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  1. Sensitive tummy

    It is difficult to give one answer that covers all situations as there can be many causes. I have had dogs that have had chronic gut problems, my oldest girl is 15 this year and it has been a long learning curve for me but I have got her this far. I now know so much more that I did 15 years ago but I don't know everything and I am still learning. Of course diet is important. I would have to know more about what you are feeding to be able to offer any further info. I am not a fan of dry dogfood but I do feed it and it definitely has its place in the grand scheme of things. I also feed BARF but I know that some dogs can't tolerate it. Perhaps you could be a bit more specific with what you are feeding now and how it is affecting your dog.
  2. Deleted

  3. OMG ....My problem pales into insignificance compared to the pictures above. I saw a SuperVet episode where he did an operation on both front legs of a dog with a problem very similar to the dog in the pictures and the results were amazing. Made a big difference to the dogs quality of life. Anyway, back to my dog. I will enquire about getting a Bowen massage and see what they say. My experience with Bowen massage was on myself and the massager barely touched me and certainly never helped me....but I will keep an open mind. My dogs problem is only small at the moment but I want to make sure it doesn't get worse if I can help it.
  4. Hmmm, I have had one years ago that had sore stomach. I couldn't touch her belly area without her growling but this is not the same. Not sure what a Bowen person would be able to do in this case. I have only had one session with a Bowen massage and that was an absolute waste of money.
  5. I have a 7mth old that has one foot that turns out more than I would like to see happening in a show dog plus it has always produced a LOT of poos...probably about 5-6 small lots during the day, mainly in the mornings. I did not breed this particular dog so over the passed months I have had to work through the diet to find one that works best...and that has come down to Wellness dry dogfood mornings and BARF of an evening. Some dry supposedly premium dog foods made the poos runny & smelly. I tried about 5 different brands many months ago when the pup was little and Wellness was the only one that produced mainly dry poos. About a month ago I did try feeding only BARF but it made no difference to the amount or consistency of poos produced plus the pup started to lose weight so I went back to feeding the dry in the mornings and BARF evenings again. Now I am noticing the turned out foot and I am wondering if there is a problem with calcium uptake??? I am wondering if there is an issue with take up of calcium maybe because the food is passing through the pup somewhat quicker than is normal? Any thoughts?
  6. Yep, time for the behaviouralist. Thanks everyone for your comments.
  7. All area that the dog is allowed to run in is completely dog fenced....so the dog is not allowed to roam 'completely unsupervised' and is usually stays within sight unless it is behind buildings, etc. but I cannot run say 200mtrs, depending on where it is, in time to give a correction! I do however continually check on where the dog is and if I see things happening I try to get to him to correct matters. Dog will respond to some commands but is not reliable if H gives the command. As you say, I need to come up with a different plan but I am running out of ideas....plus I have other family things happening that I have to concentrate on too.
  8. No barking ever. Stalking/staring fixatedly when H is walking towards him. If H continues towards the dog then the dog will eventually jump up at him but no biting....yet. Stalking & touching with a nose to the ankles or calves from behind just like a cattle dog does.....again no biting....yet.
  9. We have a big property and the problem I have is that H can be anywhere on it and so can the dog unless I want to keep the dog confined in an exercise yard or follow it around every day. This means that I am not always at the spot that the problem is occurring. Yesterday I noticed that the dog was stalking H and I managed to interrupt the behaviour by getting H to stand still and calling the dog. Normally the dog will come running if I call him but it wasn't easy to distract him. The dog was quite reluctant to stop the concentration he had on stalking H but after he was distracted he went off to sniff something like normal. So I am currently trying to persuade H to stand still if the dog starts to stalk but he says that if he is doing a job he won't always be able to stop walking. This is an ongoing conversation....I not only have to try to understand and solve the dogs problem...I also have to wrangle an often unco-operative H. It was interesting to read about your dog Corvus. It does sound similar....like the male equivalent of what your bitch is doing. My dog is entire and I am seriously thinking that desexing might be helpful but of course that may not be the case. Desexing doesn't always help behavioural problems.
  10. Oh yes, Persephone.....over the years have consulted several times with varying results. Every case is different which is why it is good to discuss here. I agree that there is a combination of fear aggression involved. Very hard to unravel unfortunately. Roovas idea might be worth a try. It will be interesting to see what the reaction is. Of course timing is everything so I hope H can get it right. One thing though, what does he do if dog still stalks H when he doesn't interact? I guess time will tell.
  11. What are your thoughts on a remote trainer to interrupt behaviour?
  12. Persephone...photos 1,3,5 & 6 are most similar to the behaviour. Mrs RB ..... dog is a medium sized terrier that has not had a high prey drive in the past.
  13. Yes, H not being a dog person has always been a problem however I will say that he has tried over the years. If I could endow him with a bit more patience it would help but it is what it is. Here is one scenario...H is sitting on a chair on the back verandah. The dog comes up to H for a pat. I have told H at this point to ask the dog to sit and then pat/reward for compliance, which he does, however if H then gets up to walk away then the dog may start the stalking behaviour.....like H has shown weakness and dog is taking advantage of that weakness. Sorry Persephone, can't video at the moment so please feel free to ask questions. H corrects unwanted behaviour (aarrgghh) which does stop the behaviour and everything goes on OK until the next time. It's like this has become a bit of a game with potentially serious undertones.
  14. My medium sized male dog started stalking my husband (H) a while back in various situations. For example if he sees H coming towards him he will crouch down and fixate on him. When H arrives near him he will lunge forward and make out he is going to bite him but doesn't. I have also seen him fixating on the back of H's legs as he walks. I am concerned that eventually the dog may bite and that will not end well for the dog. I have tried to empower H by getting him to get the dog to do things like sit and down plus reward the dog for good behaviour but H is not a dog person and has little patience in this regard. Suppose I am hoping for a miracle here but any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Today is the cut off point for giving your permission for Dogs Qld to pass on your breeders permit number to the Qld Govt. After today if you wish to breed then you have to apply privately for your details to be recorded. I have been told that after today when you want to register a litter with Dogs Qld you will have to provide your Local Govt. permit number with Dogs Qld paperwork so it can be passed on to Qld Govt. so they can check if you are a registered breeder. Penalties will apply. I haven't seen anything mentioned about this on DOL. Have I missed it?