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    I wanted to look at choices comparisons of the insurance company plans to see where mine go but... choice wants me to pay a membership fee to access. Um I think not. I went borderline bankrupt last year in the cancer scare and thymes eye. Never again. I’m going to stick with having insurance
  2. Pup still EXTREMELY unsettled

    Waiting it out just made Thyme more tense at the concept of being left alone and would amp him up unnecessarily. The ignore and wait it out just made him worse even though he would stop after a bit. It ended up not being alone being the issue, but the “act of departure” a trigger for upset. One thing I had success with and wish I had done when Thyme was younger and will do so on the next puppy: Not just cold dumping them in the room to be alone at night to cry it out. Instead, Ease them into it like a gradient. Like when you’re slowly heating up a lobster in hot water- you do it subtly so they don’t event notice that each time on their own is longer. Eg. Start 30 minutes earlier on bed time. Pop puppy in the laundry and close the door. Immediately open and give some calm gentle pats for a minute or whatever the puppy likes that isn’t wildly exciting like food. Then get up and leave again for 10 seconds. Come back and get some sweet calm pats. Get up and leave and close door for 20 seconds. Go back and give puppy a couple of calm pats. Close for 30 seconds then go back for some calm pats. Then continue on at 40 seconds. 50 seconds. Then a minute. Then throw in one at 20 seconds. Then a minute. Then a minute 20 seconds. A minute 40 seconds. Back to one minute. Back to 1 minute 40 seconds. After 2 mins I could usually jump to 3 mins. Then 4 mins. Then 5 mins. He might whimper a bit but the goal is to limit the suddenness of it and ease them in to the alone times without goiing into a panic and rehearsing the alone behaviour or experiencing that stress. It took thyme a few weeks of dedicated practice but he was a year old when I started doing that. You would likely have faster success with a baby - both because less history of their feelings to undo and also a shorter attention span ;) also play this this game with the laundry pen during the day for a quick bit to help generalise the skill and build confidence that it’s “not forever”.
  3. BIKEJORING ..amazing amstaff video .

    Awww fun! I’ve started doing this and it’s so much fun! The breaks are on because although it doesn't show well, we were going downhill for the first time and I was nervous haha. Not ready for full speed!
  4. DNA test curiosity

    I've had two embarks done Embark does not forward your results on to anyone you do not want to, so nobody need see your results. Nor can anyone demand your results be made public. Embark does not report your dogs results to anyone. What you do when making your dog's account, is set all the settings to Not Shared as Leac has screenshot. If you have multiple dogs you can then have it set to all dogs on your account, or just the one dog. You can even opt out of having your dogs dna contribute to research if you want to. Should you wish to share your dog's health results with the vet, be mindful that also includes the breed make up on the first page. However, the vet sharing is not mandatory and is entirely up to you (you have to type their email in and press send or download the pdf and print it out).
  5. Osteosarcoma - what to do?

    I am so sorry you're going through this I went through very similar last year and I think it was quite possibly the worse experience of my life. I opted bone biopsy and CT scan. My dog however is much younger than your dog, and the xrays were not showing as an advanced illness as you, so the bone biopsy and CT scan were to find out *what* we had (super early cancer? infection? something else?) and determine our course of action. The bone biopsy recovery was a truly miserable time, I felt like I could do nothing with her for fear of making things worse. It sounds like your xray it is advanced enough the diagnosis it is obvious though. A repeat xray in a few weeks would also likely confirm, because of how fast osteosarcoma and cousins attacks the bone. And the shoulder is an unconventional place for it to present If your course of action is likely the same regardless if it is cancer or something with similar effects, then the biopsy is likely unnecessary except to answer your wonderings. Especially since bone biopsy weakens the bone and reduces activity even MORE for an entire month there is no "right" decision, just what is best for your dog and yourself financially. It doesn't help the dog to drown yourself in debt or for your last few months to be miserably restricted. I keep the quality of life measure in mind for pets, when it comes to trying to "know" when it is time. https://journeyspet.com/pet-quality-of-life-scale-calculator/ I also try and keep in mind...my vets won't let me make the wrong decision. If it is too early, I trust them to let me know. If I'm pushing it a bit too long beyond what is kind to the dog, I expect them to let me so. I'm the owner, there's no way my mind will be clear so I need my vets to help me on that stuff. There are a dog cancer support facebook group. It is very good for connecting with people, but also to caution those taking advantage of people's desperations to sell snake oil products with no consideration for the other medications dogs may be on. One recently hastened the death in a painful way on the dog, instead of easing its pain, due to how it conflicted with the condition on hand (the product seller got kicked out of the group). Remember to check with your vets for any alternative medications you might be tempted to use - to make sure it can mesh and compliment the existing medication and not inadvertently hamper or cause harm. I also found it very helpful to follow dogs on isntagram who also are working with the big C. It was comforting to see others going through similar fears and doing their best to provide as much comfort and joy to their dogs as possible in their last few months or years (in some rare cases). Many internet hugs for you in this challenging time. Maybe you would like to share all the things that makes your dog so awesome and special in your life? Or to start recording all the awesome fun things you can do daily with your dog. No time like now to spoil them rotten
  6. Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

