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  1. Take your dog to the movies: BBC

    Moonlight Cinema allows dogs - Andy and Sarah love it cos apart from sleeping on me for hours while I watch the movie they get icecream!
  2. Online Pet Shop

    Treat your dog Australia - https://www.facebook.com/pg/TreatYourDogAustralia/about/ Terrific products and the best service ever, bar none. For example, I now live a bit over an hour south of Adelaide and I got a call today to let me know they would be here on Friday if they could help me with anything. Seriously blown away.
  3. Farewell my beautiful happy girl

    So sorry B - Ive just caught up - run free with the Macs little girl.
  4. My little old man is gone :(

    Big hugs and RIP Loki,
  5. Dog Wheelchair

    If you are still looking for a home for the doggy wheelchair, suggest you contact Hailey's Wheels for LIfe, a charity which distributes mobility aides for disabled dogs, cats etc. They are highly reputable and do a great job and may know of a dog and owner in need. Link here or here.
  6. Sarah and Andy are insanely jealous of the wee dug's travels and wardrobe! I'm now under significant pressure to upgrade Miss Sarah's jumpers and coats! What a great website. Thanks for posting B. Is she also on FB do you know?
  7. How our pets strengthen neighbourhood ties

    Yep while stating the obvious to us, its still a good very sound article. And anything which increases our sense of community in an increasingly isolated age has to be a good thing.
  8. heated throw recall by big W

    I bought an Onkaparinga heated throw for my Mum a couple of years back - and she and Mark her cat love it. And she hasn't had any problems with it - touch wood!
  9. Dog Car Harnesses- Recommendations?

    Love the Sleepypod/Clickit products but I think the Ezydog are better value overall, and have good reviews. So thats what I'll order.
  10. miss2 is it a complete or partial tear? And how old is Spud? I believe that makes a difference. My old Mac ruptured his ACL some years ago (about age 7 from memory), and I went with surgery straight away as it was a complete tear - and while the vet gave me other options, where the tear is complete I doubt you'll get as good a result without surgery. But thats just my opinion. And when he did his second one we went straight to surgery as well and had good results. I agree with RMS's comments as well - its also hard keeping dogs contained and quiet for long enough for the non-surgery route to be effective. Good luck with Spud.
  11. Offal and raw diet! Help!!

    Yep this is what I do too - because I buy in bulk I freeze up to 20 or so kgs of raw dog food at a time so it stays in the freezer for some time before use - in combination with a supplier who absolutely promises me that he only uses human grade meats.
  12. Joint supplements reccomendations

    The best stuff I've ever used fro my oldies is 4cyte. The difference its currently making to my 16 year old westie Sarah (and me ) is phenomenal. I used to use Joint guard for Mac which I thought was good, but I've found 4cyte much better. So I think a combination of Jumabaar and 4cyte is really worth a go. (Wish Jumbabaar was in my neck of the woods!)
  13. Dogzonline car stickers

    Yes if I recall after some debate we came up great wording for a sticker. I'd certainly buy a couple if they became availble again.
  14. Dog Car Harnesses- Recommendations?

    Big Ezydog fan here too. Their stuff is simple and just works. Thanks for the thread Arlizng. Now I've moved down the coast and we are doing a lot more car travel at 100 kms/hr I need to upgrade the westies car harnesses. And the Ezydog looks pretty good. Just need to check the seat belt attachment works with the back seat buddy.
  15. Dog Car Harnesses- Recommendations?

    Hmn... better cow pow than fox poo!! Eeeewww!