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    GIANT fluffy dog breeds! Particularly Bernese Mountain Dogs, Saint Bernards, Newfoundlands, Leonbergers and Pyrenean Mountain Dogs.
  1. Happy to do Saint Bernards for you. Send me a message :)
  2. Personally I'd take them up on the offer of a full refund.
  3. Cutie Newf pup sitting in his bowl! So typical. They adore water. The rest!!! Terrifying!!!
  4. cassie


    Gorgeous Taffy! And sorry to hear about Ed
  5. So sorry to read this Pheebs. RIP dear Lucy xx
  6. Can anyone recommend the best sort for a giant breed? Or any that come large enough for a Saint Bernard? I haven't looked into them much but a lot of other products that come in "XXXL" or "Giant" wouldn't even go close to fitting an adult Saint. Thanks :)
  7. I got a pup from NZ last year, sight unseen and have never met the breeder face to face. Absolutely no problems at all. However I have followed this breeder and their dogs for years and had some good references, and they were also given good references for me so they were happy to sell to me.
  8. Thanks to both of you. TSD - how have you gotten your dogs to that point? Ask for a sit again and again, and now they just offer it to you? Nekh - you're definitely right, we're inconsistent. I see what you mean when you say they're sitting, but still hyped up. We'll try them on leads. So would you suggest bringing in one at a time on lead, and if they act up put both back out? Or something else?
  9. Hi all. We've got a 3.5 year old Bernese and a 1.5 year old Saint. When we come home from being out, we go outside to greet the dogs (not necessarily first thing) and they are so happy to see us, they get excited and bounce around and act silly. We try to wait until they have calmed down before we let them inside, but without fail, every time they RUN inside, bound up the 3 steps (split level home) to the top storey, then back down to greet us again. This is 125+ kg of dogs running through the house and knocking into furniture and/or us and I'm sick of it! I don't know how to teach them to ent
  10. If I was the man I wouldn't take my injured dog to a dog park. BUT he should be able to enjoy the park in peace I suppose.
  11. Loved it! Watched most of the groups but missed General Specials. Anyone get the results?
  12. work or show cassie? Once they can get the breed recognized here, he will be shown. It's a long and slow process so I'm told. And they weren't able to even get the ball rolling until he was out of quarantine and living with them, even though they planned to import him over 12 months ago.
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