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  1. Refund on Deposit Paid?

    If it is absolutely essential to you that your pup be from this sire and dam, then you obviously don't want any other pup at all and will have to do without a pup and yes, if there was a written contract that your pup would be from that pair only, then your deposit and any other purchase money paid should be refunded to you. You can start looking for another breed or another species. However, if you still want a pup, then that dam is still available and I would be finding out what alternate stud the breeder will be using - no doubt the breeder will be looking for as close a match to the deceased dog's type and health testing as they can find. You might find that the new planned mating is just as suitable for you and then you would be happy with a pup from that litter instead. Another possibility is that sperm was taken before the dog died and has been frozen, so a litter by artificial insemination from the deceased dog is still quite possible. This is not an uncommon procedure. Bottom line, is talk to the breeder and see what their plans are.
  2. Selecting a Dog Breed

    Hi Melert, yes you sound like an ideal owner for a full on working breed like a Border Collie - also consider Kelpies, Koolies, Belgian Shepherds and working line GSDs. Owning a working breed is a very fulfilling thing, you need to put a fair amount of effort in , but the rewards are huge and satisfying. Owning a working breed without putting in very much effort is, however, very frustrating for both dog and owner. Do remember that high impact repetitive activity like jogging and jumping is not good for a puppy's growing bones and ligaments, so no jogging until adult growth has been reached then start slowly and work up. You ask if BCs like bushwalking etc - quite simply, they LOVE any activity that keeps them with their human, so yes! All breeds of dog are playful and affectionate with their own humans, BCs and other working breeds are no exception to this. Many of the working breeds enjoy playing with any human at all, especially if fetch is involved!
  3. They have alienated almost the entire rescue community. As Rescue Network gets bigger and bigger, with firm promises NEVER to behave as unethically as PetRescue has become in its corporate greed, they are digging their own grave. No wonder they are grabbing everything they can while it lasts!
  4. Dog transport

    Yep Mel is still transporting as Angryface - she has a FB page - she is often heavily booked though, you might need to book well in advance!
  5. This is going to seem really harsh, but I think you should rehome your girlfriend and continue to work with the dog. You seem to be the only one who cares about the little dog and I am sure with effort and guidance from a positive trainer you will have a fantastic little buddy for the rest of his life. If your gf has given up on the dog already and is not backing you up, well, I hope she NEVER has kids, is all I can say.
  6. It is common where the executor realises the value of the animal (horses and livestock come immediately to mind) and some purebred dogs and cats might also be sold, however that would pretty much apply only if your estate had a minus value. You can prevent that if you don't have any major assets by taking out funeral insurance (funerals are not cheap) and making sure that any large amounts of money you owe have death cover on them. Most banks will happily do this for house loans, you can also get it for car loans etc. Certainly it is worth thinking about.
  7. Playpens and Crates for First Puppy

    I would recommend you purchasing a crate that will big enough for her to fit comfortably in as a fully grown Golden. It can be her safe comfy place for life! Choose a crate that has a divider (or make a divider yourself) so that the crate is not TOO big for a baby Golden to den in. I would also recommend that you purchase the type of play pen that attaches to the crate when you want it too - both so that her den is accessible from the playpen when you want it to be and when you want her confined to her crate for toilet training reasons you can do that as well. The crate helps to anchor the pen (especially if the crate is fastened to a piece of heavy furniture LOL) Get the best crate and pen that you can afford - the crate will last for your dog's lifetime and a good quality pen is very resalable once your puppy has grown out of it. Personally, I would recommend vebo pens and crates for large dogs as best value for money but you can shop around if you choose. Crate training as a part of toilet training is explained very well in this step by step webpage - well worth a read. Good luck with your new baby! You are off to a great start by asking these questions!
  8. Interactions with Mature Dogs

