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  1. Debarking

    Wow. Thank you all for more info and answers. Papillon Kisses - as I previously stated my next step will be working with a vet behaviouralist. Thanks for the recommendation of Dr Graham. Fingers crossed that some tweaking of medication and more training/support will help us.
  2. Debarking

    Thank you both. Snook, our usual vet prescribed the Lovan and we did tweak the dosage up and down to no avail, over the course of about a year. I will ask if he can refer me to a vet behaviourist. The trainer I saw was a ‘force free’ trainer recommended to me by an anxious dog support group on FB. I agree with you re. the collar - I nearly cry every time I put it on. I refused to use one at our last two rentals and then moved house when a neighbour threatened to bait her. We only use it on the occasions where my sister or I can’t be home - we try to ‘cover’ the time as much as possible to be home with her and avoid having to put it on. Which brings me to your reply Rebanne - that’s what I was hoping to hear, that hopefully they still think they’re barking but the volume is reduced. Her bark is SO loud - even with her inside I can still hear it clearly even as I walk up the street. I will still get a referral for a specialist behaviour vet first but knowing all my options definitely helps. Would still love to hear from anyone else with experiences.
  3. Debarking

    Hi all New member here, seeking some advice on something which I understand is controversial. I have a beautiful, anxious 3 year old pointer x greyhound. She is a chronic barker and I am writing this in tears after receiving our third noise complaint - one at each property we’ve lived in with her. Each move has been aimed at finding a quieter, ‘trigger free’ environment for her however nothing is helping. She barks at any noise, a car door closing, an unfamiliar voice, cats, motorbikes, birds.. What I am wondering is if debarking a dog affects their mood or quality of life. Please see below for things we’ve already tried. Currently we put an electric bark collar on her (last resort as advised by council) but she yelps and it breaks my heart. She also still barks with it on, albeit maybe 30 seconds between barks. She is of average energy level and is exercised for a minimum of one hour a day. We have another dog too and the longest they’re on their own is about 6 hours. We always leave the TV on, back patio door open and antlers to chew on. It doesn’t matter whether I’m out or home, the barking happens. Even during the night. What I have already tried, in order: - additional exercise - sending them to daycare (she passes out from tiredness after, but still wakes up to bark if she hears something) - citronella collar - two way dog-cam where I can talk to her - dog trainer - anxiety medication - electric collar I’m worried that the collar making her anxiety worse and it’s not even 100% effective. That’s why I’m wondering if debarking is somehow a better option. I love her so much but I even considered if her going to live with family friends on acreage would be kinder for her than debarking. But when we took her out there she barked even more at animals etc. Any feedback would help us. Thank you