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  1. Replying so I can get notifications about this thread. I was (am) going through a similar thing. I picked up my second puppy late January and he also growled at strangers and noises. After a week of him still growling at my aunt I started to get concerned. We went for puppy school from the start but I also got a dog trainer in. After talking to her and my dog's breeder I think he's just had a rough transition being taken away from his littermates. I think he's just a trying-to-be-brave puppy in a scary situation. I worked a lot on getting strangers to feed him his meals, and/or to get him to focus on me whenever he was startled/wanting to growl. We recently went on a road trip and I had him in a carrier in certain places- I think that helped because he was in a safe place in a noisy environment. He's still a bit sensitive to sudden noises and movements but much better than he was. Edited to add: my puppy is from a registered breeder, and his parents have lovely temperaments (i met his mom, total sweetheart). He was also socialized since young and was confident at the breeder's so it wasn't any of those things.
  2. I really like the Torus water bowl (not sponsored lol). Google it its from New Zealand. The big one keeps a pretty low water base level.
  3. After years of waiting I am finally getting my second dog, a Havanese next year in January. Can't wait!
  4. Hi, I know this is an Aussie forum but I haven't found a comparable site for NZ so I was hoping to get some help from here. After years of waiting I will finally be getting my second dog, a Havanese from New Zealand. I am wanting to bring him to puppy school while I am there, and am looking for some recommendations (especially around the North Shore of Auckland). If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I second this. My dog is medium sized (~9kgs) but he still vomits bile if I don't feed him fast enough in the morning.
  6. I love the boys, hoping my next will be a boy too.
  7. Not to derail this thread, but does anyone know if there are restrictions on pups flying direct on long flights from New Zealand? I heard they recently changed the rule so small puppies cannot fly under six months. Anyone know if this is true?
  8. I don't like the term spoilt- I just take care of my dog the best I can. He's on a home cooked diet because of his allergies, he sleeps on my bed and I take care to exercise him every day. Soon as anything is off I scoot him off to the vet. I'm mindful of his well being/ need to socialize with his doggy friends. Oh and I spent a few months at dog grooming school so I could groom him myself. May sound extreme to others, but worth it to me.
  9. I think people are being too harsh here. Lilypily already acknowledged she was responsible. Are you saying the onus is on all other dog owners to watch their dogs, but it's ok if the owner of the reactive dog wasn't watching what was happening?
  10. How horrific. I hope maddie and Steve made a speedy and full recovery.
  11. Beautiful! How are you going with your new pup Cheys232?
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