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  1. Thanks for that @Powerlegs. Why am I not surprised? Sigh.
  2. Oh I'm gobsmacked at their generosity - our groups can get direct donations for a whole week! Woo-hoo!. (insert sarcasm emoticon here). And am I being cynical here or do any donations processed via Shout for Good have the contact details captured and onsold to marketers? Or does ANZ profit instead by being a holding site for potentially tens of thousands of dollars in transit?
  3. Puppy rash near belly button area?

    Looks scar like to me as well. Did she have a hernia removed? Her breeder will know. And I've never seen a "border retriever" so I googled it and found it is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Border Collie - is that right? What it the purpose of that cross? Google didn't say.
  4. A new girl at Myrtle Street - Sooty

    Go Sooty! What wonderful updates!
  5. Look at this guy go!

    Thanks for that info, dogsfevr I wasn't aware of that! Being sensible is spreading all over the world! I couldn't get your canine partners link to work but I found all the info Here
  6. Look at this guy go!

    I know you must mean that those with less traditional breeds are encouraged to compete and the focus is more on competing than on winning, both of which used to be the case in Australia but not so much these days. But I am always proud that the ANKC is much less bigoted than the US agility authorities in that we allow unpedigreed purebreds and mixed breeds (mutts) to compete in agility and other dog sports ( on the proviso that they are desexed.)
  7. Brindle Pug in Australia

    @haoxian I'll need some educating here - with references please! What in hell is a Brindle mosaic? Never heard of it! Sounds like a contradiction in terms to me but I'm willing to learn. And surely you realise that genome (unless the genome in a breed is limited to a single colour, like Weims) has nothing to do with chimera dogs as the mosaic is a somatic mutation which happens during the embryo stage? I have repeatedly stated that chimera is a term in dogs used to describe the mosaic mutation and is NOT used to denote chimera as it is used in some other species (where two zygotes fuse to form a single embryo) but you continue to use the horse term when we are discussing dogs. Like a person who insists on using a term (e.g. "sable") as it pertains to their own breed and refusing to accept that the same term is used to describe different things in other breeds or species. In both cases science has one particular definition which does not always match the definition used in cattle, dog, horse, cat etc. breed terminology. As to your confusion in this particular case it would seem to be caused by your assumption that all dogs are pedigreed Very early in this thread the OP stated the the parents in this case were acquired as pure bred but unregistered. (Although since you also state your belief that many pedigrees are falsified I can't imagine how seeing the pedigree, if it did exist, would help you.) Lastly, since we (or the rest of us anyway) are all agreed that this pup is NOT brindle I simply don't understand why you are still demanding pedigree. I would understand if you were generalising but, as you use the term "this supposed Brindle" it is clear that you are NOT generalising, thus your last line is a hurtful attack that has no basis if your single source of information about the OP is this thread.
  8. Brindle Pug in Australia

    I'm glad you agree with me that the Brindle is a cross. I'll take your word for it that the chimera Pug pic is photoshopped or whatever, but I'm sticking to the science that Pugs are dogs and therefore can have mosaic mismarking, which is commonly called chimera in dogs although the chimera dogs only have a single set of DNA, unlike horses. Verified examples of these types of canine chimeras are quite easy to find to anyone bothered to look.
  9. Brindle Pug in Australia

    But while I was looking on the internet I found: Brindle Pug Cross puppy (probably about 6 weeks old) Imagine how much darker this pup would have been at three weeks (the age of the one in the OP's photo) And as an extra plus I found a Chimera Pug! This one is most likely pure bred:
  10. Brindle Pug in Australia

    Brilliant! thank you @Rebanne your brindle puppy comparison is perfect and beats mine lollow LOL I will go straight to baby pug pics. Watch the coat colour change rapidly: 28 August 31 August 9 September 13 September 22 September 7 October okay two litters LOL but same age! Two fawns from this litter on 7 November. Just about final coat colour
  11. Scam using info stolen from DOL

    I've noticed some people saying they can't see the website anymore and others saying they can. I haven't looked again because I don't want to increase their hit statistics, but I can't figure out how a website could "block" people from viewing it when other random public can see it but people are sure they mean the website and not the FB page. Weird.
  12. Brindle Pug in Australia

    Alright I'll bite - though i probably shouldn't. The OP asked a question and it has been answered, not everyone haunts the forum every five minutes, especially after they have had their question answered. But if you want to believe that means they have "gone missing" well that is your prerogative. I certainly don't find anything sinister in this instance. Persephone has explained about the posting picture part (again) Both Fliss and I have explained that this pup is NOT brindle. Between the two of us there is probably a total of a century of experience with this breed, including closely watching many fawn pug puppies from from birth to adulthood. We are sure. Unless you are privy to photos or info that has not been shared here there is zero evidence of any Frenchie blood in this instance. And just to be extra helpful I am now going to find internet pics of brindle puppies of a similar age (different breeds of course) and of a litter a fawn pugs at a similar age. So that people can see the difference.
  13. Chris yes his son who practised in NSW for many years is back in Vic in Devon Meadows. I will message you Peter's contact number.
  14. What is an EOI Beagle?

    In Victoria, it is illegal (state law) to ask for expressions of interest for dogs and cats after a litter has been born. Any ad asking for expressions of interest due to a planned mating are allowed but MUST be removed as soon as the litter in born. In other states they may be trying to avoid legal requirements for Breeder Identification Number or similar. Be warned, if pups are born then this breeder is dodgy. (editd to say that whether they are dodgy or not actually depends on their state).
  15. @Troy you might want to get your solicitors on to this one. This page has stolen breeders names, prefixes and pictures from DOL and pretends that they are in US towns. Breeders Near Me They also have a FB page