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  1. Temperament testing on wolf pups

    I was just reading this! It’s so neat
  2. Greyhounds

    He's a darling!
  3. Burr problems w Springer ears

    (Join the clippered ear side! We have burr free ears!) You could get a snood for fashionable but burr-free ear rhomping?
  4. An aged fox hound

    What a happy ending to a bumpy road
  5. Greyhounds

    OHH welcome to the world of gorgeous sighthound collars and winter pjs!* *optional I guess, but also they come in dinosaur pjs.
  6. If not dodgy, poor form of the breeder to leave you in the lurch like this. I would suggest either going for a long spontaneous road trip with a friend and their car. or hiring a car for two days and driving up, getting puppy, sleep the night then drive back.
  7. Goodbye Dozer

    So sorry about little Dozer Cancer is a shit
  8. Nervous in new situations, 16 week old BC, advice?

    Your dog is not doomed from missing out on a few development windows she is young yet and has many more developments to go through! it is very overwhelming for both you and her. Sounds like she’s right into her fear period. take it nice and slow, at her pace, to encourage curiosity and exploration. Show her the world is an okay place m. Sounds like she’s a thinker so may be lots of watching but encourage sniffing, different surfaces etc. It’s not a race and you can only measure her against herself. if you know people with well mannered and calm dogs, meeeting and hanging out with them may help. She’ll have a chance to see her new buddies are feeling okay and by extent she’s can be too. if you can grab a copy of puppy culture, it’s very helpful for building resilience. It’s geared to puppies under 12 weeks but honestly the information provided is just as helpful for older puppies and adult dogs. keep heart, she will mature up nicely in time. Don’t forget lots of fun relaxing breaks and naps for you both ps. I see she plays. Look up Amy Cook’s play way. It’s geared for using play to being sensitive and shy dogs out of their shell
  9. Syringes -- I’m desperate

    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Reusable-100ML-Large-Big-Plastic-Hydroponics-Nutrient-Measuring-Syringe-xy/113806564700?hash=item1a7f665d5c:m:m28GQ4llcgqjRwMgrUzEetg I use 60ml and 100ml ones to deliver wet dog food to the dogs. use rose clippers to cut the syringe nozzle at the wider part (about halfway down) which makes wider but still allows enough length for dog mouth

    In the wet food aisle of Aldi and I think it was Woolie (maybe Coles) - where they keep the pet mince - they often sell bags of small dog food. These are essentially tiny meatballs and are my basic go to. I mix kibble in with them so the kibble gets the flavour and then alternate while training
  11. This is a facebook outbreak alert from a vet clinic They also have a short info poster on causes/contagion/symptom https://www.facebook.com/RingwoodVetHospital/photos/a.913100492214121/1259443134246520/?type=3&__tn__=H-R
  12. Australia Post — Woof Glider toy recall

    Telling me the squeaker can be removed honestly makes me want it. I can remove the squeaker!!
  13. Vocal Dog / Barking

    Is she in the yard when she see's the 6am walker? Assuming you don't want to remodel your yard to remove visibility, and as she's only a temporary dog...I would personally just avoid the situation and have her sleep in the laundry or something to allow you to stick to your routine. Sounds like 6am walker is also pretty routine minded which has pros/cons for you. I don't mind barking when playing personally. Thyme likes to give me his play-by-play when he's REALLY excited. If I'm not feeling it, we will just play tug or something that keeps his mouth occupied or, as you have found, a less exciting activity. Sniffing things out maybe?
  14. That sounds so stressful you and the dog both I wonder if something happened in the yard one day and now it's evolved into full on stress habit Seconding needing a professional behaviourist, that is very extreme! Anxious Dogs &nbsp;of &nbsp;Australia Support Group on facebook has a few dogs that are like that/were like that/are improving. They also have huge list of reviewed behaviourists to help you pick from, and can also ask for other local options if the ones in the list do not suit you.
  15. A happy day!

    Thought DOL might like something a little lighthearted. Thyme and I attended a spaniel meet up. He had a blast running about and fetching (his) ball! I really enjoyed it and I hope the next spaniel meet up also has the welshies and cockers present (maybe the field spaniels too? i just like seeing all the types in one spot. it helps me plan my future ;) ) It was only afterward that I found out two of the dogs are from the same breeder. Here is a photo I managed to get of them all lined up! Cousins! Thyme is the spottiest. (sorry it's low quality, I am not sure how else to make it fit it's in the instagram link above too, when you hit the little arrow) and here's the three again going for that ball! Sometimes I wonder what other dogs think, when they enter the park and there's a bunch of dogs all the same breed all in one corner.