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  1. you'll also be looking at paying papered prices from the rspca for these pups but Bull Terrier rescue do have dogs in care, if this is a breed you think would suit - maybe contact them? \
  2. Introducing.... Bolt!

    It sure is he still says daily that he misses his uncle and Kaos, but is nowhere near as upset about it
  3. Introducing.... Bolt!

    yep! Nick hasnt cried himself to sleep in over 2 weeks! He has asked can she sleep in his room, once she is fully toilet trained ill set a bed up in there for him so she can!
  4. Introducing.... Bolt!

    Some photos :D She loves Nick, they spend all day exploring ! Sophie is still a little scared of her, but is getting better!
  5. Introducing.... Bolt!

    She is amazing picking up training so fast, is great with the kids - the only issue is she loves teasing my old cat! I can’t complain at all, she is soooo different to Atlas and Kaos, it’s a very new experience! How are you guys going ?
  6. Introducing.... Bolt!

    haha yep, i had a Kaos for 13 years, so we can deal with a Bolt!!
  7. Introducing.... Bolt!

    She was perfect ! Met the cats and was fine with them, slept in the crate all night, no accidents and no crying she has most slotted in perfectly like she has Always been here !! We are going around tomorrow to meet dads 7 month old British Bulldog, so that will be interesting !!! He is a full on dog !!
  8. Everyone, please meet Bolt! She is 9 weeks old and just came home today!!
  9. Thanks! ive been looking into it myself and still not sure what to do
  10. Pet Insurance

    Thanks I was going to do the credit card thing and put the money on each week, but i just know my luck and somethign will happen that is more than i have banked!
  11. Pet Insurance

    who is everyone with? Ive never had it in the past and dont know if its worth it or not? Thanks!
  12. Kaos

    Thanks everyone My son still cries himself to sleep about her, but is slowly getting better
  13. Kaos

    Lots of pawprints here, it is very, very lonely here without her
  14. The training was at their place and they taught most of the subjects
  15. I did NDTF via Steve and Vicki The thing i liked the best was they showed ALL methods of training, where Delta only shows their methods - The had no issues with you not continuing on with them all, but wanted you to understand why they are used and let you make your mind up yourself on what way to go,