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  1. Goodbye my precious boy

    We have a cause of death. Secondary peritonitis caused by dehiscence of his surgical wound from bowel obstruction surgery. i also had the beautiful offer from his breeder to give me pick of litter from his parents next litter at no cost. its nice to have answers. I just wish those answers could have helped before we lost him.
  2. Goodbye my precious boy

    Today, we said goodbye to my precious little Kane. His life was so short, he was 5 months old yesterday and his little life was riddled with health issues but it was also filled with love and security. i never knew a puppy so self contained, so sweet with all animals. He was truly a ray of sunshine in my life. it all happened so fast, this morning he ate breakfast and started having zoomies like always, he laid on his bed while I worked. All normal and then suddenly he vomited twice, he started shaking violently and we rushed off to the vet. Since he had previously had an Obstruction we suspected the same, even though he is literally never out of my sight but the xray and ultrasound showed nothing, we gave him markers for the xray and took bloods and put him on fluids. The bloods showed he was anaemic and his stomach was filling with fluid. We just don’t know what happened but he went into shock and downhill fast. He was moaning in pain even after opiates. the vet said we should be kind and say goodbye, so I held him and kissed him until he slipped away. Now I’m am empty and exhausted. i am glad he came to us, even though he cost such a lot in such a short time. I have no regrets, we gave him the absolute best life he could’ve had anywhere and he gave us so much love in return.
  3. Goodbye my precious boy

    The morning Kane got sick, he still had his coat on from the night before. When we got to the vet, the vet took it off him and handed it to me. he loved that coat, it was so funny how we dangled it and showed him at the end of the hall each night to get him to run to our room for bedtime. We would put it on him and he would hop into his crate and go to sleep. i haven’t been anywhere the past few days but yesterday got into my car to go to the shops and there was Kane’s little coat on the seat, still there from when he was last in the car. I held it and smelled it and sobbed. that coat doesn’t fit Scout but I think I will always keep it, it reminds me so much of my boy. here he is, only days before he died, in his little coat he loved so much.
  4. Goodbye my precious boy

    Thank you all so very much. Today has been harder than yesterday. I feel so sad that Kane never got to reach his potential. We loved him so very much and you’re all right, we went through so much and that built such an enormous bond. Eventually ending with me holding him as he slipped away. It’s too much to endure and I am very great full for all of your support xxx
  5. Goodbye my precious boy

    I havent even managed to get out of bed yet this morning and I’ve already cried a river. I wish I could rewind time and have my boy here to cuddle. I might just go back to sleep. how do people deal with this pain and loss. I’m ashamed to say that this feels as bad as losing my own brother did.
  6. Goodbye my precious boy

