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  1. Goodbye Zephy Man

    So sorry, another Dol legend gone.

    It’s not free , you have paid in your monthly instalments . Add up a years insurance , I bet it’s way more than a blood test and annual vaccination.
  3. Separating dogs

    Keep it outside and do not let it attack your older dog. Poor thing having to deal with being attacked in its own home at his age,.Why did you take it on?

    I had a client who worked for one of the big ones , she told me it was a waste of time years ago . She had 2 dogs herself and they weren’t insured .
  5. Obsessive barking

    They are very active, and smart . How much exercise does he get ? Do you remove him when he starts to bark ? Mine had at least 2 walks a day offlead running and chasing rabbits for an hour each walk . Is he being desexed ?
  6. Pup still EXTREMELY unsettled

    If you don't want him in your room, stop giving in to him, he will just continue. He doesn't have separation anxiety, hes just a pup wanting attention. Put him to bed earlier while you are up. Why do you feed him so late?
  7. Make sure you get a recommended trainer, lots of dodgy ones out there. There is alot going on, 2 females, and visiting dogs makes for fluid pack dynamics which means you need to read it right.
  8. Change poop schedule

    Can you not leave him outside while you work ? Put in a dog door ?
  9. Maremma underweight

    Without papers they could have anything in them . Different lines means different types . They also grow at different rates . If your not sure about their weight talk to the breeder .
  10. Brock's predicament

    Finding a home won’t be easy , he is vocal , so no good in suburbia, yet he has to be only pet which rules out most people on property. People need to go out , he has very difficult needs .
  11. Having 2 bull breeds you need to be savvy about behavior. No , she should not be allowed to jump on the furniture, its not puppy antics , its having no boundaries and not being taught., she is already being pushy. You have to take the lead and be in control. Females are generally top dog , so Jax will have to step back. Don't feel guilty if you don't want her, depending on where you are pounds these days are very low kill and a good rehomable dog will easily find a new home.
  12. Just because she is there doesn’t mean you need to keep her . What if she matures and doesn’t take kindly to being told off and retaliates . Kazm , why didn’t you place the pup ? How do you know it went to a good home ? It was one of yours after all , breeders should stand by what they put out there .
  13. Long Term Boarding Help!

    If you do go boarding just be careful, Mals often don't take kindly to other dogs getting in their face so being chucked in a kennel with the wrong dog might end badly. You could try Steve at k9 pro, he breeds Mals and might know of someone willing to help.
  14. Long Term Boarding Help!

    $1700 is really low . Most kennels charge $35- $40 a day so make sure she isn’t just chucked in with another random dog to share .
  15. Long Term Boarding Help!

    why don't you stay put and just commute, an hour is nothing in Sydney? You could pay a dog walker to take her out once a day while you are at work. Why only 4 months anyway if its a permanant job move?