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  1. Hugo has started on some anti anxiety medication and its reduced his appetite. I've been mixing a bit of fish or raw meat in with his usual dry food which has worked well, but for economy sakes I thought I'd buy ready made barf patties to mix in. He won't touch them. I tried a beef one and a chicken one. Could it be an ingredient like yeast or garlic that he's not used to that smells bad to him? I suspect I'll just need to make them myself and not add garlic and yeast because the other ingredients are just meat, veg and fruit, egg, which hes had before
  2. He had his nails done Friday and although being super groggy all day he's bounced back great. I got them to take blood as well for his screening tests before we see the specialist vet for his anxiety. Ironically, he was totally fine with them taking blood without any sedation etc, but panics if you try to cut his nails *sigh*
  3. I've booked him in. I asked about the cauterisation. They said they do it if they need it, and that they are given pain relief along with the sedation. I asked if they come home with pain relief and nurse said they dont need it. I feeling very anxious about it but I dont think I have much option.
  4. thank you. Im going to ring the vet to book him in. he's had a some run arounds on pavers with the weather being nicer and the nails are "fraying" and splitting so I just need to get it done now I think. Edit to add, the nurse mentioned cauterisation, which I am assuming means cutting them really short and cauterising the quick? Wouldnt this be painful afterwards? Should I ask for this NOT to be done or is it unavoidable if his nails are too long? I so dont want to put him under any more stress. I dont know what to do for him. I feel awful about him having an anaesthetic
  5. Our GSP is nearing 12. Due to arthritis he's not running around as much so he's nails are getting long. We used to be able to trim them ourselves when needed, but lately he just won't allow us to do it. we tried different clippers etc, and even took him to the vet for the nurse to try, but after one clip he understands whats happening and just gets upset. We got sedation from the vet (a dose of gabepentin at night and then again the next morning) but it did absolutely nothing and as soon as he saw the clippers he was off. I really hate the idea of having to give him aneasthetic at the vets f
  6. Hi, Yep he came through the KC great. Took a good 2-3 weeks though. He's had a rough patch lately, he recently had a nasty abcess from his vaccination site. Poor old man.
  7. Hugo has a treat dispenser shaped like a kong, that wobbles, but he empties it really quickly. Can anyone please recommend some treat puzzles or dispensers that keep their dogs occupied for a good amount of time (filled kongs only work in certain situations so I need some other things) Thank you!
  8. Thanks all. The last hour he's coughed less and hasnt been bringing up the mucus when he does so fingers crossed the medication just needed a few doses to work
  9. Vet knows about the mucus, he was coughing it up the whole night before. Antibiotics because he had a high temp, so she's covering him for infection. We've got a strain of KC going around Adelaide at the moment and what he has seemed to fit with what they were seeing in the area. Codeine is a cough suppressent.
  10. We're day 3 of Hugo's canine cough. He's on antibiotics (he had a high temp) and codeine for his cough. The codeine really isnt doing much (hes prescribed 30mg morning and night). He's coughing (often with big globs of mucus) multiple times an hour. I haven't had any significant sleep since it started so feeling rough myself! (thankfully hubby was home this morning so took over nurse duties for a few hours so I could get some sleep) Any tips for helping his cough or is it just time? He's got a week of antibiotics and codeine. Thanks
  11. my GSP is about to turn 8 and in the last couple of months we've seen him occasionally limp on front leg after a big run or when he's been jumping for a ball. He's not in pain and no problem with moving joint around but I'm obviously concerned about joint health. I'll take him to vet to discuss our options but would appreciate any advice on what to give or not to give. He's just come in from running around with kids and he's holding his paw up off the ground but its not bothering him at all, checked his paw, moved his joint and he just keeps wagging his tail.
  12. My GSP has just started a course of norvoclav post stitches for a cut. Id like to prevent any antibiotic diarrhoea if possible. What can I/should I give him? Thanks
  13. Hi. Recommendations for preservative free biscuits as treats please. Savour life look good. Any others?
  14. Thanks Off to the vet today so he's getting thoroughly checked out.
  15. I'm off to the vet today for yearly check up but thought I'd ask here too. My boy has a callous on one elbow. Sometimes it looks faintly pink but other times it looks quite inflammed. I guess depending how often he plonks down on the pavers. Whats a good product to use to help with this? Thanks
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