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  1. I have debarked a few dogs over the years and am pro debarking. I fought for years not to do it but after my first debark my only regret was I hadnt done it years ago. A 20 minute operation where they come home and eat normally vs years of stress, medication and all sorts of collars. They are happy as they can bark without constantly being told off and nobody is annoyed. No cons at all other than it is very important to find a vet experienced in the procedure
  2. I am a sheltie breeder, mainly tris with the occasional blue litter and I can tell you if bred responsibly merles are just as healthy as a sable or tri. It is only when you breed blue to blue that you risk health defects and those health defects are obvious at birth. To answer your orginal question, not many breed merles because it is so difficult to breed one suitable to show. Not only do you have to have a sheltie correct as per the standard but then you have to consider markings. Additionally the choice of mates is quite limited as you usually only mate tri/blues although occasionally a tri factored sabke could be used. You have to be very hardy to breed merles.
  3. Thanks. Wgen you say waterproofing would it withstand a pool of water on it for sonetimes 12hrs or more? Are they slippery when wet?
  4. I am looking at flooring that will cope with a busy multiple dog home that has many playing dogs romping, often has water from big water bowls spilt and then left for many hours and isn't slippery. I was only considering solid lino but cork tiles have been suggested and they are saying it will be warmer underfloor and none of the above is an issue. Does anyone have any experience with cork tiles?
  5. I have used the toe grips and they are fabulous. I had tried socks, mats etc but toe grips were by far the best alternative. Do measure each foot properly as it makes a difference and I found two on each foot was enough. These allowed Cowan to live a better quality of life as I put them on for instant results and no fussing round with his feet all the time.
  6. I had a similar discharge in a bitch of mine around the same stage. We scanned herand watched her every move as the discharge got heavier and heavier until I made the vet csection her about 61 days. There was a dead puppy there but all the other puppies and my bitch wrre fine. At no stage did she have a temperature or act anything other than normal, just a horrible green discharge.
  7. Bree is on Apo Selegiline which is only once daily and 1/2 the price of the first med she was on.
  8. I wouldn't rush any decisions. My Bree is also having some issues and started meds for it last week. Already there is a marked improvement and apparently it will take 2mths to see the full effects.
  9. Thanks everyone. I would actually love to put a hot wire on the neighbours side of the fence. A couple of zaps and I think they would stop visiting but I can imagine the neighbours reaction to that. Fortunately my dogs are safely kenneled during the day so the fighting only occurs when I am home. I do stop it immediately when I hear it but I would like my very reactive shelties to learn to ignore them. Over the years they have accepted cows and sheep hanging over the fence and have even come to accept the goats most of the time, for some reason they hated the goats. I think I will put a citronella bark collar on the worst offenders and look into hedging
  10. I have lived where I am currently for many years. It is on acreage and is surrounded by my neighbours paddocks. I have been very lucky that I have never had dog issues here until recently when my neighbour decided to let her dogs wander her paddocks. They have taken to running my back fence which sets my dogs off and then they start fence fighting. Over the past few mths it has esculated to the point that mine are now barking at every sound. Her dogs, a neo and a kab have started bouncing off the wire fences, mine just bark. I have rang her but she isn't open to doing anything. I have put fence screens up to block visibility and I have been working with my dogs recall with good success but there is still a lot of barking. I can't fence away from them easily and hedging will take some time to grow. What else can I do? I should mention I have shelties which are not a quiet breed at the best of times but would love any suggestions
  11. I have had it once in a certain line. Managed it for a number of years until I had a terrible incident so I rehomed the bitch involved and her daughter. Both were lovely dogs in their own right and fine with other male dogs but couldn't be trusted with females. Looking back I wish I had done it sooner as everyone including the bitchs rehomed were happier
  12. I would possibly offer a discounted but not free puppy, perhaps half price. A brain tumour while tragic is not genetic.
  13. I have had reminders from the vet to vaccinate my pet that had recently died - at their clinic. The first time I nicely rang them and asked that they be stopped but then over the next few mths they sent me two more. I was livid. The worst thing about it was I wasn't even their client. They were the emergency on call vet the weekend Reeve was sick and he died overnight in their care
  14. Personally I am fine with phone calls but prefer they are about 7-8pm. By the time I get home from work and organised any earlier is generally in the middle of something. Just start the phone call with is this time convenient for you or can I ring at a better time and it should be fine.
  15. Does anyone know of anywhere near Baulkham Hills where dog traps can be hired or borrowed? There is a loose sheltie that they have been chasing now for over a week but she is running scared. There have been many sightings but the only way they are going to be able to get her is trap her. They have rang all the pounds and SPCA and they don't have anything big enough. The sheltie community has been wonderful with the effort they have made to try and catch this girl, I would love a happy ending for them but for this to happen I think we need a decent sized trap.
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