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  1. Excellent thanks everyone for your insight and help. Greatly appreciated
  2. Thx for the bank info link. To answer your question we’re paying a huge amount of money for a supposedly healthy pure breed puppy with pedigree papers. It is turns out none of that is true we might seek to get our money back. Just being cautious and doing our best to not get ripped off.
  3. We thought a bank cheque too but as it isn’t made out to anyone specific we figured it was as untraceable as cash. We think we’ll prepare a word document with all the details and get the breeder to sign it when we pick up and hope that will be enough proof of purchase if anything goes wrong. Thanks everyone If anyone else has anything to add I’m still open to more information.
  4. Thanks for the responses so far. is it normal for breeders to ask for cash though?
  5. We’re getting a new puppy. We’ve paid a deposit via a bank account and are now being asked to bring the balance in cash for pick up. We haven’t visited the breeder or checked the puppy out due to lockdown. We’ve only seen photos. We are wondering how to handle it. If we pay the balance by bank then we have a record of the transaction if anything goes wrong down the track but that means the breeder will have full payment before we even see the dog. If we take cash we can refuse to pay if the puppy is not OK but then we have no evidence of the transaction (maybe a hand written rec
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