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    Salukis! Other dogs, great apes, animal welfare and conservation.

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  1. An acreage would certainly be the dream for ease of multiple dogs. We're on about a 600m block so pretty good, but I couldn't have anything bigger than salukis and have more than two.
  2. How many dogs works best for you? I've never had more than two, but looking at adding a third of the same breed in the not-too-distant future. My younger dog is prone to distress when separated from the older, and being able to leave two together while I go out with a third is definitely appealing to me. I think ideally I'd have two salukis and a 'something else', probably something a little more biddable! As my old girl is getting near to the end of her expected lifespan, my next dog is probably going to play the role of easing the transition with her passing when it happens. After most of my dog-owning life having just the one, I'd hate to go back to having less than two! I'm a little bit daunted by the logistics of a third with regards to landlord and council approval, but it definitely feels like my ideal number. Photo of my two girls... I'd love to see some pack pics in this thread, though I know it's quiet here these days. As
  3. I've started getting into dog photography with the intention of going professional, so thought I'd share a few photos! First, a few of my girls. Bella is twelve now, would you believe!
  4. He is absolutely, completely gorgeous! And a very big boy, gosh!
  5. I was so sad to read this. Bo was a fabulous ambassador for well-bred dogs; a total star.
  6. We have the Dyson Animal, and definitely recommend. Battery doesn't last long on full power, but it's so effective. Partner has dog allergies, so it's been a valuable investment.
  7. Oh, she is gorgeous! Welcome to DOL, Mia!
  8. Well, he's adorable! I absolutely love her name!
  9. Oh, fabulous! I’m a little bit jealous, haha, let me know if there are any openings! Those are some gorgeous face shots there. This is where Central Coast Zoo is going to be, isn’t it?
  10. Ooh, we're in business! Here's Bella at ten years old. And with her little red-headed buddy....
  11. Let's try again.... Nope-- still not working.
  12. It’s very strange, just did it the same way I usually do... will have to try something else!
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