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  1. I was tempted to say the same! But he doesn't really seem like your kind of dog either, its just you are kind and want to do the right thing. Rehome him and let him enjoy the rest of his life without having to tremble from stress.
  2. She feels guilty and is pushing the blame on you. This dog has had a shit life and is acting accordingly, you are trying to do the right thing which is great, your girlfriend on the other hand......... holds tongue! Please consider rehoming him, not on any social media sites ,but with a rescue who will take him, assess him and place him in a good home ( we can give you rescue links if you go this way). Admitting she made a mistake is hard, so perhaps you need to show her the out ways without her feeling bad, the dog is not happy, and neither are you two.
  3. Exactly, he is shivering from stress . You clearly don’t like him why don’t you rehome him to someone who gets the breed and buy something more suitable .
  4. This is a companion breed and he wants to be with you, they are not meant to be outside dogs. The ones i know are also highly strung and excitable, as they all have poodles in the mix, smart active companion breed. Why people don't research the breeds their Mutt is a cross of before they hand over thousands of dollars is a mystery. You can't change the breed mix he is and ignoring him and getting cranky won't help, he can't help it. You could get a good trainer in to help with calming him and giving tips on things for him to do while you are out, but not a shock collar trainer.
  5. 9th Storey Apartment

    Sorry for the troll mention , but happens a lot . Staffs bounce on thin air , I had one that could bounce over a 6 foot gate easily . There are plenty of dogs that can live in apartments, greyhounds for one .
  6. Training a greyhound not to chase

    It’s also terrifying when you are a BT built like a brick with a completely different play style . It never improved and I had to rehome the Stag .
  7. 9th Storey Apartment

    my first thought, lets drag out the blue staff and add apartment for more amo
  8. Training a greyhound not to chase

    Exactly, thats why you need someone to see whats going on. My stag hound terrified my other dog playing in the sighthound way of grabbing the back of the neck etc
  9. Looking for a female chow

    If breeders don't want him its because he is not good enough to breed with or they don't need his lines, he has no show record to prove his worth for future generations, breeders don't just breed for the fun of pumping out pups its to improve the breed etc.
  10. Plus you don't always get to meet the parents anyway as the breeder may not own both. Mine doesn't let you see all his dogs for security either, depends on the breed and the chance of them being stolen and what sort they attract.
  11. 9th Storey Apartment

    If this isn't a troll ( blue staff, apartment), then no, they jump high and bounce over stuff, it will have no idea its a killer drop the other side. Apartment with a highly active dog, you would be insane.
  12. cat grass tips

    i got a couple of cat grass plants, they were only $3 so wedged them inbetween other pots and think i might get a couple more to plant in the garden.
  13. cat grass tips

    I don’t have cats ! It’s for the dogs .
  14. cat grass tips

    I only have a small grass lawn , the rest is pavers or fake turf and the girls eat grass on walks, however the area for long grass is a good 20 min walk away and Barbie isn't upto going that far . Someone suggested buying cat grass to plant in pots at home, but reading up on it you seem to buy it in seeds and it only lasts a few week and you have to replant? Can i buy plants already grown and plant in the garden ? I was tempted to just take a trowel and dig a little clump up where they eat it on walk and bring it home.
  15. Vale Hobbes, An Era Ends

    I sent this little foster man to WA years ago as he wasn’t safe here , my kids were gutted as they wanted to keep him , I hope he is still safe .