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  1. Thanks so much @ness Your blood's worth bottling!
  2. I would absolutely love one @ness if it it still available let me know and I will PM you. Am happy to cover postage or can send you a SSAE if you let me know the size.
  3. Heated throws are used entirely differently to electric blankets. i recently purchased a heated throw from ALDI, which I and the cats adore. I haven't seen any recall notices for that, just my luck of there was I think I have become addicted to it!
  4. It probably revolves around tbeing the first dog - neither your friends nor the pup know what is needed to become a happy family together. She definitely need to stop feeling sorry for the pup AND certainly needs to stop the violence (smacking) as it will only generate more violence from the pup. A good behaviourist is probably the best bet if the dog is growling and trying to bite - they will train your friend and her partner in a number of things (1) how to encourage the pup to happily go to his crate at bedtime and more importantly (2) how your friends can learn to read the pup's signals so that he never needs to resort to growling and biting. The fear aggression towards noisy machinery is can be resolved with help. The screwdriver reaction is not necessarily connected,but I would rather the behaviourist explain that. Please convince her that there is no shame, for a first dog owner, to not understand these things and several sessions with a an excellent behaviorist will set them on the right path, which can be followed up with other activities (obedience and/or on-line training from reputable sources). That these things come to a head during adolescence is often the case but it does need to be nipped in the bud ASAP by them learning to read their pup and outthink him. If you explain the area in which they live, others can suggest excellent behaviorists in their area. If you choose to ask in the Puppy Problems forum, you should be able to get some excellent suggestions.
  5. We can ask around with foster carers we know and trust - but to avoid disappointment on either side - what state are they in please? :blush: How embarassment. I read the entire post carefully and ignore the title. SM this maybe should be in general so that breeders looking for a good home for retired showies can also see it?
  6. The wheaten probably ticks more of your boxes than the Lagotto or Poodle! If you meet this breed and like them then it could well be the breed for you! OMG a quick look at the Dogzonline breeder listings shows a breeder in Murray Bridge with a current litter ...
  7. Please tell us a little about your dog(s). What do you mean by "dog tracker". Do you mean a tracking harness?? In my case, hiking is quite limited due to the accumulated rust of time (sigh) but back in the day my choice would depend on the terrain to be hiked plus the level of training of the dog(s) I had with me plus how populated the terrain was with other possibly untrained dogs (sigh) and finally if there was a rule in that terrain regarding leashing. I would never use a really long leash in bushy or scrubby country where it was going to get hung up on everything (regardless of collar or harness).
  8. The site I posted above has a list of breeders registered with that association here. They also have advertising linked from this page for litters (one litter currently listed), adults available (two currently listed) and rescues (none currently listed).
  9. A lot of mammals get Toxo a lot more often than is usually thought but frequently a healthy immune system will dispose of the parasite before it becomes a problem and because no symptoms are seen no tests are run and no-one realises that their dog/cat/neighbour was ever infected. You can't catch this parasite from your dog - it is caught by ingesting cysts found in raw or under cooked meat or in cat faeces. It can pass through the placental barrier in mammals and causes spontaneous abortion if caught early or severe malformation of the young if caught later in the pregnancy. Good news - more than half of dogs and cats showing symptoms of infestation can be treated and cured with medication. Bad news - if there is an underlying immune system deficiency (FIV in cats for example) then killing the parasite might not be enough to return the pet to good health. Worst news - if the parasite has already done a large amount of damage there might not be any cure. The two main variables with recovery are how much damage the parasite has caused and how robust the affected animal's immune system is. Praying that your boy will get that miraculous return to good health very soon!
