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  1. Except that drumsticks have way too much fat for my liking - unless they are the guaranteed lean ones which cost up to $7 a kilo! But I shop in a regional city and still only pay $1.50 kilo for frames, good quality frames from a chicken specialty butcher.
  2. He is certainly trainable. Follow dogmad's instructions to the T, the more time you can put into the training when you first get him, the quicker he will learn. One caveat if you have visiting entire or very recently desexed bitches, he may forget his his manners and mark on those occasions, depends on the individual male. Still it just means that you need to recall where you stored those old bellybands if you are going to have a visiting girl..
  3. @Ethangreatdane you have had some good responses so far, but not many have seen your post in this subforum. I have requested that it be moved as suggested by Krislin above, so that many more knowledgeable people can see it. 100% agree that the chicken wing tips might be perfect for a chihuahua pup, but your boy needs chicken carcasses NOT wing tips.
  4. Definitely familiar with the "puppy shuffle" - it becomes second nature to breeders of toy-sized breeds, i might add! Fortunately, for pet owners, it is just a passing phase one that is literally grown out of! (apologies for the grammar, but new family member beats grammar every time!)
  5. Thanks for that,ellz! I'm always happy to be set straight. Never too old to learn, in my book!
  6. That is great news of the vet not finding any opportunistic infections yay! The challenge, as you know, is to keep it that way. At the risk of upsetting the cats, put a puppy pen or something around the litter trays so cats have to jump in to use them and puppy cannot access them as it is too risky to let her eat cat stools. If she is finding cat stools outdoors, you will need to either exercise her only in a run or on leash. I'm sure that with your vigilant care, she will recover quickly! And @persephone I beg to differ. She is a pretty girl now LOL, even at the awkward gangly stage!
  7. Don't go away Phyl pleeeeeeease! People who get frustrated and upset over an issue can sometimes be a bit emotional and, let us admit, bombastic which can certainly be overwhelming, it does happen on all sorts of public communications media. We can sometimes attempt to educate with a shotgun rather than reasoning, as has been said. Apologies if you felt shotgunned.Welcome to our little DOL family - all families have the odd tiff LOL. We can't wait to watch photos and hear stories of your little girl as she grows up, and of all your other fur family too!
  8. She's lovely Selkie! And the sheen on that coat shows how well you care for her!
  9. rossebooth I knew it wasn't on purpose, I enjoyed the laugh No apology needed! Thank you for sharing! Now we are waiting to see pictures of your beautiful Maremma!
  10. Are we getting a bit here perhaps? I'm as guilty as anyone I will be first to admit, but is this the right thread for what this discussion has become? In fact, is this the right website even? LOL
  11. Is your Standard black, @Selkie? How exciting! I have seen many black giants in Australia, and a few black minis but I've not yet seen a black standard. Photos pleeeeeeeze?
  12. Welcome rosebooth! Would absolutely love to see a picture of your Maremma!! And thank you so much, I know you didn't do it on purpose, but you gave me a lovely giggle with your mention of your uncle living in the outhouse with your Maremma, because where I grew up "outhouse" meant an outside unplumbed toilet and that would have been a tight squeeze! Your English is better than many born in this country, I might add, but that image made me laugh - it has made my day! Thank you!
  13. No worries it is always good on a public forum like this to give cautions like that. I was really just interested in pointing out that it wasn't in response to Phyl's ad. And yay for little Cody to go to a tibbie-wise home!!! I'm not sure that I understand why it seems ironic to you though @mita ? Can you enlighten me please - I am a bit thick headed today!
  14. They can call them whatever they like as long as they don't call them purebred. The general public thinks that "hybrid breed" means purebred, probably because they don't know that hybrid literally means a crossbreeding has occurred (check the dictionary). Designer breed names are a marketing ploy designed to fool the public into thinking they have a purebred. I have absolutely no problem with crossbreeds as such. Most of my fosters are crossbreeds. But I do object strongly to designer names. i have no objection to "type" names as used for example by the hunting crossbreeders: e.g. bull arab type, staghound type as there is no pretence that they are are purebreeds, just a descriptive name. Edited to add; Check the guidelines on this forum, it is against the rules to use designer names here. Can understand a complete newbie not knowing that but @mingaling you've been around long enough to know better.