    Thanks everyone, I needed to share with some dog lovers, I feel so so empty and sad. He was so very special, he had learned so many tricks lately and was progressing so well. Forever a beautiful puppy. I miss him so much
  7. Hi Everyone, I am hoping to get some insight into some struggles we are having with our 14 week old Amstaff, Kane. I will try and give all the detail but it may make this post long, so sorry. We bought Kane home at 8 weeks old, on the way home he had some very watery diarrhea, which continued for the whole first week, despite switching him to chicken and rice. He was otherwise playful and well eating and drinking and being a happy little guy. after 6 days of sometimes watery diarrhea and some more pudding like I took him to the vet who put him on antibiotics and gave me Scourban to give him. another week and no real improvement, I called the vet who said to continue with the scourban. He started to have solid stools on and off so I decided to start to slowly introduce him to some actual dog food. I didnt think he could keep growing like this on a diet of chicken and rice. I got some Blackmores dog probiotic powder and gave it to him once a day. Everytime I increased his dog food the diarrhea came back. Somewhere in amongst all this he developed a fine red rash on his belly and was itchy. I am not sure if the rash was there before the dog food started but I tend to think it was. By this time Kane was due for his second puppy vax so we made a vet appointment. Due to coronavirus I had to pass Kane to a vet nurse and explain all of my concerns and wait outside the vet. The vet called me and said she didnt want to vaccinate because he had an allergy rash with a secondary infection and we needed to sort that first. she gave him a shot of steroids and sent us home with antibiotics again, another bottle of scourban, some science diet digestive care tins to get some goodness into him and some Pyohex conditioner to go with the clorhexidine wash we already had. She wanted to see him in 2 weeks which is this friday. Initially after that appointment his skin looked almost perfect, we have kept him off the grass except to go to the bathroom. He spends a lot of time with our 6 year old Amstaff who he loves and when they are outside we have them fenced off in an area which is fully paved. He sleeps inside in a crate and his skin appears calmer and settled each morning. It seems to always redden and flare up after being around Scout and outside. Yesterday we went to help our eldest daughter move and left the dogs at home in the paved area for around 4 hours. When we came home Kanes skin was angry and red with new rash, up until this his skin had just looked reddened and dry but settled when inside. I coated him in the pyohex as he was scratching so much and he settled to sleep. This morning his skin looks worse than most mornings but he seems calm and not bothered by it. He has always been a smelly little guy, really strong dog smell. He is still eating chicken and rice with a small amount of nutro puppy sprinkled on it because it is all his stomach will tolerate. He has firm stools but is still completing his course of antibiotics and due to see the vet again on friday. I have noticed an enlarged lymph node at the base of his jaw on the left side which is painless to him. I just am hoping someone can tell me they have gone through something similar and what on earth it was? I want to be armed with knowledge on Friday when we see the vet. hes a wonderful natured pup who we really love already and we want to do whats best for him. Thanks for reading this absolute novel!! I have attached a photo of my two doggies cuddling last night. Poor Scout getting squished off her own bed. Nikki and Kane
  8. Over these last weeks since Kane’s surgery, he has never been left alone, hubby and I have taken turns watching him like a hawk, monitoring for any scratching but also for him eating anything he shouldn’t. it means that he now has developed some separation anxiety. since he eats anything he can destroy, if we go out he is left in his crate with no bedding and some indestructible toys. I try to just leave him for short times to work on it but his behavior is getting worse. Last night we left him for 3 hours to go to our sons housewarming, I left him with a kong stuffed with Greek yoghurt and treats and a carrot. He isn’t too distressed to eat the kong but after he finished he mustve gotten very distressed because he had urinated in the crate and it was everywhere, he had even somehow bent a bar in the crate!!!!! Our other dog was in a crate right next to him. he sleeps in our room in a smaller crate which he only just fits in now, we had planned to move him out to the laundry with Scout much sooner but now I know it is going to be hard. suggestions and advice are very welcome. I work from home so am always here. I can put him in the crate in the laundry regularly for short times, I have the time to do whatever but I cannot just put him outside........ in good news, his health has come a long way and for the moment I feel confident he can’t harm himself if he does get distressed while in the crate.
  9. Itchy Smelly Staffy Pup

    We have progressed and added turkey to his diet these last few weeks. No reaction. In fact his skin looks the best it ever has. Not much longer and we will challenge with chicken again. the vet very calmly told me that he will get flare ups and probably seasonal allergies but we will need to see how he goes over the next 12 months. so far I am very happy with his progress and totally prepared for a life of managing his skin issues. he is very worth it
  10. Separation anxiety

    Just an update. We have decided that it is not separation anxiety but normal puppy behaviour after talking to a behaviourist. We try not to leave him alone for any length of time until he feels more independent and are working on games etc which achieve this. He regularly goes in the laundry crate for up to 40 minutes while I do housework like vacuuming or mopping and he is very relaxed about it. I let him out before he shows any signs of distress. He loves having a Kong in there. he is slowly becoming more confident, happy to wander off to another room to sleep in a patch of sunshine and not having to follow me everywhere. also he hasn’t even attempted to eat a rock since his surgery. there’s lots of things we are working on but he seems quite happy and well adjusted. he now knows not to walk through doors to the outside without sitting and meeting my eyes, that’s the magic trick for anything he wants, meet my eyes. he also knows sit, drop, roll over, shake, high five, speak and touch. I love doing “touch” with him, it has taught him good self control to just gently touch a target without biting. He knows the meaning of a bunch of words too. i just realised there’s no rush to leave him alone for very long. We can get there on his timetable since I work from home anyway.
  11. Opinions on breed

