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  1. Also don’t be surprised if you don’t get to view the whole litter , Mum, dad etc breeders don’t always allow it , due to things like bringing in nasties to pups not fully vaccinated . Dad might well be from another breeder or even overseas.
  2. Its perfectly normal. The breeder knows the personality of the dogs and which will suit each family, it means they care about where their pups go. What is the problem with the breeder matching you up?

    i use black dog yoghurt drops
  4. Exactly , if he’s limping he’s in pain . You would take something if it was you with arthritis. You would be surprised how much they improve with anti inflammatory meds .
  5. I wouldn't subject an old dog to a puppy. Green lipped mussel doesn't really cut it for old bones, they need pain meds, anti inflams. dogs in pain take themselves away to be alone. I would do a vet check and get some relief for him.
  6. Big call for you to make . I have returned one foster to the shelter knowing she would be pts , but she wasn’t safe . It was a horrible call . Very brave if you , but your pets come first .
  7. He could be grieving. After i lost my cattle dog my Bully girl just shut down, slept all the time, didn't want to do anything, even though she wanted to go for a walk she wanted nothing to do with her dog friends she had played zoomies with for years. It was like i had a different dog. She also got really sick, nose running constantly , then bleeding from the nose, after $5000 of exploration at the specialist they decided she was just grieving and her immune system had shut down. I hadn't fostered for years, but i got a young pup and she gradually came out of her shell. She is now back to crazy nutter, and i have another BT aswell, but i now know she is not good alone . I would give him time and don't force him to come in, if he is more comfortable outside leave him.
  8. Adorable, I love Cavs , and my fave colour too .
  9. I think its breed specific, you cant tell me GSD, BB and FB show dogs are healthy! Its what is winning in the rings that they breed.
  10. I’m not sure why you need a trainer to walk down the road with a buggy , it’s not hard . You seem to be overthinking the whole thing .
  11. The rescue said adopting them together will stop the pup chewing ? I call bullshit , and I’d like to see what other rubbish they are spewing to offload 2 at once . Have they tested the Mum with kids/ babies ? You seem to have a very regimented routine you are planning . Why not just join a local obedience club go once a week , and enjoy the dog ? Why do you need an in house trainer if the dog has no issues. ?
  12. Completely agree! and i'm very surprised a rescue has encouraged you to take a pup aswell, i wouldn't. The pup and mum will be so wrapped up in each other they may not listen to you, and with a baby thats way too much to be taking on. Females can also get protective around their pups and they don't really show their true self. I would take the older dog or a pup, not both. Bare in mind also the older dog may change in personality as her hormones settle after the pups go so give her time, i assume she is being desexed before you get her?
  13. Agreed , either cat safe or not, one slip and you may lose a cat and then how would you feel ? its a shame you are in Victoria as I know of a young girl needing a home who lives with another dog and cat , relationship breakup .
  14. I agree , something has happened in the yard and she is now terrified. Imagine you were forced every day to do something you were scared of , drooling is a massive sign of the stress she is under , she is not being naughty she can’t help it . Please don’t just go to the nearest cheapest trainer , they will probably make it worse and cost you in the long run . Vets are no good at this either , you need to look at the recommendations in the above replies and in the meantime leave her inside .
  15. Daschund Killed in Park in Pakenham, VIC

    In her first response the dashy owner said she was walking her dog and the staffy attacked it, blatant lie! She said on camera her dad let the dogs out and she heard the commotion from inside the house, why was she still inside when the dogs were out? id like to know if its a regular thing that they let their dogs out unattended. 3 dogs belting upto the staffy, and it reacted, smaller dog came off worse, it would have been heightened by the other 2 dogs circling aswell. If the staffy was known to be aggressive, yes it should have been muzzled, but it was the owner of the dashy that caused it all, her fault her dog died.