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  1. 15km is massive... I agree with everyone else above. Work on mental challenges. Short quick sessions. You'll find out how enthusiastic your dog is to work quite quickly.. and wear it out as well. Operant conditioning.. Reward the behaviours you want to see. Reward heavily and frequently initially.. You should start to see the dog offer said behaviours pre-empting a reward. Interupt anything you dislike, and then the moment a wanted behaviour is shown reward heavily again. It becomes a game for the dog, but as an added bonus they tend to offer what you want more often.. If you can't control the environment to reduce unwanted behaviours occurring then you need to work to do so.
  2. Hot spots between toes

    Well mid November now.. and everything had been going well. We have a bit of a flare up on a back toe and I'm not sure what the cause is. Have had some rainfall, which in turn has also put a lot of grass to seed and growing madly. We also ventured out on the weekend for a bbq where she may have snaffled some beefy/lamb/pork treats.. Anyway, dropped her half an apoquel and put some betadine on the inflamed area. Hopefully we can nip it in the bud and get back on track without having the full flare up we had last December. At present all the hair had pretty much grown back.
  3. Hot spots between toes

    I'm not sold on beef at this stage.. It has just been eliminated to keep things simple for now. But I agree.. She doesn't get a lot of dairy anway, apart from some yoghurt here and there.
  4. Hot spots between toes

    I had considered such scans, and was seriously thinking about it, but it's hard to see if they provide accurate results or not.. and if they do highlight something that is out of my control leaves me in a position no better than before. Diet wise she is on something that works. Very stable.. hair has grown back over the last few months and she's not itchy. I'm also more aware of when she does have a flare up and nip it in the bud rather than letting it escalate. If it is environmental, I don't think its contact allergy.. more likely inhalant and as such harder to manage.
  5. Hot spots between toes

    Veganwhat?? Not a chance... I think vegetation is the probable cause. She's rather itchy again tonight.. however no red patches or flare ups. The paspalum is seeding everywhere!
  6. That's a cool poo chart pers. Do you have the link to the site where it's from? We all know something isn't adding up here. Those weights of food are crazy huge.. so either the food is passing straight through, dogs are full of worms, or they aren't being fed as much as we're being lead to believe. I've never really weighed out the dog food. I just scoop a cup here and there and work off averages and adjust as required depending on how the animal looks. Just crunched some numbers, and the last 20kg bag of food we bought will have lasted around 3 months, on an active 22kg dog. That's around 1.6kg per WEEK or 230g per day.
  7. Hot spots between toes

    Had a little flare up again the other day, which seems to have come under control again quite quickly. Still no closer to identifying the source. The paspalum grass is in seed at the local park, but the worming medication I had to administer around the same time also happens to be a chicken flavoured chew!
  8. Interceptor Spectrum.. as above
  9. I'm not too concerned at this stage. Everything appeared to clear up within a couple bowel movements. I'll keep an eye on it and if I see anything suspect I'll try some Droncit. Thanks everyone
  10. All covered. Interceptor Spectrum Each chewable contains Milbemycin Oxime 11.5mg, Praziquantel 114mg Interceptor Spectrum protects your dog from deadly heartworm. Immature heartworm are spread to your dog when they are bitten by infected mosquitoes. When the heartworms mature, they live in the vessels of the heart and lungs, and can reach up to 30cm in length. If left untreated, heartworm disease causes heart failure and sadly death. Treatment for heartworm is dangerous and expensive, so prevention is essential. Unlike some other monthly heartworm treatments, Interceptor Spectrum also treats and controls tapeworm plus all major intestinal worms including roundworm, whipworm and hookworm.
  11. I was thinking tape worm too as they are definitely segmented. They aren't very flat though. They truly look like a well formed maggot. I redosed with the same wormer as I had it on hand last night. By all accounts wormers aren't preventative and only treat any active parasites, and since the last dose we spent a long weekend away at a pet friendly caravan park, which was fully booked and most sites having animals. There was much potential for exposure to fleas etc. She was dosed on arrival with Nexgard and daily inspections have not shown up any fleas/droppings. Went through the 2 movements in the yard this morning. Still formed as per normal. I picked a couple of grubs out and have them in a plastic snap lock bag. They weren't moving and weren't nearly as visible as yesterday. I might be able to upload a pic later today. I'll continue to monitor the situation.
  12. Just thinking back, right after we wormed her we did go away for a long weekend with her. She's a real scrounge and did manage to scoff down a few things here and there on our adventures (beach etc). No idea what the time frames are for parasites to develop, however have re-dosed her on worming meds (Interceptor Spectrum - Milbemycin and Praziquantel).
  13. They were definitely imbedded into the stool. Not just present on them. Well formed poo and no sign of pain. I'll have a look but pretty sure no sores/wounds. She does live outside so very possible she's found a gecko/skink/grasshopper. I'll be inspecting the morning evacuation closely.
  14. Today the dog did her usual bowel movement, and on picking it up I noticed quite a few large creatures crawling in it. It was fresh as I watched her do it and immediately bagged it. I did not take any pictures. To me they looked like adult maggots, complete with segmented body. Probably around 1-1.5cm long and as thick as the lead in a pencil (maybe a touch more). She was wormed on the 17th July, now being 5th August, so about 2.5 weeks ago - preventative only. Any ideas or suggestions as to what it could be? She hasn't been exposed to anything unusual that I am aware of, and hasn't been showing any other symptoms of worms, bloating, itching etc. I know the old 'a vet will know' is coming, but this just happened now. Will collect some of her next stool to inspect.