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  1. Try to brush her for just a few minutes every single day - start with just one minute, the next day two minutes, the next day three minutes and son on - give her an enormous reward (whatever she likes best - a special treat, a game, an extra walk just up and down the street) and praise her for being good! If she struggles, just put her and the brush down and ignore her - no fuss, just ignore. Then try again a little later. Very soon she will be be standing quietly for the brush and looking forward to the treat. You can use the same process to get her to stand quietly for the clippers and scissors too. Most dogs have fairly sensitive feet (except for the actual pads underneath, which are quite tough.) Again it is constant daily handling for a very short time - start with touching her pads while she is relaxed on your lap and praise her for being still. A few seconds on each paw a couple a of times a day, then move gently to touch the top of the paw after she is comfortable with the pads beings touched, then move to holding each paw gently and the final step is gently check between her toes and pads as if checking for burrs etc. It can also help if you want to teach her to shake hands too. Again, it's introducing a little at a time when she is relaxed, and not moving forward to the next step until she is comfortable and trusting with the step before.
  2. Firstly, do you need door to door (most expensive), or from pick up point interstate to pick up point in major city near you or airport to airport? For airport to airport I highly recommend Moorholme transport. They can also arrange a pet taxi from your nearest airport to you but the quality of pet taxis does vary widely from area to area (which is also a problem with some of the big franchises unfortunately ).
  3. I understand the reason for your question as OP said they were adjacent to an off-leash area - but I didn't assume that they would be walking the dog off leash unless they had full voice control recall. In my opinion, no dog should ever be walked off leash unless it has reliable recall. As they said that they were keen to do obedience I imagine that this will be enforced.
  4. As a companion for a five year old stop looking now. A five year old does not yet have the knowledge to train a dog. I'm hoping that that was just a slip of the tongue so to speak and you a really seeking a dog for the whole family that will work well with a timid five year old. So you will need a sturdy breed, but not a breed that is boisterous in its youth (likely to knock a 5 year old flying) which does rule out most of the gundogs, and many working dogs as well. I do think that your Beagle suggestion is very likely, except that Beagles (as are quite a lot of the hounds) are a little bit prone to being distracted by an enticing scent to excel at obedience - although some have done very well. I think you could consider a terrier. The Australian Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier are both sturdy and do not need hours of exercise - although they will happily accept it! They do, being intelligent, need a great deal of stimulation to avoid them finding their own, which could lead to bad habits. If you find the right motivation, terriers do well in obedience but it must be the right motivation (often a tug game or a fluffy toy work well as well with praise.) In addition these sturdy terriers are very often quite long-lived which is always a consideration when choosing a family pet.
  5. Lovely boy! Congratulations!
  6. I have recently bought a puppy, sight unseen, except for photos, from interstate. I was not prepared to fly to Darwin and back and travel from there to the breeder's home. What I did do: I asked so many questions that LOL the breeder actually thought that I was an ANKC spy and not a genuine inquirer! The breeder shows dogs and that made it easy for me because I was able to ask around my show friends who had show friends in NT who had met the breeder and seen his home and were able to give him a glowing report re welfare/ethics. It works both ways - the breeder asked me for references from people in the dog world - so I gave him a few. He checked with one that he knew and one that was a stranger to him and apparently I ticked all the boxes there. Obviously the dog world connections will not work for the average joe public pet buyer - I just mention all this to help people understand why dog world people are happy to buy interstate sight unseen but always warn pet buyers against it. So what can you do if you want to buy a puppy from interstate but don't have dog world connections and are not prepared/logistics don't allow you to travel there? Ask the breeder if it is alright if a friend of yours (can even be imaginary if you don't have friends or relatives in that state) can visit to look at the puppies. If the breeder says no way and can't give you a good reason, do not proceed with the purchase and look elsewhere for your puppy, I have heard a rumour of one person who actually phoned the breeder's shire spoke to the ranger who actually went and visited the breeder (oops the dogs were not registered but were healthy and clean).I'm not sure that many rangers would actually do this so that person was lucky!
  7. Those boys had to clamber over an outer perimeter fence AND a house yard fence on the property. (Gates were padlocked).Yes, they were trespassing, and armed, just why was never raised. The dogs owner felt that they had been punished enough when the dog finally turned on them after being stabbed several times. But she was devastated that the AUTOMATIC response was to declare the dog dangerous with absolutely no avenue of appeal. I am not clear on whether some of those stab wounds were caused by arrow shot and some by knife I suspect it was a mixture. This is not about individual people or individual dogs, this is about changing the law so that a victim is not being automatically punished for defending him/herself against grievous bodily harm. How would you feel if it was your dog in that situation? If your dog was stabbed repeatedly in his own yard by intruders and finally cornered? Would you accept that he had to be thereafter muzzled and caged? Or would you expect him to accept the extreme pain and torture without defending himself? I know where I stand on the matter.
  8. I've been a member of Kodi's Army for about six months now. Sharing all the ups and downs of Vicki and Kodi as this formerly well-socialised boy struggled with trauma from the attack and having to be caged and muzzled when his owner was at work, rather than roaming the house yard as he did before. In spite of every sort of treatment, he could not recover and tragically had to be given final peace recently. We are all bereft and will work harder then ever to ensure that the laws in Tasmania are altered so that each case can be judged on its own merits rather than a blanket response of a dangerous dog order. We don't want what happened to Kodi to ever be repeated.
  9. I'm with you. The dog is definitely uncomfortable. My guess is that he knows he is not permitted to harm the bird and is unhappy about that. I really don't see him as joyously playing with the bird, or even being protective of it. I don't feel that there is strong prey drive happening here, just wanting to be rid of a pest? Or am I drawing too long a bow?
  10. ... just what you think. Dog loves hummingbird
  11. I used to prepare cockers for the ring and never used clippers - it was all hand and scissor thinning. Of course that was many decades ago and clipper combs are available these days for more than just poodles. I do clip pet cockers these days. I was just blown away a bit by the thought of clipping Brits (which look to have less coat than cockers) for show hmmm might be showing my age LOL Here's a thought - thinning scissors come in all shapes and sizes, why not just start out with a standard pair of double sided (e.g. Wahl 6.5" available from Clipperworld for about $60). The standard type will take a little bit more elbow grease than the super expensive graduated ones, but since you only need to do one dog right now that shouldn't really be an issue for you. In later years, if you have to prepare several at once for showing them maybe you could buy a dearer pair - but I would have thought that you could get excellent ones for around $200 - $250 a pair. $400 seems a tad over the top to me? Just my 2 cents!
  12. I like this blog re raising two puppies - lots of hints here:
  13. !00% agree with TSD on this but would just like to add that while varying placement of pens etc I personally would always ensure that the two, when home alone can always see each other. Two pens is really handy because they can share one pen while you are cleaning the other (I have a 12 week old high drive breed here ATM and she likes to help me clean her pen each morning AAARGH!) Poodles, as a general rule, need a LOT more stimulation than Cavs and are very quick to figure things out - often these are things that you don't want them to figure out like how to climb right out of a pen and other unexpected discoveries! You probably have a few weeks up your sleeve before you need to work really hard with her, but I would be definitely budgeting much more time than your cav needed. Can't help with recommendations for a Brisbane based trainer, but I'm sure someone will chime in! Good luck and yes hard work but well worth the effort!
  14. What a tease!!! Must we wait for two weeks for puppy pics or can you share some now????
  15. Let me try that again... Bummer. Pink embarrassed man came briefly back to work (see above) but has gone walkabout again. Ah, well, third world problems - not worth worrying about