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  1. The other dewclaw is unlikely to grow back - the bone is not the actual nail. Normally the entire nail, including the growth bed, is snipped off during dewclaw removal and the nail cannot grow back. If a tiny bit of growth bed is missed, as is happened with her other foot, then the dewclaw will regrow.
  2. When you brush, do one small section at time - part the hair so that you can see right down to the skin and brush from the part to the ends. A good rule is too make sure that each section is no wider then half the bristles of your brush, that way you are brushing all of the coat and not just the top coat. ninety percent of the shed is dead undercoat which is why you need to brush right from the skin out. The comb will be mostly handy for removing the hair from the brush plus it is really handy for the fiddly bits that the brush can't quite reach.
  3. There must have been a stump left for anything to grow back at all. It certainly could be removed during the desexing surgery - it won't regrow after that. If the current regrowth is twisted and will make it difficult for regular dewclaw trimming, then it should be removed - you can discuss this with your vet. Given that poodles need regular coat clipping, I personally would opt for removal during desexing surgery in any case.
  4. SG, I am so sorry that this is happening to Molly, but you need to let it go. You can't save that rescue group from its own stupidity - you have done everything in your power to bring the situation to their attention and they are simply not listening to you. You have gone over and above what is expected of a foster carer - nothing that happens to Molly in their hands is your responsibility anymore. Legally, they own the dog. Let it go, you have done your utmost, you can't do any more. We all know that it is a tragedy waiting to happen, but it is out of your hands. Be proud of everything that you have done. You have done an absolutely amazing job but it is time to let it go before you talk yourself into breaking the law. Don't. There are other dogs that need you - your own and future fosters once you find a group that will work with you. Thank you for everything you have done. Stop trying now. Take a break, spend some extra quality time with your own dogs, then find a group who will listen - hopefully your next foster will be easy. Lots and lots of hugs
  5. If the vet is correct and there are no demodex mites, then it may be a food allergy showing up as a skin complaint. There are many links on this forum to diets and their affect on the skin - have a search. Have you discussed the problem with her breeder?
  6. Both her parent breeds shed heavily twice a year for up to three weeks, usually in spring and autumn. You might like to try a product call Sleekez, a shedding brush based on a cat's tongue which is available from some horse outlets, and which thoroughly removes dead undercoat, dirt and dander. There are many videos available online showing its use. Or a thorough comb through daily with a steel comb will remove much of the dead undercoat during the shedding. If this is her first puppy shed, it may last a little longer than the normal twice yearly sheds.
  7. Very interesting. Was Lefty any particular breed or an unknown mix? Was his other ear a drop ear like a labrador or a prick ear like a kelpie or folded like a shetland sheepdog?
  8. 14 weeks old? Will be sold on one of the online sites. Hopefully little Egg was already microchipped and can be traced that way. Not much fun for the poor soul that innocently buys him though.
  9. Provided that your dogs are not grain intolerant, flaxseed (aka linseed) oil adds fatty acids to their diet, although there is divided opinion whether dogs ans cats can actually access the acids in the form that linseed oil has them. Fish oil is also high in Omega 3 and is likely to be more accessible to carnivores As to the expiry date being almost 12 months old I suspect that there is even less chance of it benefiting them but it is not likely to do any harm.
  10. Sorry I can't help. Only thing that I can think of is some sort of ligament contraction. If it doesn't bother her I wouldn't be too worried at this stage. Have you discussed this with your vet?
  11. Just wondering - have you asked the breeder if they know of someone looking?
  12. I've never seen anything like that before. Was she born with it or did i happen later?
  13. There are a few DOLers that breed whippets. Since you are in NSW, @OSoSwift might be the girl to ask. She's in WA, so she can be neutral and candid about NSW breeders.
  14. All I can say is thank you, SG, for all your efforts on Molly's behalf. You are not to blame in any way for what happens in her future. The attitude of the group leaders seems odd, to say the least, if they intend to get meds prescribed without having the dog revisit the VB. Again it is a case of ego before what is actually best for the dog. Re the change of ownership online, the answer should be here.