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  1. Not feeling anything Pandi. You clearly have an axe to grind, your irrelevant so I don’t care .
  2. So who rattled your cage . If you have a gripe with me spit it out , or STF up .
  3. Well it certainly works for humans I can tell you so not surprised it would work for dogs too .
  4. I use Pawsome organic treats . Different flavours , I like the banana and hemp best . Treat training I use blackdog yogurt drops . You could always use fresh Roo tails rather than the coated ones .
  5. Begs the question, why are you breeding when you have no idea what you are doing .
  6. How long is a piece of string ? Impossible to judge, harness's vary as do whippet pups. Wait till you get it then take it in and fit one? Or buy one and take it back if it doesn't fit.
  7. Actually i don't think it did , it started with the f#cking gardener. People buy them because they think they are designer and better, elite, bullshit. However i did get a lady in at work the other week who wanted a purebred Malt, her old one had died and she couldn't find one anywhere. i did pull out my phone to look at listings here and there were non.
  8. For goodness sake, do we really have to go on marathon rants and put off newbies ! get a grip and quit the agenda its bloody boring.
  9. I have 2 ex show/breeding bitch's who have been fine. Is the breeder not insisting she be desexed before leaving them anyway?
  10. I didn’t realise there was a smooth type , so no feathers at all ?
  11. How long is a “short” walk ? Living in an apartment it might need a bit more exercise than that unless they get an elderly dog ? Most small breeds are pretty busy dogs .
  12. I wouldn’t rush into it yet , you have time . The best dog I ever owned I lost a few years ago and i still find it hard to see another dally out walking . I would never have another because he was perfect . I wish everyday I could have him back . You might find another dog just lands in your lap and is meant to be .
  13. Get the breeder to start crate training it now because whichever way you transport it it’s likely to be in a crate .
  14. Yes , and yes , she had 2 whippets, an Italian and crestie . Sadly all but the Italian are at the bridge .
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