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  1. What type of dog should I get?

    You havn’t said how often you will walk it ,will you be happy to pay a groomer regularly, where it will live and sleep and wether it will be left a lot . Certain breeds will bark more it’s their nature, but no one can advise till you answer the above questions.
  2. Puppy with flatulance

    If you are after a cheaper version of TOTW fish recipe , Costco sells their own brand made by TOTW . Mine do well on it .
  3. I’d be more interested in the right conformation and temp than going with a colour that isn’t recognised in the breed . Breeding blues only screams money making , of course she can spend lots on a stud dog she is making heaps selling the latest craze .
  4. Puppy with flatulance

    You don't have to use Black Hawk, as long as you keep her on a puppy food and transition slowly to something else. i like Ivory coat over BH, but its just what the dog does best on.
  5. Designer dogs

    I would give up personally. they are a mix that is taking over and its pointless trying to argue. We all know the majority come from puppy farms, i see them all the time at work and they are nervous nellies or mad as. At the moment lots are coming in trying on dog coats and they are terrified of having them put on. I had a lady the other week tell me she had 2 cavoodles and had just bought a moodle and couldn't understand why it wasn't the same as was causing her grief because it was hyper. I have to bite my tongue often and not tell people what i really think , its a different mix you moron ! I only winds you up, i just don't bother anymore
  6. Antihistimine brands

    I have never heard of it. I have used the generic Claratyne and Zyrtec and both worked on past dogs, although havn't on my current one, so will look at it.
  7. I have the first one . Down sides , I’m on the second head , which was over $100 as last one stopped spinning . They get clogged with human hair , so having 3 long haired people in the house means I have to cut the hair from the head every time I use it . The flat head gets fluff etc stuck to the brush’s so have to flip it and pull it off . It does clean well as it’s always full after I use it .
  8. Night regression please help :(

    Get a sample and get it checked for uti . If not is he cold at night ? Does he have a coat on ? Heat pad ?
  9. I do mine as pups , c3 then 12 month booster then nothing ever again . Although I havn’t had a pup for years , and I don’t vaccinate older dogs I adopt . Not sure why you avoid grass tho?
  10. Unplanned litter

  11. Itchy dog

    I’m interested in this , one of mine has just started to get red under her armpits , around mouth , between back legs and smells yeasty and chewing feet . Nothing has changed either , antihistamines worked for a few days then it came back . I was considering Pred too as next step .
  12. Unplanned litter

    I disagree , I think the op came here looking for a way to sell the pups for more . All the advice on finding a good rescue has been disregarded.
  13. Unplanned litter

    People lie and even send friends along to adopt more than one from a popular breed to sell on. You have no control , once sold they can do what they like. I don't understand why you won't work with a good rescue ( wouldn't touch either you mentioned with a barge pole). Yellowgirl offered to help, or are you after the money? They wont be desexed by new owners and you cant do a thing about it. Odds are they will appear on gumtree for way more after you sell them or they will buy 2 and breed.
  14. Setters

    I am no help , but love Gordons too , the farm I kept my horse on in the Uk had them .
  15. Switching Over to Raw Diet from Kibble

    Costco are now selling raw patties , they are made by Big dog but cheaper . However it’s still costly for a large dog . I’m not a black Hawk fan either , Ivory Coat or Margot and Billy kibble are my favorite. Although adding bones would work too as Rebanne suggested .