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  1. The adventures of Hailey, the Tassie Devil

    Oh my gosh, how have I missed this thread?! Your beautiful girl is pure joy and your photos show it. So, so gorgeous!
  2. Adventures of Bella Saluki

    A while since I've updated, but here's a few pictures of Bella from today. We're hoping that by the end of the year, we'll have another saluki running around the place, so it's likely there will be a lot of photos to come! Bella by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Bella by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Bella by Amy Atherton, on Flickr
  3. Getting A New Maltalier Puppy.

    If you're paying that much for a puppy, make sure you're getting your money's worth. Have the parents been screened for health issues and congenital defects that might occur in either breed in the mix? How are the parents housed? Many 'designer' dogs are bred in poor conditions. How are the puppies being raised? Does the breeder not only offer, but expect to provide lifetime care? A responsible breeder will be prepared to offer advice and support through the entirety of your dog's life, and will take them back into their care if for whatever reason you can no longer keep them. When purchasing a puppy, this is the bare minimum to expect-- and $2600 is a lot to fork out if you're not getting the bare minimum. If you're after a particular temperament, buying a mix is not setting you up for success. They are by definition a mix of two different breeds, and you're not going to know what traits will be present in your puppy. When the time is right, most probably when you are not caring for an ailing senior dog (and when the covid-19 threat has passed), perhaps meet some purebred dogs at a dog show and talk to some breeders. Your new puppy can never be your beloved old dog, but your best bet in finding a similar temperament will be in a recognised breed with predictable personality traits. Wishing you well; I can imagine it must be so very tough for you to prepare for the end of your special little friend's life. Take care.
  4. More Monarto Chimps

    It's about time for an update! First of all, both Enzi and big sis Zuri have really grown. Their new sibling is due next month, so there are interesting times ahead! 703 255 8837 Hannah's beautiful baby girl, Hope, arrived in February. She is absolutely gorgeous, and just the busiest, wriggliest little baby! Enzi loves her to bits. upload to photos site where is a chase bank near me
  5. Decent inexpensive dog food brands?

    My 'budget' option that I tend to go for is Canidae All Life Stages, which is usually around $100 for 20kg on PetCircle. A lot of meat content in there for the price. I also like Applaws as an alternative to more expensive brands- it's probably middle-of-the-road price wise.
  6. Monkeying around... and other animals

    Today was so special... my job was to photograph the young babies, most of whom are still undergoing their quarantine period. It was such a privilege to be able to get close (wearing a protective mask and having gone through a quarantine period) to the infants in the care of their amazing surrogate mother. In the past year, the sanctuary has rescued a staggering ten chimpanzee infants. For an infant to be captured, the mother must be killed, and likely several other family members were also slaughtered as part of the illegal trade in bushmeat. The youngest, and latest arrival is thought to be only four months old. Young chimpanzees are not naturally weaned until after four years of age, and will stay close to their mothers for longer still, so to be orphaned in this way is hugely traumatic. To be in the presence of these precious babies was emotional to say the least. Miata pic share link Ramba Flavour Rocco pix upload Lizzy Caesar Ana fallout 3 wanamingo Fifo Monro annual salary of a forensic anthropologist
  7. Monkeying around... and other animals

    Right now, I'm in Sierra Leone, working at a three month wildlife conservation internship at Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary. For now, I'm in a quarantine period, so I'll be working alongside the chimpanzee care staff later in my stay. So far, I've been working with Tacugama's amazing conservation and community outreach team, which has been an incredible learning experience. Last week, I went on the daily patrols with the rangers, recording data as they shared with me a wealth of knowledge about what they do. The teams monitor the presence of wildlife, which includes chimpanzees, duikers, pangolins and several monkey species, destroy any traps set, and report any illegal activity. Since their work started, the forests surrounding Tacugama have suffered a great deal less illegal hunting and deforestation. Recent mudslides in the nearby areas have shown just how vital the maintenance of the forests over the hills is to the environment, and the people who live in the capital, Freetown, so close to the hills. I've also been putting together community presentations, which the team will use in one of their major conservation projects for the year, a whole lot of data entry, and looking after two lovely duikers and a bushbuck. Here are some snaps: image photo upload free Maxwell's duiker post my foto Red-flanked duiker, Katy ally financial near me Kortu Lola gif upload site Molly Winnie Michael
  8. More Monarto Chimps

