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  1. Albert is FREE! LOL sounds as if he's a blank slate with regards training .... I hope you can find a way that works
  2. I didn't follow the series, but it IS wonderful that Lucky is with Frank Finger - he will now be a "lovely Dog" for many years , and enjoy life.
  3. Albert, Albert, Albert - be thankful you don't have a HUGE plastic cone !
  4. He seems a lovely - natured boy , training should go well.
  5. this is not of his choosing, ergo it is NOT 'disobedience'. It is extreme stress.
  6. Sounds problematic ....it is not a good thing to leave a puppy in a crate all night then most of the day Is there a doggy daycare anywhere you could use?
  7. I have always fed chicken necks to pups - frozen , so they have to chew ... they can't be just scoffed. Pick the biggest necks , and leave skin on . The problem with chicken necks is that they are the size/shape of a dog's oesophagus, and can cause choking. Small necks can be fed too - just hammer them to break them up , and make them soft like coarse mince .
  8. Izzy is lucky to have such a caring person I am wondering why the babies are crying - maybe she has not enough milk, or maybe they go to teats that are harder to suck from ???Are they warm enough? newborns usually just drink and sleep and make contented little noises.... Izzy is probably still getting used to everything , and is anxious about her babies - she has been thru a lot . I also second what Tdierikx has said .
  9. Oh - what a horible situation he was in Pets in the Park do good things .
  10. It is a very INHUMANE way to kill any animal, brumbies, deer or pigs, donkeys or camels.
  11. oh, KTB - R I P Elbie - such a long term DOL dog, and a special boy . Take care .
  12. Yes, I was also wondering. I am also hoping this doesn't encourage a vegan swing in dog feeding
  13. Oh My !! The cleanup They won't do that again
  14. I've watched a couple of this guy's videos. Nuff said.
  15. What a pawfect Christmas present Welcome to dear Rose
  16. Oh - all that extra work - I hope those vollies get spoiled tomorrow .
  17. As a one time trainer of Guide Dogs - I shuddered! That is just so wrong dangerous and NOT good publicity. That dog should never have been used.
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