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  1. I apologise for not editing my reply....kept hitting the wrong button so I just noticed spelling on a couple of the words.....
  2. I do understand if you want a breeding dog however not everyone wants to breed as as REBANNE said why don't we look at animal rescue, pounds & rescue........we have & the prices are still very high nearly 100% are $1000 or more.........dont get me wrong we don't expect to pay nothing for the pup but I suppose she'll just have to save up....thankyou fir your replues
  3. My 5 year old grandaughter is devastated because her mother had to euthanase there 12 year old dog who was very ill. She asked her mother for a puppy but because the prices are in the thousands of dollars her mother cannot afford one. It's just heartbreaking and I think it is just disgusting & greedy...it would have a loving family & good home, it's a pity people care more about the money than the wellbeing of their puppy. Just because people have a lot of money doesnt mean it will go to a loving home..
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