    Some recent photos of the Monarto chimpanzee gang. Little man Enzi Big girl Zuri, suddenly she seems so grown up! criminal anthropology jobs Zuri teasing Hannah how to use print screen Galatea Pregnant Hannah is expecting her first infant in March and is definitely showing! I'm crossing everything for a happy outcome.
  9. Sighthounds

    Congratulations- he's stinkin' cute!
  10. 52/2018

    I'm waaaay behind! 44/52 Boyd's birthday party. :D Boyd by Amy Atherton, on Flickr 45/52 Zombi and Enzi by Amy Atherton, on Flickr 46/52 Hannah by Amy Atherton, on Flickr 47/52 My friend's gorgeous new kelpie puppy, Arrow Arrow by Amy Atherton, on Flickr 48/52 Kyah by Amy Atherton, on Flickr 49/52 Kyah and Arrow by Amy Atherton, on Flickr
  11. A thread for my animal photos (aside from Bella and the Monarto chimps), because I take a lot. I realised I hadn't shared any photographs of the animals I worked with at AAP Primadomus, a rescue centre in Spain, earlier this year. I was part of a team caring for chimpanzees, two species of macaques, and two species of marmosets. Almost all the animals were former pets and performers, and many continue to struggle with problem behaviours as a result of their rearing. At AAP, they are integrated with their own kind, and most will be eventually moved on to a new home -along, of course, with their new families. One of the most endearing groups of primates I worked with was Lazaros' group of pig-tailed macaques. The leader, Lazaros, spent many years suspended in a tiny cage, and the result is that his legs are slightly crippled. He is a small monkey, elderly and slow-moving, but with a lot of attitude- no one messes with him. One can't help but admire his spirit. Lazaros by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Lazaros by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Even older than Lazaros was Glenn, the oldest of his species on record at 31 years old (or more). Glenn was quite possibly the least attractive monkey I've ever seen, but it's impossible not to love him. He was a courageous little soul, and it was a great privilege to care for him Glenn by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Then there was Calimero... a very feisty fellow! With long, spindly limbs, he was well equipped to grab and pull hair should we get too close when giving his dinner. Calimero by Amy Atherton, on Flickr And my special favourite, dear Ino, Glenn's son. Bottom of the pile, he was a supportive son to Glenn when the old guy was having troubles with his health, and would often show me a friendly greeting face. I've met a fair few monkeys in my time, but Ino is probably the very sweetest. Ino by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Ino by Amy Atherton, on Flickr
  12. More Monarto Chimps

    There’s a lot of love surrounding the Monarto chimp house... it’s been one of the greatest privileges of my life to be a little part of it. I think for most people who get to know chimps closely come to see them as family. Their individual personalities are so vibrant it’s hard not to get taken in.
  13. More Monarto Chimps

    Hannah is 24. Usually, a female would have had at least one infant by that age, but she is not old either. It was devastating to lose Soona that way. It's one of those situations where there really is nothing that can be done; it happens very quickly, and the process of separating chimpanzees in order for one to be anaesthetised and taken out for treatment is not often straightforward. Soona passed peacefully with her friend Zombi by her side, which was some comfort. One of the males, Gombe, tended to the infant for the first hour before Zombi took over. Baby Boon only survived a couple of weeks, tragically, but his short life touched many hearts. The staff (and enrichment volunteers) are brilliant- they love throwing the chimps big celebrations almost as much as the chimps enjoy them!
  14. More Monarto Chimps

    I'm trying not to worry about Hannah... there's no reason why it shouldn't all be okay, but after Soona's death in childbirth I don't think I'll be able to completely shake that fear from my mind. To my knowledge, she was mother raised, so should care for her infant.
  15. More Monarto Chimps

    Boyd's turned forty and Hannah's pregnant? This calls for a party! Gombe, Enzi and Boyd by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Boyd by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Galatea by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Hannah and Galatea by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Enzi by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Enzi by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Enzi by Amy Atherton, on Flickr