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  1. Expose into Dog Food on The 7.30 Report

    Hi Christine_72. No nothing will come up on google - its a 'one man' operation and he works entirely on referrals. His name is Terry ('Pete' is his dog) and his food is human grade. He delivers as far as McLaren Vale and is here once a month. I'll PM you his phone number.
  2. Yep! Bought three from Little Gifts. Exactly what I was looking for. I'll post photos when they arrive. Mia is very excited. And after they arrive I'll look amongst all your suggestions for the next lot! Thanks everyone - really appreciate your help and advice.
  3. Grey needs a new home...

    OK - thanks all - I think its sorted. Fingers and paws crossed for Frank.
  4. Expose into Dog Food on The 7.30 Report

    And if time is a problem, see if you can find a reliable local raw supplier - there's sure to be one in your neck of the woods somewhere - they are worth their weight in gold. Terry who operates Pets Petfoods here is a legend. And if he can he will even customise for me.
  5. Expose into Dog Food on The 7.30 Report

    Oh and BTW for anyone in or near McLaren Vale, (south of Adelaide), the Country Butcher (the 'top end' butcher in the main drag) makes his own liver treats - and they are sensational.
  6. Expose into Dog Food on The 7.30 Report

    Yep agreed - which is why I buy human grade, necks, frames and raw mixture (Pete's Petfoods for anyone in Adelaide).
  7. While this actually makes me very sad... I'm posting in the hope that someone might known someone who can help Frank the greyhound out... Link here. He looks and sounds like a lovely boy. And putting here in the hope more people see him... He certainly deserves a good home ...
  8. Thanks tons SM - And she's just up the road from me too! xx
  9. Expose into Dog Food on The 7.30 Report

    I'm still on a US group for LP-GOLPP from Mac days - and the number of pet food recalls that c ome through on that feed in the US is truly horrifying. I'll never understand how people can put their precious four-leggeds at such risk by feeding them this stuff. Particularly as the appalling way the pet food industry operates has been known for years. Its nothing but Maccas for dogs. I feed myself nothing but 'whole foods' and I feed my pups nothing but human grade raw whole foods either. Do people really believe that pet food companies have the health of their pets at heart at the expense of their profits? Nuts if they do.
  10. Uhm... yes its sold - its mine! LOL!!
  11. LG these are perfect! Exactly what I was looking for! I'll PM you.
  12. Thanks everyone - it sure shows how out of touch I am with the dog toy world - I've never heard of some of these. Thanks so much - lots of exciting things to explore for my girl - that hollee roller sounds like great fun!
  13. Haha! Thanks B - I have a legitimate excuse. I got her, then promptly moved house (60 km) and am still up to my eyeballs in boxes. (Anyone like to unpack a box this arvo in return for beautiful McLaren Vale wine and a lunch and/or dinner and a cuddle with my gorgeous pair? LOL!). I promise I'll introduce her properly in the next week or so - after I get some good photos of her. She came from Christine Moore, a brilliant breeder from Port Macquarie. And to satisfy the westie lovers heres a photo of her on a bed, just after she arrived. And yes she is the most lovely natured beautiful girl! A real smoocher!
  14. Thanks Perse - I'll have a look - do you have any specific recommendations for westie size dogs? I have very little experience with dog toys and I'm honestly not sure what's suitable and what isn't. I have a 'Bobalot' from Mac days, which I'll try and find and see if she likes that as well. She liked a squeaky pig thing at a friends place last week but it was made in China and I wasn't overly thrilled with it.
  15. Hi All, For the first time in living memory I have a new westie girl (not a puppy farm rescue) who actually likes to play with dog toys. I've looked in two shops but they are all, absolutely all made in China, which makes me nervous (whats in the plastic? And they don't look at all flash or safe). Does anyone know of a brand of an Australian made brand of dog toys? Or have a brand they recommend? Or am I being overly cautious/nervous? Thanks all.