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  1. Yes, the quantities per day may be small but remember that you will want to freeze different types of meat/organs etc. and will not be able to purchase the minimum quantities for a week but will need to purchase a couple of months supply in some cases (e.g. you may want two or three minimum different types of organs, which you would be very lucky to find in less than 250gm packages!) Really, even for one small dog or one cat, you are best to have a freezer in addition to the usual freezer space in a family fridge. You will probably find it helpful to repackage fresh raw into 2-3 days worth quantity-wise before freezing. Better still, having a dedicated freezer just for pet meat means also that you don't need to forego the occasional irresistible bulk bargain!
  2. Taking for a drive

    Officially school holidays don't start in Vic until the 23rd of December but of course some high school students may have already completed their attendance for the year. VCE exams are finished in Victoria as far as i know,
  3. Taking for a drive

    It' s been 24 hours and I haven't heard from the OP.
  4. A bit of a win at work

    Well done! So nice to hear that they hadn't swallowed wholesale the "hybrid vigour" or "non-shedding" theories. Perhaps next time you can ask them to talk to some groomers first - oodles often need MORE at home grooming PLUS MORE FREQUENT salon visits than purebred poodles, bichons etc. to prevent the coat from matting at the skin. Here is a photo of a typical oodle sent to a groomer, where the owners had only brushed the top coat and had not combed through to the skin every few days. This is the only way to remove the resulting matts, and the poor dog goes home looking like a plucked chicken. Although the picture is of a dog in the US, I assure you that the same happens every day in Australia. For those who want to look at the text written by a groomer to explain the photo, you can find it on FB here (and probably in several other places). I'm not making this point against the dogs themselves, but against those cross breeders who avoid explaining their puppy buyers the actions needed to care for the coat.
  5. Bump on dogs skull getting bigger :(

    What opinion has has your vet mentioned about the lump? Has his head been x-rayed to check for skull fractures?
  6. Polyneuropathy in Dogs

    Thanks for the info - something I didn't know! Learning something new is always appreciated! The the US it is usually a reaction to raccoon saliva (as stated in your link) but this is the very first time I have heard of it in Australia and yet that link quotes it as reasonably common. Looking at the comments in that article, it seems all over Australia and also to be experienced in the UK.
  7. Taking for a drive

    It would seem that the breeder is too bereft with grief to think straight. Separating a mother and her 3 week old pups is not a good idea. PM me with the breeder's details and I will contact her and arrange for the mum and pups to be fostered and raised until pups are old enough to be rehomed, at no cost to herself and she can still deal long distance with puppy purchasers etc. and the dam can join the breeder in NZ once the pups have gone to their new homes.
  8. Dog keeps taking things off tables

    He is still a young child at this stage in his life. It is up to you to puppy proof the house until he gets his maturity on! Make sure that he has plenty of toys of his own to play with, and keep swapping them around so that he doesn't lose interest in them (put away 3/4 of them and every couple of days swap the 1/4 available to him with others from your cupboard.)
  9. That is so misleading it is almost fraudulent!
  10. Polyneuropathy in Dogs

    Some dogs are incredibly stoic and just don't show pain. This doesn't mean that they are not in pain - the loss of appetite would make me suspect chronic pain. But spinal injury can sometimes preclude messages travelling from the brain to the limbs - so no pain messages in and no muscle control out, if you see what I mean. The sudden and severe onset, with no improvement from anti- inflammatories and crate rest, but mostly the visible spinal curve and no sign of breathing paralysis as with a paralysis tick really sounds like an injury or some sort of degeneration of the spine or of the spinal nerves. Without Xraying to check for bone spurs pressing on the nerves in the spinal column and myelograph (spelling? not sure) to check the state of the spinal cord itself it does seems a big leap to me to assume there is no underlying degeneration or injury. I would ask to follow it up with xrays or soft tissue scans in case there is spondylosis or some other sort of degeneration or there has been been an injury. Coonhound paralysis is not found in Australia as it is a reaction to raccoon saliva. "actute iditopathic polyradiculoneruitis" is not actually a diagnosis but basically a description of the main symptom. Not to blame the vet, some times wiyh illness or disease that is a little out of the ordinary symptoms is all you can be sure of, the cause remains unknown. And if they don't find anything on the xrays or scans then I would probably then consult a greyhound chiropractor or Bowen therapist. That's what I would do, it is not necessarily what most people would do LOL. I do hope you find out what the problem is or at least how to relieve it - now that you are back don't be a stranger and keep us updated please!
  11. Hard decision, biting dog. *Updated*

    Something we all feared. I am so very very sorry for your impending loss. I hope the steriods help to make her more comfortable so that she is able to enjoy the time she has left.
  12. Why don't they choke the rice? Lord knows that grain needs strangling thoroughly! Sorry! I couldn't resist. Darn you autocorrect! Its okay, I'll show myself out...
  13. Roo mince advice please

    Very odd thing for the vet to say. There certainly could be parasites in roo ORGANS, same as in organs of most livestock, but freezing before feeding will kill them just as thoroughly as cooking. As far as I am aware, there are no parasites in roo muscle meat. Roo mince might contain the odd small percentage of organs, but not usually. When feeding any raw meat, simply freezing it for at least a few days before feeding will destroy any parasites and most bacteria without destroying many of the vitamins/ enzymes etc. that cooking destroys.
  14. Puppy raw meat question

    That does seem odd. Perhaps her digestive tract just wasn't used to it? My small dogs get several chicken necks, or a turkey neck or a chicken wing daily or almost daily for one meal and raw meat/fish and the odd bit of loaf or kibble or veg plus various additives for the other meal and I very rarely get white poos (which usually does indicate too much bone). My medium and larger dogs get chicken frames but also lamb or beef meaty bones, and more kibble than the littlies, and they will occasionally show too much bone in their stools - usually my fault - but it doesn't usually change the time of their bowel habits, though.
  15. Hermaphrodite pug puppy

    It's simply the difference between spending money on a 'shit happens' situation with someone else's dog and spending it on your own dog. Would you expect a car manufacturer, for instance, to contribute towards your mechanical bills if their design or workmanship was not at fault? Would you expect your obstetrician to contribute to every childhood ailment that needed treatment if they had done their very best and had not injured the child at the birth in any way? A breeder is willing to provide a new puppy, take back the old and spend whatever is necessary, so it is not about the money for the breeder. Simply, it is the principle at stake. Western society seems to be heading towards the sue someone, blame someone else, don't accept responsibility for your own family when life sometimes sucks attitude, which is very sad.