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  1. Heat Bed for Older Dog - Recommendations?

    Hi PM, For older dogs I suggest a bed with a waterproof lining under the fabric cover such as those from Orvis (and before you freak at the price, you can buy the covers only which vastly cuts down on shipping) and pairing it with a Snuggle Safe and washable blanket (I find the $4 or $5 jobs from Ikea are ideal - wash like rags and dry quickly). I've had my Snuggle Safes for years, probably since Mac was about 10 so about 2009 - and they are fabulous - work like a charm. And they seem to have come down in price in recent years.
  2. Darwin's dog identification survey!

    Well how bad was I at that !! I just see the same breeds regardless!
  3. I'm trying to work out whether or not Andy is best as an 'only dog' now or whether or not to wait for another adult rescue westie or an adult westie from a breeder. Its too early here I think... but I have no doubt when or if the time is right, the right dog will appear.
  4. Dog Bed Recommendation

    Yep Clark Rubber was where I priced it years ago - and the price difference was so minimal including the memory foam that I just imported the whole bed. But how times change - so importing the cover and liner and having the memory foam cut to size here is a great idea.
  5. Sarah's gone...

    Its with an unbelievably heavy heart that I let my DOL friends know my beloved Sarah, returned to God's care on Monday 19 March 2018. She was 16 years, 8 months and 13 days. Her birthday was 6 July 2001 and she arrived in my life on Thursday 23 November 2006, as a 5 year old and I adored her for over 11 years. She was the most beautiful natured westie ever, with her wonderful temperament, happy smile and her helicopter tail... and Andy and I miss her terribly. RIP my lovely girl. Again with Mac. Love you always. Will post in Rainbow Bridge when I'm able but this is all I can do for now.
  6. Dog Bed Recommendation

    You're right Roova - the fabric cover isn't waterproof, but the inner liner is! And although its not completely clear in the listing on the Orvis website, the reviews suggest that when you order a cover that usually has a separate inner liner, the liner comes as well!! Yay!! And sooooo much cheaper! And yep - the liner has saved my arse with my almost 17 year old many times!
  7. Dog Bed Recommendation

    Love your photos Roova - it's very similar here. I also have a very plain memory foam Orvis platform bed and Sarebear often sleeps half on and half off it! Just buying the Orvis covers is a good idea! I'd forgotten that you can do that. And given how expensive freight forwarding has become buying the Orvis covers and then having the memory foam cut here has become relatively so much more affordable now than importing the whole bed. Roova one question - did your Orvis beds come with waterproof inner linings or was it just the outer fabric cover? Just curious.
  8. Dog Bed Recommendation

