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  1. DNA testing for mixed breed dogs

    Whilst he does look like he may have dane in that mix, he looks very bull arab, sighthound too i suspect.
  2. Bull terrier puppy mill

    My gripe is they are selling the pups for $1500 each yet are asking for donations, for what ? The pups are going straight out , not kept for months . Older dogs shipped out to rescue who have to foot vet work bills and will probably charge a third of that price .
  3. Bull terrier puppy mill

    Those dogs look in prettY good nick and happy to me, maybe just too many dogs in care tho? I still think the RSPCA took the the lets do a money grab instead of lets warn her to cut down numbers . The fact that 2 died on the way is pathetic and shows they have nfi.
  4. Puppy scared when meeting people

    It could be the breeder doesn’t live in suburbia and it’s all a lot to take in ? I second checking out the preschool properly, some are just a free for all and pups can get scared .
  5. Puppy scared when meeting people

    I do think it needs looking into as labs are a very outgoing dog , so it’s unusual .
  6. Bull terrier puppy mill

    RSPCA showing their true colours yet again. i hate them.
  7. Prices for breeders rehomed dog

    When you get home with the new dog, go inside one of you and get your dog and take it up the road, grab new dog and walk alongside, no face on meets, just casually walk alongside , chat to oh in a relaxed voice so they both feel the calmness coming from you. Let them sniff after a bit if they want to, but just keep moving , go for a little walk then bring them into the house together if its all going well. By then the new dog is not a stranger to old dog. I always keep my new dog onlead , i drop it to floor in case i need to grab it, but then i own a Bull breed who can be picky with other dogs, so i would think 2 Cavs will be much easier. I don't know if the breeder will suggest you take your current dog to meet at her place anyway? I did that when i was getting my second bully,the breeder wanted me too to make sure they got on ok before i took her, even tho my older dog was one of his too, he is just very fussy where they go.
  8. Puppy scared when meeting people

    Pups go through fear periods , I can’t remember ages they do it either, but look it up . Its important during that time not to scare them or it can have a lasting effect . You could talk to the breeder ? Was the pup scared of you when you first met it ? Could be a nervy pup .
  9. Prices for breeders rehomed dog

    Agreed , he is worth it if all his vet work is done , price it up you would be surprised how much it all comes to . If she kept him it means he is a good example of his breed too . The main thing is that he gets in with your other dog and fits your home . I wouldn’t hang around tho as they are snapped up fast .
  10. Prices for breeders rehomed dog

    It depends on the breed , Cavs still command that price even adults . If you look on the breed pages other breeds go for just the price of desexing. It depends what you want , this dog will have had all the hard work done , and you can see it’s personality now , if the pup fits well with your lifestyle and the breeder has done all the health checks cavs need it’s a good choice .
  11. He wanted an Amstaff , very different . Those pups are with the RSPCA , once they have had the publicity from the story I wonder how many make it out alive .
  12. I could never afford a pure bred pup either , I’m a single mum and $2000 is money I will never have . However I now have 2 purebred bullies , top lines , both were ex show / breeding dogs . They were both housetrained etc and they cost me the price of desexing only to buy . There are breeders who are always looking for pet homes for their older dogs ( one was 2 when I got her , one 7 ) . Don’t give up if you want one , they are out there .
  13. Tikira is spot on. This pup will very quickly become a very powerful solid machine, who will destroy toys, knock kids over mouth them , with very sharp teeth,and be hard to handle unless you put alot of work in. They are a very smart and demanding breed and not for the faint hearted. I wouldn't touch an unpapered Amstaff with a barge pole, dodgy temp is the last thing you nee around your kids and other dogs. Personally i would go to a reputable rescue ( there are alot of dodgy ones out there), who has had a slightly older dog in care , in a home situation already that is good with kids and dogs. You get a trail period too. Rescue dogs are not all " broken" as people think , my best dogs have come to me that way.
  14. i love Cavs, my neighbor owned 2, one came from a dodgy byb, really nervy , scrawny and health issues. she learnt and the other one was adorable and healthy. I would love one, but i don't think a breeder would give me one with a Bull breed.
  15. Buying a puppy

    I agree , I emailed breeders and had no response from 4 . The only way I actually got a dog was through someone here who knew a breeder and told me who to contact and to text or call not email , I personally think it’s rude to not reply .