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  1. Thank you both for your replies. I will sign up for the Home School program. It sounds great! Physical activity presses all my dogs buttons. His brain leaves his body and he is very easily distracted.
  2. I now have LOTS of time to devote to training so I would love to hear any ideas to improve low impulse control in my young boy. We already do all the usual things like waiting for a release to eat etc., sitting on his bed to wait for things, waiting to walk through doorways. He has issues controlling his happy dance, his brain just seems to switch off so there are times when I have 35kgs of dog sailing through the air around me. His exuberance is sometimes quite scarey.
  3. Ahhh, you haven't seen him in other situations....but yes I am also, now, not a headcollar fan. The first time I have tried it so now I can speak from experience eh!
  4. Yes, I do believe I will 'make it so'. Thank you for the blessing!
  5. No slap down Pers. I have used martingale collars for years, I really like them, but this dog was such a very big handful at training classes (I had a large martingale on the dog) they recommended I use the K9 bridle and me, not being one to rock the boat and always willing to try new ideas, went along with it. 30kg dog and growing...wilful and not at all like my previous dogs. This one is a training challenge who is even now capable of great naughtiness. The bridle does give more control but how anyone could think it is easy to put on a large 6mth old dog that doesn't want it on beggars belief. The trainer also said that the dog would get used to it quickly and stop trying to scrape it off on my leg. Nup, still does it every day, even after 4 weeks training.... every day. I think they call that passive/aggressive. It is these times that make me wish the Koehler method was still in vogue.
  6. I now have two sizes...the small is a bit too small and the medium is a bit too large....but I also have to say it is NOT easy to put on, especially on a large young dog that won't keep still. I have been known to lose patience with the damn thing at this point.
  7. I have used Advantix on my dogs for many years and always found it very good. Because of the rain we now have a lot of mosquitoes and I was thinking of buying it again however I came across masses of complaints on line saying that it had either killed or adversely affected many dogs. Does anyone have any experience of this? I know that there will always be the odd dog that will react to medications but the number of complaints absolutely amazed me. Also has anyone recently noted that Advantix actually does repel mosquitoes?
  8. We have had two different sizes of these (grew out of the first one) and I have to say I definitely more control of our large breed dog however I can't help but wonder if they might damage the neck used long term (even if it is not jerked around). Would appreciate your feedback if you have used one on your dog....not just about possible neck issues but overall as a training aide. I just think there must be something better? I have to say they are a real pain to put on the dog.
  9. Does anyone know if there is someone that can repair Wahl electric clippers in North Brisbane? There used to be one at Margate from memory but it has been ages since I have been there. Mr.Google is only showing Gold and Sunshine Coasts as the closest.
  10. Travel Sickness help needed

    Yes, off label and I will ask the vet too. Thanks for that!
  11. Travel Sickness help needed

    Thanks for all your replies. Sounds like it is... hopefully.... something that he will grow out of but in the meantime I guess I will have to fork out for the Cerenia. I can't believe it is soooo expensive! Diva, can you tell me the dose rate for SeaLegs please?
  12. Travel Sickness help needed

    I haven't tried human travel sickness tablets. I asked Mr Google and he said I could give Dramamine but not absolutely sure on dosage. I have certainly tried to desensitise the dog in the car by practicing getting in and out, feeding, etc. but it seems more like it is an actual travel sickness rather than being stressed about being in a car....but I will start doing that again. I don't have the stereo on, there is no one in the back, the car has air vents in the back and I have the air conditioning on and there is no swoosh swoosh sounds. He is too big to put in a crate so he just has a safety harness. Dogs here aren't allowed to put their heads out of the car window. Persephone I haven't tried ginger this time mainly because when I tried it in the past on other dogs I found it useless. Cerenia tablets work out to be over $5 per tablet which really isn't something I can afford long term. Human travel sickness tablets would be better as long as I know they are safe and I get the dose right.
  13. I have a young large breed dog who suffers from terrible car sickness. It is proving very difficult to take him anywhere in the car. I especially want to continue to take him to training lessons but I end up with a drooling and vomiting dog. I have taken him to the vet and managed to get the vet to provide a couple of Cerenia tablets. It seems like travel sickness isn't something vets get too concerned about as I had to really push to get the Cerenia but if I can't take him out in the car without having vomit over the back seat he is going to miss out on a lot of socialising. I have been feeding him in the morning and taking him out in the evening but that means I have to have a whole day of planning just to take him out. I have to give him treats when we are at training so driving home without him vomiting is impossible. Can anyone help?

    Prime Roll Kangaroo & Pumpkin have worked really well. I diced a whole roll and then froze it in 125g baggies....somewhat of an endurance event but happy with the results. It just shows that you get what you pay for....no upset tummy with the more expensive rolls.
  15. Crystals in Urine

    Yes, I will do that Dogsfevr.