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  1. I did this survey and encourage everyone to do the same. If you find yourself in difficulty deciding between a degree of agreement or not to a statement because in some circumstances this and in other circumstances that, then answer the question assuming the most common circumstance, and make a little note for later. At the end of the survey you will get a chance to input your thoughts so you can clarify there. There has been some comment that the group leader doing the survey is known as an anti-ANKC person, so we will wait to see how the results are tabulated. Governments WILL take notice of "research" like this - hopefully the raw data will be made publicly available to that we can interpret results for ourselves and discuss if we need to take steps (as ANKC affiliate group members) to work towards more education. Do share with your friends as well. The more who respond the better the data.
  2. Will pass this on to a friend in NT to share locally. EDITED: the link shows that Floyd is no longer available for adoption. I hope that means he has been adopted.
  3. Water bowl for bearded dogs

    Here is an interesting article about using water bottles from a shih tzu breeder: water bottle. Rabbit drinking bottles are available in up to 800ml sizes, drinking tube is stainless steel. They are not expensive. The pet drinking fountains are expensive and most come with replaceable filters etc. I was thinking that perhaps one of the tabletop ornamental fountains (which are quite cheap) might do the trick? You will find the one pictured on ebay for under $25 but check out your local department stores and home decor stores as well. LOL how to insert a picture has changed as well! Took me a while to work it out!
  4. Water bowl for bearded dogs

    I have a stainless steel dripless lid which fits on top of a bowl.. I vaguely remember buying years ago it at a show as a puppy feeder adaptor or something, so check out puppy feeders as well when searching. Another suggestion is to look at pet drinking fountains rather than bowls - stainless steel ones are available. Lapping from a small stream of water rather than out of a bowl might solve your problem.
  5. Backyard Play Equipment

    You can find heaps of DYI instructions for building/improvising all sorts of enrichment equipment by searching on Pinterest. Be warned though - if you are like me the 15 minute window you set aside to check out the sites can turn into an hour or two!
  6. Really unique looking dog

    Unique looking is a spot in description . I do hope that rescue ensures that the final adopters know exactly what they could be getting into with a Pei cross, though. Soon to enter adolescence might well be a challenge.
  7. Potential Owner Seeking a Breeder

    Aussie Shepherds might suit you. Unless you have two active handlers both willing to work daily with the pups I honestly wouldn't take on two at once if you are looking at obedience trialling. Much better to train one up to reliable standards, say 8 or 9 months minimum and then look to add a puppy. They will be the best of mates in the long run!
  8. What a great job! With the floor, making it easy to clean is the real priority. Dirt becomes mud in wet weather!! Too late for a concrete slab, but you might consider putting large concrete tiles down in say half the area and perhaps gravel in the other half. Both these surfaces are easy to hose and sweep, and not too slippery when wet, although they won't be disinfectable (which is only really necessary if you are changing inhabitants frequently). Artificial turf looks very nice in a dog run but can get awfully hot on the paws in warm weather. Adding a clam shell sandpit for digging in might be nice too!
  9. Kodi: why is this forum quiet about it?

    Yes it was an awful situation. It was the vet team that diagnosed PTSD in the dog, it did surprise me I admit, as I was used to behavioural problems after trauma in dogs being called "issues stemming from trauma" LOL. Apparently PTSD is known in dogs and is diagnosed when a severe trauma creates neurological symptoms as well as behavioral ones. This case was the first time I had heard of a PTSD diagnosis in a dog and it did send me to Google, where I found it was a real canine illness. We live and learn!
  10. French Bulldog Thread!

