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  1. Staffy pup annoying older dog

    First of all you removed the resident dog and allowed the pup to come in and get confident and claim his place, mistake. The dashy came home to a young intruder, much more powerful than him. In order for the dashy to get his point across he will have to really show it as his size won't, and he is likely to get hurt by a pup that big leaping all over him. You need to give the dashy an escape area where he doesn't have to deal with the pup, its not fair. Staffy's play hard , they are not a great match for a dashy, so you need to manage it.
  2. Cost for a re-homed dog

    I agree Maddy about the vetting , my last 2 bullies were free , desexing was all I paid , I’m a single Mum and just can’t afford the 2k price tag of a pup . However Zelda cost me 5k in specialist fees last year , I borrowed the money because it had to be done .
  3. Cost for a re-homed dog

    Personally the stand out action for me was the breeder took the dog back, that is the mark of a good breeder backing up its dogs, alot don't, so that alone is a good starting point. Alot of breeders ask a price for an older dog ( but older than 12 months, ex show or breeding dogs), but actually just want a good home and don't follow through with a fee. i suppose it depends if you want a pup or a slightly older dog, pros and cons to both, i'd go the 12 month old one anyday as assume its already trained to a certain degree and you can see its personalty and wether it fits your lifestyle.
  4. Probably wont be as crazy as the 98,000 calls they had for the dashy at BP. First in got her this morning, lady who got her had been there since 8.30am yesterday ! insane.
  5. They have just come up on my fb feed from the pound saying they are trying to trace owner. 3 missing, i do wonder if its a byb dumping stock?
  6. Book a consult with Steve at K9 pro , he will help you it’s your sort of issues he deals with a lot .
  7. I think people would be surprised if they put a prong on their arm they look worse than they are , you don’t need to yank them either , very little pressure . I use mine every now and then to remind my girl about manners .
  8. Nothing wrong with a prong used correctly , its backup control for safety .
  9. nope, but then we give opinions here, its allowed. i never really see how a judge can give best in show , no judge can be that knowledgeable on every breed put in front of it, preference must come into play .
  10. I would have have given it to the Akita or Scottie, didn't think the whippy showed very well. wasnt judge whippet breeder?
  11. Perhaps more meals then more often? something very filling?
  12. What sort of dog should i get?

    Dallies are great runners, mine was the best dog i ever owned and lived with a cattle dog too, my best boys, and healthiest two i have ever owned. Miss them everyday. However i have seen way too many dodgy temps in dallies recently so check this out if you go that route.
  13. You sure its no a bit of senility ? thinking she hasn't eaten? No idea on how to deal with it, but Dogmad has a fair few old cronies with odd behaviors, shoot her a message?
  14. Puppy doing strange things

    A bit harsh to say you didn’t want advice , people are only trying to help , and Ish did have a similar experuence after a vaccine . Vets are never going to admit it tho .