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  1. Bulldogs don't hate cats. What a silly statement. My parents have always had bulldogs and cats, and I work with many dogs and cats daily and had come across many bulldogs who live and get along with cats. Every dog is different, some will be ok with them some not. It will depend on the dog not the breed
  2. I have a bull terrier and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who live with 4 cats. They all respect each other (except the 19 year old cat who picks on the dogs ) It's not just about breed of the dog. I would look more at your cat first, is he used to other dogs, can you try him around dogs before you go ahead? If he is going to freak out he will set the pup off. Even mine will chase the cats if they run or hiss at something. This can work but you need to make sure your cat is ok first, then find the right dog
  3. As a kid we had a boxer and a cattle dog. But as an adult ive only had 4 dogs, 2 breeds Bull Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier I can't see me owning any other breed.
  4. 2 for me. Once the kids are older it will probably be 1, as I'll have more time to spend on it, now life is a bit busy and I feel better they have each other.
  5. Where do you live? I would give your local vets a call, they may have numbers for someone who can help
  6. Teebs


    K9 pro is actually a great suggestion. I would send them a message and see what they say. @belinda74the RSPCA will not take this pup on to rehome, if they accept the pup it will be destroyed. They kill so many dogs a year, they won't try to save one who has a bite history and is a bull breed. @coneye Yes. The end result may be this dog being put down. But carrying on like above won't help at all, after the first few lines I've just scrolled past every one of your posts. I agree something has to be done, but name calling and going on the way you are is doing absolutely nothing to help.
  7. Teebs


    How old was she when you got her? Have you made an appointment with a vet and behaviourist?
  8. I'm so confused. This is a forum for talking to people about dogs.. not for people pretending to be a dog. Are you expecting us to talk back to your dog? To you?
  9. I'm a dog walker. Some days we can walk KMs other days we get two houses down the road. I walk the dog for them, not me Yesterday I had a dog just walk 2 doors up and sit in the corner, he was so happy just watching life, so we sat there for half a hour and came home. :Rofl: The owner said he was exhausted and slept all day !
  10. If you're not sure, get a DNA test done (and report back here! I'm very curious) My girl is very soft, my boy wasn't. They are also prone to OCD, have you got someone qualified with the breed working with you?
  11. I've been following this, it's Been a huge topic of conversation in my per sitting groups Absolutely horrific
  12. I have a friend who has a dog. He is from a puppy farm and is under a guardianship contract too She paid money, cares for him and they come get him whenever they like to breed with. After 8 litters she then pays the rest of the money, gets him desexed and he is then hers. I really wish she talked to me before doing this.
  13. The vets are already on standby. His favourite thing is to break a branch off the tree and chew on that !
  14. Well good news. It's a food allergies. He is on a restricted diet and doing well, have started introducing fish and no itching ! He is also an Atlas. Has destroyed everything in my yard :rofl: lucky he is cute !!
  15. A friend of mine is dealing with the same thing. They were given and oddle but on ' breeders terms' the dog is 3 and terrified of everything, the 'breeder' can collect at any stage. She can't do anything with him without their ok. She has had him 4 months and only seen him one week of that. When they finish making their money they will dump him back on her and she will be responsible for the cost of desexing and any other medical bills
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