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  1. ok thanks for all your suggestions
  2. hi,im having trouble keeping my sheltie puppies ears glued down can anyone tell me where i can buy some glue so i can do it myself thanks
  3. it would definately be a high risk maybe some breeders weigh up the risks verses the benefits,i dont know but thanks for your replies
  4. hi there, i have an 11 week old pup and im wondering how it is that quite a few breeders take their baby puppies to shows when theyre not fully vaccinated yet ? ive seen many playpens setup with 8-12 week olds in it i thought you shouldnt do that ? i would love to take my baby to a show so he can look around which would greatly help to socialize him of course.im very interested to hear replies on this thanks karen
  5. thanks everyone that was great !!! i just love this colour but now i am satisfied in my quest to find out why theres not many,my mind is at ease many thanks to you all
  6. thanks asal that was a great read !!! i feel im now an expert in merles
  7. hmmm interesting facts from everyone on here very helpful thanks
  8. hi, just curious as to why there are so many breeders out there of shelties but hardley anyone breeds blue merles,why is this ? can someone tell me ? i heard there can be genetic problems with merles is this the reason why ? cheers
  9. thanks for all your posts,the big coat on keeshonds does scare me a little lol but after reading,looking,thinking im leaning towards a shetland sheepdog.i love the blue merles but a lot of breeders are telling me they dont breed merles anymore and when i asked why i dont get any reply!! straying from the topic a bit but does anyone know if theres a problem of sorts with that colour ? as for the whippet i had i dont want to revisit that but he is in a fantastic home now and happy.lapphunds ive never really looked at before.
  10. well a lot has changed since then,the cats are now indoor/outdoor so they can escape from a pup if they need too and ive sold the chooks which was a big worry especially with a whippet! i also work part time now 3 days a week so have more time to spend with a dog.i had a dobermann for 14 years and had no problems at all but just want a smaller dog now.i know its my choice ultimately im leaning towards a sheltie i think.i like the sound of their gentle nature and they look beautiful too !! thanks for all your comments.
  11. hi, im ready to get a puppy now after many years without a dog,the 2 breeds im choosing between are shetland sheepdog and keeshond.i looked at the breeds 101 but there is nothing on keeshonds ive read as much as i can about both breeds and i just cant decide !!! i have 2 cats and lots of birds.out of the 2 breeds could i please have opinions on which breed would be better with cats especially.i understand any dog can deter from their behaviour but i just needed to put a vote out there to help me decide thankyou
  12. thankyou for your replies,that gives me a few options,i know he's playing at this stage but i just dont know how to train him right and even then he will probably still chase.thankyou everyone for your encouraging words i will have to make a decision one way or the other.our eclectus parrot keeps landing on the floor and he went to bite him,and my cat is not standing up to him either which worries me too.i have been crying non stop about this,i cant believe how stupid i have been.
  13. hi,ive just bought a whippet pup about 5 days ago and he is gorgeous but,i had done research on the breed but stupidly went ahead and now he's chasing the other animals i have and i dont know how to teach him not too.i really feel i have failed this little guy who is only being a whippet i know,actually im rather depressed about it all.i feel i shouldnt have got a pup at all because i have chooks,an inside only cat,and a parrot inside.im so scared that my bad stupid decision will cost me one of my other animals lives and im sick with worry about it and he's only a baby,he's 9 weeks today.i havent told the breeder anything i couldnt bare to worry her atm.i dont know what to do,i feel like giving him to someone who makes better decisions than me,the breeder is interstate,i am in sydney.its a big money loss for me too but i guess thats my fault!!!could anyone help me please?im kinda upset and panicky !!!the whole thing is overwhelming me. thankyou
  14. thanks for replies from pm's and forum,any further opinions im still interested in hearing.
  15. hi,just wondering if anyone can give me any feedback good or bad on rossmore vet,i know they see a lot of greyhound people but just wondered if anyone had any info on if they are good vets or not. thanks
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