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  1. So because I'm dissatisfied with irrelevant posts, your response is yet another further irrelevant post??
  2. Who said anything about quibbling? I'm asking "what is a FAIR price" that's pretty much the exact opposite of quibbling.
  3. Yes, and this was part of my subsequent point. Sometimes (like so-called "Silver Labradors") "designer genes" have been artificially introduced into the Breed gene-pool via outcrossing. Sometimes the genes causing "desirable" traits (such as Merle, Blue Eyes, etc) can have other undesirable traits. Sometimes what is claimed to be the presence of a particular gene, is in fact something altogether different, a corruption of genes that should not be kept. To be clear, whilst I have no personal knowledge of them, I'm certainly not defending those breeders. For all I know they could be doing a great dis-service to the breed. I owned a GSP, and in accordance with the practice at the time, their tails had been docked in infancy. I'm considering another, and if hypothetically somebody was trying to breed "natural bobtails", my question would be WHY??? Why don't you want your dog to have a tail?
  4. So in your opinion, her ignorant attack, is justified by ignorance? If somebody doesn't know about something, then on what basis do they claim it's wrong? All I did was simply ask the OP a question. I didn't attack them, I didn't claim they were wrong.
  5. I DO Know, that there are those in the "Dobie World" who seem to take issue with the breeders of "natural bobtails." I don't understand it, I'm not involved in any way with Dobies. Maybe (like some other genes) there are other issues associated with this gene? Maybe the Breeders producing natural bobtails don't produce otherwise typey dogs? Maybe those Breeders refuse to share their bloodlines? It's also possible they dispute the origins of the gene within the Dobie Pedigree. There are those who claim that the original Dobies were naturally bobbed, and that surgical docking only came in to match that. Then there are those that claim the gene was never present, and has only come about through outcrossing. I don't know, and personally have no skin in that game.
  6. Dobies can carry the Bobtail Gene. The fact that the gene itself might be quite rare, doesn't mean that knowledge is also rare. As mentioned above, I have no idea how common it is. I do know that some breeders specialise in natural bobtails, but have no idea how many, or even if their dogs are even shown. That is why I simply asked the OP how they knew? It may well be that they are correct and all the dogs they observed were surgically docked. Perhaps they asked the owners, or perhaps there is an obvious visual difference? That's why I asked.
  7. There was no call for you to critique my post.
  8. Dobies are well known to have the bobtail gene, and I believe there may even be some breeders who specialise in bobtailed dogs. I don't know how common they are? Or even if they are shown at all. Nor did I see the dogs in question, which is why I asked the OP how they knew? I imagine that a vet or even a Judge could tell the difference, but I know I certainly couldn't, especially not observing from a distance.
  9. How do you know that their tails were docked?
  10. I appreciate that people have attempted to help, but few have actually responded to what I asked. I'm asking for opinions, especially from Breeders, as to what you would consider to be a fair price. Obviously price is not the consideration. If it was, I wouldn't be asking the question, I just go and buy something for $500. And I'm not prejudging any breeder, nor disregarding them on the basis of price. If say there was a consensus that a "fair" price was $4.5k, then for those asking 2.5, and 6.5, then it just gives some insight into topics to be discussed.
  11. This isn't a complaint about prices, and I don't want to start a debate. Just after opinions, especially from Breeders. I am researching Purebred or Pedigreed puppies, only from ethical breeders, and prices seem to range from around $2k to over $6k. Obviously there are big expenses, even before a litter is conceived. Hip scoring, DNA testing, Stud fees, etc, etc. Then the vet fees, and then the costs related directly to the Pups themselves. I imagine that many breeders are only in it for love, and if you looked at all the costs like a business, they would be losing money. But then those at the top end??? I'm asking because, whilst I would naturally prefer to spend $2k rather than $6k, I also want to be sure that nothing has been skimped and I want to make sure that the breeder is getting fair reward.
  12. I have been considering a(nother) GSP as my next puppy. Beautiful, Intelligent, dogs. We had one many years ago. I would like to get into Agility or Trialling. Are GSPs a good choice for this? I know these dogs are very "high-energy" and alert. However our last girl was like the Energizer Bunny, she was super excitable, and never stopped. To be honest, I still don't think a repeat of that would be the best fit between dog and family. A dog would get plenty of attention, love, and exercise, and have other dogs to play with also. I just want to be sure that we're offering the best home for the dog. Back then, speaking to Breeders and other owners, they considered our girl's temperament to be extreme. Early on, a breeder had earmarked her for a potential lease, but ultimately decided she was just a bit too "out there" in temperament. So I guess my question is whether there are more "chilled" bloodlines? Or is it just "luck of the draw"?
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