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  1. Debarking

    Oh very sad the stress you are both going through It is to your credit you have gone through all the traditional avenues to remedy this challenge I would find debarking to be kinder on this dog than a bark collar and citronella collar - these are obviously not working and likely adding to the distress - and of course even after debarking continue to work to reduce the behaviour that leads to the barking and not just leave the bandaid to it. There's an underlying cause there somewhere. I've known one debarked dog, and there was no change in him at all. His bark became a sort of husky harf harf harf sound. He was a small dog.
  2. Harness for bikejoring

    "Buy Swap Sell Australian Dog Gear" on facebook is for reselling items for dog activities. They quite often sell assorted harnesses and a large re-sell of those who do bikejoring. You could post a Want to Buy add.
  3. Dogs Handling Classes

    They do them Tuesday nights at KCC https://dogsvictoria.org.au/uploads/Training-Nights-2019.pdf
  4. Springers And Field Spaniels

    PS Also it is okay to look a fool. Who cares if your arms are wide and singing the praises of your dog? They're coming to you! Keep their attention and give them the praise and love. There's a time and place for formal obedience recalls but most time you want practicality, speed and enthusiasm. We have different words for the "boring"* obedience recall and then the actual outing recalls which are speedy on the dime but not always accurate. Sometimes i throw the treats behind me as they near so they run past bit of fun that. Thistle REALLY likes it. Also side note. I love having a springer. This weekend has been very Thyme-heavy but oh o much fun Shame I'm a touch slow for him, gotta get fitter to keep up with him! *Thyme's opinion. I think they're fun but he is :/
  5. Homeless pet clinic run by vet volunteers

    Love initiatives of this. If anyone you know is struggling with homelessness or the risk of, in addition to Pets in the Park (what the article is about) there is also Pets of the Homeless which works with many councils across Australia: https://petsofthehomeless.org.au/ and many vet and animal welfare organisations have smaller programs for those struggling with homelessness. e.g in Melbourne we have Lort Smith Hospital, Animal Aid, RSPCA, Underdog rescue, Save-a-dog scheme They have also recently started some pets in family violence programs, for those in such a situation and cannot leave for the sake of their pets e.g Jessie Street Domestic Violence Services and Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre and if anyone wants to volunteer to help out when such organisations are doing bigger intiatives like the post, they frequently get listed here: https://www.volunteer.com.au
  6. Springers And Field Spaniels

    Lots of random check ins throughout the your daily life when they are slightly distracted thenthen let them go back to doing their thing. Don't want recalls to mean "fun is over" or "leash time". Transition her to fenced areas to practice recall, tempting as it is to leap from home to homefree. Look for when she is slightly distracted and build the way up through distraction levels. e.g. scatter some kibble in the grass (interesting!), call her as per usual, reel her in on long line if necessary, give a SUPER awesome reward and then let her go back to the original distraction. Then something more exciting / distracting and again recall, super good reward, BONUS reward of going back to the fun. Slowly build up those distraction levels. Want to make this so awesome she's turning on the dime towards you before her brain registers it. Also want her to be let back to her fun more often than not so she doesn't think recall is the end of adventures but more of a quick pitstop. I found a whistle really helped to get through those ears and past the nose to the brain. Combined with whistle = completely random but delicious rewards. Especially good for those dogs on the other side of a field...

    It sounds like he’s gone into the red tape areas of liability. I cannot imagine them adopting him out if they think he’s a liability but lawyers for animals might be able to help you out. Are there reasons you don’t think he will pass? The claim comment sounds to be about the reclaim time period. You have missed your chance for that by months. It’s gone and closed. But adoption might still be an option. While you’re getting this all sorted - any in person meetings ask them to write down everything they explain. This will help you remember the details and if you need to provide evidence in a claim. Especially if an aspect confuses you. Phone calls write down as much as you can remember at the time. If you can have a friend or even better one of the lawyers for animals - have them go with you both as emotional support and to help you talk with the rspca. Probably not the family members who lost him in the first place. I suggest calling up every other day - keep it polite and friendly and quick but this will help you become memorable to as many staff as possible since it may be a different person every day. Explain the reason you’re calling - you were on holiday and your dog got lost. You’ve come home to find he’s in the rspca and you couldn’t afford the reclaim fee at the time. You have saved funds for him but you’ve missed your reclaim chance so you’re hoping to adopt him when he gets through the assessments. Doing this will help demonstrate your commitment and have you stand out from the general crowd to the workers. It’s not a guarantee you’ll get him or have him scrape through assessments but it gives you an edge of being memorable. Plus when he does pass through assessments you will know nearly immediately through near daily calls and can get in to adopt him before he starts being advertised online and someone else might adopt him. Fingers crossed for you. Ps you should probably remove your mobile as anyone can see that member or not.
  8. Where to buy trialling/stretch vests?

