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  1. 6 month old gulping food without chewing

    Why are you allowing the other dog to walk past while she eats and you are watching her too? no wonder she is tense. I feed mine out of sight from each other, and do NILF too. then i walk away and leave them to eat in peace.
  2. Dog keeps taking things off tables

    Resrict the areas he can access , you can't watch him everywhere. and put him outside or crate him if you can't supervise. Don't set him up to fail.
  3. Hermaphrodite pug puppy

    i agree completely, however , its a pup , not an object,whose owner has got attached too, wouldn't it make more sense all round if the breeder was going to have to pay for surgery if it was returned, then try and rehome it , to just help now with costs? just seems more logical and everyone pays less, and the outcome is best for the dog too. I don't think the breeder has any obligation to do anything at all, shit happens, but for the pups sake it would be the most logical solution.
  4. Hermaphrodite pug puppy

    Agreed, however the breeder would have to pay for the surgery if they took the pup back and swapped it for another pup so why not pay towards it now?
  5. Hermaphrodite pug puppy

    just a side question, if they have both bits how do you decide which way to go?
  6. Roo mince advice please

    The one i get says 100% roo, it is very red and bloody.
  7. Staffy itch

    To be fair you only asked a few hours prior and alot of dog people are not here on the weekend, out doing doggie stuff.Perhaps if you had waited someone would have offered advice. Also, not everyone would know the answer, it depends whats causing it.
  8. Too many bad ones out there which puts people off. I struggle to recommend , Petrescue is no sign of a good rescue. My recent pathetic response, jump through hoops, no response would have put me off rescue if i was new to it, and they are one of the longest standing rescues , bloody useless!
  9. Roo mince advice please

    That explains Zelda's clear the room farts! i had no idea it was the roo. Can you explain what charcoal and yogurt does ? and where and how do you feed charcoal?
  10. The pound don't vet people , if you want the dog it's yours , they do allow meet and greets with your own dog . I just don't understand how they have authority to vet people for a dog that isn't theirs. Seems an odd setup .
  11. They take great shots and get the dogs exposed but they are saying they are strict , and you have to have a phone interview .
  12. I just spotted a dog i know is in HP listed with a rescue ( hub), as strict. Interesting as i could walk into the pound no questions asked as the dog is overdue and take it. I 'm not really sure i understand how a group can say they are in control of a dogs adoption when they are not? i also had a pathetic response from a well known rescue on PR who took a week to get back to me after i filled in the very long application form ( wanting my drivers license number etc), they said they would text my ASAP , nope, took 2 calls and days waiting , and then told me to call between certain hours which i did and it went to answerphone the whole time! no wonder their dogs live in kennels for years!
  13. Staffy and Australia Bulldog

    Are they both female ? If so might be risky . Blue staffys are a health nightmare , hope you have looked at that , sold as rare , but most common colour now . Certain breeds are more dominant and both those breeds are renowned for not always being good with other dogs , however maybe fine . Be careful around maturity when they start to flex their muscles . Being a strong leader and setting boundaries is important but breeding plays a part too .
  14. Puppy raw meat question

    Agreed, he probably saw the food as much higher value than his kibble, so could well have been that. Don't forget to stick to what breeder is feeding to start with while it settles in and change slowly.
  15. Jack was rehomed to a couple on the beach on acreage with another stag a while ago. Life in suburbia was not for him and Zelda couldn't manage his rough play and i had to do the right thing by them both. i have updates of him running through the waves , he has a good life .