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  1. Puppy rash near belly button area?

    You could make a note to yourself to ask the vet at the next vaccination? of course if it suddenly gets worse or seems to be paining her, go there ASAP.
  2. Look at this guy go!

    Double comment somehow
  3. Look at this guy go!

    I loved watching him go! Even with the little jump confusion. I do wonder how he would go in outdoor settings and variable weather but this was very enjoyable to watch one running and jumping about.
  4. Dog dies on Tas ferry

    I saw this one? There was also this one last week, although this dog didn't die thankfully: https://www.examiner.com.au/story/5875743/dogs-extremely-dehydrated-after-spirit-of-tasmania-journey/?fbclid=IwAR0CSd7cxCEhfa0dg8RKWvHmy-KxWr0YCC-RWKHUGhKq6VOAX5er6HVXbrg I think DOL is the place that helped me decide years ago to never use the Spirit, after that person lost all their rotties :'( Between these guys and the polo ponies, I really hope the Spirit starts re-evaluating how they transport animals. They noticed the dog in strife but didn't do anything, not even inform the owner. He was dead, but they didn't tell the owners for 7 hours? They don't have a vet or anything on standby.
  5. Another child mauling - Melb greyhound

    Oh wow, poor baby and mother. I hope the baby makes it and doesn't have lingering memories or scars. I also hope the other greyhound (who wasn't involved) goes to a safe home if they're not comfortable being around it anymore. *edit* while reading the news this morning, I ran across this article. https://au.news.yahoo.com/brave-mum-saves-daughter-1-traumatic-greyhound-attack-083314005.html It just adds a bit more information: The dog's owner (the dad) says this dog hasn't shown warning signs previously It escaped it's cage/pen and attacked the toddler (or mum and toddler at same time? unclear) Toddler is undergoing plastic surgery :'(
  6. I think this warrants going in here instead of normal news spot, as it is upsetting to see: There's no written article yet I think, but the video shows someone doing "alpha rolls" on a dog, but they're like picking the poor thing up and dropping it on its back on to the ground, grabbing it by legs and flipping it, holding its head down etc. The poor thing ' Facebook summary: The owner of Diamond Dog Activity Centre in Salisbury South has been caught on camera being heavy handed with a staffy she was meant to be looking after. The incident has left the dog's owners furious and vowing to never return. The latest in 7 News at 6pm.
  7. Trouble is only 12... inoperable tumour... grrr!

    oh tdierikx, I am sorry she must go. What a lovely send off for such a beautiful girl. Treats, all the treats! Hoping this day is having lots of smiles on both your parts.
  8. Socialising a dog - daycare?

    I am using daycare to brush up on (one of my) dogs socialisation ;) I was very picky, and am currently trialing between two different daycares. One is run by dog trainers, and newer. While the other is not run by dog trainers, but is long established with lots of local insight. When choosing the day care I aligned a lot to these blogs: https://www.dogdecoder.com/is-doggie-day-care-right-for-your-dog/ https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-06-01/dog-daycare-the-secret-life-of-pups/9662418 (I know! Shock horror a news article being informative on both pros and cons!) and made sure they'd let me do spontaneous inspections (have done on both already ;) ) No cons so far, but I'm keeping an eye on T2 and his overall mood to make sure he is not being negatively affected or picking up bad habits. So far nothing much, except that he is being more confident with big dogs (we had some incidents on lead with big dogs scaring him which has damaged his confidence recently) and his "separation from me fears" seems a bit less intense (one day he just couldn't cope with having me at a distance and not getting to me. It is...odd). Those are why I enrolled him so win/win So I'm going to let him stay for now. Currently we are once a week but I am thinking once a fortnight and then maybe once a month. If he seems to lose interest or enjoyment, I will stop. Both daycares have been honest about his promising-but-not-perfect behaviour and whats he's up to and send me videos so I can judge his body language too. Currently he is loose and curious and inviting to play T1 obviously is not day care suitable so I haven't even considered it for her. She is too big, too energetic, too rough, too unsocialised, too triggered by movement for it to be enjoyable or educational. It would just make her and the other dogs and the handlers stressed if not unsafe.
  9. Thistle The Work In Progress

    oh have not posted in a long time! Thistle is seemingly clear of bone cancer and just under a casual watch and see every body was so nice and helpful while i freaked out for two months. We were given a ramp to make the steps easier and had people drop by to walk her for me (as they were separated while she healed from the biopsy so she was kept indoors while I was at work). Everyone was very supportive Thistle also has her Rally Advanced title now in addition to Rally Novice. We have been attending some trial classes held by judges to help practice her in the environment. I hope to get her Rally Excellent then get started on the RAE this year (Thyme got his Rally Novice too. I think I'd like to try obedience with him) We have made contact with Thistle's sister's owner! They sound very similar, except her sister isn't so scared of people. Hopefully this year they are going to meet They are in Sydney! (However this might mean Thistle is a touch older than I thought, as Lilah's bday is known) Thyme has started daycare! I thought it might be a good experience for him: Today Thyme went fishing! Didn't catch any fish but lots of nice photos of him on a boat and they are both still idiots who wrestle every morning when they think i'm not watching:
  10. How to cool down your dog???

    I have this poster printed out at home because it covers warning signs, what I can do and when to go to the vet all on one page: http://agriculture.vic.gov.au/pets/dogs/dog-health/heat-and-pets i did have one day last week (42c!) where I was getting quite concerned about thistle so we all took a room temperature shower to help her cool down. I even took her temperature and that thermometer is now clearly marked for dogs only after where I put it!
  11. Feeding / Food aggression

    Your situation sounds really complex and unique - but you’re getting in the right people to help you manage it best and identify what is going on. On ways to feed and keep separated for your safety and other dogs safety - a remote food dispenser might help reduce the safety risk as you do not need to manually put a bowl of food down. Would still get the food ready out of the dogs sight until your VB can help.
  12. Neighbours treating Puppy Badly

    Oh man that's horrible. Just adding to the choir - record and document everything you can with photos and videos. Contact your local council range and local police for advice on who you can report to in a remote location and what you legally are able to do in your area. Even though they are not immediately close to you, they can advise you on what you're allowed to do in your local area. The ranger may be distant but it is also their job, by contacting them you can get this dog on the radar and have them schedule a visit - that is better than no visit or awareness at all. Your local police can certainly come check the dog in an urgent situation (e.g tied up without water/tangled up without water). Call them on the local number - they can talk to your neighbours and / or seize the dog for you to avoid you having to do the confrontation. Record everything with photos and videos where possible. Those are your best evidence. Avoid anything illegal, as it will come back to bite you in the ass and won't benefit the dog in the long run. However if you happen to glance out your window and see the dog immediately drowning/strangling you are absolutely allowed to run over and free it. Then knock on the door and politely let them know their dog was strangling, and do they want help setting up a dog run.
  13. Foster Dogs

    Awww I hope it goes well and he settles in easily
  14. The Kelpie - Tony Parsons

    The penguin site will just send you to their sellers, who are all sold out. Bookfinder is the site you want to use, and to search by ISBN if you're after the 2010 book and not the 1992 book. There is currently one result but it's the old 1992 book being sold under the wrong details, so a false flag. Otherwise, just check the link every other day for new or used ones popping up: https://www.bookfinder.com/search/?author=&title=&lang=en&isbn=9780670073597&new_used=*&destination=au&currency=AUD&mode=basic&st=sr&ac=qr Being it's a bookstore selling it on ebay, no harm calling to confirm if it's The Kelpie or Australian Kelpie: the essentials
  15. I really hope they can identify what exactly was so unique about this food (and/or its combination with other factors) to have caused it.