  10. to the forum! The licking together with the poo eating at his age I suspect are most likely symptoms of OCD (dogs can suffer from it for much the same reasons as humans). I really think that your best action would be to see a vet behaviourist who as well as advising you how you should act to minimise or decrease this behavior will be able to prescribe some temporary medication to help your dog reduce his OCD. If you state the area of WA that you live in, some people here might be able to suggest a good vet behaviourist in your area. The toileting under cover in the wet weather is probably because he doesn't want to get wet. I have had in my life several divas convinced that they would dissolve in the rain but it is a bit unusual for most of the setters in my experience Which of the setter breeds is he? Can you think of a time when perhaps he was shouted at or something for tracking mud all over the furniture? I'm not saying that was the cause but if it happened a fear period in his life he may have been sort of over sensitised to it? Or maybe he hates being towelled dry if he gets wet? There are heaps of reasons why he mightn't want to get wet, with effort and consistency in training him that toileting in the rain will bring him kudos and great rewards you can reverse that behavior. Of course it could be something else altogether - maybe he does like to get wet but doesn't want his faeces to get wet in which case I am sounding like a proper dill! The jumping through screens and banging on windows might be anxiety rather than excitement in which case the vet behaviourist again is your best bet. If it is just excitement/being demanding then you might need to go back to basics with your training so that he understands he is not going to be let back inside until he is calm and waiting patiently. This needs to be done gently but firmly a little at a time - do some research on NILIF ( Nothing In Life Is Free) there are some great resources right here if you search .With effort and consistency on your part using NILIF he will behave as you wish to be let back inside. But please do check first that it is not anxiety causing this.
  11. Water Spaniels? To get one you will need good luck and a lot of patience because they are not very common in this country at all. Looking at the latest ANKC registration statistics that I can find: (link is here) In the entire year of 2015 for the entirety of Australia the total number registered (i.e. born or imported) is as follows: Irish Water Spaniel total new registrations: 10 Chesapeake Bay Retriever total new registrations: 35 Portuguese Water Dog total new registrations: 70 Curly Coated Retriever total new registrations: 108 As for kid friendliness they are not renowned for it, but then nor is the Lagotto or the Poodle. That doesn't mean that you won't end up with a child friendly one provided that you choose your breeder carefully and the dog is raised with care and effort.
  12. Congrats on your poodle! I assume a Toy? Not everyone is aware that Poodles come in three sizes; Large (Standard), Medium (Miniature) and Tiny (Toy). It is easier I believe to find a child-friendly Standard or Miniature Poodle than a Toy. (Child friendly Toy Poodles certainly do exist but please research your breeder carefully). I would think that someone considering a Lagotto would also be considering a Standard Poodle - in both cases carefully bred and reared puppies will grow into lovely dogs if given the intensive care and interaction for the first year of their life that you would want a toddler to preschooler child to have - actually this is true of most breeds. To answer @Chloe08: Whippets do shed so you will find hair on the furniture, and being short it adheres more firmly and gets "into stuff" more so than silky hair but they certainly do not shed as heavily as the double coated short haired breeds such as Labs and Pugs.
  13. I have a similar impression. From what I have seen, breeders working to develop the Australian Bosdog (ANKC regs forbid a breed in development to have a name carried by an existing recognised breed, therefore "bulldog" was dropped in favour of Bosdog) are a dedicated lot and most, if not all, appear very ethical. On the other side of the split, people producing those labelled "Aussie Bulldogs" seem to me to have very few ethical breeders among them, sadly. I am remiss in not making that point clear in my earlier remarks and I will apologise to @BoStoNmAdNeSs who possibly intended to slur "Aussie Bulldogs" (as I myself have just done!) and not the BID Australian Bosdog. I stand behind the principle of my comment though, that given enough dedicated breeders and time a bad start (as in an unscrupulous early breeder) can be overcome in a BID.
  14. Yep, I know a few that have become partners in their clinics and reap all those benefits. I also know that they didn't walk into those partnerships straight out of vet school - the ones I know slogged along at low wages for 15-20 years (getting more quals in their own time during that slog) before they reached senior and then partnership level. So I figure they've earned it. It is true, however, that specialists usually are able to charge more than generalists (same as with specialist doctors and surgeon vs your family GP) and there are greedy people in the industry who will recommend unnecessary procedures just as money spinners. Bad apples in every barrel, unfortunately.
  15. @Troy would be the best one to answer this. Certainly he is the only one that can authorise them in any form. If we have any DOLers who would be willing to undertake the organisation, overseeing production and delivery etc. now might be a good time to speak up and make a suggestion to Troy! I would be another happy customer!