    Hi Everyone, I have a question, which isnt for me, I dont want anymore dogs , but is for my 22 year old daughter. She has recently moved out of home with her partner and is struggling to live in a home without a dog (our dogs are a big part of our family and she has never lived without a dog to snuggle). She really wants to get a dog to love, she has contact allergies to dog hair which we have discovered are not set off by dogs such as maltese, poodle etc who do not moult much and she is researching a breed who are generally not dog aggressive or wary of strangers. She basically is hoping to find a dog who has a lovely even temperament. Now before you all jump in and say, its in the training and how you raise the dog, we all know some breeds are just generally harder work than others to train. Of course there is always an exception to this rule and most issues can be overcome with appropriate training. She will certainly consider a rescue (proven temperament as an adult). I am really just interested in people thoughts. My family have 2 Amstaffs and a Matlese cross Australian terrier, while she loves the Amstaffs and still cuddles them, she suffers for it afterwards. What do you all think?
  12. Opinions on breed

    Hi everyone, I thought I would just let you know that my Daughter is getting a Lowchen x bichon. She spent some time with the parents and it didn’t trigger her allergies and they were sweet lovely dogs. her little black puppy will be coming home with her on Thursday. thanks for all the advice
  13. Separation anxiety

    I haven’t but thanks for the tip. I will look into it and thank you. training yesterday was a bit discouraging. I don’t think we found the trainer for us, so that is nice to hear
  14. Separation anxiety

    Yay, big step forward today. I took my daughter to school while leaving Kane with his Kong in the small crate in our study (it’s where we spend much of our time, so he’s comfortable here). I came home after around 10 minutes and he glanced up at me from his Kong and went back to happily munching on it. the secret was wedging a whole carrot in the end!
  15. Separation anxiety

    Ah good to know, I thought he wanted to be a dentist because he gets right in there. Scout does sometimes tell him off for it. She’s very tolerant though.
  16. Separation anxiety

    Ah good to know, I thought he wanted to be a dentist because he gets right in there. Scout does sometimes tell him off for it. She’s very tolerant though.
  17. Suture reaction?

    Yep me again with the poor poor dog who entirely everything seems to go wrong with I noticed yesterday afternoon that Kane’s suture line which had previously looked quite good ( although lumpy not too bad and it was even all along) now looked reddish and sort of inflamed. I’ll post a photo below. We will be back to the blasted vet today to get it checked. Has anyone had a similar issue? he is 18 days post op and last Friday got the all clear from the vet.
  18. Suture reaction?

    His suture line is looking great! Back to the vet tomorrow but we will be using the appointment to finally get Kane’s third vaccination needle!
  19. Separation anxiety

    This morning I put Kane in his crate with a Kong while I dropped my daughter to school. It’s very close so I was gone for around 10 minutes. I came home to him quietly munching on his Kong. Waited for him to finish while doing some work on the computer and then took him out to the toilet. So it appears he is ok with short intervals! i also just put him out in our turfed area with scout and came inside to spy through the window. He bugged scout a fair bit, licking in her mouth (for some reason he does this obsessively). He sniffed around and played with Scout and didn’t seem at all concerned about me leaving him. I left him for around 20 minutes and went and got him. I will continue to do this sporadically through the day and slowly increase the time. It would be great if I could confidently leave him outside while I do groceries etc. I was even brave enough to let him sniff around the rocks in our carport whilst watching closely. He didn’t try to eat any. i feel like he is always hungry. His weight is good, maybe a bit lean but he is growing so much, he is always sniffing around for food, like a little scavenger, so that is something I would like to address. overall I am happy with how we are going, I may need to employ a baby sitter if we plan to go out for very long until we progress some more.
  20. Separation anxiety

    We have already started our obedience lessons with a private trainer. I actually found the recommendation on here. At this stage I have only paid $180 for 3 one hour sessions. I am not sure she is going to tick all the boxes but we are working on a few things to assist with our main issues.... I will keep you posted.
  21. Separation anxiety

