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  1. Neighbours’ outside dog

    You may be worrying unnecessarily. Really a lot will depend on what the dog himself chooses. You could donate a large warm kennel and heaps of fluffy blankets and he might ignore them all entirely for his chosen spot on the upstairs verandah. Because it is an upstairs verandah (balcony??) I assume that there is a railing or low fence or some sort of barrier - this may be enough to keep him out of the wind and brick walls do retain a lot of heat. Without seeing the actual roofed balcony in question it is hard to determine much. Sydney has what I would call a fairly moderate climate - ice and snow is not common in winter like, for instance, Canberra.The dog might be perfectly comfortable. The sleeping arrangement is not what I would choose for any dog in my care, but I have had dogs in my care, that chose to sleep outdoors, only retreating indoors at night on rare occasions. Provided that they were not nuisance barking at possums etc. I let them choose (any that did bark were crated indoors). You can try asking your neighbours about his sleeping arrangements - perhaps they are just trying to replicate as best they can what sleeping arrangements he had at the deceased owner's home or perhaps they have tried other things and this is what the dog prefers. You won't know unless you ask. Good on on you for walking this dog and enjoying his company.
  2. Just thought I'd share in here - please share among your QLD friends looking for a performance Malinois - not for the faint hearted as these are kennel dogs with little or no training but too affectionate to pass as military dogs. Or if happy to travel, your interstate friends as well! https://www.airforce.gov.au/news-and-events/news/untrained-canines-seeking-new-homes Check the link for pics. here is the text: Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF )Security and Fire School will be offering a viewing of 7 male and 8 female Belgian Malinois,varying in age from 18 months to 7 years of age. The purpose of the viewing is to give people an opportunity to sight the canines prior to a tender submission. The majority of the canines on offer have failed to display the attributes required of a Military Working Dog. Most commonly the dogs have an affectionate disposition, lacking in aggression. Others have failed to meet the strict health requirements for breeding or are mothers requiring a comfortable retirement. All canines have been assessed as suitable for pet life and are of a friendly nature. Some however are a little boisterous and are unsuitable for homing with young children. Canines are predominately untrained; they may acknowledge basic commands but for the most part have no basic obedience. They are indeed trainable and basic obedience training is highly recommended. Pedigree papers are not provided but all canines have been microchipped, de-sexed and fully vaccinated. To comply with Defence Procurement Guidelines, canines must be sold by Public Tender. This requires that interested persons submit a written monetary offer for the desired canine and outline their intended use of the dog via a short questionnaire. This will be provided on the day of viewing. Although canines are required to be tendered, the monetary offer may not necessarily secure the desired canine. Applications will be assessed by a board of members who will determine the most suitable home with the best interests of the canine. Canines will be available for viewing on Fri 27 April, between the hours 10am and 11.30am at Military Working Dog Training and Supply Flight, RAAF Security and Fire School (corner of Haigslea Amberley Road and Tarakan Road, RAAF Base Amberley. Tenders will be finalised 4pm, Wednesday 2 May. If you are interstate or unable to attend the viewing you can request a tender application by emailing [email protected] Tenders may be emailed or posted to Military Working Dog Training Supply Flight, attention Tender Board, or completed by hand on the day of viewing.
  3. What sort of investigation has been dome into the severe allergies in the family? Is it dog HAIR they are allergic to or dog DANDER? Could this possibly be controlled by antibiotics - the reason I ask is that many people don't realise that the low shedding woolly breeds need a lot of thorough grooming at home PLUS visits to a professional groomer for coat care regularly (probably every 6 weeks). When speaking to breeders (always speak to several different breeders in the breed you decide upon) ask about grooming! If the hair shedding is a real problem, avoid breeds with short spiky hair that hooks into everything. Unfortunately the Bull Terrier and Mini Bull Terrier definitely are in the high shedding short spiky hair category. However, if you like the terrier temperament a really robust little dog without short spiky hair and with a fairly easy care coat is the Australian Terrier - a fantastic little dog. There are probably other terriers that you might consider, such as the Border Terrier that are also suitable. If the allergy is a major problem and a lot of grooming is not then I think you are best to stick with your choice of Lagotto (Italian Water Dog) this is the one that is easiest to source in Australia, there are very few breeders of the Spanish Water Dog here. The Portuguese Water Dog does have a few more breeders in Australia than the Spanish. Personally I have never been up close with a Portuguese or a Spanish so I cannot testify to their temperament, but all of the Lagottos that I have met have had awesome temperaments. Most of the Standard Poodles that I have met have also had awesome temperaments, if that is not too large a dog for you, certainly one to consider. Unfortunately I have to say that the temperaments of Miniature Poodles can be a bit of a grab bag, no doubt there are good ones out there but I would want to see both parents at the very least plus I would want to know just how the breeder socialises their Miniature Poodles before I took one on to be companion for a child. I would rule out the Toy Poodle as not being robust enough. Good luck in your search and keep us informed - we would love to see how you go!
  4. MDBA pups + shows?!