    It is a big job to socialise a puppy - if you can get the puppy through the puppy stage then then Chloe will happily accept him once he has learned his manners. Meantime it's your job to keep puppy separate except for those times you can ACTIVELY supervise (yes, that never ending job!). It is perfectly normal for young puppies to hang off/swing off adult ears, tails and anything else they can reach - and equally normal for adult dogs to have very little patience with that! In Chloe's case, if she never has met many puppies, she won't know how to gently discipline the pup, which leaves you with the job of actively supervising so that pup is immediately removed when he does swing off tails/ears etc. This is why so many breeders recommend puppy pens as an aid to puppy growing up safely - in the case of a larger breed like a lab you might choose to crate train the puppy. This ties in nicely with him learning social manners and getting plenty of sleeptime to grow in, as well. Google crate training if you are not sure, or ask your breeder for tips. Puppy should be getting a lot of separate attention at this time anyway from his designated training human (with back up from the rest of the household) to learn basic sit/stay/come/wait walk without pulling - that training plus a lot of other brainwork enrichment will tire puppy out nicely so that less time is spent harassing the older dogs. 10 minutes training three times a day plus 10 minutes puzzles or trick training (learning fetch etc) a couple of other times in the day will exhaust puppy nicely! Yes, it is a lot of work - but you will see results inside a month or two at the longest and then all your dogs can enjoy each other!
  9. Overprotective Cocker spaniel

    Possibly it is hormonal and the behaviour will stop once she has been spayed. It sounds like she will be much happier once desexed.
  10. 9th Storey Apartment

    I simply would not place a dog in such a home, the risk of accident is far too high. You need to increase the height of the balustrade first, with lattice or fencing, then look for a dog.
  11. What do they mean "articulated hind limb dewclaw"? Does this mean a dew claw that is connected? Vet advice I have had with rescues (all adult) is that unconnected (aka "loose') rear dew claws should be removed. Presumably breeds where rear dew claws are part of the standard have connected dew claws.
  12. Interactions with Mature Dogs

    Puppy is being taught about Chloe's personal space.. Puppies in general are a bit dim about that and if puppy won't listen to Chloe's warnings. they will eventually escalate past moving away and glares and growls and snaps to a bite. Make sure that Chloe has her space by separating the puppy when you can't actively supervise them together. Puppy will eventually learn but in order to survive the learning experience it is best that you supervise the process..
  13. A quick google search shows a lot of plans for DIY automatic ball throwers (that the dog can use by themselves) when I changed the search terms to include "see saw" I got a whole heap of designs for launching ping pong balls but nothing for tennis balls! My final try led me to pinterest - use the search term "DIY tennis ball trebuchet" and you will be inundated with plans. People like to make scale size medieval siege weapons apparently - who knew? Perfect for a foot pedal dog ball thrower!
  14. What to feed a Puppy (& other questions)

    I would dump the rice milk if I were you. Dogs don't fully digest grain anyway it just bulks up the stools. Stool bulking, if needed, is better done with pumpkin or other veges. Just my opinion, the rice milk is not poisonous or anything LOL! Male sure that the chicken mince is the type with minced bone included - so not human quality chicken mince. I would feed an 8wk 3 times a day and taper down to twice a day at about 12 weeks. The worming chews for puppies and small dogs will probably be wasted as she is more likely past the maximum weight for them already, but check the weight instructions on the package. Your breeder should have given you information about when to worm her again - if they didn't, then worm her now, then again at 10 weeks, again one month later then every three months afterwards. If the breeder hasn't given you all that diet, worming and care info then do make sure that your vet gives her a THOROUGH health check when you take her for her next vacc in a few weeks. Enjoy your puppy! We expect photos to squeal over!
  15. Dog transport

    I find that Moorholme pet transport is best if you are going to fly (for a small dog or cat flights are not as expensive as you might think. Large and giant breeds are of course much more expensive.) For road transport in the eastern states I recommend Dogmovers - have a peek at their website to check out the regular routes and when they are scheduled. They are quite prompt with quotes.