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  1. Good evening all! Snickers here barking that it still doesn’t feel like summer in Maine yet! Mommy said it was only like 70 agrees today. Whatever that means! Well, I thought that instead of just laying around and being lazy the past year, I would go out and get some real world skills that I could use. Times are tough ya know. Just in case mommy couldn’t work, I could still bring home the bacon…..mmmmm bacon slurp! So I first tried interior decorating. I thought I had an eye for it, but apparently not so: Next I tried woodworking: Geez, they make it look so much easier in those do it yourself magazines! Ok I should be pretty good at Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC: All you have to do is point the fan at your face! (Sigh). Well, I tried! I guess like they say, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. So I guess I will just go back to being a big hungry sneaker monster! Well, good night all! Gonna go dream about some yummy yummy new Nikes that Grammy has for me! Snickers the Master Sneaker Technician
  2. Good evening all! Snickers here. Hope all you dogs and humans are doing grrrreat! So my Grammy was visiting earlier today and mommy was telling her about all of my recent naughtiness. Well, apparently I get this trait from my Grampydog Oliver, who was my Grammy’s first dog. She told us all about this furry, drooly legend! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you an old photo of Oliver. The dog, the myth, the legend! Now Grammy has always been a dog lover and after seeing the movie “Beethoven” when it came out in this time waaaaaaay back called the “90s”, she just HAD to rescue him. Well, apparently he was a VERY big hungry sneaker monster and his FAVORITE dessert was her brand brand new Reebok pump sneakers!He really craved them and you could always find him with one of Grammy’s new white leather Reebok pumps in his mouth covered in slimy bubbly Saint Bernard slobber! She said she must have gone thru a hundred pairs as he had a voracious appetite for them. Fresh right out of the box they were fair game. As she would slip on a new pair in the morning and try to lace them up, his jowls would be wrapped around the toes chewing and drooling away! He would lick and nibble on them all day and he especially loved to eat them right off her feet as soon as she got home from aerobics class at night! Once he got them he would hide under the dinner table enjoying them and you could hear wet growling and snorting and squeaking noises. What a naughty naughty NAUGHTY boy!So these were actually the last pair of new Reebok pump sneakers that Grammy got right before Oliver passed away. As much as he LOVED to eat her new Reeboks, he never got to even have a taste of these. Grammy has kept them for like 30 years (!) to remember him by.Wow! Being a big hungry sneaker monster myself, Oliver is like a legend and a true inspiration to me! Mmmmmm, slurp. I can only DREAM about how yummy all those soft chewy new white leather Reebok pump sneakers tasted!! And by the way, my Grammy is AWESOME and loves to spoil me rotten! She said not to worry and that she would keep me out of doggy prison and let me have my fill of new sneakers this summer!! Wow, gotta say that life is good! Snickers the spoiled saint
  3. Evening all! Soooooo, looks like I’m in doggy jail for a while. I MAY have indulged at the new sneaker buffet a little bit earlier today. I was just chillin at Aunty’s today minding my own business when I saw these: Soft chewy new white leather Nikes! Well, lets just say it didn’t take me long to wrestle them right off her feet and go hide and enjoy them! Mmmmm they were soooooo delicious! (Don’t tell Aunty, but I made sure to fill them up with lots of warm slimy Saint Bernard slobber!) DEFINITELY worth doing some hard time in doggy jail for. If I beg and look really pitiful, I bet Aunty will let me out on early release! Snickers the jail bird, er, I mean dog!
  4. So check it out: Aunty has this hiding in her closet at home. It’s an All-You-Can-Eat New SNEAKER BUFFET!!!!! My evil plan is to eat them all up for yummy dessert this summer. I Can’t WAIT!!!! Snickers the sneaker monster
  5. Thank you! The picture of innocence is all part of my evil plan to get the new sneakers hahahahaha Snickers the naughtiest boy
  6. Wow all, thanks for the warm welcomes! And for a quick update: Aunty did come back the next day to doggysit again and I finished off those yummy chewy new Reeboks! Grrrrrrrr, SLURP!!! Enjoy your weekend all! Snickers the VERY naught boy
  7. Hey all! Snickers here barking from the USA! Mommy (Natalie) and me are new here and just wanted to check it out. She said she was tired of the “same old same old” and was glad to see this site looked pretty cool! Oh, about the title. Well, me I’m a crazy fun-loving Saint Bernard who has one slight weakness: I’m nutso for the taste of new sneakers! The summer is my favorite time of the year because all my human friends and family get yummy new sneakers and I can’t wait! Mmmmm, for me there’s nothing like the taste of a brand new pair of Nikes or Reeboks. That soft leather just melts in a big hungry sneaker monster’s mouth! Today of all days was AMAZING!!! My Aunty was doggysitting and I got to eat my first new pair of summer sneakers for the season! Mmmmm brand new purple leather Reeboks! I could smell them before she even came inside the house! As soon as I saw them, I pounced! Before Aunty even knew what happened, I wrestled both Reeboks right off her feet and dashed outside to find a nice place to enjoy them. Aunty chased me around and tried to get them back but eventually gave up. I spent the afternoon having them for yummy dessert. LOTS of growling and snorting and slobber as I chewed hungrily! Aunty is coming back tomorrow so PLEASE help me convince her to let me keep these delicious new Reeboks and wear over more new ones tomorrow!!!! Well all, stay safe in this crazy world we live in. Will Bark later! Snickers the naughty boy
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