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  1. Nervous in new situations, 16 week old BC, advice?

    Your dog is not doomed from missing out on a few development windows she is young yet and has many more developments to go through! it is very overwhelming for both you and her. Sounds like she’s right into her fear period. take it nice and slow, at her pace, to encourage curiosity and exploration. Show her the world is an okay place m. Sounds like she’s a thinker so may be lots of watching but encourage sniffing, different surfaces etc. It’s not a race and you can only measure her against herself. if you know people with well mannered and calm dogs, meeeting and hanging out with them may help. She’ll have a chance to see her new buddies are feeling okay and by extent she’s can be too. if you can grab a copy of puppy culture, it’s very helpful for building resilience. It’s geared to puppies under 12 weeks but honestly the information provided is just as helpful for older puppies and adult dogs. keep heart, she will mature up nicely in time. Don’t forget lots of fun relaxing breaks and naps for you both ps. I see she plays. Look up Amy Cook’s play way. It’s geared for using play to being sensitive and shy dogs out of their shell
  2. Syringes -- I’m desperate

    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Reusable-100ML-Large-Big-Plastic-Hydroponics-Nutrient-Measuring-Syringe-xy/113806564700?hash=item1a7f665d5c:m:m28GQ4llcgqjRwMgrUzEetg I use 60ml and 100ml ones to deliver wet dog food to the dogs. use rose clippers to cut the syringe nozzle at the wider part (about halfway down) which makes wider but still allows enough length for dog mouth

    In the wet food aisle of Aldi and I think it was Woolie (maybe Coles) - where they keep the pet mince - they often sell bags of small dog food. These are essentially tiny meatballs and are my basic go to. I mix kibble in with them so the kibble gets the flavour and then alternate while training
  4. This is a facebook outbreak alert from a vet clinic They also have a short info poster on causes/contagion/symptom https://www.facebook.com/RingwoodVetHospital/photos/a.913100492214121/1259443134246520/?type=3&__tn__=H-R
  5. Australia Post — Woof Glider toy recall

    Telling me the squeaker can be removed honestly makes me want it. I can remove the squeaker!!
  6. Vocal Dog / Barking

    Is she in the yard when she see's the 6am walker? Assuming you don't want to remodel your yard to remove visibility, and as she's only a temporary dog...I would personally just avoid the situation and have her sleep in the laundry or something to allow you to stick to your routine. Sounds like 6am walker is also pretty routine minded which has pros/cons for you. I don't mind barking when playing personally. Thyme likes to give me his play-by-play when he's REALLY excited. If I'm not feeling it, we will just play tug or something that keeps his mouth occupied or, as you have found, a less exciting activity. Sniffing things out maybe?
  7. That sounds so stressful you and the dog both I wonder if something happened in the yard one day and now it's evolved into full on stress habit Seconding needing a professional behaviourist, that is very extreme! Anxious Dogs &nbsp;of &nbsp;Australia Support Group on facebook has a few dogs that are like that/were like that/are improving. They also have huge list of reviewed behaviourists to help you pick from, and can also ask for other local options if the ones in the list do not suit you.
  8. A happy day!

    Thought DOL might like something a little lighthearted. Thyme and I attended a spaniel meet up. He had a blast running about and fetching (his) ball! I really enjoyed it and I hope the next spaniel meet up also has the welshies and cockers present (maybe the field spaniels too? i just like seeing all the types in one spot. it helps me plan my future ;) ) It was only afterward that I found out two of the dogs are from the same breeder. Here is a photo I managed to get of them all lined up! Cousins! Thyme is the spottiest. (sorry it's low quality, I am not sure how else to make it fit it's in the instagram link above too, when you hit the little arrow) and here's the three again going for that ball! Sometimes I wonder what other dogs think, when they enter the park and there's a bunch of dogs all the same breed all in one corner.
  9. Daschund Killed in Park in Pakenham, VIC

