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  1. Which vet would you choose?

    I say it would take time for your pup to get used to vet #2, I've been doing rehab and physio with Nova at our vet the last few months and he wasn't too keep on the whole process to begin with, and it was in a new (to him) treatment room, whole new thing to do at a vet, he was quite uncomfortable with the whole thing. Fast forward to last week and he pulled me into the room and jumped onto the treatment bed himself ready to go! Pick the vet you feel most comfortable with and get your dog used to it lots of positive visits. Our vet nurses are more than happy to help with cuddles for that.
  2. Vet consult-how much do you pay?

    $65 for a general consult, $45 for a revist. $75 if it's a physio revisit consult. I can't remember how much the initial physio consult was +$100
  3. Actual bigger dog jackets in the reject shop!

    That would be tiny on those dogs! Nova fits either a 55cm or 60cm depending on the make lol.
  4. When to rug up

    I recently bought a Back on Track coat for Nova and started using it for warm ups and downs. I've seen a marked improvement. He has always ran quite cold for a double coated dog, and the mesh coat seems to be perfect for him, doesn't over heat at all.
  5. It comes in non dispensable form too, next time ask for that.
  6. Favourite toys - just for fun!

    Anything squeaky. Invincibles Snake gets a lot of love here. Otherwise a cheap homemade fleece tug is a favourite too!
  7. Lori Stevens Balance Harness

    My old training club has been looking for some of these! I've forwarded this onto them!
  8. If for an Aussie, my Aussie figured that out in about 5 minutes at 10 weeks old They really need hands on training, yea mentals toys are good of course, but if you aren't giving them proper mental stimulation through proper outlets they aren't going to thrive. These are working dogs, I don't subscribe to them being the "easy working dog" at all. I've had a Lab now I have an Aussie and the only similarity between them I would say is they both have a sense of humour if you could call it that. Can be clowns. I too would be cautious bringing in a new pup/dog into a home with a dog with health problems, but especially an energetic working dog like an Aussie. If you go ahead I suggest you have appropriate spaces to seperate them when they each need their own spaces to calm and relax alone.
  9. Marking territory inside, suggestions???

    Would you have room for one of those soft pens (and would they stay in it?). Fingers can't poke through the mesh and you can lock the zippers.
  10. Aussie Pics

    Same, so many people I know are getting puppies! I want puppy breath!
  11. Show us ya Puppies!

    Thanks @Scottsmum and @Roova, he knows he's gorgeous! I like the action shots Roova. Oh Bella! One of my favourite Dol Dogs, just stunning!
  12. Show us ya Puppies!

    The emotions of Nova
  13. Aussie Pics

    Hello Tempo! She is lovely!
  14. Aussie Pics

    We should welcome our newest member :D @Panto
  15. Vomiting dogs, not impressed.

    Nova did this regularly until about 18 months old. Vomited bile at night UNLESS he was given something to eat before bed. If he had an empty stomach he would vomit. So I would split his dinner meal and give 3/4 at normal dinner time and 1/4 at bed time. Stopped it fine. I slowly experimented as he got older with reducing the amount until he grew out of it. But if he ever skips a meal he'll vomit bile again. Had vet check ups and vet said that it can be a puppy thing with sensitive and empty stomachs, he just didn't grow out of it.