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  1. There is a dog grooming product which stains the nose black. It is primarily used for cosmetic purposes but I used it very successfully on a dog with DLE after specialist vets advice wasn't really working. My theory was that it wasn't going to do any harm and that it might just give more permanent protection than was available. Yes it is off label but it is formulated for use on dogs noses and as you have found nothing much stays on dogs noses before they lick it off. I made up a cardboard slide that would stop the tongue licking the nose until the product dried. It worked very well.
  2. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Interesting about Selsum blue. Not something I would have thought could be used on dog skin but there you go. I will get some today.
  3. I have mostly used Aloveen on my dogs over the years but I was wondering if there is a better shampoo to keep away the doggy smell the longest? What do you think?
  4. Dammm....not boding well for the future. Thanks everyone!
  5. I am going to 'inherit' my mothers 12 year old Tenterfield Terrier soon and he has a few issues. A few years ago he had crystals in his urine and he has been on R/C Urinary ever since. I will have to take him to my vet when I get him as I don't rate his current vet but in the meantime does anyone know of any conditions that cause hair loss as he sheds white hairs at a rapid rate of knots. He doesn't have any bald spots but you can always tell where he has been because of the white hairs left behind and I don't fancy them all over my floors so fixing the problem would be great.
  6. Dogsfevr, agree....after so many years of having to think out of the box with terrier training I have to start thinking differently with this dog. I spent years trying to explain to obedience class instructors that terriers are totally different to train than say a working dog or whatever. Now I feel that those years of training are counting against me as I am stuck in 'terrier' mode....if that makes sense. I have this dog walking calmly on a lead which was my initial goal....but it has to be on lead. I tried giving him a big box to investigate yesterday as I think he needs to
  7. OK I watched those videos thank you! Home School the Dog. I have done about 6 weeks of lessons on that but got a bit lost wondering how I was going to adapt it to the type of excitable behaviour he has. We have a lot of land here and I don't have any trouble with his recall....except that I might get bowled over when he comes galloping in!
  8. Thanks for the videos which I will review shortly. I have been challenged with excitable and sometimes aggressive terriers for many years as well as having my share of large dogs so I am not new to this but this particular dog is off the scale with excitability and he combines it with being a 40kg flying missile sometimes, so it's like terriers on steroids but one you can't pick up or manipulate. Eg. yesterday he was doing his loops on/off the dog bed and he flicked the dog bed hard into my shin bone. I have a big bruise today and walk with a limp! Dogsfevr can you tell me how you are
  9. Does anyone have anecdotal evidence that these kind of excitable dogs get over it? I have never had a dog that I couldn't talk to or pat and it's hard. I guess I am asking for a light at the end of the tunnel. It has been good discussing this as I have clarified things in my mind. I can now say that (1) I want the feet on the ground and (2) I really want to be able to pat him and talk to him without him turning into a complete idiot.
  10. Thank you all for your responses. Diva, I do try not to interact with him when I go out the back door during the day but it can still bring on the air leaps, etc. so I am gathering this would not be the best way for him. I will try the food scatter and see if the leaps improve but you are right when you say his current behaviour is dangerous. I have to find something that works for him. The leaping and jumping behaviour started at his breeders, so he came to me like this and even though I have improved some aspects, this leaping behaviour remains. I will look at that Fenzi Dog Training
  11. He is not jumping up whilst I am facing him so I don't know if the solution would be the same as in the videos Pap.K. I am talking a dog that on his hind legs is over 5ft tall so almost as tall as I am. He never tries to jump up when facing me. He waits until I am walking away from him and then he will criss-cross behind me whilst leaping in the air so that his tongue can get my ear, shoulder or head. It is VERY annoying. However on a more positive note I have trained him to go 'on the bed' before he gets fed so I don't get mugged. eg. he hears me making his food and immediat
  12. The impulse control is considerably better since my last post but one behavior remains and it is extremely annoying so I would really appreciate any ideas you can suggest. A large running dog enthusiastically leaping into the air and sailing past the back of my head or my shoulder isn't my idea of fun and this happens most time we walk outside. Seeing as the dog stays outside during the day he can get very excited when we walk outside to do something and then the behavior surfaces. It's not that he is separated for long periods as we are home most of the day and he has a bed o
  13. Thank you both for your replies. I will sign up for the Home School program. It sounds great! Physical activity presses all my dogs buttons. His brain leaves his body and he is very easily distracted.
  14. I now have LOTS of time to devote to training so I would love to hear any ideas to improve low impulse control in my young boy. We already do all the usual things like waiting for a release to eat etc., sitting on his bed to wait for things, waiting to walk through doorways. He has issues controlling his happy dance, his brain just seems to switch off so there are times when I have 35kgs of dog sailing through the air around me. His exuberance is sometimes quite scarey.
  15. Ahhh, you haven't seen him in other situations....but yes I am also, now, not a headcollar fan. The first time I have tried it so now I can speak from experience eh!
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