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  1. Specialist Vet - Sydney

    Properly socialised Pei are an absolute delight - it is a shame that you haven't met any of those @juice
  2. breed standards . 'deformed' Brachy breeds

    Many of the so called designer dogs (which are most definitely NOT purebred) are being bred with total disregard to health and temperament. Unfortunately, this is not rare at all/
  3. Pawshake Dog Sitting?

    Your best bet for a pet minder is to ask on local noticeboards or Facebook groups for recommendations. People who have had good experiences are happy to recommend their pet minders and people who have had poor experiences are equally happy to warn against the one that they had.
  4. I can't think of a specific all breeds senior dog rescue in Victoria, such as Golden Oldies in NSW but most breed specific rescues will take seniors of their breed if they have room and so will many ethical all breed rescues.(VDR springs straight to mind!) So first try for breed rescue in the specific breed or main cross and then try the others. If you would like to PM me details of the specific senior in question I can also post it in an available to rescue FB group.
  5. C'mon, you didn't really expect PetRescue to name an actual rescue did you? They seem to think that it would confuse "their" supporters.
  6. Getting papers for adopted dog

    You have a whole lot of wonderful advice. Breeding is not for the faint hearted, it is best to have an experienced mentor from your own or a similar breed so that you avoid unknowingly bringing puppies with health issues or shortened lives into the world. It is one thing to have a happy healthy dog and a happy healthy bitch, but unless you know all about their siblings and their parents siblings and their grandparents etc.etc. you can never be sure what the genetic dice can produce. There are some ancestors that should never be allowed to predominate by being on both sides as it will lead to problems, which is where the knowledge of your mentor is invaluable. Before considering breeding either dog or bitch, you have to be aware of all the health problems that the breed is prone to and have both potential parents tested for their own tendencies to these conditions. In a few cases, you can have DNA tests done to see if a dog or bitch are carriers of a condition, but mostly you have to have them tested and assessed by experts. Also, finding the parents' registered pedigree certificates does not mean that you will be able to pedigree the puppies. You must be an ANKC registered breeder to do that which means (as you live in Victoria) that you have to join DogsVic and be a member for at least twelve months before undertaking the breeder's exam and, if successful, registering a prefix - all of which has to be done before you mate the two.
  7. Pulling hair out

    Yes, vet first. Something is causing an irritation which makes her bite at the spot and pull hair. Chances are high that it is an allergy of some sort - the belly rash you report is probably a reaction to some sort of grass/plant encountered om her walk. Her history of flea allergy as well is all pointing the same way. You might like to consider building up her immune system by changing her to a raw diet (commercial balanced ones are available or learn to create your own) or at least to a grain free one (as grain allergies are commonly the cause of skin problems). There are quite a few brands of grain free kibble readily available.
  8. French Bulldog Aggression

    Yes. all the questions above plus have you worked out what the trigger is? Is it when food is involved? A favourite toy or bed? Is it when your other small dog is getting attention from you or heading for you or another member of the household for attention?
  9. Good idea dog beds

    I saw that! Don't forget truck tyres etc, for large dogs.
  10. Your pup sounds a bit confused. Dogs that play keep away or chase me don't get the ball or toy thrown again for them that day. I just turn around and walk away. Start afresh the next day. When they finally bring the toy or ball back, I go over the top with delight and praise so they are 100% sure this is the way to play. It helps if you are tossing a toy a short distance (think indoors) which encourages them to bring it back to you for a repeat game. Also rewarding them with a game of tug is a very good way to get them used to bringing the toy to you.
  11. Reducing plastic in relation to dogs?

    Plastic freezer bags can be washed after use and re-used, just as you would wash and re-use Tupperware containers. Ice cream containers make excellent freezer ware for larger portions of raw food. Buying meat in large quantities in the first place, if you have the freezer space, minimises the plastic that they come in. Unfortunately, the food hygiene laws in some states mean that most butchers are wrapping even individual bones in plastic wrap before offering them for sale - rather than the old paper wrappings.
  12. Check your shire bylaws - in many council areas dogs are simply not permitted in children's play areas and/or schools, on or off leash. For the rest of it, don't let your dogs be nuisances to others - you surely don't want other people's pets or children being nuisances to you. Common sense says do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Only irresponsible pet owners allow their pets to be nuisances and then abuse any poor victims who object! Very poor form indeed.
  13. Owner not happy

    LOL the breed ID tests tend only to be accurate for the top 20 or so most popular breeds in the US. For a lesser known breed like the soft coated wheaten ridiculous results like this are not surprising. DNA by parentage or DNA markers for particular conditions are one thing, but the breed identification DNA tests are just a joke!
  14. The bottom line here is it all depends upon the council, and whether or not the cat's owner reported the incident to council. If the council orders that the dogs be registered as dangerous dogs then there will be all the restrictions that go with that. These are large strong dogs obviously with a strong prey drive, even if there is no action from council, at the very least I would suggest that your ex put basket muzzles on these dogs when walking them in future to prevent them seizing prey. His parents are not strong enough to walk the dogs, so he should not let that happen again. I suggest that your ex be extremely sympathetic to the cat owner and explain the actions that he is taking to prevent this from happening to someone else's pet.
  15. Grooming scruffy terrier

    Firstly read this great in depth explanation by US terrier handler Scott Wasserman - Begin Hand Stripping Then, now that you know the theory, watch these videos Here is a professional groomer hand stripping a pet Jack Russell - Mr & Mrs Groomer (you probably don't want your boy quite this naked LOL) And here is US groomer Michell Evans hand stripping an Australian Terrier: - Part I and Part II Very few professional groomers do hand strip, it's not too hard to learn to do it on your own dog!