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  1. She's just lovely Kristin. I have such a soft spot for the seniors. Enjoy every moment.
  2. Thanks for the review Kajtek. On your say so I'm going to trial a pack. I'm almost certainly moving down the coast in the next couple of months and the only problem with this plan is my continuing supply of my current fantastic raw mix. My mother can probably bring a supply down when she comes but its not going to be easy. So I need a back up - and you might have just solved my problem.
  3. Grey and/or OES. (But I'll always have a westie).
  4. Haven't heard that in years! I'm a twice a day feeder here - small in the morning and main at night. Same as others, I just think its a long time for little ones to go without something in their tummies - so easy to give them something small before I charge out the door to work and to feed them again when I come home and before I settle in for the evening. Good to know that it helps blood sugar levels - makes sense.
  5. Agreed - and a further bugbear is the dry food feeding nazi - so these nazis are found on all parts of the feeding spectrum. And I'll continue to feed raw.
  6. Gee I must say I'm impressed with the ingredient list. Looks good.
  7. Good post TSD and happy to agree to disagree Enjoy our discussions. Just to add this... my little regular visitor is back - and she is fed dry goodness knows what. And the poo!! It absolutely stinks, is poorly formed and the volume is more than my two put together. I've never seen so much poo come out of a little dog!! There is clearly very little nutrition in it - if there was her body wouldn't be excreting it by the truckload!!. And a new thing - she's hungry all the time!!! My Sarah, is !6 in early July and bouncing around like a puppy - and raw fed. The vet wanted to re-run her last blood panel to check it it was so good for her age. So I'll stick to what I'm doing as it works for me
  8. My almost 16 year old westie is doing very well on 4 cute. My previous old westie did very well on Joint Guard. But there are others too which apparently work well as well so as show dog says its trial and error.
  9. Yep I'm a human grade raw feeder too and in the 'dry food is junk food' camp. Commercial dry dog food is Maccas for dogs with about the same level of nutrition IMO. I've never understood why according to the pet food companies dogs are the only species on earth requiring their 'complete food'. No-one has ever given me a good answer to that genuine question.
  10. Harley I'm so sorry to hear Polly has gone and I'm sorry if I missed this - I haven't been around much lately. I was so honoured to meet such a beautiful old girl who's now with my Mac. Take care and I hope we can catch up again soon.
  11. My Mac will be looking after your Ernie and they'll both be waiting for us. Take care Ernie's Mum.
  12. Yep I love them too. I made sure Mac (RIP) and now Sarah's bottoms are on them on the bed at night and that way they don't need to be banished because they are occasionally incontinent.
  13. She was a very lucky girl to have found you and your family PME. Have fun over the bridge Nana Gem.
  14. Neither do I Juice. How can someone do that to a 15 year old. Poor dogs.
  15. Yep I'm with Perse - but the city slicker varieties - chicken frames, chicken necks, beef bones and turkey necks when I can get them. Cheap, gives variety, no chemicals, I know exactly what my guys are eating and my guys love them. I constantly get asked how my guys teeth are so good. My almost sixteen year old westies teeth are incredible for her age. Even the vet is impressed and she's never needed a teeth clean at the vet. And Andy is heading the same way.