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  1. I purchased a pure bred puppy from Qld, from a lady who reared the puppies on behalf of a breeder in NSW. I spoke to the breeder in NSW to confirm it was legit. The puppy was microchipped and I was given a blank form to put my details on, but the section about the authorised implanter was not filled out. The form was not accepted so I contacted the lady who told me I needed to get a vet to fill it out. The first vet refused, and said they had never been asked to do anything like that. The second vet also thought it was weird but did fill it out with a note saying they didn't implant the chip but verified the chip number. Both vets told me the chip should have been registered before the dog was sold. I am worried the form won't be accepted again. I am not sure how I can get my details onto the microchip now?