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  1. Introducing.... Bolt!

    Maybe a cake. Got a lot going on here and I almost forgot it was her birthday week!! Oops!
  2. I find I can't upload a photo but can a screen shot. So I screen shot the photo and then upload that !!
  3. Introducing.... Bolt!

    Wel my baby girl is 1 next week!!
  4. What type of dog should I get?

    I have to say I disagree! My husband isnt an animal person. He would be happy without any pets. But there is no way I could do that He hardly has anything to do with Bolt, but she doesn't suffer because of it. Husband knows the dog is coming when we go out, he doesn't like it but has no choice! It can work, as long as the other person is 100% committed
  5. What type of dog should I get?

    Barking and digging are often a sign of boredom if you give your dog plenty of stimulation it should decrease the chances of that happening
  6. Introducing.... Bolt!

    My chairs have started to explode...
  7. Introducing.... Bolt!

    My girl has a new toy!!
  8. Introducing.... Bolt!

    She just has to stop sitting on the cats, they are getting over it !!
  9. Introducing.... Bolt!

    4 months old now! She is still a great pup, loves playing, and picked up fetch very fast (as long as its her rainbow soft toy and nothing else !LOL) She is sleeping through the night with no accidents. She isnt took keen on walking, happy to sit out the front and sniff around, but take her for a walk and she just stops (Atlas was the same!!) once it cools down we will get stuck into trying to get her to enjoy it! So far she isnt overly destructive, but im sure that will change now ive posted it!! She loves playing but isnt too sure of dads bulldog, Monty is very full on and a bit too much for poor Bolt!! Nick is now training her to run beside his scooter, they are great friends
  10. Introducing.... Bolt!

    Yep But I'm hopeless as I use my phone and have no idea how to put photos up with it!! I'll jump on the computer later today and upload some !
  11. Introducing.... Bolt!

    She is great, she still has the odd nip but once she sees the water bottle she stops She is amazing with the kids, I couldn't have asked for a better dog
  12. you'll also be looking at paying papered prices from the rspca for these pups but Bull Terrier rescue do have dogs in care, if this is a breed you think would suit - maybe contact them? \
  13. Introducing.... Bolt!

    It sure is he still says daily that he misses his uncle and Kaos, but is nowhere near as upset about it
  14. Introducing.... Bolt!

    yep! Nick hasnt cried himself to sleep in over 2 weeks! He has asked can she sleep in his room, once she is fully toilet trained ill set a bed up in there for him so she can!
  15. Introducing.... Bolt!

    Some photos :D She loves Nick, they spend all day exploring ! Sophie is still a little scared of her, but is getting better!