    What TSD says is true. Also you need to know that if your Associate dog with ANKC is not registered with ANKC (that does not include MDBA) it must be desexed before it can be accepted as an Associate (except for herding trials - see list below*). The other thing to know if you want to compete in performance is that some ANKC state affiliates (NSW for sure, I'm not sure which others) won't allow you to have dual membership in ANKC at the same time as unrecognised registries (such as MDBA). Check with DogsQld on that. ANKC is the only body whose affiliates regularly hold all breed confirmation shows - however, some of the breeds in development hold their own confirmation shows (no choice as they are not yet entitled to exhibition at ANKC dogs shows. ) Oh, and I believe the association of pet breeders/puppy farmers or whatever it is called either held one earlier this year in SA or was planning to, but I don't know where they planned to get judges or anything? Bottom line - if you want your dog to compete in conformation showing towards its championship, ANKC is the way to go. For dog sports however, as long as your non-ANKC dog is desexed it will be welcome in obedience, agility, etc. etc. *Here is a list of the accepted working dog registries etc. for herding. If your dog is registered with one of these it won't need to be desexed prior to being registered as an Associate. (I think this list might be a bit out of date, as White Swiss Shepherds are still there but are now entitled to full ANKC registration.)
  5. Um, desexing them certainly won't hurt but um.... bottom line they are terriers. Terriers hold grudges for a long long time. I have had pairs that happily ran together no problem for years, then one day something started a scrap between them and they could never be allowed to be together ever since that day. (All desexed, by the way.) It could be as simple as one was grumpy because the other went to the vet without him and snapped in jealousy - the other was cranky with pain and snapped right back - and then it was on for young and old. And now they both feel hard done by and each is likely to attack the other for very minor reasons. So I suggest go right ahead and desex them - but be prepared in case that changes nothing, in which case a decent behaviorist who will visit you will be needed to sort stuff out, before they really hurt each other.
  6. Collar for showing

    Collars can cleverly be used to make optical illusions in the show ring if the dog's neck is not the best (too long for instance). A flashy collar can actually detract if you have an excellent topline, as it can make the dog's head look disconnected from the rest of them. But unless you actually need to create an optical illusion, a collar and leash that blend with the dog's neck colour is ideal. For dogs that have a tuxedo white blaze, or different colour on their throat to the neck that is not going to happen LOL so a chain is probably best in those cases. For a Rottie I would suggest a medium weight chain, or it yours has enough black on the throat, a black slip lead. As long as you have him under control, the most unobtrusive lead is the best. There are those that seem to think that putting a heavy weight chain on their dog makes it look more muscular - judges are NOT that stupid!
  7. Blue French Bulldog

    The reason that the dilute colours are not recognised in the French Bulldog standard is that the breed specialists who helped to develop the standard noticed that health problems were often associated with the dilute colours, including blue, in the breed. They did not wish to encourage those health problems and so did not list those colours among the acceptable colors for the breed.
  8. My 2 Oldies

    ish just let me know if you would like me to drop by once or twice and check the girls while you're away. I'm only 10 minutes away. Or you could ask your Dad to send daily videos to you of them?
  9. Outdoor dog ramps

    If you are wanting your disabled family member to use the ramp handrails are essential (unless he is in a wheelchair of course) ! That is a great ramp ish!
  10. I'm not sure this counts as inadvertent, but I never have to worry about picking up food that my arthritic hands have dropped or knocked off the bench to the floor!
  11. Darwin's dog identification survey!

    As I read it, every dog had already been tested and definitely had AT least three breeds identified. The point of the survey was to see how well people guess breed make up. Yes, this will definitely be affected by the breeds that you most commonly see. Kelpies obviously did not feature in any of the dogs tested (OR the Kelpie DNA is simply not available to these particular testers, therefore did not appear in their results!) Since they do know the breeds that their DNA tests indicated, they no doubt included all of those breeds in their drop down list, plus some extra breeds that (I'm just assuming this) that they thought would be recognised by the average survey taker ( with a US bias of course, quite often it seems to me that US survey makers are totally ignorant that the rest of the world exists!)
  12. Thistle The Work In Progress

    Give him a chance! He will settle down in a few more years, more than likely, let him be a teenager! Love your updates!!
  13. does anyone know

    I like BDJ's theory - does your puppy also pay attention to the ceiling at those times (assuming that your puppy isn't hearing impaired)? If they are looking up at the same time, it is definitely simply a noise that human ears will miss. (Dogs for instance can hear termites and bats as well as rodents and birds nesting in the roof cavity.) If not, then do, as df suggested,. take a video of his action with you to the vet. And try to report to the vet anything that you think could be triggering the action. For instance, does it mostly happen just after he wakes from a nap? or a certain time after eating? or just after he jumps off furniture? or when the new puppy is getting extra attention? just after he finishes exercise? Any sort of observation like that would help the vet immensely.
  14. Boycott these brands!

    To the OP: you won't win any adherents by posting fake news. It is just as bad as using a picture of feedlot beef calves to moan about dairy calves "being ripped from their mothers". Sensible people really don't like others trying to manipulate their emotions with lies. So I suggest that if you want to raise awareness of dog abuse use actual verified facts and not manipulative lies. A bit of actual research will ALWAYS get your point across better then proven lies.
  15. Facebook is mostly where it's at. Pound pages, dogs in need pages, pledges pages - so many.