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  1. Yes terriers are peculiar! Very peculiar!!
  2. Thought you might like an update. I knew from past experience this could be an easy fix....it was just finding it that was the challenge and I came across it just by chance. If I stand to the right of the open door the dog will come inside no problem at any time of day. If I stand to the left of the open door of a morning or evening then the dog won't enter. It's often like that with terriers. They think way too much and the solution is often just a fine adjustment away....but that fine adjustment is not always obvious. Thank you for helping me solve this!
  3. Repeated midday routine and he went in right away. I won't start celebrating yet though, as terriers have a habit of morphing very quickly but it is a start. Thank you for your suggestions. It's great to be able to get a different perspective on behaviour issues as they are many and varied with a terrier. I will see what tomorrow will bring. Oh and it didn't work with the toys. This terrier isn't that fixated on toys but of course that can change too!
  4. I started throwing the treats around on the outside verandah, encouraging him to play the game and then worked towards the open door. He went inside no problem but I suspect he would have come inside without the biscuit because it is the middle of the day. He wasn't even that interested in continuing getting the treats when he went inside. The test will be when I try it again this evening. I hope the problem is this easy to fix then. I will let you know.
  5. Yes, if I just toss the biscuit in he stops at the door and looks at me....just before he turns and runs away!! I will give playing the game for a further 5 minutes (once I get him inside) a go now and get back to you.
  6. Thanks TBD. I have tried the tossing the biscuit/toy things but he is a wake up to this ploy. This is a quirky terrier, notoriously difficult to train as their motivation really is different to most dogs. I have trained Dobes that will recall at a gallop and skid to a sit right in front of me...so different... and training methods can vary between terriers of the same breed but I can usually adapt. This dogs particular quirk means that he won't recall into the house in the mornings but midday and afternoons are OK. Evenings are like the mornings as he has twigged that I want him in as quickly as possible. I have obviously not disguised my body language well enough as he can pick the difference. Normally I can outthink a terrier because I know what motivates them and I use that to create wanted behaviours.....but I have an uphill battle with this guy. He obviously thinks too much!
  7. I have a dog that will come to me when I call most times....although I admit it isn't a reliable recall. Regardless of how many times I go back to basics I can occasionally see the smile on his face that says....I'm not coming all the way to you when you want me to. That said, it isn't the problem that is really getting to me. The problem is getting him to come in the back door when I call him. He will stop just outside the door, again with a smile on his face, and say...I know what you want but I'm not going to come in. I have tried bribing with favourite food and/or toys, walking in and out on lead with rewards for correct behaviour. I need some fresh ideas for this one as I know it has turned into a game.
  8. I looked at that link RP but again it isn't the simple design I remember. I am going to ask my father when I see him next if he can remember the contraption and hope his memory is having a good day!!
  9. Yes Thistle. I was hoping to get some sort of plan for one if I can't buy one. My husband would be able to make it...eventually....but he isn't good at the fine detail...LOL!
  10. Thanks for that but I am really wanting a durable long term solution. I am remembering one that my grandfather made for me out of wood a long time ago. My dog at the time would run back with the ball, put it in the container on one end then rush around to the other end, jump on the wooden foot pad and then chase the ball. Smart dog! Alternatively I could always launch the ball by stepping on the wooden foot pad.
  11. I have seen these around, mainly for agility dogs. It is a wooden offset see saw where the ball goes on one end and you tread down on the other end which launches the ball. Does anyone know if they are available to buy or failing that, does anyone know what they are called so I can search the net for plans on how to make one? I have a wrist injury and can no longer throw the ball.
  12. I have read on social media that some breeders are connecting the feeding of food containing flaxseed with lack of fertility or breeding problems in bitches. Has anyone here any experience with this? I am not a fan of flaxseed with my lot as it has aggravated the gut of several of mine but it is an ingredient is just about all of the dry dogfood and also prepared BARF. Even the Prime 100 Crocodile which I feed one of mine who has some protein intolerance has flaxseed in it.
  13. I am looking for a balanced raw single source protein BARF based on lamb. Does anyone know if there is one available in Qld?? Failing that, rabbit or maybe goat. Would prefer not fish or kangaroo. All the well known brands are a mixture of commonly used protein sources which this dog is sensitive to unfortunately.
  14. Thank you so much. That's perfect!!
  15. Can someone please tell me the training sequence to reprogram a dog that has started to guard their food? I know the broad outline of it but I need the fine detail please.