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  1. We also recently had people move in the house behind us who have a dog who barks all day long, I’m beginning to think that is also setting her off. She still sleeps in the same spot and gets the same amount of attention, if not more.
  2. We haven’t done the normal walk lately without the puppy. We will give that a go and see
  3. Possibly! At home they do play fight most days, neither of them have ever been harmed though.
  4. Hi! Our 6 year old Border collie x staffy has started to become aggressive towards other dogs in public since we have gotten a puppy (English staffy) Our 6 year old pup used to have no problem with other dogs or going to dog parks but since we introduced the new puppy she has become agressive and disobedient when we take her to dog parks or even on walks. What can I do to stop this and help her become better again?
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