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  1. miss2 is it a complete or partial tear? And how old is Spud? I believe that makes a difference. My old Mac ruptured his ACL some years ago (about age 7 from memory), and I went with surgery straight away as it was a complete tear - and while the vet gave me other options, where the tear is complete I doubt you'll get as good a result without surgery. But thats just my opinion. And when he did his second one we went straight to surgery as well and had good results. I agree with RMS's comments as well - its also hard keeping dogs contained and quiet for long enough for the non-surgery route to be effective. Good luck with Spud.
  2. Yep this is what I do too - because I buy in bulk I freeze up to 20 or so kgs of raw dog food at a time so it stays in the freezer for some time before use - in combination with a supplier who absolutely promises me that he only uses human grade meats.
  3. The best stuff I've ever used fro my oldies is 4cyte. The difference its currently making to my 16 year old westie Sarah (and me ) is phenomenal. I used to use Joint guard for Mac which I thought was good, but I've found 4cyte much better. So I think a combination of Jumabaar and 4cyte is really worth a go. (Wish Jumbabaar was in my neck of the woods!)
  4. Yes if I recall after some debate we came up great wording for a sticker. I'd certainly buy a couple if they became availble again.
  5. Big Ezydog fan here too. Their stuff is simple and just works. Thanks for the thread Arlizng. Now I've moved down the coast and we are doing a lot more car travel at 100 kms/hr I need to upgrade the westies car harnesses. And the Ezydog looks pretty good. Just need to check the seat belt attachment works with the back seat buddy.
  6. Hmn... better cow pow than fox poo!! Eeeewww!
  7. Thanks DD - will look at them too!
  8. Hello! I didn't realise that was you! Thanks tons - would be really good to know as the westies loved them. Thank you!
  9. OK - Rogue Royalty it is - I'm sure thats the one I had before and the westies loved it. Thanks guys - DOL to the rescue again!
  10. Thanks very much both of you - NZ is fine PK - they make good stuff too.
  11. Hi All, I'm having a devil of a time trying to find the terrific tripe treats (freeze-dried I think) I bought a while ago from a groomers - and I don't have the bag anymore and can't remember the brand I 'm after really good quality, Australian made, freeze-dried or dehydrated treats for the westies - prefer tripe but would be happy to try other recommended brands and types, as long as they are Australian made. Any suggestions please? (The westies and their grandmother are desperate!) TIA
  12. I'm not a breeder but agree that given the long-term commitment that a new puppy entails, its absolutely worth the airfare (s) to eyeball the interstate breeder and their dogs. Well worth the effort to reassure yourself before you handover any more money. And if the breeder suddenly gets all cagey and won't commit to a personal visit, run a mile and consider 'lesson learned'. While you are probably fairly safe on DOL due to the increased vetting of advertisers its not infallible - but certainly much better than Gumtree. You'll be very pleased you made the trip - and you could bring your new puppy home at the same time accompanied 'baggage' by air. Good luck and don't forget to post pics!
  13. Mine get fed when I get home from work, anywhere between 5.30 and 7.30 pm. Then at bedtime, they go out for a wee (Sarah often does a fake squat or the quickest winter wee on the face of the planet - one of the two!) then off to bed - my bed of course!
  14. Yes I'm about to move down the south coast. And the thought of changing vets is enough to send me into a spin (I love my vets!). And because I'll be bouncing up and down to Adelaide I think I'll keep my current vets (for continuities sake - big believer in continuity) and introduce myself to a local south coast vet for emergencies. A sort of 'shared care'. Then when I get a new dog I'll start them off at the local vet (assuming all goes well there).
  15. This is a great initiative. I hope other jurisdictions take it up. Whiel my Sarah is a bit old, Andy would be terrific.