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  1. I'm looking for some advice on treats - both for training and general use. We spent a bit of time looking into various foods and found a lot of opinions on various brands and food types but with treats there's not so much information. For training we're using SavourLife. They're a bar like treat that can be easily ripped into small chunks to reward so they're easy to hold and use during training and when out and about. We tried others but some of the cheaper ones had a plastic texture and our dog didn't have the enthusiasm to continue training to be rewarded. With the SavourLife ones he goes wild for them. For general treats (a snack etc) - we found Vetalogica pellet chews. Same logic as the SavourLife ones. For chewing we've been picking up some kangaroo tails from Kmart. Basically, after trying a few different brands and landing on the above, we've realised that its definitely worth spending a little more to get some better quality ingredients in there, although I'm sure there's also some not so good stuff in there too. I've tasted all of these myself and there is a noticeable difference in flavour and texture between them and the other stuff we've bought in the past. Anyone got any other recommendations that don't break the bank but are decent quality? We'd like to rotate treats to keep the enthusiasm, especially for training.
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