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  1. Happy Christmas Jules and thank you for the heart-warming photos!
  2. Update: The Victorian poodle didn't come off - which is a shame as it looked like an excellent match - but as expected the breeder had no trouble finding a Victorian buyer. I think I've convinced my neighbour to wait until more dogs come onto the re-home market; when more people return to work and the novelty of their impulse buy wears off when they realise managing pups and full-time work is much harder than they imagined. Fingers crossed the right dog for my neighbours our will come along when the time is right. Thanks for your help everyone - appreciated.
  3. There's a beautiful 3 year old toy poodle that has popped up on DOL today. With my neighbours permission, I have whipped off a response even though we aren't in Victoria, as my neighbours are genuinely such a good home. So all fingers and paws are crossed here and hope they will consider my neighbours.
  4. Thanks very much JRG - will get to it tomorrow.
  5. Where should it be reported to JRG? (I'm in SA). If someone can help out with some links I'll report.
  6. Hi all, Just an update on the poodle search which just got a bit more difficult as I'm now trying to convince my elderly neighbour to wait for a while until this price madness abates - at least a little - and hopefully toy poodles become a little easier to source. While its simply crazy at the moment, I think I'm seeing some slowing down and 'bloating' of the market? There are just soooo many crossbreed litters and puppies around at the moment its unbelievable. And the sad thing is I'm seeing so many obvious crossbreeds being advertised as purebreds: C
  7. Hi All, My delightful neighbours, a retired couple have just lost their beautiful but elderly toy poodle. So there is a vacancy for a girl adult toy or miniature poodle at a beaut home in the Adelaide Hills. Prefer to take a poodle who needs a home. Have noticed that the Poodle rescue in Queensland is closed during the pandemic. Apart from gender and toy or miniature they aren't fussed. References available. Happy to pay rescue fee and transport. No rush, let me know if anyone knows of a poodle who needs a good home. Thanks, Westi
  8. GAP grey - now hear me out, The elderly parents of an old friend of mine were after a small rescue dog - no luck. I suggested a GAP greyhound and after their laughter subsided, they did their research and discovered what a great breed greyhounds are for elderly folk (lounge lizards and not trip hazards among other things). They fostered to adopt and now have three greys in the family.
  9. Jimmy this is where I beg to differ. I'm a neuro Speech Pathologist in a previous life and I promise you - I do know what I'm talking about. I actually had a discussion with the Emergency Vets after Mac's crisis about 'why the hell don't you people use videofluroscopy to differentially diagnose what is a life threatening condition'? They couldn't give me a good answer. In my case, Mac suddenly went absolutely critical literally overnight - he was suffocating from a blocked airway and I almost lost him. Not to mention how distressing this condition is for our pups in the lead up, not to men
  10. Sorry for the late reply. Please don't leave this for a week - your dog can suddenly got into respiratory crisis which is a medical emergency - and a lot of vets don't have any experience with it. It's more than likely it is laryngeal paralysis (or the syndrome GOLPP - geriatric onset laryngeal paralysis and poly neuropathy) as the restlessness and difficulty with breathing without exertion and the panting and resisting exercise could be a major clue. You need a vet who is prepared to go further diagnostically. Your dog needs a full blood panel to rule out an infection (probably not from
  11. And that's my position too for older dogs - from roughly 10-12 years I start doing annual panels. In general terms, IMO, it saves money in the long run if you pick up anything early.
  12. Thanks Anne, that's what I had in mind - does it lock?
  13. Thanks Sangrubber - yes you're right but the carpenter has that issue under control. When I say French doors I'm talking about two doors and not necessarily the multi-pane ones.
  14. Hi All, I'm in the market for a medium size doggy door to go in the bottom of a glass external French door. I'd like one that is simple, seals well against the weather and is easily lockable. Don't need any other fancy features - I don't think! I did a search but couldn't find anything recent. Please could the DOL brains trust give me some recommendations? TIA
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