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  1. No actually, he did sit while the judge was looking at his bite and he wildly wagged his tail the whole time she went over him but he behaved very nicely. He loves it so much, I’m so proud of how well he takes everything in his stride. So much love
  2. Thanks guys, we used hot dog in the ring. My little boy did super well. We got a baby puppy of breed and even though we didn’t win group we did very well and his focus on me improved so much. We haven’t been ’show training’ much, mostly working on focus and engagement. Keeping him interested in me. He is such a great boy, his temperament is amazing and he loves the show ring.
  3. It is because he is still doing well! I just need to work hard to drag his attention away from food in the ground.
  4. Yes I understand, at 4.5 months it’s all just practice to help him to focus even with distraction. He’s great at home and at the local oval when we practice but in the ring when he’s a tired baby, sometimes the only tool that’s gonna win is the food. Hopefully with maturity and work he becomes more engaged in me in that environment too!
  5. Hi everyone, at our most recent show Chase was very unfocused on me and very focussed on picking up dropped treats from the ground of the ring. I realise I need higher value, irresistible treats, so I would love suggestions for some delicious treats for use only in the ring?
  6. What else is there to do on this very hot day? also my Son came to visit with his new puppy Winston, he is just adorable
  7. Here’s a picture of my two babies together instead!
  8. When he was just a baby, before he came home with us and before we even knew he would be our puppy, we referred to him as “eyebrow”. It’s very cute isn’t it!
  9. I tried to upload a few pics from in the ring but I can’t get the photos small enough
  10. My bad, the show ran very late and we didn’t get home until 11:30pm. he did very well, I was very proud of him. He is such a sweet boy and loves everyone and every dog. we did have a challenge with him trying to eat dropped treats in the ring, so next time we need to up the value of the treats I offer but he was Best Baby puppy of breed and in my opinion narrowly missed Baby puppy of group. He’s a funny gangly dog still, being that he’s a baby and Amstaffs don’t seem to grow gracefully like some other breeds, he was super tired by the time group came up but he behaved so very well.
  11. He’s been very healthy since the aloe Vera incident. He’s definitely a more naughty puppy than he was at the last show, so I expect some mischief!
  12. Little Chase is all prettied up for this afternoons show! He is still wet in today’s photo, so you can see his pigment through his wet white fur a lot. He still has a “butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth” look about him. It’s all a ploy
  13. She is a good big sister, she actually mothers him a bit, she also tells him off when he is naughty!
  14. At last weigh in, he was only 15kgs, so he has quite a lot of growing to do! Scout is on the small side for an Amstaff, we love her, in our eyes she is beautiful but as far as the breed standard goes she is very fine boned and only weighs 22kgs, she is quite lean though. I think Chase will at least double his weight yet!
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