    There’s a breeder recently in New Zealand of the bohemian wirehaired pointing griffon. I am not sure how this breed links or compares to the ?standard? wirehaired pointing griffin. Unsure if it’s a different name for same breed or cousin similar breed. But they are active breeders and post a lot on Facebook. They might be able to guide you to breeders? http://ceskyfousek.co.nz/ They use their dogs for hunting, so thus some pictures of the results throughout the site.
  7. Thrifty eaters

    Thyme eats the same amount as Thistle. Except where she is 30kg... he is a teeny tiny 19.5kg. They’re both eating more than the recommended amount. He is a smidgen more active than she is, almost. Would depend on the day. They’re both pretty active. My theory is he burns the extra calories by sniffing everything so much. Doubles the outtake ;)
  8. Older Boston Terrier wanted

    If the breed has an active facebook group, you could try asking around there? The ESS group is filled with lots of breeders who tend to know if someone has an older one needing a home or rehome.
  9. Custom painting progress of my dog

    Beautiful! What a lovely gift
  10. Accidentally express bladder?

    Sometimes good to hear someone else tell me it’s not a big deal in the context of our tummy rubbin, definite double take on my part!
  11. Hold with me, a bit of an odd question but. Is it possible to accidentally express the bladder of a dog while giving a tummy rub? She is somewhat urinary incontinent to begin with, but we were both equally surprised when a (rather vigorous) tummy rubbin turned into squirting we all went outside for a pee break...
  12. Dog Poo bags left at the Beach

    I have a very similar street. I would be more than happy to catch cats and hand them over to the council. Euthanasia would be much kinder than foxes, traffic or getting cornered in my yard by the dogs. Today i came out to a dead bird in my front yard. Last week I photographed a rather portly cat in the frog and bird sanctuary. I frequently see them dead on the road. I don’t see it as kind to the cats or local wildlife to leave them roaming. On the dog poop front. My local dog park has had huge issues with poop being left lately. The fenced area is shared with a football club who wants to make it on lead only (because this stops poop?) the group is being really proactive in reminding people to pick up their poop and any poop they see - or dog owners lose access. Its been noticed that although the council provides poo bags, they’ve been empty more often than not lately. So remember to bring bags!
  13. Enclosure for feeding dog with food aggression

    What a lovely simple set up to give him some privacy, security and safety for all for meal times
  14. Enclosure for feeding dog with food aggression

    I saw this DIY remote treat dispense and thought of you! if its too small to read, it's pvc piping. In the doorway is a hook or something to help hold it up to get more incline. they're rolling kibble down it.
  15. Dog got small cut on eyelid

    We had to do two weeks of this liquid anti-infection eye drops after Thyme took a stick to the eye. They had to flush it out too, as some splinters were present we couldn't see. Infections in that area are awfully close to the brain (plus our eye was also injured, and we did not want to lose the eye!). If your eye doesn't seem to be coming better after a couple days, or god forbid starts to get worse, get yourselves to the vet.