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  1. Karen is a valued committee member of the major Frenchie breed club in Australia. Her opinion is quite clear presenting the video above. Her breeding program is the same as any ethical breeder - do not breed from stock with extreme health problems. The best breeders and judges are already educated. The shoddy breeders are only in it for what they can con out of the gullible public and don't care. We need to educate the buying public NOT to purchase from unethical breeders, but to insist on a pedigree of long lived healthy ancestors. Once it was easy to identify shoddy breeders, they often charged a lot less then the ethical ones. Unfortunately this is no longer the case, and unethical breeders putting dogs together without regard to health are often charging more than the ethical breeders. The shoddy breeders produce many many more puppies than the ethical ones, so impatient buyers don't need to wait. If the buying public demanded their monies worth, the shoddy breeders would soon have no customers and the vets would no longer be seeing so many brachies with extreme problems.
  2. The type of brush you need for that is a Mason Pearson - pure boar bristle. They are expensive but last forever. You don't really need long bristles - the MP can do both brushing from the skin out and fluffing, depending on the way you use it. Force drying is the best way to fluff coat after a bath though. After the coat is thoroughly dry, a very small slicker brush can also fluff nicely.
  3. There are classes both at KCC Park in Skye and at the Calabria Club in Bulla. Details are in this thread.
  4. You shouldn't need to wait for a vet visit to find out which register he is on. His microchip number should be somewhere on his paperwork (vacc card maybe?) and all you need to do is type that number in to the website and it will respond with the registry name (UNLESS it is the NSW registry). Edited to add: I type too slowly: Thistle beat me to it!
  5. Also thinking further wouldn't the rescue have been sent microchip details before these dogs were placed on transport? Granted they may not have had reason to suspect that the ranger had not checked the national registries, but they should have realised it, being advised of a chip number and not a call name. So the question is did the rescue proceed with transport and adoption and not until this had been completed check the registry or did they knowingly onsell a dog that came into their possession illegally?
  6. Nice looking boy! He may be a tad underweight but his coat looks in reasonable glossy nick, so I'm not sure that his diet was all that bad.I have had dogs (and cats) that vomit after eating minced frames, but do not vomit after eating the frames themselves. I'm not sure if there is more fat in the mince somehow or if the carcass chewing starts off the digestive process more thoroughly, getting mixed with drool as it goes down or something, If you are certain that he will not tolerate chicken, see if you can get hold of roo tail ends, nice lean chewy meat there. I realise that fresh bits can be a bit hard to come by, you might see if you can order some salmon heads from the fish market, they usually come cheap and freeze well. Elevated bowls do not make any difference to the chances of bloat (unless they are too high - then the chances increase) but it does make it easier for the older giants especially.
  7. With ectopic ureta, dribbling of urine can be intermittent, so the pup would not necessarily always be wet. The condition is well known in Golden Retrievers. If stenosis is suspected, a dye can be introduced into the urinary system under anaesthetic and X-rays or scans taken to establish if a stenosis is present, but ectopic ureta is more common than stenosis.
  8. In my Shire, farm dogs are given a discount on registration but they are certainly supposed to be registered with the Shire, and if picked up roaming and impounded the owner will have to register them when claiming. Not sure what the rules are in every state.
  9. To avoid bloat, don't feed immediately after exercise - this can be difficult with boisterous dogs excitedly awaiting dinner, sigh. Also don't permit strenuous exercise immediately after a meal - wait an hour. Split daily intake into two or three meals. Also try to avoid major guzzling of water. If you have the freezer space, buy 10 or 20 kilos of chook carcasses and for one of his meals, give him two or three carcasses (assuming that he tolerates chicken.) The other meal could be a decent kibble plus a bit of mince or fish or eggs in rotation, whatever he tolerates. A lot will depend on whether his issues are actually food intolerance, or worming (or lack of it) or even the old inhale the food too fast, throw it up and try again which could be addressed with a slow feeder bowl or food dispensing toys. Photos are required!!!
  10. Let's hope that she now has a home that either understands Crested care or is willing to research and find out. Fingers crossed.
  11. @BoroniaI've just waded through all the dogs and puppies ads for Brisbane for the past three days and it's not there - could the ad have been taken down already?
  12. The states have an agreement between them for license plate recognition, don't they, so that offences committed by a driver in one state are visible to authorities in the driver's home state? Why can't the Federal Government arrange some sort of similar accomodation for microchipping? There are many examples of NSW dogs lost interstate and never reunited due to the stupid NSW microchipping laws - NSW residents are in fact encouraged to register their dogs also with one of the national databases to overcome this problem. This instance (and how many more i wonder?) highlights the danger of correctly registered non-NSW dogs being impounded in that state and the register not being accessed by NSW council employees. This leads to the dogs being illegally disposed of without any reasonable attempt to contact the legal owner, as in this case. Now an owner has found out and is taking the matter to justice. I honestly hope that this leads to a revamp of NSW microchipping laws - at the very least to insist that other registries are checked when no details are on the NSW registry for a chipped animal that has been impounded.
  13. You've done the best thing for Molly.
  14. Two ways if looking at this: (1) what is best for Molly (2) what is best for the community The bottom line here is that your assessment ability is not being recognised by the rescue group. If she goes into kennels for three weeks she is not going to get the intensive one-on-one training for as many hours a day as you were providing. No matter how good the kennel owner is there is simply not enough hours in the day available for just one of the kennel inmates. Additionally there will be the simple stress of relocation and lack of contact with you. Don't be surprised if the stress factor is used as an excuse at first to explain away behaviours - to a certain extent that is not unreasonable, but in this instance we are all aware that those behaviours are deep-seated. So Molly is going to be uncomfortable and stressed in those kennels, there is no doubt of that. I doubt whether there is any more likelihood of her getting an opportunity to attack another dog or worse while she is in the kennels than while she is with you, so I don't think there will be an increased risk to the community in the short term. What IS likely to happen is that the kennel owner will eventually come to the same conclusion as you about Molly's rehomability (sorry if that is not a word). What will happen then is moot - will the rescue group decision makers opt to keep her in kennels and in "rehabilitation" indefinitely or will they see sense and put her out of her misery and use those funds instead to rehome dogs without major problems? One also wonders whether their egos will allow them to reflect that they really should pay more attention to carers with your history, knowledge and skills. We can only hope. I feel that Molly being a martyr for a month or two might prevent the rescue group making the same mistake in the future, which is better for the community in the long run and the risk will then not be repeated. Although, I weep for Molly having to endure it, the bigger picture tells me that she should go to kennels. It is also wise to remember whose side the law is on here. Defying the law to give Molly peace now is an understandable goal, but the consequences might mean that no group will ever allow you to foster or adopt in the future and that is a lot of dogs that you won't be able to help. Ideally the group would agree with you that it is best for Molly to give her peace now, but obviously your opinion doesn't weigh much with them. The kennel owners opinion should weigh much more and that way there is at least a chance of Molly being PTS without any lawbreaking. In summary, in my opinion Molly going to those kennels is not the kinder option, but, if nothing else changes, it is the necessary option.
  15. LOL time for a decent solid wooden chopping board!