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  1. The pound don't vet people , if you want the dog it's yours , they do allow meet and greets with your own dog . I just don't understand how they have authority to vet people for a dog that isn't theirs. Seems an odd setup .
  2. They take great shots and get the dogs exposed but they are saying they are strict , and you have to have a phone interview .
  3. I just spotted a dog i know is in HP listed with a rescue ( hub), as strict. Interesting as i could walk into the pound no questions asked as the dog is overdue and take it. I 'm not really sure i understand how a group can say they are in control of a dogs adoption when they are not? i also had a pathetic response from a well known rescue on PR who took a week to get back to me after i filled in the very long application form ( wanting my drivers license number etc), they said they would text my ASAP , nope, took 2 calls and days waiting , and then told me to call between certain hours which i did and it went to answerphone the whole time! no wonder their dogs live in kennels for years!
  4. Staffy and Australia Bulldog

    Are they both female ? If so might be risky . Blue staffys are a health nightmare , hope you have looked at that , sold as rare , but most common colour now . Certain breeds are more dominant and both those breeds are renowned for not always being good with other dogs , however maybe fine . Be careful around maturity when they start to flex their muscles . Being a strong leader and setting boundaries is important but breeding plays a part too .
  5. Puppy raw meat question

    Agreed, he probably saw the food as much higher value than his kibble, so could well have been that. Don't forget to stick to what breeder is feeding to start with while it settles in and change slowly.
  6. Jack was rehomed to a couple on the beach on acreage with another stag a while ago. Life in suburbia was not for him and Zelda couldn't manage his rough play and i had to do the right thing by them both. i have updates of him running through the waves , he has a good life .
  7. Actually i am having a nightmare atm with a dog i applied for weds on PR ,application form virtually wanted my blood group ! and still waiting for a text to book a phone interview they said would come " asap" , still waiting. Now looking at a breeders older dog aswell.
  8. Hi SOG! You could try dogmad , she isn't here much but she has lots of contacts and will often match people up, and you know you can trust her. Lots of crap rescues around these days, in fact i struggle to recommend any other than Paws and they are small dogs.
  9. Raw and kibble together?

    i feed raw and kibble, only because my girl wouldn't touch the raw when i got her without kibble mixed as breeder fed kibble, now its just a small portion of her meal, Supercoat weight management.
  10. I'm actually looking for an older cattle dog myself, but so far they are either too young and high energy or need to be only dog homes.
  11. Puppy aggression towards younger puppies

    Perhaps good advice would be not to let him off till they get help! why should other dog owners have to deal with it in the meantime ,and the dog to keep doing the behavior and getting away with it.!
  12. Check out SLK , they are in NSW , but i know they recently flew a cattle dog up there to a new home. Their dogs are listed more on their FB page than their actual site. Also you could contact them as they have dogs waiting to come in.
  13. Amstaff ( Pit, if it was a while ago), x kelpie is my guess, look at breed characteristics and see if any ring a bell. If you say what you liked about her we could point you in the right direction.
  14. Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

    I brought my Henry Hoover with me from the UK , was reasonable I thought ,lasted over 20 years ! When it died I bought the Dyson animal . Much better suction . However , power head died recently , constantly getting hair wound around it . I spend more time cleaning it ! New head seems less powerful . I'm a bit over Dyson tbh , thinking about trying the Vax stick .
  15. Puppy aggression towards younger puppies

    Why the hell is he offlead when he attacks other pups ! It's not fair on them and you know he does it , keep him on a lead till you have better control .