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  1. I've just paid pets at peace last week for my cat. Once she leaves I'll call them and they will come and get her for me All my urns are kept in a big pot in my front garden. Once we have our forever home we will bury them all together.
  2. What would I do? Well to start with, this post would be called something different Maybe 'ex partner fed dog alcohol and I'm so mad'
  3. Ahaha maybe she does need a name change!!!
  4. And it's ok, everyone calls her a boy. I just got her a new pink lead but I'm sure it won't help
  5. Ohh poor Bolt, I won't tell her what you said... But she is a girl She was meant to be a boy and Nick already had Bolt picked out, we ended up keeping it even though there were no male pups in the litter!
  6. He has settled In so well!
  7. Kids are 8 and 5 now !! Both at school, and I'm scared of mischief... Bolt is such a good dog, has never dug a hole or chewed anything up. It will be interesting.!!
  8. Our new Stafford boy. Sophie has called him Jinx Sparkles. We picked him up yesterday
  9. I'm not part of any problem thanks. I actually didn't know bunnings had any muzzle or dog in trolley rules till last year when I read it elsewhere. Absolutely everyone here takes their dogs on lead as I did. Never once had staff told us that they needed to be muzzled. I would have had no issues with doing that, but our Bunnings here has never enforced or asked of it.
  10. Our dogs can walk in on lead. No muzzle needed, no need for them to be in a trolley. I used to take Bolt all the time, but she would get so excited and pee on the floor that I stopped it Feel so sorry for everyone involved
  11. Is she a bull terrier !!
  12. It is very hard to see from the inside. With Kaos she had lymphoma and when she did her cruciate ligament... I knew we had no choice I had to tell my parents it was time for their old cat a few months ago, they didn't realise how bad he had become. My cat is 19. She is seeing the vet monthly now and my vet is amazing and will help me decide when it's time. My husband works away and had a week away at a time, he sometimes says she has done downhill in that time... I really hope she just falls asleep one day and doesn't wake up
  13. I'm looking too and have pretty much given up for the moment. I agree a bit with above. Registered breeders need to start breeding for the pet market, otherwise byb are just going to come swooping in and take the money. I was looking at kitten prices and they have jumped to over $3500 for the breed I like. All that does is keep people who want that breed to go to a byb or find a free to good home one .
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