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  1. 2x4 dog biscuits

    They have stopped making them . The closest we have stocked to replace them is Bigga Bics by blackdog , not as big and not as cheap tho .
  2. dachshund puppy barking

    How long is she in the crate ? Why is she in there when you are home ? Seems like a lot of confinement and not a lot else .
  3. dachshund puppy barking

    Can you put pee pads in pen so she knows where to go ? Can she be outside when you are at work , more interesting for her as long as it’s safe with shelter and she gets used to going out .
  4. Personally I would rehome her . Why have her medicated for life when she could live stress free and happy, ( which she isn’t now), in a home with other dogs . Your looking at another 10+ years , is this what you want ? I think you feel guilty , don’t , wrong dog for you. Dogs do not show themselves in kennels well , I’d be reluctant to take a trainer in to help you pick one anyway unless they understand that . Taking a dog in foster care is way safer . The longer this goes on the harder it will be for all .
  5. Advice on breeds

    Internationally, twice a month on average? and for how long ? Do you plan on boarding the dog or have other options?
  6. I agree with the post , I’m sick of people making me feel bad for having purebred dogs . “ Don’t shop , adopt” , or Don’t buy , rescue “ . I happen to like certain breeds and I certainly wouldn’t get a rescue one as they are all badly bred and dodgy . On the other hand I’d like a grey again one day and that I would happily be a rescue .
  7. Greyhounds

    you can get some lovely sighthound martingales online these days, i love the leather collars too which are wider one side, can't think what they are called tho. As far as food goes, i'd stick with what works for now. I was of the same opinion as you about RC. but i work in a petshop and got given a bag of the Bulldog mix that came in with the bag torn. I have to say my dogs did really well on it, less poop, firm and coat gleamed. Its very exciting!!!
  8. My puppy has parvo

    So if you know all the facts about Parvo and have spoken to the breeder why come here and ask opinions and then respond with blunt ( rude ) comments . Google your questions.
  9. Pawshake Dog Sitting?

    I don’t think suggesting using a company that donates to the RSPCA is a good way to source a pet sitter, rather the opposite.
  10. Also don’t be surprised if you don’t get to view the whole litter , Mum, dad etc breeders don’t always allow it , due to things like bringing in nasties to pups not fully vaccinated . Dad might well be from another breeder or even overseas.
  11. Its perfectly normal. The breeder knows the personality of the dogs and which will suit each family, it means they care about where their pups go. What is the problem with the breeder matching you up?

    i use black dog yoghurt drops
  13. Exactly , if he’s limping he’s in pain . You would take something if it was you with arthritis. You would be surprised how much they improve with anti inflammatory meds .