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  1. We had a singing X when we lived in Port Moresby - she had the best singing vocalization and was a great watch dog except the local Tom cat beat her up a couple of times
  2. My giants get roo, beef, salmon, chicken ( frames, feet, necks, wings ) carrots, broccoli, rice, pasta for dinner and anything else one in particular can steal off the bench In the morning they get dry - all my giants do well on CopRice - it's cheap and doesn't go through them. I am lucky there is a quality pet food shop in the next town which is fairly cheap - large salmon heads at 50cents each, chicken feet are couple of $ a kg, beef and roo is about $5 kg. I found prepared Barf was too expensive for me and I didn't like the mushy consistency.
  3. Zylkene has worked brilliantly for my big nervous sighthound - She has been on it for 4 couple of months - I can now walk her around the town - before I could hardly get her out of the yard
  4. Thanks - She weighs 37 kgs which is why the vet recommended 2 x450 per day.
  5. On my vets advice my nervous hound has been on Zylkene for 2 weeks. It appears to have made a big difference as I can now take her for a long walk around my town whereas before I had trouble getting her out of the driveway. She is 7 years old and has been becoming more nervous in the last 12 months or so. I got her as a 3 year old after her previous owner died. She is currently on 2 x 450gm per day - I have googled but can't find any info about a maintenance dose - it is expensive at $64 for 30 capsules. Anyone had experience with it ?
  6. Another point of view from Oscar's Law site -https://www.oscarslaw.org/blog/update-on-south-australian-puppy-farmers?fbclid=IwAR0HRuELJqXfN880pIyDdtBQ6rGlad7IslDUOVLTeIIId_J3p5ZgEHovqj0 Update on South Australian puppy farmers Colin Ross, Kerrie Fitzpatrick On March 29 at the Supreme Court of South Australia, Colin Ross failed in his bid to regain control over the dogs seized by RSPCA SA. We are pleased that the courts dismissed his appeal and that the dogs won't be taken to a "third party breeder at Mr Ross's expense" as the courts heard. Colin has appeared in court before
  7. My Lappie is a great mouser/ratter - the Borzoi are completely hopeless
  8. I remember GSD were banned in the ACT and NT for a number of years.
  9. I have met a lot of really nice Keeshonds - if the big coat scares you have you thought about a Finnish Lapphund - very similar but with less coat - yes I have one If you are keen on a Sheltie make sure that you research breeders for one who breeds calm dogs - some Shelties can be very highly strung ! Both breeds can be vocal and require a fair amount of grooming. Good luck
  10. I looked into cork but decided the re-coating was to much for me so I went with floating floor boards. I am really happy with them and they have look great after 4.5 years of dogs ,cats, people and multiple spills of all kinds
  11. I am in a country town and have a winter creek at the bottom of my yard - in the last 5 years I have had a large brown in the garden and a cute little Red belly black in the house. The brown was scared away by my Lappie barking and me yelling at everyone to go inside - at the same time one cat decided the yelling was the Borzoi's fault and chased them across the yard with them doing the Borzoi death scream !!!! The little red belly (about 30 cm long ) was last Friday night and it slithered along the wall into my Lappie's fur ! Luckily she was 90% asleep so I got her int
  12. I don't really agree with this - most Finnish Lapphunds get on very well with other dogs and many go off lead with their owners. While recall may be harder to train than with a BC or similar it is certainly not very difficult. Many Lappies compete in dog sports which require a high level of training. While a Lappie isn't a Japanese breed they are a very nice medium size Spitz
  13. An old vet suggested I use Selsum blue on my lot. It makes their white bits sparkle
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