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  1. I just asked the judge who ignored me, so I asked again and he responded “if you want” then he told me that I didn’t need to put him on the table. Oh well, the judge was about 100 years old and clearly didn’t want to stand there in the rain. Don’t blame him I suppose!
  2. I’m so sorry!!! I should’ve come and updated. The heavens opened and it was terrible weather, it rained so hard on our way to the show that we could barely see to drive. I was fortunate that the other Amstaff people were very nice and helpful because the judge and steward were not helpful at all. The judge was a crusty old grump who didn’t allow me even a moment to stack Chase he came straight in for a very invasive examination, forcefully grabbing Chase and manipulating his joints and then going straight for his mouth to check his bite, he then told me “you’re supposed to show me his bite
  3. I’m super excited. I know Chase will somehow act up but he’s just 15 weeks so who cares. I just hope he has fun!
  4. Oh gosh, where do I find the paw prints ? we had to register attendees, my husband and young daughter are registered to attend with me but I didn’t register my older daughter and she really wants to come but I think we missed the boat
  5. Yes it is the dogs QLD show. I’ll be watching those Airedale’s and waiting for our turn. Yes I have downloaded it. Chase is the only baby puppy in his breed!
  6. My puppy is entered in his first show tomorrow. I’m super nervous and expect it to be embarrassing haha. he is 15 weeks old today. The show doesn’t start until 5pm, so any last minute pointers??? I can use all the help you can offer.. I’ve never done this before
  7. Thanks I’ll check it out. He’s actually trying to eat his lickimat and I got the “tough” version. I ended up giving him a fallow strap to chew and I just watch to make sure he’s not being too vigorous with it
  8. They sent home loxicom which he has once a day. She said to give it for 4 days and then have a trial day without giving it to see whether we need to continue. Ever since he started it he has been his old self completely!
  9. Thanks, I think they are pretty darn gorgeous. Scout is such a lovely girl and Chase looks headed towards being a sweet and balanced adult dog. He loves everyone and he’s not even dog obsessed, he can say hi to another dog or just ignore them happily
  10. Yeah, we have heaps, he is a big chewer already. Right now he’s chewing a kong. we have already moved our outdoor setting under our carport because he was eating it!!! It was in the “safe” outdoor space so it had to move
  11. The medication helped immensely, so much so he’s gone wild and is hard to keep still. There’s only so much crate time a frustrated puppy can tolerate!! his medication is wearing off now and we just had our first Yelp since yesterday. here come some pics
  12. We are home. Feeling much better. Both of us are! they took bloods and all was normal. Temp was normal and they found a muscle running along his neck to his jaw felt thickened and seemed to be tender. He’s had a done of NSAID and is resting.. he seems more himself, so I’m optimistic that he just has a soft tissue injury
  13. Thanks, will be leaving for the vet in 15 minutes. He seems so normal this morning that I would just leave it if it weren’t the weekend. I don’t want to risk him worsening when the vet is closed
  14. We are back to the vet at 11 this morning. He seems fine this morning, running around with Scout which makes this more confusing. Yesterday morning he was the same, seemed fine and then went downhill as the day progressed. I managed to record an incident of his yelping as he tried to get up and I’ll show the vet. I feel as though if it were an injury, it would be persistent and not up and down like this. I just don’t know. I think I’ll have them take bloods and will see what happens
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