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  1. Suture reaction?

    I sure will, I couldnt get him until 4pm, so I will update afterwards.
  2. Suture reaction?

    Oh gosh I hope so, I read that 60% of suture reactions result in the need to remove the suture material, this poor dog has had such a tough road and the poor bank account can commiserate as well
  3. Bowel obstruction

    I started a new thread but thought I should reply to this one. poor Kane is back to the vet today, I think he is having a suture reaction seriously!!! I am not even kidding, we run a business from home and I am looking at whether we could claim him as a guard dog so that we can pay his vet bills out of the business. what happens with suture reactions? Will he need another surgery? I’m so tired of all this..... here’s how his suture site looks
  4. Suture reaction?

    Yep me again with the poor poor dog who entirely everything seems to go wrong with I noticed yesterday afternoon that Kane’s suture line which had previously looked quite good ( although lumpy not too bad and it was even all along) now looked reddish and sort of inflamed. I’ll post a photo below. We will be back to the blasted vet today to get it checked. Has anyone had a similar issue? he is 18 days post op and last Friday got the all clear from the vet.
  5. OK, so Kane is now well enough to go for walks! hooray! Except he is a puller (like all dogs I guess until you train them). At home he is super receptive to treats and has learned a lot of tricks with food as a motivation but outside in the big wide world, he just isnt interested in treats, he is interested and overstimulated by everything around him. I just watched a YouTube video which endorsed the use of a slip collar and another with treats as the motivator . How do I even begin?? I plan to take Kane to obedience once the classes open back up but in the meantime I don't want to reinforce pulling behaviors but I do want him to be able to get out and see the world. He has been very minimally socialised due to his surgery and delayed vaccinations.
  6. Annoyed at Big Dog Raw

    Yes it was a thoughtful response and made my concerns feel acted upon. I am glad I emailed them
  7. Annoyed at Big Dog Raw

    I had a very thoughtful response from the company. I’m actually very impressed with the action taken; Hi Nikki, Thanks so much for getting in touch with us and I’m so sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I would also like to apologise for the issues your pup has faced with our Kanga recipe. I forwarded through your feedback on Friday afternoon to our team for further consideration. We are actually currently in the midst of updating our packaging and I’ve forwarded this through to be apart of the considered changes on two of our diets, to have the puppy guide removed (Kangaroo and Wellbeing). We often recommend that these diets aren’t used for puppies due to the low fat content however in our Kangaroo recipe the bones may also pose an issue as they are much harder than the bones of other animals. I’m genuinely so sorry to hear about your pups experience with this product especially after his surgery. I’ve also ensured to get in touch with our Web Developer and change the recommendation of Kanga to be removed from the puppy options on our website and will see that this change can be made in a timely matter. I’m also more than happy, if you were still comfortable with using our products with your little pup, to organise a few boxes of food without chicken, at your local PETstock store to help relieve some of the constipation he is experiencing. Please let me know if your comfortable with this and I’m more than happy to set it up for you as soon as I can to help him get back on track.
  8. Annoyed at Big Dog Raw

    Kane loves it but Kane will eat rocks like they are lobster, so I dont go much on his preferences
  9. Annoyed at Big Dog Raw

    Yes, I did know there would be bone in it, it provides calcium etc but it says finely ground and this was certainly anything but finely ground. Hi rash has been clear now for almost 2 weeks and since it isnt apparently advisable to keep dogs on the SPD long term, I thought it a good idea to introduce another protein. Anyway we are back to the Salmon and tapioca and his stomach is once again settled and stools normal. My issue was much more so with the fact that the kanga diet isnt suitable for growing dogs, yet the site and box recommend it for puppies. So I have a spare unopened box of big dog raw kanga in the freezer. Maybe my other dogs will enjoy it.
  10. Annoyed at Big Dog Raw

    Oh, there are a LOT of bone shards in this Kanga recipe. I mushed up the food in his bowl and didnt notice them but they were very noticeable in his stool, so I paid closer attention with the next meal looking closely through the meat and there they were. they really were quite small but there were a LOT of them. It says in the recipe ingredients list "finely ground kangaroo bone" but this was certainly not finely ground. I would be interested to know if just this batch is like this or if the Kanga recipe has consistently small chunks of bone through it rather than ground bone.
  11. I am a bit annoyed at Big Dog Raw food..... Newest issue in quite a collection of issues with Kane (see my thread Bowel Obstruction) is some pretty nasty rock hard stools with sharp pieces of bone in them. I felt like I did my due diligence researching appropriate foods for Kane with his skin issues. I started him on SPD rolls Salmon and Tapioca which he did well on, after a couple of weeks and his skin looking great I decided to look for something else to supplement his diet with and was pointed in the direction of Big Dog Raw, I visited their website and used their product selector which asks dog age and issues etc, two diets were recommended based on his being a puppy with allergies, those were the Kanga Single protein or turkey single protein. Since we think his allergy is to chicken I opted to steer clear of poultry and bought the Kanga variety. We started out giving him this for one meal a day and continued with the SPD roll for the other two. Immediately I noticed pieces of bone in his stool, since they were small I didn't worry too much, figured it was fibre. Then all of the pet shops around me ran out of SPD roll and I fed the Kanga solely for the last 2 days, he is pretty darn constipated and his stools are like rock, he even had a little bit of blood on one stool. I went onto the Big Dog Raw website and trawled through the FAQS and found well down the page that Kanga is not recommended for puppies. It doesn't say this on the box, it has a puppy feeding guide on the box and like I said it was suggested to me on the website! Poor guy, just cannot catch a break. I emailed the company suggesting they fix up their product selector and maybe mark the box 'for adult dogs'. In any case I got my hands on some salmon SPD roll today and he just had that for lunch, so hopefully his tummy feels better soon.
  12. Bowel obstruction

    I havent heard of this? I will have a google but if you have any good resources, please share. We do NILIF, its standard in this house.
  13. Bowel obstruction

    I virtually am wrapping him in bubble wrap and he still manages to damage himself.....I have never known a dog quite like him!
  14. Bowel obstruction

    Oh my goodness this poor doggy, firstly he is fine, we just got back from his final post op check and he has healed very well.... but you wouldnt believe his luck, while waiting outside the vet and having a good sniff around, he got stung on the nose by a bee!! He let out a small yelp and started pawing at his nose, I looked to see what had happened and saw a bee crawling along, his stinger left in Kanes snout I scrapped it out and Kane seems perfectly ok but I just cant believe it. He has had more mishaps than I have ever listed on here.... He fell in our pool while no one was watching him (several weeks ago) and I heard splashing and ran out to fish him out of the pool. He went running to duck under a gap under the gate which he had previously easily fit under and banged his head HARD, I thought he would get a concussion. Just yesterday he got very excited when my daughter came to visit and ran in circles and crashed into the exhaust on my parked car with a thump and left a black mark on his head. Obviously we have had bed and rock eating incidents..... His whole skin episodes..... This poor clumsy goose of a dog. I dont know whether to laugh or cry.
  15. Opinions on breed

    Perfect thankyou. Based on your experience, what sort of price do you think she could expect to pay? Appreciate your help.