    I know what it's like to be attacked Jules, I've been on both sides of that. It's scary and chaotic It's her inaction that has me concerned as to her ability to control the dog. She left her kid on one table to go walk over closer to the fight and stood there for a full minute. The bigger dog had wandered off by then to be near her kid, but she still just stood there. I am hoping she was in shock or trying to stop them verbally and I can understand that and I'm sympathetic, but it gives me no confidence in her ability to continue to walk him. Especially now that she has been through this, I would expect her to be even less able to handle such. I know I've struggled to recover from those fears, it's why I think therapy would be good for all who were present. I call it an over-reaction because of how long this went for and the locations of the bites. Neck bites are a dog meaning business. The duration it went for is also concerning. Combined... Provided staffy isn't PTS, and if she keeps walking him...there will be other offlead dogs. He might even be the offlead dog because she trips or drops the lead or any multitude of reasons a dog gets loose. So I would definitely like to see that muzzle be mandatory, maybe some classes to help her and the dog to work through this. I don't think anyone needs fines or the like. There's been punishment enough through experiencing this and one dog dying.
  10. Daschund Killed in Park in Pakenham, VIC

    I think a dangerous dog classifier would be enough, provided the owner is capable of following it, as this dog has proven it will over-react lethally and she has shown she is not able to control it when it does. That is a genuinely dangerous combination to have. It would be less sad to only have one dog lost this week, rather than two.
  11. Daschund Killed in Park in Pakenham, VIC

    I expect the owner of the daschund is in shock as well. Is it any wonder she’s all mixed up on media? The original post I saw did just seem person wanting the details of the person who’s dog killed hers and was listed only an hour or two after the death had happened, so very fresh. I think that is fair enough for her to want explanations and contacts. I’m glad the other owners provided that at least before it went all viral. It is similar in the staffy owner claims in one article she was attempting to split the dogs up, but in the recording all I see is a person dropping a lead and walking away. To wait it out? From in shock? Brain has flat lined? Who knows. I expect her memory is muddled up as well. Even though it’s been a day, a lot of brains have been rattled about. Its definitely not some 100% black and white blame game of who has sole responsibility. It is some shit luck of dogs getting out and approaching the wrong dog. Shit luck of walking your aggressive dog at the wrong time in the wrong place. It could have been prevented by better gate management. It could have been prevented by wearing a muzzle. If they had walked past 5 mins earlier or 5 mins later they may never have met without anyone the wiser. But it didn’t and multiple people have been left traumatised and at least one dog dead, possibly two. It highlights the importance of confinement so your dogs don’t harass other dogs. It also highlights that if you are walking a dog who might over react - shit happens and you might get approached by offlead dogs for a multitude of reasons - a muzzle prevents fights much better than a lead you can drop willingly or not. It has a much better chance of staying on. But think most of all it highlights. You cannot trust in a city environment for every dog to remain on lead. People make mistakes and there are careless people. The dog can’t tell the difference. It is a hard lesson I have learned at that is why T1 is muzzled. I have seen people drop leads, trip over, have dogs hop out of car windows, do door runners and down the street. I saw a whippet escape a caravan and go for a freedom run at a dog event. I personally can not control those and it’s frusttating and sucks. But I can control my dog of which the muzzle comes first, lead second, all that fancy ass training comes third. I hope reading this makes other owners of reactive and potentially dangerous dogs rethink their lack of muzzle but going by commentary on Facebook I’m doubtful. It’s much easier to expect every dog to remain constantly under control than to muzzle train their dog - even though this situation shows how quickly control is lost in a second. (And they all need to get some therapy, seriously. Especially the kid. Someone to help walk them through the bits that lay with them and the bits out of their control. Also both families have kids and this has been huge in the news. I worry about the kids being bullied on either “”side”””)
  12. Daschund Killed in Park in Pakenham, VIC

    How come the videos we see are so different? Are they different cameras? All the ones I’ve seen snippets of are from the same 2 mins 45 seconds where it’s already underway. The one I saw is the same one in the link you share. I doubt the owner was expecting her post to go viral versus getting contact details. Just last week was a similar post from an onlead dog biting a kid who required surgery. The owner didn’t leave details so they went to Facebook. Im not sure they’ve found that person. I do sympathise with the staffy owner for the challenges presented by offlead dogs, it’s frustrating! But I also greatly sympathise with the owner trying to break up the fight on her own and having the owner leave without exchanging details after her dog causes serious injury. That’s traumatic. This is a super serious incident. Definitely a reminder for us - even if we are doing the right thing - if shit goes south and another dog is injured. Exchange details and THEN go to council, so a Facebook post isn’t needed to be made. Bit like a car accident really.
  13. Daschund Killed in Park in Pakenham, VIC

