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  1. Kaos

    Thanks everyone My son still cries himself to sleep about her, but is slowly getting better
  2. Kaos

    Lots of pawprints here, it is very, very lonely here without her
  3. The training was at their place and they taught most of the subjects
  4. I did NDTF via Steve and Vicki The thing i liked the best was they showed ALL methods of training, where Delta only shows their methods - The had no issues with you not continuing on with them all, but wanted you to understand why they are used and let you make your mind up yourself on what way to go,
  5. My dog ate a shirt

    That’s like 35kgs right ?
  6. New buddy for Zelda

    They look so happy!
  7. You have another dog lined up ???
  8. New buddy for Zelda

    Haha thank you! I need a bully fix !
  9. New buddy for Zelda

    Why is there only one photo!! Give me more!!! Lol!!
  10. New buddy for Zelda

    Omg!!! I’m sooooo jealous!!!
  11. Yep a bulldog pup! im not a harness person either, unless it’s for the car, I’ll be doing the training and walking of the pup and try to get him on a flat collar but a harness is easier for dad to use
  12. Awesome - ill go looking! Ill be doing the best i can to train dads dog to walk on a flat collar, but i think a harness will suit him more I actually realised i have other things i need help with... so im going to change the name of the thread an just ask in here! LOL Thank you!
  13. It’s been a long time since I worked retail in a pet supply shop and longer since we had a puppy around! dad is getting a pup in a few weeks and I have no idea what the best of anything Is anymore we are after a good harness, both for walking and in the car. He is also after a dog door - it will be a medium dog, it needs to go into a sliding door - and as he has a cat, he would love it to be set to a microchip so the cat cant get out I think thats the two main ones for now! Im sure ill have more things i need help with at a later date! I cant believe how much ive forgotten !! thanks!!
  14. British Bulldog Breeders

    Thank you!
  15. Hey all! Im posting for my Dad. Mum has finally given him the OK to get a puppy! Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on British Bulldog Breeders? Its been years since we have had one, and i have made contact with a few breeders, but just wanted to see if there is anyone else who you would recommend! Thanks