    Ive only bought muzzles from these guys but they arrived pretty fast: https://australiangreyhoundproducts.com/dog-kennel-coats-trialling-vests they don’t have yellow or pink tho
  9. First up check out our new collars! They're (again) from collar & ruff in WA - double collar and lead set. This time in leatherite (fake leather) for more durability in adventures with the added bonus of being half the price of a leather set. They feel nice, clean super easy, are nice and durable and pretty quick turn around between purchasing and arrival. Because they have enough size to allow for both dogs, I can mix and match the collars and leads between them :D although technically black is for T1 and white is for T2. (there should be a little arrow to see the other pics) Next up - decked out in our fancy new collars - Thistle has a visit at the new dog wellness centre - it's a new rehab physio centre in melbourne! has all the works with balance items, hydrotherapy treadmill etc. Most importantly, they identified the potential cause of our onagain-offagain limp. Imbalance issues from favouring the now-known-to-be-an-old-broken-leg-that-ISNT-CANCER has some muscle loss on the affected leg and compensation/overworking the other leg and lumbar spine. She took some photos and videos for me to show the difference and then them muscles working on a simple balance exercise. Look at them twitch in the video! Here's hoping this helps get the gait to balance and nice strength (i have been looking at older videos and I'm dismayed to see she has always been imbalanced somewhat. Better spotted late than never!)
  10. Video ... cleaning dogs' teeth ..."Smile, please" :)

    Thyme brushes his teeth too, but not with my finger
  11. The old puppy exercise question

    I gave up very quickly on trying to stop thyme from jumping/climbing/falling and instead focussed on avoiding repetitive things with hard surfaces eg steps and sustained city path walking (not that he ever walked in a straight line). I did enforce mandatory breaks if he seemed to be getting cranky or frantic but that was more for mine and thistles sanity
  12. 37 animals seized from storybook farm rescue

    I can’t track it, it’s too upsetting Especially on Facebook that plays videos without warning. It does seem to be shaping up to be the worst rescue/hoarder/exploition of dogs I have heard of. Obviously hoping it’s one of a kind and not others that are similar in existence. If there are rescues or individuals finding this similar to their conditions I hope this is their wake up call to get the animals to people who can care for them. Don’t let it get worse and hope for the best
  13. 37 animals seized from storybook farm rescue

    I think I would like to see rescues loosely aligned with the same legislation breeders get that is managed by their local council area. IMO RSPCA should be the exceptional cases like storybook farm and puppy mills in regulating rescues but for things like annual visits to see things like the five freedoms are happening and the rescue not becoming overwhelmed. I think annual inspections would go a long way towards spotting those struggling. Might not help with things like storybook where they are specifically covering up but the more genuine ones needing help or outsider eyes to point out they’re slipping.
  14. Help Socialising my Blue Heeler

    Blue heelers nip ;) It's a breed thing, although you can teach them some self control in time. There are classes you can take, guided by trainers, that can teach you how to teach your puppy how to behave around others dogs, greet them etc. The benefit of extra eyes who might spot something going on you are not aware of, and can help you find suitable playmates for your puppy. Not sure where you are in Victoria - I'm in Melbourne so here's a few places I've seen and am familiar with (all slightly different, so check out the websites to see if one appeals more): https://www.positivek9training.com.au/ http://www.thek9company.com.au/ http://www.crosspaws.com.au/ https://www.canineclubhouse.com.au/
  15. 37 animals seized from storybook farm rescue

    Absolutely breaks my heart. I hadn't seen the video - here's a link to it - there are puppies, a staffie who appears to have lost a leg with no treatment? A poor cockatoo in too small cage with no feathers. Poor Barry was one to have the worse of it, but the rest are also so very bad. They're all so quiet but I wouldn't wonder if it's silence out of pain and discomfort. It seems to me a lot of them would have very low quality of life, but I do hope there's someone out there who can help them. Even if it is for a long sleep. At least they're out of that hell hole