    Highly aware of this. So horrible for both parties. Two mistakes colliding and a whole lot of wrong time wrong place. I think therapy would benefit them all. Especially the kid, I hope his school has a good councillor. There’s no way someone in his grade won’t know about it, the staffy owners are all over the media. I think the coco owner will need serious help too, she was really trying to stop it. That’s heartbreaking. For me it had made solid. I’m going to keep walking T1 muzzled. She’s big enough she could do serious damage in one bite to someone’s escaped dog. I’ve no wish for any dog to be hurt by her, especially an escapee!. It’s for her own protection and others that I muzzle her. And she’s nowhere near as intense/focussed as that dog. Just big and reactive. So horrible. I watched the CCTV video on mute. Here is my attempt at a write up for those who can’t watch it. It’s really sad to watch even though in the distance. - - - The CCTV video (10 news ?) I saw starts when the fight is already going. It doesn’t show the start of the fight or the end. Just a long snippet of the middle. It starts with owner, child and the dog (dogs?) fighting all in one spot. It's kind of behind the table so a bit hard to see all. Coco Owner (?)is there trying to get the dogs apart/off via punching/hitting. The yellow thing (golden? lab?) is just running circles around. I cannot see the third dog. Stuffy Owner and child walk slowly about 5 metres away, then turn to watch. (15 secondish in). I believe child is being hugged. Then stuffy Owner and child slowly walk BACK and she puts the child on a table. (30 secondish in). The staffie at this moment is dragging Coco all over. The golden lab thing is just standing there and occasionally running about / in. I cannot see the third dog. For the next full minute this is how it goes, with the child standing on the table while staffy owner stands there and watches. The staffy owner then walks around the attack to the other side. (1 min 35ish). She then stands there. She MIGHT be trying to clap? Unclear. She returns to standing still. The child is still on the table watching. 1min 47 a car pulls up and a person comes running towards them all. the lab thing has wandered off and is just standing 10ish m away near the child. (Stuffy owner is still standing separate from her child and the attack.) 2mins another person is running over to help. There are now multiple people hitting/kicking the dog which is still going at it. Staffy Owner is standing behind (it is a slightly raised embarkment? A bench?. Child is standing on the table still. It cuts out at this moment at 2 mins 26 into the attack. There's no info provided for how much longer it goes after this. a lot of it is obscured by the park shelter so it’s hard to see.
  14. Gotta put this here so nobody misses out on reading this: https://www.9news.com.au/national/animals-melbourne-news-dingo-pup-found-in-backyard-is-endangered-breed/8efb0135-6346-4758-9068-0c645613277d He's a right cute little bugger to boot.
  15. Advice or recommendations please

    I hope we see a photo soon, he sounds cute ;) Honestly you sound like you're doing fine in progressing through his issues and challenges, especially in only 6 months when you are so new to him There's no quick fix to behavioural challenges, just patience, progress and practice. Slow and steady foundations in helping him understand his new home and lots of rest time inbetween learning. If someone is bothering you over him not being "perfect", then they need to get with reality that the important things will always take time with good experiences paramount. There's a facebook group called Anxious Dogs of Australia Support Group that I find useful to quickly bounce ideas off when I'm in a sticky bit or just thinking of changing our approach. They have way more members than DOL with, well, the specialisation on anxious type behaviours, and thus way more variety in the list of people you can pick and choose to visit if you feel you need. Although right now you could mistake it for an enrichment group, they are very excited over the snuffle mats in Target! They are awfully cute toys for home alone time. For 3. specifically, see if you cannot buy a cheap $5 skateboard somewhere and bring it home to work on familiarising him with it. You could teach him to watch it sit stationary/watch it move/ gently roll it around in front of him. Introduce him to how they work in that nice quiet environment then slowly increase the speed/noise of it as he gets familiar. I had a similar problem with bikes so I bought one and it helped him get over it very quickly AND I gained a new hobby!