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  1. BBC: Dog language; Play

    My 2 BT's do exactly the same. shake it off, one goes for a drink then its on again.
  2. Stud a dog

    Just because you think he is stunning doesn’t mean he is . You need to know a lot about the breed to see if he is good enough . Breeders pick studs that are known and to compliment the bitch , not just ransoms . Why do you want to breed him ?
  3. Degenerative Myelopathy

    So sorry . Brave call , I waited 12 hours too late with Ozz and regret it .
  4. Stay Loyal dry food

    Chopping and changing every 5 mins isn’t helping , and don’t forget vets know very little about food and get paid to push brands . He should have been kept on what he was used to until he settled in and then slow transition. I would have bloods done then pick a food and stick with it .
  5. Just in case you are near a Costco, they now have their own raw patties which are a bit cheaper and they are made by the same people who make the big dog patties.
  6. Am I going crazy?

    Unfortunately we have a bad one in our street now , young dog , huge , walked only to the end of the road and back , often as I’m coming home with mine and it’s dog and people aggro . Walked by a young teen who struggles to hold on to it, I dread seeing it . I have seen it lunge at people ,and It just missed me as I went to letterbox and didn’t see it coming up road , lunged at me , scared the crap out of me .
  7. Am I going crazy?

    It’s one of the things you will have to get used too . I was always wary of them until Reddog in here asked me to walk his while he had a knee op as we live close . I fell in love with them both , adorable big goofers , but while walking them I was constantly getting people asking me if they were dangerous. I own Bull breeds and the most common comment is “ they lock jaws and you shouldn’t have them with kids .” I also have people cross the road to avoid me . Its a shame , but people are ignorant.
  8. I feed natures domain which is on the list , it’s made by TOTW which is there too . Mine do well on it , so will have to rethink it now .
  9. Perhaps you could email the vet and ask why they cleared the pup to fly with an untreated ear infection?
  10. You bought a mongrel from interstate without checking the parents and probably paid a heap of money . Big bucks in it for them with no consequences, they don’t care about the pup , you wont get a penny out of them . This is why you don’t buy interstate unless it’s recommendation from an ethical breeder or you risk buyer a health nightmare, and xbreds are tested for nothing and carry the hereditary problems from whichever 2 breeds they mix .
  11. Breeder may offer refund if you send pup back , I can’t see them giving money back otherwise . They would probably then resell . I don’t hold out much hope of you getting money out of breeder tbh , so small claims is your only recourse .
  12. If you don’t have pedigree papers she could have anything in the mix
  13. Do you live near a Costco ?
  14. Personally I’d get barf patties sensitive and feed nothing else for at least 3 months , it takes a while for food changes to work . I’d also ask the vet for steroid tablets . The problem with boots is they need fitting or they fly off , do you have a petshop you can take him to to try them in before you buy them ?