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  1. my GSP is about to turn 8 and in the last couple of months we've seen him occasionally limp on front leg after a big run or when he's been jumping for a ball. He's not in pain and no problem with moving joint around but I'm obviously concerned about joint health. I'll take him to vet to discuss our options but would appreciate any advice on what to give or not to give. He's just come in from running around with kids and he's holding his paw up off the ground but its not bothering him at all, checked his paw, moved his joint and he just keeps wagging his tail.
  2. My GSP has just started a course of norvoclav post stitches for a cut. Id like to prevent any antibiotic diarrhoea if possible. What can I/should I give him? Thanks
  3. Hi. Recommendations for preservative free biscuits as treats please. Savour life look good. Any others?
  4. Thanks Off to the vet today so he's getting thoroughly checked out.
  5. I'm off to the vet today for yearly check up but thought I'd ask here too. My boy has a callous on one elbow. Sometimes it looks faintly pink but other times it looks quite inflammed. I guess depending how often he plonks down on the pavers. Whats a good product to use to help with this? Thanks
  6. I know there have been some threads about insurance not being paid on claims for pets so just wanted to share a good outcome Our 6 year old GSP got happy tail and a month later needed amputation. I got a text yesterday morning from Pet Insurance Australia to say our claim had been received and would have a determination within 5-10 days. That afternoon 80% of my vets billed had been deposited into my bank account. I was expecting that I would get money back but to get it so quickly was fantastic. Just wanted to share a good experience :-)
  7. GSP Put the velcro in "Velcro dog". Has to be with someone ALL THE TIME....unless they are outside exploring then they won't come when called lol. Shut the toilet door for privacy....well I'll just lay against the door until you open it. Lying on the sofa watching tv...I must lie with you...preferably under a blanket thanks. You went out for 5 minutes.....oh lord I thought you were NEVER coming home! Let me go crazy over you and whip you with my tail a hundred times. Let me out for a wee. No I don't want to come back in I'm happy out here thanks.....5 seconds later screaming at the
  8. Lol...iggies are never in the wrong section. What a cutie
  9. He's doing great. None the wiser for missing some of his tail :-)
  10. hmm, I'm hoping infected happy tail requiring amputation comes under number 8 :-/
  11. I think you made the best call, given the infection is showing no improvement. Hope it all goes well :) Now he will look American! It really was disgusting poor boy,not that it seemed to bother him at all. He's home now. Doped up to the eyeballs, but has pain meds and antibiotics and a very well padded stump.
  12. Was just coming in to post what my insurance policy states, but see now that your's is the same. So you get one episode covered but if it happens again then they won't pay. 5. more than one (1) incident of swallowing a foreign object that causes a blockage or obstruction requiring surgical or endoscopic removal per Policy Period;
  13. Let us know how you get on Boronia I'm surprised its not covered...surely its why we have insurance. I will be making a claim on my pet insurance soon so hopefully I don't find myself in the same situation
  14. Thanks all. He's having surgery today. It was still badly infected at our visit this morning and likely osteomyelitis so together we decided to just progress to surgery when in all likelihood we would have end up there anyway.
  15. Hmm, thanks all. Vet said infection was deep so I don't like our chances. Appointment this week so we'll see what it looks like then :-(
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