    Hopefully people can private message you about reputable breeders. My only suggestion is simply to avoid all breeders who do not regularly compete in the show ring. One of the very best places to start meeting reputable breeders is by attending dog shows and speaking to French Bulldog exhibitors there. Don't tell yourself that you only want a pet, not a show dog. The sad fact in this breed at the moment is that overwhelmingly, those breeders that do not compete in the showing are the ones producing Frenchies with major health problems. There are probably exceptions, but any one individual's chance of stumbling across one of those exceptions is fairly low.
  11. Assistance Dog Costs

    Yes, in a way you are correct. They are made to the individual, as scents provided by body processes immediately prior to seizure and/or invisible to human eyes pre-spasm muscle twitches can vary from individual to individual. I have been told that it does not take so much training as discovery to match a seizure dog with a disabled person. I have heard back from the family and apparently the $35,000 goal will not go directly to the training organisation but will cover the costs of transporting the family to the US to be matched with a seizure dog there. They are adamant that no one in Australia trains seizure dogs they way they want this one trained, and besides, there is Disneyland there for the other members of the family to enjoy during their trip! When I asked had they also calculated the expense of importing and quarantining the dog, they hadn't but decided that it didn't matter as they could learn how to train their own dog while they were in the US. I gave up about then.
  12. Spaying - blood test & IV fluids?

    I will always authorise these for emergency surgery, or for surgery on elderly or debilitated animals but never for routine surgery on a young fit animal. It's a bit like crossing the road - even if you take all due precautions you still might get hit by a bus, but it really has a very, very slim chance of happening, so I'm not going to catch a taxi to cross the road to avoid the chance of getting hit as a pedestrian, if that makes sense.
  13. Assistance Dog Costs

    I know that several of the organisations place dogs free of charge or for a comparatively small fee. What really has me wondering about this case is that a seizure dog does not need the advanced training of an assistance dog for the hearing, who is trained to alert their owner to many things, or an assistance dog for the physically disabled who is trained in a wide variety of ways to assist their owner (including retrieving dropped items on request and providing stability assistance). A seizure dog is, as far as I am aware, trained to alert able carers when a seizure is about to happen and apart from the normal well socialised, bulletproof and well behaved core training that any dog which may be required to work in public places require, it would seem to me that the training is not as extensive as you average assistance dog. I have asked which organisation this family have chosen to source their dog from but haven't got a straight answer. I would be very interested to hear @Tapua's input, as this is basically a medical alert dog so she should have a fair idea - thanks for the reminder LG!
  14. Kodi: why is this forum quiet about it?

    The owner has said (over several months) that the dog was being treated (I assume by a vet behaviourist) for PTSD after the trauma of the attack. Previous to the attack he was (as evidenced by neighbours and friends) a happy go-lucky type dog, after the attack he was terrified of strangers and also fretted deeply at the change from being able to roam his secure house yard when the owners was at work to being secured in the mandatory small run. It may have also been the case (conjecture on my part, OK?) that his owner was so shattered by the attack and by it's aftermath that her dog picked up on those feelings and was even more miserable. One thing is certain and that is his quality of life was such that it became unfair to allow it to continue. His owner spent a lot of money on veterinary care etc. and was shattered anew herself when euthanasia became the only option.
  15. Dog Attack - Kenwick WA

    The thing that most people get confused with is that mastiff is a type as well as a breed. The Mastiff breed is one of the gentlest that I have ever owned, but they, and other gentle mastiff breeds, are used unfortunately to add bulk and power to less gentle types of dogs leading sometimes to some quite dangerous mixes. Most of the Bull Mastiffs that I have met are as gentle as their Mastiff ancestors, but those breeding for pig dog traits or similar seem to select for the bull breed ancestor temperament, which my have been where the reputation arose. All of the bull arab types contain some mastiff - often it is Great Dane, another usually gentle mastiff. The traditional original bull arab mix was mastiff type x pointer type x sighthound type x bull breed type, varying a little in the mix depending on location. I agree that "bull mastiff cross" is increasingly being used to identify any large smooth coated mixed breed, sometimes (sigh) because the owners themselves wish to own a "powerful and dangerous" dog, in spite of it not having any bull mastiff at all in its ancestry. Such owners, to me, are sadly lacking in testosterone and trying to compensate.