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  1. It is very hard to see from the inside. With Kaos she had lymphoma and when she did her cruciate ligament... I knew we had no choice I had to tell my parents it was time for their old cat a few months ago, they didn't realise how bad he had become. My cat is 19. She is seeing the vet monthly now and my vet is amazing and will help me decide when it's time. My husband works away and had a week away at a time, he sometimes says she has done downhill in that time... I really hope she just falls asleep one day and doesn't wake up
  2. I'm looking too and have pretty much given up for the moment. I agree a bit with above. Registered breeders need to start breeding for the pet market, otherwise byb are just going to come swooping in and take the money. I was looking at kitten prices and they have jumped to over $3500 for the breed I like. All that does is keep people who want that breed to go to a byb or find a free to good home one .
  3. Hi all Ive been out of the dog training and showing world for a long time now and no longer have all my contacts and we are wanting to add a Stafford back to our family. We are happy with a rescue or via a breeder, but not sure where to start anymore! I am in NSW and my husband is in Brisbane twice a week. Does anyone have any amazing rescues i could start looking at? Or any breeders they would recommend? (NOTE: Im not interested in any breeder who breeds for colour only) We are also happy to wait for the right dog. Thank you
  4. Solid colours do happen but not as often. I'm on a bull terrier group on facebook, want me to add you? One day I would love a solid black!!
  5. My first dog. Atlas, my bull terrier Growing up we had a boxer, Suzie Then a red cattle Dog called Major, then out Stafford Zeus and dad got a British bulldog, Duke, just before I moved out
  6. Ahaha yeah dog food!! Thanks. I'll spend my social distancing looking into it at swimming today!. And two best dogs. I got hello fresh in Wednesday, a free box, and if I could afford it for 6 people I would keep doing it!! Yum!!
  7. Just wondering if anyone has a regularly online delivery for food? I'm sick of running out all the time, so thought this may be the way to go!! Who do you use ?
  8. Agree 100% My kids come first, I'm a very savvy dog owner, and have had to split up a few dog fights... The very first thing I would do would be drop that lead and make sure my kids (and any other kids) were safe. I also would not jump in unless I could see an opening. This so easily could have been me, kaos was so dog aggressive, and I had people often let their dogs run up to her. I read the dogs got out of the yard and it was an accident. Yes. But they are still at fault. If my dog got out and was killed in any way, I would take full r
  9. Maybe a cake. Got a lot going on here and I almost forgot it was her birthday week!! Oops!
  10. I find I can't upload a photo but can a screen shot. So I screen shot the photo and then upload that !!
  11. Wel my baby girl is 1 next week!!
  12. I have to say I disagree! My husband isnt an animal person. He would be happy without any pets. But there is no way I could do that He hardly has anything to do with Bolt, but she doesn't suffer because of it. Husband knows the dog is coming when we go out, he doesn't like it but has no choice! It can work, as long as the other person is 100% committed
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