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  1. Jonah & Jesse go to Cape York

    i just came back in to look again, will miss him dearly.
  2. French Bulldog Thread!

    What a mockery it makes out of the standard then !
  3. French Bulldog Thread!

    While I was looking at furniture on gumtree an ad for frenchies for sale popped up and I looked at it . The breeder said pups could be put on mains for a higher price . They are all blue , I thought that was not a recognised colour so how can they be ? Just curious.
  4. Heelers are bred to nip, they are also not always tolerant of other dogs and can be wary of people too. Mine took alot of work when he was young. Keep him away from dog parks until you get a trainer who knows the breed . I'm rather concerned when you say he " submitted" to you after, please tell me you don't alpha roll. You have a breed bred to work , do do a particular job and you are expecting it to behave like a breed that goes to the dog park and loves everyone, not going to happen.
  5. Worrying behaviour? Please help?

    Yep , agree , I had a cattle dog and he didn’t wish to speak to every human or other dogs on walks . He stayed by my side and looked to me for direction which it sounds like yours did . Dont worry about upsetting people , just say no he isn’t fond of being patted and keep moving .
  6. DNA testing for mixed breed dogs

    So sorry you lost him. I would say he was a typical Bull Arab , i have fostered a few and when they don't make the grade as hunters they are the most loveable adorable dogs. They can be a mix of Dane, Pointer, Greyhound/Wolfhound, Bull Terrier, and sometimes other breeds.
  7. Puppy adoption

    Do you mean you want to buy a purebred Lab or Goldie? There are breeders listed on the breed pages selling pups. If you want a rescue dog, look at breed rescue. You won't get a purebred in either breed as a pup in rescue , they will be older dogs looking for homes.
  8. New dog won’t stop chewing!

    How often does he go for a walk ? Is he crate trained ?
  9. We get alot of oodles round here, some are ok, many are hyper nut jobs , its the luck of the draw., some shed hair, some don't. I do get why people like them. We had a standard poodle come into work this week and i must admit i was rather smitten, calm solid dog,
  10. Potty training help needed

    Your making the going outside part way too much fun and exciting to think of weeing. Take her out after she wakes up, not before she goes to sleep, unless its last thing at night. Go outside and just ignore her, walk her around, patience i the key.
  11. Introducing gsp puppy to my 18 month old gsp

    Go rant elsewhere where people don’t care about their dogs like we do . You killed your dog and within hours were asking for another one , you don’t belong with real dog lovers .
  12. Introducing gsp puppy to my 18 month old gsp

    FFS really .
  13. Introducing gsp puppy to my 18 month old gsp

    He was a gun dog , they chase , everything in its path would have been irrelevant. What a shame for him you didn’t protect him . Loose dog , rabbits , train line , inevitable. Hopwfully you can learn from it now .
  14. Feeding / Food aggression

    My advice is get Cosmolo to train the the dog, she knows her stuff ! Meds vary and it can take time to find the right one.