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  1. Annual blood works

    And that's my position too for older dogs - from roughly 10-12 years I start doing annual panels. In general terms, IMO, it saves money in the long run if you pick up anything early.
  2. Best doggy doors for glass?

    Thanks PK. I'll go and have a look.
  3. Best doggy doors for glass?

    Thanks Anne, that's what I had in mind - does it lock?
  4. Best doggy doors for glass?

    Thanks Sangrubber - yes you're right but the carpenter has that issue under control. When I say French doors I'm talking about two doors and not necessarily the multi-pane ones.
  5. Hi All, I'm in the market for a medium size doggy door to go in the bottom of a glass external French door. I'd like one that is simple, seals well against the weather and is easily lockable. Don't need any other fancy features - I don't think! I did a search but couldn't find anything recent. Please could the DOL brains trust give me some recommendations? TIA
  6. Socialising a dog - daycare?

    John W another thing I found helped with socialisation and confidence with my puppy farm rescue westies and with my adult westies when I first got them was training. I've found Adelaide Pet Dog Trainings puppy/beginners 7 week class brilliant. Also the puppy program at Dogcity. I'm in the same boat as you - ad hoc socialisation opportunities weren't going to cut it.(My puppy farm rescues were coming off a particularly low base as well). So I had to find something regular (and something that my westies would enjoy during my long days at work). And Dog City and Adelaide Pet Dog Training has worked well for us. While I know many people here don't like doggy daycare, I do if its done well, for me it works well... and our differences are what's makes these forums interesting. Hope that helps. ETA: John the other thing I'm very lucky (and grateful! ) to have access to is a marvellous garden (complete with a mini Schnauzer) in the Adelaide Hills. My friend works from home and likes their dog to have the company of 'the white ones' as well. So my guys go to what I jokingly call 'Doggy Disneyland' once a week - they are both really animated, waggy tailed, happy and tired when I pick them up after work. So maybe you could find something similar near you? The garden is just heaven for dogs - huge with lots of space to sniff and explore, bark at the dog and chooks next door, get pats, play with each other, snooze and generally have a ball.
  7. Socialising a dog - daycare?

    IMO the trick to good doggy daycare is finding one where the people understand dog behaviour, leadership and packs, are well trained and who provide excellent supervision. Any dog daycare where dogs are simply dumped in pens and not well supervised are a recipe for disaster. I use a brilliant one in Adelaide - Dogcity. All the staff are trained pack leaders, they are careful to match temperaments, there are enough of them compared to dog numbers and they take special care of special needs dogs (like the brilliant job they did with my old Mac before he returned to God). And I've not heard of too many problems. I'm now commuting and at work 10-13 hours a day, 5 days a week so for me its been a God-send. And I have no qualms whatsoever about leaving my guys there. While accidents can happen anywhere, they can happen while dogs are alone at home too. So I prefer to break up their really long weeks with a visit to doggy daycare. In terms of socialising, doggy daycare has been brilliant for my puppy farm rescue Andy - he has blossomed since going to doggy daycare - brighter, less anxious and much more confident.. But again you have to be smart about it and find a good one. Have a really good read of the Dogcity website here. This is what really good dog daycare looks like. Hope that helps.
  8. As usual you didn't read my post. I pointed out that Im not going to spend hours linking to all the studies but linked a couple. True low carb diets are not full of fructose and in fact contain very little fruit - and citing one friends breakfast is not good science either. And yes low carb diets have a lot to do with avoiding highly processed foods. So no Im not guilty of cherry picking. Nor is Tim Noakes, Christine Cronau or a host of others. But Ancel Keyes is. But Im not going to argue with you further - you're welcome to believe what you believe and I don't have time and nor does my health or that of my dogs.
  9. Taking council to court (NSW)

    Or talk to Steve from K9 Pro
  10. Goodbye Bubby my darling

    Bub if you see this, please can you check your PMs.
  11. One last ride with his boss...

    Sorry I missed this too Perse. Please give our condolences to the Boss, and have fun with Mac and Sarah Leo.
  12. What wet food to feed my dogs?

    Great post - couldn't agree more.
  13. What wet food to feed my dogs?

    So did my old girl Sarah - I've never seen her so itchy and miserable as she was on Black Hawk. And it stopped the moment I stopped feeding it to her. Back to raw for her.
  14. I need help!l

    Yes do let us know how you get on All the above is true - and yes purebreeds can be unpredictable too - but usually less so. And while this is clearly a pure-breed forum, the number of people with 'designer' cross-breeds who are coming here for help appears to be increasing. So although we'll help if we can (hence my recommending Adelaide Pet Dog Training seeing the OP is in SA), its not unreasonable to remind people this is a pure-breed forum and that's why we are here and what we promote and believe in - particularly those of us who have had and continue to have pure-breed puppy farm rescues who were used and abused to breed masses of these cross-breeds. And I'll never apologise for that.
  15. I need help!l

    And I say this with kindness - you've played the genetic lottery buying a deliberate Schnauzer x Poodle cross breed (no such thing as a 'Schnoodle' - its a marketing term only, not a breed) and it sounds like it may not have been the best breeder either - so you need to expect far more variability in appearance, coat, behaviour etc - particularly when compared with a pure-breed. So you'll just need to deal with whatever happens/eventuates as best you can. People here are good... very good with dogs... but our skills don't extend to predicting the outcomes of cross-breeding. And next time you want a puppy we're happy to help recommend pure breeds which will suit you and your family really well - just ask. (As this is a pure-breed forum you will not find people recommending cross breeds here ). As to an Adelaide trainer, I can't recommend Adelaide Pet Dog Training highly enough. I put a new adult westie who lacked confidence through their 6 or 7 week puppy course and it made the world of difference to her. She was a new dog after she blitzed their puppy course. They will also visit you at home for one-on-one sessions. https://www.petdogtraining.com.au Good luck and do let us know how you get on