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  1. Gentle Giant Breed Recommendation!?

    Borzoi ? - lots live to 12 -13 - my 2 are very cuddly and friendly -they are elegant goofballs who prefer to sleep 23 hours of the day inside on leather couches of course
  2. Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

    The best one I have found is a Rowenta (cost about $200 4 years ago ) with a triangle shaped head - no power head or wheels for hair to get caught in. It copes well with 30cm long Borzoi hair !!!
  3. This is a very interesting topic. I have a high prey drive large sighthound who is the easiest, softest most loveable dog I have ever had. I got her as a 3year and she is now 5. However I haven't been able to "train" her to do anything like drop, sit etc but she knows and understands all the household routines and rules and picks up on all my little signals such as which shoes I put on indicate what I am going to do. I have never had to tell her "no" because she doesn't do anything she's not meant to do. She loves meeting strangers, is fine with strange dogs and her recall is amazing except if she sights a rabbit (and only rabbits) she's gone at full speed !!!! So does this mean she is intelligent, independent, biddable ?????? My boy on the other hand is very easy to train and loves learning new tricks - I am constantly trying to think of new things to teach him. But he is the one who counter surfs, steals the cats food, refuses to get in the car, whines for food, won't go outside when told etc - he is just as loveable and sooky with lower preydrive but more intelligent than my girl ???
  4. Dog Tags - Online

    I order all mine from mysilver wombat - they are great quality and the delivery is fast. I usually order 10 at a time because my hounds have lots and lots of collars http://www.mysilverwombat.net/
  5. Tuesday funny

    This was on our local Facebook page today anyone in mylor missing a sheep and dog there having a great walk together couldnt catch but on Bradbury rd headed into town
  6. Last night I wormed my 3 dogs with Drontal -( I usually use Milbemax) one Borzoi and my Lappie showed no effects but my big male Borzoi - Bosco got very hypo- he paced and sang for hours. At first I thought he was just very hungry so I gave him some bones. I was seriously thinking of taking him to the emergency vet at midnight but he finally calmed down. He was up again at 5.30am and really hungry. After a big breakfast he went back to sleep. I googled and apparently a side effect of Drontal can be hyperactivity ! I only got it because it treats hydatids and they have caught a couple of rabbits recently (something I don't encourage but it happens ) Anyone else had reactions ?
  7. I am interested to know how they are going to implement it. When Mitcham council brought in cat rego I registered ours but never met anyone else that did. I would bring the topic up while walking around the neighbourhood and not one person said they had or would ever register their cats. We also had neighbours with up to 4 unregistered dogs. Our cats had a large run so couldn't roam. I think Mitcham Council would be better spending the money on education re desexing and containment.
  8. Great use of a crate!

    My Bosco a large borzoi would just tip the whole thing over and get into the rubbish - the cat would probably help
  9. Definitely 2 meals a day here - there would be mass mutiny if I tried to change it
  10. Sighthounds

    Congratulations Grizabella - you both look lovely !
  11. Dog boarding or sitter in Adelaide?

    I would recommend Oakwood Kennels in Mylor 83885382 - it is only a small kennel with lots of personalised attention. One of mine is a nervous hound but she is always happy to stay there and my other 2 love it as well.
  12. Cat feeding practices survey

    Facebook cat groups ? I am in the Siamese and Oriental cat chat AUSTRALIA one but I bet there are thousands
  13. Show us ya Puppies!

    Bosco, Nicky and Jaana
  14. Which breed is best?

    What about a Poodle - Toy or Miniature - I have met some great little Poodles - lovely personalities and intelligent little dogs. A couple are owned by older people who go to off lead parks and sit while the Poodle just happily plays nearby.
  15. Purebreds!

    I had a slightly scary incident when I was out with a friend - we had 4 borzois between us and a man walked straight up and said "how much are they worth" - my friend replied that they were all mongrel litter mates so he walked away.
  16. Keeping water bowl spillage to a minimum

    One of my cats is a very messy drinker so I have a bowl sitting in another slightly larger bowl - it catches the spills.
  17. Doggy Bags...anyone tried them ??

    They look great - easier than a bag and nice colours
  18. Doggy Bags...anyone tried them ??

    That was my thought too - I guess the bag would help keep a car clean - free of sand or dirt.
  19. Doggy Bags...anyone tried them ??

    The fabric is the same as the quick dry towels - microfibre so it would be easy to wash and dry. The fabric was absorbent and did get the sand off - our dogs had just come off the beach and were very wet and sanding. Our dogs were really placid and didn't care what we did but I can imagine some dogs may not like the idea of being zipped into a bag. I do think they would work well for smaller dogs but there is no way I could get a Borzoi into a car if it was in a bag and it would be equally difficult to get the bag around a huge dog once it was in the car. We were lent one to try so I am not involved with the sale of them.
  20. Doggy Bags...anyone tried them ??

    Yes I have tried the largest size with my Borzois. The idea is good and I think they would be good for small dogs - just zip them in and put them in the car. I also tried it with my Lappie and struggled slightly with the zip and her huge coat - the zip started at the back so had to get a friend to flatten her coat as I zipped. I have photos somewhere I will try and load them.
  21. I have a wonderful vet who will actually say "it's time" and I have also given mentally distressed animals their wings as well as physically injured. I don't want to turn this into an RSPCA bashing but I do get annoyed when they spend $$$$$ on treating one badly injured animal while at the same time PTS many healthy ones.
  22. Unleashed Dog Charging Out

    Someone was saying recently that they carry a can of Lynx deodorant for charging dogs. Anyone who has lived with teenage boys will know how powerful Lynx is - I think it would stop an elephant - I know it used to clear our house :laugh:
  23. A Day At The Beach

    A friend and I took our hounds to the beach - 3 Borzois, 1 Finnish Lapphund and a Belgian Shepherd :)
  24. A Whippet, A Dobe And A Shepherdy Dog

    Great video - I love watching dogs run. Everytime I take my 3 out the Lappie lines the 2 Borzois up for a race and gets totally left behind - she looks like a caterpillar compared to the Borzois :laugh: