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  1. Look, I'm a rescuer not a breeder - but even I understand some basics here - there is no 'fair' price for a puppy. There are too many factors involved - supply and demand, breeder costs, 'trendiness', how many idiots believe the 'doodle' bullshit at the time (which affects overall market prices), even micro-markets, state to state and area to area in some cases. Rescue, like breeding is a loss-making business - big time. I could have spent a year on the QEII for the money my rescues have cost me over the years - and I'd do it over again in a heart beat. My point? Buyers need to recognise this is not a stable FMCG market seeling identical predictable goods - many factors influence prices. The best advice I can give is choose your breed wisely and carefully to match your lifestyle (and no, doodles are marketing terms not breeds), recognise the market you are in and its factors, nuances and characteristics, find a good breeder, build a great relationship with them - and suck up the price (whatever it is).
  2. Luca or Bean? (I'm hopeless at names!)
  3. I have two at opposite ends of the spectrum. Mia is a fashionista and loves her raincoat, her jacket and her woolies - no problems. My old Andy even hates a blanket over him let alone dog clothing of any kind - he's a miserable little fella if he's 'dressed'. So whatever works, your dog tolerates and is practical.
  4. I'd also think about running the baseline again through another lab. Sometimes they are just plain wrong. I know it s more money but might save you heading right up the wrong path.
  5. Excellent - good to know - as dog washing facilities here are limited too.
  6. Hey asal, please can you repost your photos - I'd love to see them but they seem to have disappeared.
  7. Yep correct Pucapo. While I don't like Gumtree either, for people like my pensioner neighbours who just want a companion animal of their favourite breed, often its the only option. But man, do you have to know what you are doing and what to look for - and not be afraid to ask a lot of questions and walk away. And I think Gumtree suggests that prices are starting to come down - and here in westie world we're certainly bracing ourselves for an influx of older puppies and dogs onto the rescue market. :(
  8. Coneye I agree - you need rocks in your head to pay that price for a cross breed. Particularly when you can have a predictable pure-breed with a reliable track record. Your friend deserves what he gets. So many of these cross breeds are complete nutters. Its happened multiple times here. Friends of mine ignored my advice to stay pure-bred and bought a cavalier x poodle. Complete separation anxiety nippy nutter of a dog - and then wanted me to pick up the pieces. GRRRRR. Then other friends also bought a cavalier x poodle puppy. The thing is almost 12 months old separation anxiety and is constantly nipping at their elderly ankles! Suspect it has more than cavalier and poodle in it! Just nuts! When will people realise what a huge risk they take in rolling the genetic dice like this! Crazy idiots.
  9. OK - the stars aligned for my elderly neighbour. Yes it was a Gumtree listing but as of last night she is now the proud owner of a new black female toy poodle puppy. She paid 3k for the last puppy in the litter (originally listed at 4k). I went with her to make sure it all was legit, went well and to stop her getting carried away. Two visits. The first to view and decide and the second to collect. The breeder comes from a family who breeds poodles back in China and he clearly knew what he was doing. While he is not a registered ANKC breeder, he was registered to breed in SA through the Dog and Cat Management Board and had all the legally required registration papers and vet records ready to go. He also had a pile of micro-chip registrations from previous buyers ready to send in for registration in one lot (correct). The breeder immediately showed us both parents and he was honest enough to say he was fairly sure the sire was pure-bred but would not stake his life on it. The dam was pure-bred and the puppies certainly looked pure-bred. (No papers, but this was not a concern to my neighbour). The parents and puppy looked very well cared for, clean and happy and the house was spotless (surprising for a male student!). The puppy was happy to play and race around independently of Mum and Dad and they were all very happy with the breeder handling them, (no fear). He had been feeding them Royal Canin dry food. The only down side I could see is the lack of ANKC registration and that the puppy has probably not had a lot of experience outside. I think it had been socialised to some degree as there was no fear reaction whatsoever when we handled her at the breeders home. Only one whimper on the way home in the car. I suspect he is an international student trying to make ends meet through what he knows - and in some ways, although I would prefer that he had ANKC registration, you can't blame him in these times. And he did appear to be trying to do the right thing. I must say, the puppy is gorgeous. She was perfectly happy on the way home in the car (I drove), nestled in my elderly neighbours arms. When she got home, she immediately introduced herself to the Shepherd in the family and they seemed to bond well pretty immediately. The long-haired Chihuahua cross has her nose out of joint. So one out of two isn't bad. She then went to a bowl of raw beef and wolfed it down in preference to the dry food - which is good. (Yes we realise that probably meant accidents over night but my neighbour is very experienced with dogs, litters and very capable and tolerant - and she will whip her toilet training into shape in a flash). I suspect she spent the night on my neighbour's bed! So all's well that ends well. Her name is Ella, she is 12 weeks old (IIRC) and I must say, that couple of extra weeks with Mum makes such a difference - I don't think I've ever seen such a happy confident puppy. She will be off to the vet today for an introduction and check. Then we'll work out when to introduce her to my two westies - Mia will love having a puppy next door. Mission accomplished!
  10. Hi All, Last August I posted about my elderly neighbours who can offer a black female toy poodle puppy a great home. In the end I persuaded them to wait as prices were just sky high and I thought, as pensioners, patience may pay off. For the first time in ages I had a peek at the DOL puppy listings this morning and there were A LOT of litters listed. And while many litters are still very expensive, I think I detected a lot more puppies available and a little more realistic prices and a few litters appeared to be at pre-pandemic level prices. I also noticed that some ads had been there for quite sometime. Am I right? Is the puppy market heading to over-supply and lower prices? Or am I being overly optimistic? Thoughts?
  11. My westie girl Mia loves her raincoat - but she is a bit of a fashionista! Andy on the other hand hates clothes of any sort so he just gets wet!
  12. The Vet on Greenhill Road at Glenside used to have a hydrotherapy pool for dogs - but similarly, not sure if it's for public use or not or how it works.
  13. And Andy who is 15 or 16 years old roughly and his salmon head breakfast - licking his lips. He's been raw fed since January 2009, when he came out of a notorious puppy farm, aged somewhere between 2 and 4.
  14. Mia chowing down on her salmon head yesterday morning - the only downside is her 'fishy' breath! LOL!
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