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  1. oh I love Rose's ears! They make her look very cheeky Poor giraffe- but isn't that what stuffed toys are for ? LOL Lovely photos!
  2. The rescued kitten looks quite at home My Kieran was a dumped puppy - dumped near a creek on a nearby property at about 10 wks old ....
  3. A dog is still able to father a litter for up to 6 weeks - so definitely separate!
  4. Oh my! She is doing so well, still enjoying her camping trips etc I have never thought of her as 'old' .
  5. Oh! How rude and inconsiderate ...
  6. Hopefully give some reliefe to dogs and owners
  7. I'm on a coping with low income page - and similar is happening. Looking at posts - most folks cook up meat /veges/rice/pasta - but a lot are buying meat offcuts /chicken feet/hearts & feeding that I feel for those who have big dogs and little money .
  8. A worrying trend , too, is people buying el cheapo food , and making their own with predominantly rice..I feel dog health in general will suffer . Cats, too .
  9. Run free Warrior - So sorry Rebanne
  10. Maybe their fencing practices are as out dated as their webpage ;) It is showing 2017 highlights, and 2018 annual report ! Guardian dogs are powerful and territorial .It's fortunate there was only one dog killed , IMO.
  11. You're Right I think - once I thought he was considering jumping, but thought a bit about it and went the safer way
  12. had my phone- but truth be told, I was so worried, it didn't happen
  13. Don is 10 - and pretty sensible . he does LOVE trying to dig rabbits out of burrows - but is basically settled. yesterday morning he treed a feral cat , and then proceeded to climb the tree! Don is not little, and not athletic like most of our Koolies . One of his grandfathers was a lab, so he is solid. The tree concerned is a very old, large and gnarled peppertree - with big thick branches of all shapes under a canopy of foliage . It is a bit like a spiral staircase ....and after Don clambered up the trunk to where branches started he then climbed 10-12 feet up ! I didn't call him as he was climbing for fear of him losing concentration - instead I marvelled at just how well he was doing! When he couldn't go any further I suggested he come back down - all the time worried that he might just jump and break something , but he wound his way around the trunk again and landed safely. Mild heart attack time ! LOL
  14. He certainly looked as though he was very well cared for! Sleeping outside can mean many things - including sleeping in a very cosy dog bed on the verandah - merely a wall away from the family .... or it can mean a hole dug in the dirt of a bare backyard .I am sure oakley had an appropriate comfy bed and good shelter . there was nothing specific on that contract ...what a sad story .
  15. IF he is being the aggressor at 6 months old , this is not wonderful, and you will need to do some work . If he has had enough play and the other dog persists, his behaviour may well be defensive - he is still a baby and may be feeling pressured. It is your responsibility that play is monitored and controlled, that he feels safe , and that he responds to you MORE than he does to other dogs . have a read here, and here Greeting all the humans is another problem - many folks do not enjoy being approached by an unknown dog..especially if it is a bit bouncy . What is pup like on your leash walks ? Does he try to approach people and dogs ? Does he walk along calmly , listening/watching for your voice/hand signals ? What is he like with general manners/obedience around home ?
  16. Oh What a terrible thing to happen .
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