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  1. Behaviourist on Gold Coast

    Thanks, I sent both of these to Maddy. She said that her pet insurance covers only accidental injury for the first six months, and she wants to deal with this early on, so while behavioural vet is not excluded it won’t be covered for some time yet. she has made an enquiry with calm companions and we will see how she goes
  2. Behaviourist on Gold Coast

    Hi everyone, my daughter is doing an amazing dog with her 17 week old pup but is having a few issues neither of us are sure how to deal with. She has decided that she will deal with it sooner rather than later and wants to see a behaviourist or suitable positive trainer to help. For context the issues are barking at strangers and sometimes strange dogs, even at a big distance. He is very submissive and fine with my dog but is a little fearful around new people and dogs and it seems to be escalating. Also he is super clingy to my daughter, he loves me but if she leaves him with me he gets very upset and can’t seem to focus on anything else. So if anyone Knows of a behaviourist on the Gold Coast the can recommend? Also does anyone know how much she can expect to pay? She does have pet insurance but I don’t think this would be covered. thanks
  3. My next Pup

    Scout would love a new little brother. My Daughter brings her small breed puppy over to visit and Scout is oh so gentle and sweet but she just wants to play and be rough sometimes!!
  4. My next Pup

    Hi everyone, just an update. i have found a wonderful breeder I really get along well, whose dogs and whole breeding program I adore. I have been chatting to her for a while and she is happy to let me have one of her pups. she has a bitch who went through AI 3 weeks ago and we are waiting one more week to confirm this pregnancy, fingers crossed there will be a pup for me inside of her gorgeous Mummy dog. If she is pregnant the pups are due the day after my birthday and would come home mid November. in the meantime we are doing lots of work in our yard. We have two huge areas which are free of tasty pebbles now and a safe place a pup could be outside and I could have peace of mind (even though I’m sure most pups don’t eat rocks obsessively). so there’s a real frisson of excitement and each week that passes I am more able to smile about my beautiful Kane and not cry. hope you are all well xx
  5. What should I do?

    UPDATE: Just touching base to give you all an update. A little bit of time has passed and I am managing better. I still have days that I cry and miss my little guy but most days I can smile at his memory and the things Kane taught me about myself. I have made a decision..... I am not going to take the puppy on offer, Kanes sibling. I decided that aside from any possible health issues, I need my next puppy to be an individual and not a Kane replacement. Of course any puppy would be an individual but I really think that accepting a pup from Kanes parents would be setting me up to have different and unreasonable expectations on that pup. I have been researching breeders and found a beautiful lady who I feel a real connection with, she is happy to let me have one of her pups from a future litter, so for now, I am content with that. I will let you all know, in a new and more positive thread, when there is a new pup on the horizon. I may even look at showing our next baby who will be from an excellent pedigree with much show success. Thanks everyone for all the help and advice. I will continue to visit the forum. Talk to you all soon.
  6. What should I do?

    Snook you have been such a beautiful support to me throughout my bumpy journey with Kane and I really appreciate it.
  7. What should I do?

    I think I have decided I want another puppy. I can’t stop thinking about it. The only way I can describe it is to say I feel ripped off that I never got to see Kane grow to an adult, to spend all that time loving him. It came to a very premature end and no matter how much I loved him (and I did, so very very much) I want the chance to raise a baby to adulthood. Kane taught me so much, being with him ALL the time, I spent so much time learning about dog behaviour and training. I went from a person who had dogs inside only on their bed so as not to get fur everywhere, to a person whose every item of clothing was garnished with fur , Whose floors needed washing three times a week and whose car was also full of fur and I loved it! I learned that no one loves you like a dog. Scout is very much my husbands dog, she loves me but she’s a Daddy’s girl, Kane was a Mummy’s boy and I loved it. Im not sure Kane’s sibling will be our next puppy. I just don’t know yet but I do know there will be another puppy in our home and our hearts. I simply don’t want to start wearing clothes which aren’t covered in fur, Kane taught me that.
  8. Goodbye my precious boy

    Oh I know and that’s why I said I don’t think it’s their fault, that they couldn’t have known what was going on inside, not until it was too late anyway. what I’m referring to is the day it all went wrong, when they told me he had septicaemia and the ultrasounds showed unusual gas patterns and perhaps a rupture. I don’t know where my head was but I didn’t think of his previous surgical site but I’m sure they did, they didn’t mention it though. I’m sure it would’ve made no difference but in my mind honesty goes a long way in trust building. i am trying to just focus on the good times for sure. Laughing over his funny little antics. It’s very raw still though and last Thursday keeps running through my mind.
  9. Goodbye my precious boy

    I am back and forth through these emotions constantly. since finding out the cause of death, I feel like I need to find a new vet. I don’t believe his death was their fault because they couldn’t have known what was going on inside of him but I feel like they would have known when he came back into the vet what may have been happening but they never mentioned it, even when septicaemia was confirmed they were still saying he must have eaten something else, I was sure he hadn’t. So they were either quiet to avoid any question of liability or they were not good enough vets to consider that option as possible.
  10. What should I do?

    They told me that once they have a confirmed pregnancy they will be in touch, they don’t expect that to be for 9 months, so I don’t need to think about it. I keep pushing it out of my mind but it keeps coming back in. It feels nicer to think about than dwelling on my loss I guess. This time last week was a day like any other until about 30 minutes from now..... then it all changed and I’ve never cried so much since.
  11. What should I do?

    I discovered in my research last night that even when both parents are free from atopy or the contributing genes which cause issues with skin barrier, they still have an 11% chance of having a pup with atopy. we aren’t sure that’s what Kane had, in fact his may have been food allergy. We never got the chance to challenge the chicken, we were literally just about to. i think mostly, before I am ready to do anything, either way, I need to deal with my new anxieties. My daughter got her puppy (who is just lovely) and I find myself being unreasonably worried about him picking up things and eating them. I was looking back at old photos today and one was of Scout when I caught her ripping up a door mat, back then I just thought she was naughty but when I looked at it today I wondered how I didn’t freak out about her eating some of it. so basically, the skin issues are a risk I think I am prepared to take. They can be managed and the changes are relatively low we would have a pup with those issues but my fear of another obstruction is off the charts. Not sure how to deal with that, maybe it’s just time? also someone mentioned getting a different sex to make pup her own person instead of too similar to Kane. I like that idea but would you get a female pup when you have a 6 year old desexed female (she would be 7 by then), she has no dog issues and loves everyone but does that just increase the risk of there being issues? Scout fretted for Kane for a day or two, lots of crying but looking at the picture below, I think she doesn’t mind having her whole bed back thanks again for all the support and just helping my brain work through all of this.
  12. What should I do?

    I think whichever way you look at it, it is intended to be a kind offer.
  13. What should I do?

    Yes, I have the same concerns. They have invited me to visit their dogs, even Kane’s sister that they kept and see their skin. They promise me no allergies. also I would have definitely dealt with his allergies, no matter the cost for my boy. It would’ve been a small price to pay (even if it was a high price) for the beautiful nature. I read the genetic testing certificates of his parents and a lot of info on breed specific genetic testing and cannot see allergies listed. anyhow, I’m a researcher and there is no rush.
  14. What should I do?

    These are the exact questions running through my mind. I think with time the answer will become clearer to me. Right now I’m not sure. I mean yesterday I never wanted another puppy at all! definitely all good for thought. It’s so helpful to hear your thoughts
  15. What should I do?

    Not for probably 12 months. Thanks for the advice