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  1. You probably feel like crap right now , but you were the better person . Take time to regroup , perhaps if you say what you are after someone can point you in the right direction .
  2. Don’t get upset if people here question you , we get a lot of trolls . I think you should hang onto the dog till she can prove she has somewhere , which right now looks flakey. is it possible she found someone else she knows to take the dog and that’s why she wants it back ? Is it a pedigree she has been offered money for ?
  3. I am torn too , my concern would be what if this apartment doesn’t work out and she then rehomes the dog again ? Without meeting her and getting a gut feeling for her loyalty it’s hard .
  4. Genuine West Highland Terrier

    My mum has a pub in the UK and there are always dogs chilling with owners in there . I walked through the park and families were playing and having picnics, lots of loose dogs runnning upto other families to say hi and no one panicked and screamed like they do here ,.dogs art chilled because they can go everywhere .
  5. Anyone shop with k9pro?

    Interesting as I emailed the problem and was told the lead had a 12 month warranty which had run out so nothing they could do .
  6. Thunder shirts

    I bought one and it had no effect at all .
  7. Anyone shop with k9pro?

    i have 2 Syntec leads from them, they are great leads,good when wet and look like new still. However the first one i bought has a different clip and when my dog shakes her head it can come undone! not great with a powerful dog.I did contact them about it and tbh they didn't give a shit. The new ones have a different clasp so hope this one is ok. ( the dodgy one has a brass fitting).
  8. Dalmatian

    My old boy never gave up running and chasing rabbits everyday until his hips finally gave way at 14.and we had to let him go. He did sleep more, but he lived for his walks, head down sniffing out bunnies , checking in with me. i lost him 2 years ago and think about him everyday and wish i had him back, he was the best dog i ever owned.
  9. Thunder shirts

    It seems to have good reviews for storm phobias, but nothing on fearful dogs and about.
  10. Thunder shirts

    Do they work ? VERY fearful older dog , who is scared of the outside world . My personal thoughts is it’s time for meds but the shirt has been suggested ( herbal remedy for 2 months had no effect ) .
  11. Dog run, safest option if they are that intent on getting out.
  12. Vet duty of care

    yes i hope money has been discussed before you go ahead and then they hand you another bill!
  13. Low down on labradoodles

    yep , exactly , means they get more dogs producing puppies , pay no keep for them and hopefully the families then buy them when they are done with them so off their hands. It’s a good money making scheme made to look like they care about the dogs when $ is all they care about .
  14. Low down on labradoodles

    It can work , the older dog will teach boundaries and the pup will copy the older dog , so in a way it’s good . As long as when the pup gets too much the older dog can go sleep without being pestered . Perhaps an older lab or Goldie might work from a breeder ?
  15. Low down on labradoodles

    that is a lot of litters in a short time frame , bred while it’s still a pup itself ! Money grabbers ! I would also be concerned with health issues . These cross’s are a mixed bag , some are skittish hyper nuts others are scared of their own shadow . I’d want a few guarantee’s on health and temp . Also if you decide to go puppy route make sure the older dog has a seperate area to get away .