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  1. Kelpie Rescue or Breeder in Vic?

    Same reason I assume my breeders had me fill out a 4 page form - to be reassured the dog is going to a home with an income. Have you tried directly messaging them ? Or are you contacting by way of applying to a dog first up? It might make your way easier if you have your initial contact to be super open ended. e.g. "do you have time for a phone call to discuss a couple of your dogs?"
  2. Kelpie Rescue or Breeder in Vic?

    Pawfect Pals has an adult kelpie right now - friendly and trained They are in Melbourne and are a smaller rescue so hopefully have the time for you They have some other kelpies too, if you want to touch base with them.
  3. Lameness in 13.5 yo husky

    I've seen people use booties for better traction on elderly dogs, could that perhaps help him? There's also help up/support harnesses for older dogs with handles - so you are able to help them out with tricky balance things like stares or going to the toilet. Maybe one of those?
  4. Dogwise is making six ebooks available for free over the coming weeks! Dog InSight by Pamela Reid. From Hoofbeats to Dogsteps by Rachel Page Elliott. When Your Dog Has Cancer by Lola Ball. Vising the Dog Park by Cheryl Smith. Gentle Hands Off Dog Training by Sarah Whitehead. How to Foster Dogs by Pat Miller.
  5. Using Sanding Blocks on Dog's Nails?

    I preferred the 80 grit on my dogs when they were self-filing with a nail board. I sometimes use roughly 100 grit with a human industrial nail file (good for smoothing edges). I got sick of buying sandpaper so now I've got a DiggerDog. Same concept, longerlasting. As in, I've had mine about 6 months or so now and it's still going strong. When it wears down I can just purchase a new sheet for it https://www.facebook.com/diggerdognailfile/
  6. Regular Online delivery

    I use hello fresh it’s kind of food delivery? a friend gave me a discount code a few months ago and it was so convenient I never cancelled. it’s a recipe food delivery. So I pick my recipes for the upcoming week from a selection. And how many serves.I get the groceries to make them delivered on a nominated day. Then I cook it myself. cons: more plastic packaging than I’d like theyre a bit stingy on the herbs. So now I have a herb garden to supplement overall, pretty pleased. I have discount codes if anyone wants to test it out. oh I still need to buy things like milk, butter, eggs, oil, vinegar.
  7. Greyhounds

    oh they're precious!
  8. I'm a fan of buying those "freeze dried" dog foods and scattering them as novel seasoning onto food. They come in all sorts, but that tripe is the favourite in our house (smells in the warm weather though) I don't rehydrate them, I just scatter them on and use as light weight bonus treats.
  9. recommendation behaviourist/trainer MELBOURNE

    I'm currently using Dog Solutions for behavioural training with T1. Very much a train the owner/s on understanding and training the dog approach. They do one on one classes and group classes, depending on what it is your friend's need. I've seen two dog households present Some other places out west if travel is a problem: Manners for Paws - Altona Pawsitively Great Pets Point Cook Dog Training
  10. Temperament testing on wolf pups

    I was just reading this! It’s so neat
  11. Greyhounds

    He's a darling!
  12. Burr problems w Springer ears

    (Join the clippered ear side! We have burr free ears!) You could get a snood for fashionable but burr-free ear rhomping?
  13. An aged fox hound

    What a happy ending to a bumpy road
  14. Greyhounds

    OHH welcome to the world of gorgeous sighthound collars and winter pjs!* *optional I guess, but also they come in dinosaur pjs.
  15. If not dodgy, poor form of the breeder to leave you in the lurch like this. I would suggest either going for a long spontaneous road trip with a friend and their car. or hiring a car for two days and driving up, getting puppy, sleep the night then drive back.