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  1. Yep I love them too. I made sure Mac (RIP) and now Sarah's bottoms are on them on the bed at night and that way they don't need to be banished because they are occasionally incontinent.
  2. Excellent question PK. Anyone would think we were talking about jumpers and clothes!
  3. She was a very lucky girl to have found you and your family PME. Have fun over the bridge Nana Gem.
  4. Yep and no photos of where all those pages of breeding dogs are kept...
  5. Well I wouldn't. On so many counts.
  6. Timbs its good you are doing your research and in my view you are right to be very cautious. Why or what is it about these dogs that is making you research and possibly consider them? There was a thread here some months ago on these crossbreeds but I think it might have been deleted as it developed into a compete and utter debacle.
  7. Neither do I Juice. How can someone do that to a 15 year old. Poor dogs.
  8. Yep I'm with Perse - but the city slicker varieties - chicken frames, chicken necks, beef bones and turkey necks when I can get them. Cheap, gives variety, no chemicals, I know exactly what my guys are eating and my guys love them. I constantly get asked how my guys teeth are so good. My almost sixteen year old westies teeth are incredible for her age. Even the vet is impressed and she's never needed a teeth clean at the vet. And Andy is heading the same way.
  9. H and C are my fav Australian band of all time - and this is my fav of their tracks cos I can - suck it up PETA! ETA: Gotta love Mark Seymour! Brilliant live.
  10. Jarrah boards similar to mine here. But they've gone up in price a lot since I bought mine 10 - 15 years ago - but other cheaper options look good too. Mine have lasted really well for years and years with daily use and have been worth the investment. And before anyone jumps in, the research is divided on plastic v wood chopping boards. I'm out of the camp that says wooden boards have a natural disinfectant (if thats the right word) in them (UK research from memory), we have always had wooden boards without problem, we keep them clean (warm hot soapy water!). No need here for ten colours of disposable plastic boards which need replacing and add to landfill.
  11. Oh my goodness I hate those white things B! Remind me of my grandmother who loved white and plastic! I have three wooden boards - one a huge Jarrah one I bought on eBay years ago and it stays permanently on the kitchen bench - brilliant board. And I have two pieces of the old Darling Harbour I bought in Bellingen in the mid 90's. I love my wooden boards - and they are so easy to keep clean.
  12. I find wings are too fatty for my westies - so I only use them when Sarah is getting a bit thin (never been a problem with Andy! LOL!). I also use big chicken necks which I buy from the deli section and ask the deli assistant to pick out the big ones for me. I then make sure I put them in the sides of their mouths which forces them to chew them rather than hoover them. And I've never had a problem. Personally I wouldn't give necks to puppies but I'm certainly no puppy expert. My favourites are chicken frames. Dirt cheap at my local supermarket (which has the best raw whole human grade dog food in addition to the Adelaide Dog mix I use). I give my guys half a small frame a couple of times a week (and they get a beef soup bone once a week). So mornings is a mixture of beef soup bones, necks, wings and frames. Incidently, I have a maltese/shitzu staying here for a couple of days while her Mum and Dad are away. Her Mum commented how beautiful my guys teeth are. Her teeth are terrible and the poo!! The Poo!! I've never seen soooo much badly formed really smelly poo from one little dog! The amount is more than my two put together! And she's fed exclusively on some type of dry food which came with her in a plastic jar. Needless to say she's been wolfing down the raw I've given her with her parents permission. (Didn't have the heart or inclination to feed her 'that stuff' while mine get real meat!). And no she hasn't got diarrhoea. Flame suit on.
  13. Good point maddogdosge - my Sarah does have sensitive skin and is very prone to yeast outbreaks so I'm very careful what I use on her. But yes I'm sure the Glo White works well on other dogs.
  14. teekay, I'm using the eye wash directly on the staining on Sarahs cheeks and face as well as in her eyes - and it certainly seems to be helping. So maybe try wiping some on your girls mouth and chest and see if it helps? Gotta be honest - not a big fan of those whitening shampoos anymore - think they are a bit harsh? So will be very interested in how you get on and what you think. The really good news is Sarebear's staining around her eyes is continuing to get much better and I think she is much more comfy! Thanks again DD.
  15. B dunno - I'm not sure - on a quick search I can't find any reviews or studies. and I'm having difficulty seeing how it might help - but that might be me. I've flipped it over to a human physio dog lover friend of mine to see what she thinks and will come back if I hear back from her.