year-old GSD has doubled from $75 per month to a massive $150 per month (back in 2014 it was a reasonable $50 per month). The underwriters are now apparently a mob called MS Amlin Syndicate 2001 at Lloyds in London. Somehow I get the feeling that this Lloyds syndicate is using us colonials as milch cows to recover losses from disasters such as Fukushima (see the Wikipedia entry for MS Amlin).
  12. Hidden Fence containment

    There is also the issue of not leaving the collar in place for more than 10 hrs at a time otherwise the dog can get skin necrosis sores from the electrodes rubbing the skin. I used one about 20 yrs ago to deter fence jumping & fence fighting but I fully concur with the other posters re run thru.
  13. So is it then hypocritical to denounce live baiting of greyhounds while supporting dogging of pigs? Generally pig dog pups have to be trained to hunt before they are loosed on adult pigs and for that piglets are used. I've only ever come across one NZ site where the young pig dogs are muzzled when being worked on pigs. By the way, if you really want to see cruelty in pig dogging search on the phrase 'Adu Bagong'.
  14. Accommodation for Trip across Nullabor

    Did a return trip to WA last year with my dog in a campervan stopping mainly at caravan parks or roadhouses. Liked Streaky Bay in SA, then went on to Nundroo Roadhouse & Mundrabilla RH, followed by Balladonia RH & a CP at Kalgoorlie - a bit of hassle there with the 'pet friendly' CP I had booked at as they told me on arrival the pet friendliness only extended to small dogs (something the guides don't mention). After touring the goldfields, my last stop before Perth was in Westonia, which I liked because it was a township a few kms off the main highway (no truck noise) and had a nice pub. One guide I have found useful in my travels is Australian Caravan Park Reports . As for a muzzle for a BC, I would recommend going to a farm supplies store (either bricks & mortar or on-line) rather than a pet shop. The former seem more likely to have muzzles to prevent sheepdogs picking up baits, whereas pet shops sell muzzles like the Baskerville Ultra, which prevents biting but allows the dog to pick up treats.
  15. Kodi: why is this forum quiet about it?

    Because animals like Kodi can't tell their side of the story we need organisations such as the Animal Defenders Office who can provide legal expertise.