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  1. NSW chips don't show as registered in QLD (or any state except NSW!).If the pups were chipped in NSW before being transferred to QLD (weird but possible) that would explain why chips showed no registration details in QLD. Submit the form and see what happens.
  2. I'm so glad that you realised that your dog was looking to you for direction. Dogs don't always react the same way on leash as they do at home, especially those working dogs which have have a very strong guarding instinct, which is the case for for both sides of Missy's heritage. If you do want her to put up with unwanted pats/handling by strangers when on leash, then do take her to obedience school. Most clubs are non-profit community clubs, there is an annual fee but it is quite doable for most people out of work. Once a week attendance on weekends and short daily practice at home other days. plus a lot of fun and meeting other dogs and people in your area!
  3. For the dog to be of show/breeding quality it would have had to be purchased as an adult. Puppies only ever have "potential" and can never be guaranteed. And to purchase an adult you would not have done your due diligence unless you had asked for proof of breed specific health testing first. The puppy buyer is also expected to practise due diligence in that they should always ensure that parents have been screened for breed specific conditions, either by DNA screening where possible or by veterinary testing. This is especially the case where a puppy is purchased with a hope that it will grow to be of breeding quality. Anyone planning to breed is expected to have researched problems within the breed and what sort of screening tests are available to avoid those problems/ So to answer your question, you would most certainly contact the breeder to advise that a particular hereditary condition had cropped up in one of their stock. This is to help them plan future matings to avoid producing more stock with that condition. You would probably not really be entitled to ask for a refund unless the breeder had stated in advertisement or in writing that their stock was free of that particular condition. If the hereditary condition was one that was rare and not well known in the breed and is not a condition for which screening is done then the breeder is not at all liable - it is just pure bad luck.
  4. I'll pass on the paw cleaning mug thanks!! Good old damp washcloth will do me just fine!
  5. @asal did you mean to post that in this thread? Or are you comparing animal abuse laws with child abuse laws?
  6. Crate rest is usually advised, so it should not make her worse.
  7. Not the first time that one of the state RSPCA's took no action on a report and then suddenly become involved after media interest. Watch this space ....
  8. That is ia typical Bull Arab type mix, (although I have to say that the minibull is unusual, Bull Terrier or Staffordshire Bull Terrier is more common, but if they found more minibull than anything else I guess it really was in there.) I second what Juice said, the Bullarabs that I have fostered were so lovable.
  9. The only thing I can possibly suggest would require you to have multiple samples of the "bad" bloodline from different dogs on hand, together with their relationship to each each other, so that you could then determine whether or not your boy has any relationship to most of those samples. I would hazard a guess that you don't have those samples, though. I'm sorry this has happened to you. Now that you know his pedigree is not accurate, please report the whole thing to DogsWA and do not consider breeding with him.
  10. She is no longer allowed to be associated with that rescue, according to one of the articles above.
  11. If her nails aren't getting worn down by daily exercise on hard surfaces such as pavement, then you really have to take in the job yourself between grooms. Only getting her nails clipped when she is at the groomer won't get them short enough really. I am a fan of using a dremel to file down nails, weekly on fast growing nails, as they need it on others. Lots of great advice already given here for you to check out.
  12. Ha ha Fidget does Earthdog - because the ANKC list of approved breeds is basically copied whole from the US Earthdog list, her breed is not an option and the officials have to list her as a Manchester Terrier! She competes in disguise LOL!!! The DogsVic Earthdog committee tell me they are going to petition the ANKC about the situation and also about adding a couple of other small breeds that were originally developed as vermin hunters but missed the US list.
  13. So what did you replace the puppy food with? Yes a whole heap of growth problems from loose pasterns and knuckling to joint dysplasia in later life can be caused by the wrong food or the wong ratios of food or exercise. Vitamin C can't hurt even if it probably doesn't help. The only calcium I would add to his diet is natural calcium with the correct balance of phosphorous etc in the form of raw edible bones like chicken necks or especially chicken carcass. (LOL actually the average chicken carcass would be two ot three times his size so take care that it doesn't eat him!! ) or raw powdered eggshells. Walking his on gravel as you were told can help but please be careful that you don't then cause other more severe problems by walking him too for or too often. He is a baby and doesn't need long walks. One other simple thing that you can do to help him is make sure that his feed and water are in raised bowls. You will need to keep adjusting the height as he grows. The aim is to have him just starting to tiptoe when he is is eating or drinking. This gentle stretching helps put muscles and ligaments in their right places.
  14. Yep,with dials. Even before dials there were telephones. I distinctly remember playing on the floor at age 3 of 4 while my grandmother vigorously turned the handle to make it ring at the exchange. And I had gotten it confused with the meat grinder I think, because I can still remember my disappointment that no mince came out if it. heh, heh saw this a while back and splurked my coffee!
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