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  1. 52/2018

    28/56: The sunlight was horribly harsh for photography, but he's cute nonetheless. Enzi by Amy Atherton, on Flickr
  2. Which kibble do you feed?

    I haven't fed Frontier Pets for a while; it's a bit out of my price range at the moment, but would definitely feed again if money wasn't an issue.
  3. More Monarto Chimps

    Myopixia had such a great passion. I miss talking with her very much. There's so very much I'd love to tell her about. I'd definitely recommend looking at her photos if you're interested in primates; she gave a great insight into Taronga's chimps and gorillas.
  4. 52/2018

    PossumCorner, that's lovely!
  5. More Monarto Chimps

    Galatea has long been a favourite of mine. There's something so soulful about her face, and I just love how brilliant she is with the little ones. She's a darl! That's such a lovely shot, Perse, looks like a special moment you shared. Galatea by Amy Atherton, on Flickr I was fortunate enough to visit Burgers' Zoo's renowned chimpanzee community late last year. Zombi, Galatea, and the late Zwala all came from Burgers, and Galatea's mum, dad and younger brother are still there. It was lovely to see a bit of Gali in their faces! <3 The photos are pretty poor as it was a dark, wintry Dutch day, and everyone was indoors, but sharing anyway because Galatea has some admirers. Mum Gaby (who Galatea clearly gets her eyes from) Gaby and Moni by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Dad Fons (who is also the father of Zwala, who passed away in 2014) Fons by Amy Atherton, on Flickr and younger brother Ghineau Ghineau by Amy Atherton, on Flickr @persephone I should be able to come up- it'd be lovely to meet you. Thank you; it's very easy to get sucked into their little world. They are a fascinating bunch. I haven't read that, but looking it up, it sounds really interesting. I'll have to add that to my list.
  6. More Monarto Chimps

    It can definitely be related to stress or boredom; I've known some self-pluckers who've picked up the behaviours due to poor living conditions and an inadequate social background, but it can (as shown by Tsotsi) be something linked more to social over-enthusiasm or cultural grooming patterns. Tsotsi's hair loss occurred very quickly after he was introduced to the other three males. Here he is in early 2010, about three months after meeting Boyd and Gombe. &quot;You looking at me?&quot; by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Zombi is absolutely gorgeous. She's got a beautiful personality, very gentle and steady. I do wonder what she'd look like with more hair! Zombi by Amy Atherton, on Flickr The chimps aren't viewed from the bus; there's a viewing deck which looks over the outdoor enclosure as well as the indoor day room. It's nice because you can quite comfortably hang around there for hours and watch the animals.
  7. I am in love ..... breed not in Aus.

    Gosh, yes. I was in Spain for a few months, and the amount of galgos and podencos (and Ibizan hounds) in desperate need was heartbreaking. We actually had a beautiful galgo found roaming on the grounds of the wildlife sanctuary I was at, presumed abandoned (the amount of dogs being dumped is devastating). She was captured and fostered by one of our primate carers before finding a new home in Germany. Prima galgo was just the most beautiful dog, sweet and sensitive. I can tell you, I was wishing I had the unlimited funds to take a couple of Spanish hounds home with me. Prima by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Prima by Amy Atherton, on Flickr
  8. More Monarto Chimps

    There's been a lot going on with them recently, with two new females having joined the family in March. The introduction has been a great success, but everyone's been very busy socially while the new girls find their place in the group. Now two of the females (Galatea and Hannah) are not on contraception, and another (Lani) is on the pill but still showing visual signs of being receptive, so the boys are very much occupied in that regard. Tsots isn't really that old, he's just prematurely grey. The lack of hair is more due to either over-grooming or hair-plucking. Over-grooming can be a cultural thing in some captive chimp groups, so something that Sandali likely brought with him from Taronga Zoo. Prior to coming to Monarto Zoo, Tsotsi was completely hairy, but his hair became patchier when he was introduced into a more natural social group (with three males from groups where over-grooming is rife). Mama Zombi stands out with her bald arms, which she plucked as an adolescent after the death of her mother, as a stress release. I've never seen her plucking in the eight years she's been here, and the keepers suspect it's simply never grown back. Zombi's kids have patterns of hair loss where she's over-groomed them; you can see where Zombi grooms Enzi on the side of his face while he nurses (Zuri had a similar hairstyle when she was young and nursing). I have noticed recently Zuri's chest has gotten quite bare, but I'm not sure what the origin of that is. Here is Tsotsi when he lived at Adelaide Zoo (2007) with just his mother and sister. He had a very boring life, especially socially, but his hair was great. He was less than twenty here, but already very grey. Tsotsi by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Tsotsi by Amy Atherton, on Flickr
  9. More Monarto Chimps

    I had a lovely day at the zoo today, the chimps were loving the sunshine and just enjoying life. Galatea and Hannah by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Tsotsi by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Tsotsi by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Gombe and Galatea, Hannah and Sandali by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Galatea by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Enzi is growing like a weed, and today he was stomping around and displaying like the big guys do! Enzi by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Enzi by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Zuri is a big girl now, and kind of reminds me of a Great Dane puppy with her long limbs and huge feet. She is going to be an impressive chimp when she grows up, no doubt about it. Enzi and Zuri by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Zombi and Zuri by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Zombi and Zuri by Amy Atherton, on Flickr
  10. 52/2018

    Ooh, he's terribly handsome! Week 27/56 It was a beautiful day today, and Zuri was soaking up the sun while being pampered by her mum. Zuri by Amy Atherton, on Flickr
  11. Sighthounds

    I paid a visit to a new neighbour of ours, who will soon be a regular playdate buddy for Bella! I am just a LITTLE bit smitten. Bowie by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Bowie by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Bowie by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Bowie by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Bowie by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Bowie by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Bowie by Amy Atherton, on Flickr
  12. I am in love ..... breed not in Aus.

    How did Silkens slip my mind? I have no doubt I'm someday, somehow have one of those little beauties in my life! There's something so charmingly pixie-like about them.
  13. 52/2018

    Week 26/54: Saluki baby! His name is Bowie, and he's lined up for regular playdates with Bella! Am I smitten? Yes, yes I am. Bowie by Amy Atherton, on Flickr
  14. Which kibble do you feed?

    Haha, oh no! I'm a crazy food lady too, so I totally get it. If only I worried about my own diet as much as I did my dog's....
  15. Which kibble do you feed?

    I've looked up what meat meal is, the concentrated, rendered product; I'd rather have that as a main ingredient over grains or legumes. All meat in kibble is processed, so as long as I'm told what the meat is, and there are no by-products, a meat meal is about as good as you're going to get. Certainly if you can afford it, non-kibble dried foods such as ZiwiPeak or Absolute Holistic are miles and miles ahead.