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  1. Tell me about Cancer

    Yep I saw them DD. Bit annoyed actually as the listing makes it seem that having them would be really onerous - and it wouldn't be. To start with you'd need to get on top of things - but they would be easy peasy in the long run. If Sarah was younger and I wasn't in a rental I'd have them in a heartbeat.
  2. Tell me about Cancer

    Just gorgeous DD. Can't add anything more to the wonderful posts and advice you have here DD. Just all fingers and paws crossed for you here She's a lovely old girl and just love those photos. Its so important to take a stack of them - here's a similar one I took of Sarah earlier in the week who is 16.5 years - and yes her time is coming too - but at the moment her quality of life is good - if a bit wobbly! So important to have these wonderful memories of them.
  3. Where do you buy your Protexin?

    Thanks all for your recommendations and advice - really helpful as usual. The real depth and strength of a company is how they deal with complaints as occasionally things do go wrong - and sadly this company only does well as long as things go well. For me they have fallen down badly in what was a a relatively simple customer service issue. Companies who treat their customers like this and operate online don't serve our support IMO. So beware.
  4. Where do you buy your Protexin?

    Thanks MM - thats a good recommendation - and its good to know people like Blackmores Pet stuff - its easily obtainable and usually well priced. I've already ordered more Protexin through Country Vet in Bendigo but will review my guys supplements in view of everyones recommendations. Yes they do like to chow down on dead stuff - and the smellier the better!
  5. Where do you buy your Protexin?

    Thanks Spotty - I already use 4 cyte for both westies - and I have some Omega oil which I'd forgotten about but can start using. I'll have a look for the Blackmores Probiotic - I really like Blackmores as a brand generally - usually high quality stuff I find. I find I need to be careful of Sarah's tummy though - it seems to get upset very easily - and then she gets the runs. So I'll take it quietly.
  6. Where do you buy your Protexin?

    Are there other brands you would recommend Spotty? I have been using Protexin for some years so its probably time to see what other general probiotics are around? TIA.
  7. Where do you buy your Protexin?

    Nope! Thanks PK
  8. Where do you buy your Protexin?

    Thanks Spotty and Diva - will look at them.
  9. Hi All, Hope this is an easy one - where do you buy your Protexin from? I need a new supplier. I've been using a Qld supplier for some time who up until now has been very good. However the last lot of Protexin which arrived yesterday was open (the serrated teeth thing which breaks apart when you open it was already open) and it went everywhere when I opened the box which was jam packed (two packets of 4 cyte as well). Its also a funny greyish colour - not the white powder I remember. Anyway, long story short I wrote a nice email explaining what had happened and asking for a new one, which has never been a problem with other suppliers of damaged goods in the past. Upshot is they've dealt with it badly and are not prepared to help me as I didn't take insurance (have never needed it for plastic non-breakables in the past) and they accused me of accusing them of tampering with it! Which is just bizarre! How they got that from my polite email I'll never know! So I need to find a new Protexin supplier and buy again. Any suggestions of where to go that doesn't cost the earth? Thanks all.
  10. Polyneuropathy in Dogs

    If there is a voice/bark change, its also important to rule out laryngeal paralysis, particularly with any hind end weakness (LP-GOLPP).
  11. No worries everyone - its really good discussion as there are variations depending on jurisdiction, all over the country. I've learned soooo much over the last few days - particularly about how to manage these things from the experts. It will probably be a few weeks , but when I'm in position to 'report back', I'll come back and let you know what we did and how we got on, as there have been further complications. It might help others in the future. Suffice to say at this point, your advice has been incredibly important to this family - so thank you all.
  12. MM the owner reported of their own accord but I'm not sure how much coercion there was or as I said earlier whether or not she was confused by s56 of the Act.
  13. Hi All, Just an update - the owner now has some very good advice which she needs to work through confidentially, thanks to you guys. So when its all done and dusted, so we can all learn from it I'll come back if I can - but I can't at the moment. Thank you all - you've all been incredibly helpful. Sit tight!
  14. A dog loo that looks like a winner!

    Yep DD I must try and get some video - but I'm normally too slow!
  15. When is it time?

    My thoughts are with you too and the beautiful Rosie as her time comes. Its never easy. My Mac returned to God on 20 November 2015. He was was a very old westie of 16 years and a couple of months. While he was old and doddery he had been doing well up until the day I came home, he was half in and half out of his bed, lying in poo. He clearly had tried to get out of bed towards the doggy door and couldn't move. That was the day I decided it was time. So we made preparations for a week or two after my Mums birthday in early November, he said 'goodbye' to his favourite vets (he had lots of them and his favourite one sat on the floor with him and cried, - he had looked after Mac for 10 years). On the day he went to the park, ate blue cheese, spent time with his favourite person on the face of the planet and he slipped away quietly and peacefully at home in my arms surrounded by the people he loved. I think I got the timing right. So my suggestion is plan the day for you as much as Rosie so it will be memorable in as good a way as possible - as you'll remember it for years to come. Good luck and our thoughts are with you.