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  1. I agree, however I think costs need to be averaged out across multiple dogs. No point investing a load of time and dollars into a particular animal only to then put a higher price on it and cutting out potential buyers. In regards to lesser animals, it is all perception for sure. Every animal is an individual and should be treated as such, and while an unknown mix can be a bloody good dog, it's still an unknown mix and that decreases the value to some people depending on what they are looking for. I certainly would pay more to have the ability to see the parents size/character, liaise with the people who raised them (both before buying and after), and papers as well.. It doesn't make the animal any less, but does take value out of the transaction.. at least from my point of view.
  2. This was my thought as well. Nailed it. Glad someone here is looking at things from the other side of the field. I agree that there is the right animal to meet the needs. It may take some time and patience both finding and training to achieve said goals, but on the whole it's not unreasonable. I see a pattern here. I would have to agree. Have had a couple cats over the years. 1st a feral ginger from behind a dumpster as a kitten which retained it's wild nature. It was a very special occasion when that boy would jump up on your lap for a snuggle. If he didn't want attention you'd better not try and force it on him.. He was a cat cat that saw the world through his own eyes. Walked to the beat of his own drum. Still usually pretty tolerance of children, in that he'd be out of sight if he didn't want to play. The later a purebred ragdoll. He's about as much like a dog as a cat gets. Happily sleeps most of the day, yet still likes to have human interaction without being needy. Generally just sticks around. He comes out the front to check the letter box, and outside to hang the washing on the line. Likes to sleep at the end of the bed.. and oh so tolerant of everyone. Even when he likes to play rough (which he only does with me, not the kids) he's very gentle in his approach of mouthing, kicking, and latching onto my legs.
  3. I would consider that to be 'not for profit' if the intention is to put any capital back into the business. I've never suggested that people should have to volunteer their time, nor that businesses need to run at a near loss to be ethical. Just that my opinion is that running a business with the sole reason of earning money and my view of 'rescue' don't go together. I tend to think the same with people; there is a market for adoption; people who want babies but can't have them, and babies who need homes; but the concept of human trafficking doesn't sit well with many on an ethical/moral level. The end goal is to improve the quality of life for all parties involved.. not make someone rich.
  4. Dog barking in the morning.

    You been having a win mate?
  5. 9.5 month old woof

    I just say she's an unknown mutt a black dog!! Given where we live good chance she's someones mixed breed pig hunting dog crossed with another or another mix. Just use her as a family dog here though!
  6. 9.5 month old woof

    Without a doubt!! Have had all those mentioned by people.. I haven't entertained DNA testing for that reason too. It'd be no surprised finding out she has a mix of mixes, and at the end of the day she is what she is. She has definitely got some drive about her. Likes to head things off when she's chasing.. Not a much of a heel nipper. She can jump!!! Not uncommon for her to fly past at head height. And a very keen nose as well. Loves to hunt by scent and sight. EXTREMELY food driven.. not big on touch/cuddles, but will lay on your lap with a toy when she's in the right mood for a snuggle. A real thinker.. loves to offer up behaviours in the pursuit of something edible. EDIT: she'll retreive, but isn't obsessed about it. Loves to lug and tug off a rope... but not as much as she loves food!
  7. Teen Pup Behaviour

    Funny animals! She's always on the lookout! No fly zone included for sure! Neighbours trees. If it's visible she's vocal! But only really in our yard. Walk down the street and the nesting willy wag tail can bomb her and clip her across the back and she won't even flinch...
  8. 9.5 month old woof

    I know its against forum rules to speculate what breeds a dog may be.. but even 1.5years in I've still got no idea... Sometimes she looks a bit like a lab.. sometimes she looks like a staffy/bully breed and her then the lean leggy body looks a little whippet/grey-ish as well. Real mixed basket. Personality wise is just as much a guess. She lazes around most the day, but when she's excited she has energy for days. Lots of drive when she's after something, and a hard nature... doesn't cower or shy away from anything. A little too playful with some kids, but just perfect once the initial excitement has passed. Plays calm with them, but a bit rougher with me. She's taught me as much about patience as she's also had to learn!
  9. 9.5 month old woof

    And one more for good measure..
  10. 9.5 month old woof

    Time has kept on keeping on. The young lass is continuing to grow and mature into a lovely lady. Weighs in around a lean 22-23kgs.
  11. Teen Pup Behaviour

    How the time has passed!! She's still continuing to mature.. she still has her triggers. She definitely doesn't like birds!
  12. Dog barking in the morning.

    When she barks while you're away what kind of bark is it? Is she crying for attention? Playfully barking with her toys? Fearfully barking at things (or sounds) she is unsure of? Does she do this when you are inside and she is outside but you're still home? What does she have to keep herself occupied? If she's focussed on the woodchips and you don't like that, there is another training opportunity. Take her out and teach her to redirect to something more appropriate. Remember her instincts are to hunt. Her following her nose and exploring is part of who she is at a subconscious level too.
  13. Dog barking in the morning.

    No offence taken here! It's just the nature of the internet. There will be people who agree and those who disagree.. Raising a pup is an intensive exercise. They grow and change at such a rapid rate that it can feel like just as you start to get one thing sorted you're faced with another challenge. Same as kids, but crammed into a much shorter time frame!
  14. Dog barking in the morning.

    In terms of the training, hit and miss equates to not reliable. One skill can be be somewhat reliable in one situation, but not in another.. dogs don't generalise well so it's important to (re)train the skills in a variety of environments. If you notice your dog has taken a step back with something (can't focus, distracted, ignoring, etc) then you need to take a step back in that situation as well to build the reliability back in. Duration, Distance, and Distractions. Some useful reading here: http://www.skysthelimitdogtraining.com/3-ds/
  15. Dog barking in the morning.

    As I said earlier. Every situation is different.. You don't need to take others opinions so seriously, nor do you need to speculate about others ability because of your opinion. My puppy has been outside day and night, never crated at all since she was 10 weeks old, no cameras setup at all. I must be irresponsible!! We don't live in a cold climate, we don't live on acreage, we have a secure yard with areas she can dig, and toys to play with, along with multiple shaded areas and her bed. Of course there is potential for her to get into a bad situation still, but there always is and always will be.. In human raising there is a term called helicoptering.. I feel it's the same with dogs. Would I leave our puppy unsupervised inside... not even for 5 minutes now at 18 months. Our dog was always going to be an outside pet. I spend a lot of time outside in the garden, playing with the kids, working in the shed. I started with what I wanted the norm to be from the start. From what I understand you have her crated based on your situation and what you feel is best.