    Thanks Scratch, we are working on that at the moment, I purchased a basket muzzle but it is a little big on him, so while he grows (fast) I am working on getting him used to putting his snout in it calmly for a reward. We do have a section of yard which is newly turfed and pretty much safe for him, I am thinking of trialing him in the part of the yard with scout for short periods while I spy out of the window . In fact, I think I will do that for 15 minutes tomorrow and gauge his reaction, if it is a good reaction, I will repeat throughout the day on and off and build up so that he can be out there if I need to go shopping etc. I really think my paranoia is adding to the problem. I think it is justified given our experience so far, but it isn't helping when I let myself get really stressed about it all. If you wanted to read through a long post thread, look at my 'bowel obstruction' post, I think it goes back to highlight most of our issues to date. I should also add, I am sorry If I sounded snappy in my earlier post. I really do appreciate everyones suggestions and suuport
  22. Separation anxiety

    oh gosh, I wrote a whole big long reply and it has disappeared! The gist of it was, we are broke....self employed on the Gold Coast during this covid situation, I literally have no disposable income after spending our savings on Kanes recent surgery and all the other stuff I have had to buy for him!! So no, I dont want to think about an anxiety disorder. I am going to have to deal with this situation the best I can without having an anxiety disorder myself!! we are seeing a private trainer for a few weeks. I do have another vet appointment with Kanes regular vet on Wednesday where I will ask for some advice but I cannot afford another vet bill right now. If I could just put Kane outside with Scout he would be happy but I cant risk it because if he gets another blockage, we cant afford the surgery and the only option doesnt bare thinking. He walks across rocks everyday to get to his toileting area and he hasnt tried to eat any rocks since his surgery. I am inclined to think he was eating rocks and dirt because he had something lacking from his diet (he was on chicken and rice only for a fair while with his loose stools and skin issues) and the chewing up of beds .....he is a staffy! our older girl did it a lot in her younger days and still would if she was left alone with certain tempting beds. I just need to take a step back and try to relax and deal with it bit by bit trying to be calm and strong. I will continue to do research but I am afraid that at the moment I cant afford anything more
  23. Separation anxiety

    Thanks for sharing that, I might be a bit dim.... I read the whole thing and really didn’t understand how Kane fits in to any of the “clusters” or how to help him.... I need a version for “dummies”
  24. Bowel obstruction

    OMG this little puppy has been hard work. We have been at the vet at least once a week since he came to live with us 8 weeks ago and right now Kane is at the vet... im posting because I’m so anxious and I needed other doggy people to support me. last night our young boy while unsupervised for around 15 minutes, ripped apart a corner of his big sisters bed, nothing too much and I really didn’t realise he may have swallowed some but thinking back, this dog likes to eat rocks and sticks and why wouldn’t he have eaten some foam? about an hour later he vomited and there was a decent sized piece of foam in his vomit, he quickly vomited twice more and both had some foam and dinner in there. then he went to the toilet, annoyed his big sister and curled up to sleep. He sleeps in our room and slept comfortably all night. this morning he was just a bit quiet, ate his breakfast, drank water, poo’d and passed urine and went back to sleep, not too unusual but he didn’t jump up when big sister walked past and was just lazier than usual. i called the vet who asked me to bring him in to be checked. Vet said he thought he was just a bit inflamed in his bowel and gave me some tablets for him and said if anything changes contact him. we no sooner got home than Kane ran over to the lawn and started straining to poo, nothing came out, he then vomited all his breakfast up back at the vet they gave him “markers” to show up in an xray since foam won’t show up and we are just waiting for enough time to have passed to xray and see if those markers have moved anywhere down his diges.... Since typing the above the vet called. He has a blockage and needs surgery right now.... between $2500 and $3500 is what they expect it to cost. I’m in shock.
  25. Bowel obstruction

    I never shared this photo. Taken the day after surgery showing what they took out of him bowel. I have a better photo but can’t manage to resize it small enough to post.