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  1. Luca or Bean? (I'm hopeless at names!)
  2. I have two at opposite ends of the spectrum. Mia is a fashionista and loves her raincoat, her jacket and her woolies - no problems. My old Andy even hates a blanket over him let alone dog clothing of any kind - he's a miserable little fella if he's 'dressed'. So whatever works, your dog tolerates and is practical.
  3. I'd also think about running the baseline again through another lab. Sometimes they are just plain wrong. I know it s more money but might save you heading right up the wrong path.
  4. Excellent - good to know - as dog washing facilities here are limited too.
  5. Hey asal, please can you repost your photos - I'd love to see them but they seem to have disappeared.
  6. Yep correct Pucapo. While I don't like Gumtree either, for people like my pensioner neighbours who just want a companion animal of their favourite breed, often its the only option. But man, do you have to know what you are doing and what to look for - and not be afraid to ask a lot of questions and walk away. And I think Gumtree suggests that prices are starting to come down - and here in westie world we're certainly bracing ourselves for an influx of older puppies and dogs onto the rescue market. :(
  7. Coneye I agree - you need rocks in your head to pay that price for a cross breed. Particularly when you can have a predictable pure-breed with a reliable track record. Your friend deserves what he gets. So many of these cross breeds are complete nutters. Its happened multiple times here. Friends of mine ignored my advice to stay pure-bred and bought a cavalier x poodle. Complete separation anxiety nippy nutter of a dog - and then wanted me to pick up the pieces. GRRRRR. Then other friends also bought a cavalier x poodle puppy. The thing is almost 12 months old separation anxiety and i
  8. OK - the stars aligned for my elderly neighbour. Yes it was a Gumtree listing but as of last night she is now the proud owner of a new black female toy poodle puppy. She paid 3k for the last puppy in the litter (originally listed at 4k). I went with her to make sure it all was legit, went well and to stop her getting carried away. Two visits. The first to view and decide and the second to collect. The breeder comes from a family who breeds poodles back in China and he clearly knew what he was doing. While he is not a registered ANKC breeder, he was registered to breed in S
  9. Hi All, Last August I posted about my elderly neighbours who can offer a black female toy poodle puppy a great home. In the end I persuaded them to wait as prices were just sky high and I thought, as pensioners, patience may pay off. For the first time in ages I had a peek at the DOL puppy listings this morning and there were A LOT of litters listed. And while many litters are still very expensive, I think I detected a lot more puppies available and a little more realistic prices and a few litters appeared to be at pre-pandemic level prices. I also noticed that some
  10. My westie girl Mia loves her raincoat - but she is a bit of a fashionista! Andy on the other hand hates clothes of any sort so he just gets wet!
  11. The Vet on Greenhill Road at Glenside used to have a hydrotherapy pool for dogs - but similarly, not sure if it's for public use or not or how it works.
  12. And Andy who is 15 or 16 years old roughly and his salmon head breakfast - licking his lips. He's been raw fed since January 2009, when he came out of a notorious puppy farm, aged somewhere between 2 and 4.
  13. Mia chowing down on her salmon head yesterday morning - the only downside is her 'fishy' breath! LOL!
  14. Yep agree with all above OP - a drop box is the best solution as you have no hope of getting couriers to change - and you are already half way there with an inner fence.
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