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  1. So again you are ignoring advice and are going to try another dog and muzzle the poor thing so when child hurts it it has to put up with it . FFS start listening , I hope everyone in rescue knows who you are and doesn’t give you a dog ! Perhaps you should lock your child up instead !
  2. New buddy for Zelda

    I have tried and they are too big and no idea how to resize , will get kids to look for me !
  3. Actually took no notice and got another dog to try , could have ended badly for the dog .
  4. New buddy for Zelda

    Permanent hopefully .
  5. Perhaps you should list the reasons you want a dog ? So far you have mentioned anything .
  6. I wouldn’t give you one of my rescues , the fact you said you sent the last dog back because it wanted to interact with you and you didn’t want it too speaks volumes . What exactly do you expect the dog to do ? Sit in s corner and be grateful you took it ? It’s a pretty sad life it will lead .
  7. I’m not really sure why you want a dog ? you want to lock it away from sight , don’t want it expecting attention while you work , hardly walk it , and to deal with a child that might not behave appropriately to it . A cat seems a better option .
  8. Hunting still goes on in the UK because the law is on horseback . I lived in Warwickshire home of the nastiest hunt , and owned ex hunters and know what goes on .
  9. At least he won’t get hit over the head with a shovel when he can’t do his job unlike the hounds who hunt for [email protected] on horseback
  10. Pet medication at chemist

    I hear the cost of C3 is $10, they charge $85 , that’s a pretty hefty markup .
  11. Pet medication at chemist

    New vet I went to suggested ointment for my dogs nose ( human one ) , they sold it , but wanted 3 times the price the chemist charged .
  12. Pet medication at chemist

    My old vet always wrote scripts for anti inflams for the chemist they were a quarter of the price . Call me cynical , but vets charge an exorbitant price for vaccines that cost peanuts to buy in , so my guess is they charge what they like and make big markups , they are a business , that’s their priority to make money .
  13. Taste of the wild dog food

    They only carry two flavours , can’t remember other one but it’s in a pink bag , if you look on the US site you will see the two Aus stocks . Fish one is in blue bag .