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  1. I looked at that link RP but again it isn't the simple design I remember. I am going to ask my father when I see him next if he can remember the contraption and hope his memory is having a good day!!
  2. Yes Thistle. I was hoping to get some sort of plan for one if I can't buy one. My husband would be able to make it...eventually....but he isn't good at the fine detail...LOL!
  3. Thanks for that but I am really wanting a durable long term solution. I am remembering one that my grandfather made for me out of wood a long time ago. My dog at the time would run back with the ball, put it in the container on one end then rush around to the other end, jump on the wooden foot pad and then chase the ball. Smart dog! Alternatively I could always launch the ball by stepping on the wooden foot pad.
  4. I have seen these around, mainly for agility dogs. It is a wooden offset see saw where the ball goes on one end and you tread down on the other end which launches the ball. Does anyone know if they are available to buy or failing that, does anyone know what they are called so I can search the net for plans on how to make one? I have a wrist injury and can no longer throw the ball.
  5. I have read on social media that some breeders are connecting the feeding of food containing flaxseed with lack of fertility or breeding problems in bitches. Has anyone here any experience with this? I am not a fan of flaxseed with my lot as it has aggravated the gut of several of mine but it is an ingredient is just about all of the dry dogfood and also prepared BARF. Even the Prime 100 Crocodile which I feed one of mine who has some protein intolerance has flaxseed in it.
  6. I am looking for a balanced raw single source protein BARF based on lamb. Does anyone know if there is one available in Qld?? Failing that, rabbit or maybe goat. Would prefer not fish or kangaroo. All the well known brands are a mixture of commonly used protein sources which this dog is sensitive to unfortunately.
  7. Thank you so much. That's perfect!!
  8. Can someone please tell me the training sequence to reprogram a dog that has started to guard their food? I know the broad outline of it but I need the fine detail please.
  9. That's good AL but I wonder why they state 10 days in their blurb?
  10. Whilst some things may be similar the majority of symptoms are not present for EPI. Gut issues are very difficult to diagnose/treat accurately.
  11. Hmmmm, there are obviously many factors to this problem. I will have to find out more details about the dog. Probably see owner next week so I will ask then.
  12. Yes, having a vet here that could control it all would be better. Let me know how you get on!
  13. Animallover I am presuming that you have to pay up front for the Nutriscan ie. before they send you the kit, is that correct? I note that for domestic customers in USA they say that they have to receive the sample within 10 days. I suppose this time frame would be the same with overseas customers. Is there a mail service that will definitely get it there in about 5 days just to be on the safe side? Also I read the envelope has to have the health certification on the outside. I wonder if the sample is rejected at the border if you get to try again with a new sample?? It just seems like a lot of money to fork out when problems can occur because we are overseas. Have you done it before OK?
  14. We have progressed a little. She was on steamed chicken plus probiotics. Then progressed to BARF mixed in with it plus Protexin of a morning and a few chicken necks in the evening. It is the best she has been for a long while and I am increasing the amount of BARF as the days go by. Dry dogfood, regardless of brand, doesn't do good things for this dog. I now have a selection of dry food which my other dogs are working their way through! LOL I was going to send the saliva sample to Jean Dodds in USA however my vet says that there is a new company with a new method of testing from a blood sample. This includes many different foods, proteins, etc. as well as the usual things that they test for. I am waiting for her to get the test kit in which may be this week. It would be good if the test can be done in Australia. Forgot to say that the antibiotics made a big difference but didn't solve the whole problem.
  15. Hmmm, I will have to ask her about that one. I didn't think about the surface but you are right, mine won't urinate on concrete either unless there is a really good smell on it....and yes it is a female. It follows that if the surface wasn't right then the dog may have developed this problem over time. I will ask.