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    Thanks for the advice and great hints. I think it will be do-able now with all those good ideas.

    Yes Persephone I think I will be getting the chicken frames. What age do you think is OK for a dog to start on them? I worry about sharp bones with young dogs that don't chew their food.
  3. I am looking for a way to feed a large breed dog that is affordable but healthy. Currently I am feeding BARF but I am hoping someone here can recommend something that I can put with the BARF as feeding a large breed adult dog all BARF is quite expensive. Problem is that I am not comfortable with the idea of combining the BARF with dry dog food but it might come down to that. I am currently trialling mixing in some of the dog rolls but am not happy with the common supermarket ones and the vet/pet shop ones are just as expensive as feeding BARF. Any ideas?
  4. IBD in dogs frustration

    I have had a LOT of experience with a dog with IBD. She passed recently at the age of 17yo, so over the years I got very good at feeding & medication. Can you tell me exactly what foods you have tried and also what medications, so I can try to understand your situation.
  5. Crystals in Urine

    Thanks for the kind offer. Mums in Aspley but she has the bag of Hills Urinary food that she bought at the vets to get through for now and when that's gone I will get her a bag of Royal Canin. Thanks for the link to vetsupply. I haven't heard of that one before. It's got to be cheaper than buying it from the vets! LOL
  6. Crystals in Urine

    Forgot to ask, how do they identify what kind of crystals they are?
  7. Crystals in Urine

    That's very interesting Boronia and very informative. I wish I had been there at the vets because I would have asked more questions. My thoughts were that it could have been an infection but now I guess we won't know. I am pleased to read about the Royal Canin option as I had a dog with IBD and when she was first diagnosed she was on Hills but I transferred her over to Royal Canin and she did much better. It is unfortunate that some dogs just can't be fed BARF for various reasons but I suppose the upside of all this is that my mother will find it easier to feed the dog from a bag rather than from the fridge. When she has finished with the Hills I will recommend she transfers over to the Royal Canin and hopefully she will not go back to giving so many of those dog treats too.
  8. My mothers dog, a smallish terrier, has recently been off his food. When she took him to the vet, the vet found 'crystals' in the urine. Didn't say what kind of crystals. No stones were found when they did an x-ray. He said the dog should only eat the Hills Urinary formula dry dogfood. I wasn't present when she went to the vet so didn't get the chance to ask any questions. Several years ago I managed to persuade her into feeding Leading Raw BARF patties with some added veges. Previously she had been feeding supermarket dogfood. Unfortunately despite my advice to the contrary she has continued to feed him highly processed dog treats on a daily basis in addition to the BARF. I have now got her to stop giving treats and only feed the Hills Urinary dogfood but I am not sure how long she is supposed to feed this. I haven't had any experience with dogs with urinary crystals and what investigations I have made into the problem say it can be diet related. If anyone can give me a bit more info. it would be very much appreciated.
  9. Thanks for your replies.
  10. Can anyone tell me if the brewers yeast that is sold for dogs is the same as brewers yeast sold in health shops, etc. please? Also recommend a brand of vitamin C too?
  11. Yes terriers are peculiar! Very peculiar!!
  12. Thought you might like an update. I knew from past experience this could be an easy fix....it was just finding it that was the challenge and I came across it just by chance. If I stand to the right of the open door the dog will come inside no problem at any time of day. If I stand to the left of the open door of a morning or evening then the dog won't enter. It's often like that with terriers. They think way too much and the solution is often just a fine adjustment away....but that fine adjustment is not always obvious. Thank you for helping me solve this!
  13. Repeated midday routine and he went in right away. I won't start celebrating yet though, as terriers have a habit of morphing very quickly but it is a start. Thank you for your suggestions. It's great to be able to get a different perspective on behaviour issues as they are many and varied with a terrier. I will see what tomorrow will bring. Oh and it didn't work with the toys. This terrier isn't that fixated on toys but of course that can change too!
  14. I started throwing the treats around on the outside verandah, encouraging him to play the game and then worked towards the open door. He went inside no problem but I suspect he would have come inside without the biscuit because it is the middle of the day. He wasn't even that interested in continuing getting the treats when he went inside. The test will be when I try it again this evening. I hope the problem is this easy to fix then. I will let you know.
  15. Yes, if I just toss the biscuit in he stops at the door and looks at me....just before he turns and runs away!! I will give playing the game for a further 5 minutes (once I get him inside) a go now and get back to you.