    OK - first up declared biased Orvis user here ( and so is Roova). Unfortunately Orvis no longer ship dog beds to Australia (but they ship larger furniture protectors - go figure). You have to use a freight forwarding service (and you need to be careful as that can cost the GDP of a small country). Having said that, IMO they are the best dog beds on the planet bar none and worth every cent. Why? They are the only dog beds I know which use such high quality fabric and where the inner foam is protected by a zip-off waterproof cover underneath the outer fabric cover. The fabric is fantastic and the dog fur doesn't 'stick'. Yes they are easy to clean - unzip, throw in the washing machine. Excellent quality zips. My dog beds are in the lounge (except for one in the bedroom) so I wanted them to look decent - and I don't think there is a better looking dog bed on the market anywhere. The Orvis lounger (below with my old girl with the pink pants) is now 2.5 years old, it washes like a rag and still looks like new. It was the waterproof inner lining which swung me to this bed as my old girl is occasionally incontinent and dog beds don't last at all well with an incontinent dog. The donut bed with the fleece lining and my boy in it is the same - waterproof inner lining over the memory foam and is holding up very well. But best of all my westies absolutely adore them. My spoiled westies also have two Henry Hotties - fantastic beds, Australian made, nowhere near as expensive as Orvis and the company who make them are soooo obliging. But... they are not waterproof lined and they are not standing up to punishment (incontinence, frequent washing) anywhere near as well as the Orvis beds. If you have an elderly or ill incontinent dog I don't think they are as good and will require far more frequent replacing. I predict that the Orvis will 'outlive' two, possibly three of the Henry Hotties and I will spend more replacing the Henry Hotties in the longer term than I spent on the Orvis beds (despite their huge expense). So I suppose its really a question of do you want to spend that much money? In my case, for sheer quality and longevity of dog beds it's Orvis hands down and I'd do it again in a heart beat. The waterproof liners and fabric quality are second to none IMO. . But if money is tight , then the Henry Hotties are a good buy. Hope that helps.
  9. You lot are truly brilliant. Thank you. Yes I was up again last night but a bit later at least - and I think I'm starting to get used to it - sort of! Thank you all - the limiting bit for me is I'm in a rental - so need to be a bit cognisant of that. BUT, I have this very odd atrium thingo in the middle of the house that is open to the outside - a real throw back to the 80's/early 90's. I suspect it was designed by an architect for putting plants in who didn't know much about plants - but the truth is its too cold in the winter and far too hot in the summer - so it's pretty much a waste of space. And its right outside my bedroom - so instant geriatric doggy toilet me thinks!! So if she's still with us when the weather starts getting cold again, I could put a bit of turf in there or a doggy toilet and she could go in there at night! Would sure beat carrying her out on the back lawn down four huge steps in the dark and in the freezing cold at 3 am! And while I'd have to lift her over the lip, at least I wouldn't have to go down the steps and outside! Swapping around the chicken wing to the night is a good idea - the fattier meat might be more satiating for her - bit like LCHF for us! And yes I have a sensor light in the hall for her - tick! But I haven't put the torch next to my bed - thats a great idea. PC thanks for your post - your description is absolutely spot on - thats exactly what its like - and yes maybe I just have to recognise and get used to the fact that I'm now in for a time of broken sleep until she returns to God. This happened with Mac too - and in hindsight it heralded his last days. As much as I can't bear that thought, I know its coming. But overall she still has great quality of life - she eats, poops, and pees well - and just loves company, going out in the car or in the Macmobile. But when that changes I'll make a different decision. So yes I know its coming - but we're not there yet. Thanks everyone! Much appreciated.
  10. HA HA HA YA ALL!! And particularly you DD!!! Sorry for the very late report. I had the work phone today and every idiot in the state rang it today - the latest one about 20 minutes ago. (insert rolley eyes here). It didn't work - we still had a 3 am traipse to the back lawn. But she was less restless overall So I took her out today with me this morning and I might have succeeded in wearing her out. She's also had her pain relief a bit earlier tonight - so hoping that might help. I'll give her a snack and a drink later tonight before bed. Will come back again in the morning ASAP - and LG if you've jinxed me with your 'years of broken sleep ' comment I'll haunt you forever!
  11. Well that went down well! Fifteen minutes ago, I put an egg in a mug with a tiny bit of butter and cream. and whisked it up. Microwaved it for 45 seconds, stirred it and microwaved it again for 30 secs, put it in Sarah's bowl, cooled it with some water - and she wolfed it down! Anyway thanks for your help everyone - really appreciated and I'll report back in the morning. Fingers and paws crossed!
  12. @persephone -You're welcome to join Sarebear anytime!! LOL!! Excellent ideas - thanks all. I know scrambled egg with butter and cheese sounds rich - but its a Maggie Beer recipe and Mac loved it in his last year or so!! And it was good way to keep weight on him and get a bit of sustained energy for him. He didn't get a lot at once, but judging by the way he wolfed it down he loved it and it certainly didn't hurt him. So lots of good things to try - thanks all.
  13. LOL!! Too true!! Its me who is finding the 2.30 am snacks tough! LOL!! Thanks LG!
  14. Thanks SM. Mince and rice! Good idea. I should have thought of that. I might cook up a batch of rice and mix it with the mince and see how that goes too. Its a good way to get a little healthy fat into her too.
  15. Thanks LG - really helpful. Yes the pattern has sure changed here over the last couple of nights. It feels like we are entering Sarebear's final time. The frustrating thing was up until three nights agao she slept really soundly overnight so hoping this is just a bad patch. I laughed at your 17 year old and her butt - Sarebear did exactly the same yesterday - stuck her butt off the matt and let go!! Yes I'll try a a fun snack and pee session at bedtime . Any thoughts as to what to feed her so it induces sleep rather than overnight 'partying'?