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  1. Pete Evans healthy everyday pets food..

    https://www.avma.org/News/JAVMANews/Pages/190215h.aspx It strikes dobes more than any other breed with over half either affected or carrying genes of the disease. If the breeding practices of dobes continue with affected dogs and if we don't get some more information of what exactly causes it there is a strong prediction the dobermann as we know it will be extinct in 25 years.. Probably will be any way if PETA and RSPCA etc get their way.. but nonetheless, alarming stuff! I've heard of pea's changing the menstrual cycle and fertility of bitches and now the thing about lentils.. I have no idea what the best thing to feed my dogs is. Its alarming.
  2. Pete Evans healthy everyday pets food..

    Having dobes this is super important to me as DCM is a HUGE killer of our breed in general. Nearly every single grain free food I see on the market has lentils and peas. On the other hand, kibbles with grain usually have one meat or meal and the majority of the food is grain. In saying this I have one girl 9 in November, one 8 in October. I've had two others that lived until 13 on a varied diet of premium and basic kibbles with vegetable and meat added. I'm trying to decide on the best diet to raise my newest girl on to reduce the risk, although I know its also in a dogs lineage and genes..
  3. Vetalogica Biologically Appropriate food

    Thanks for the replies. I'm definitely not anti-grain especially having dobermann's and reading the studies regarding the link with cardio .. I just thought I'd ask as have seen many other kibbles reviewed here and saw this but haven't seen much about it. I like that the first few ingredients are all meat meal. Mine already get bones and vegetables and things in addition to their kibble but the thing is I don't find this all that more expensive than others out there. Certainly not as expensive as Ziwipeak and some stores have it out at $97 for 11kgs..seems ok
  4. Looking for opinions on this food? strictly ingredients wise (and reputability of the company). Thanks in advance https://www.vetalogica.com.au/collections/vetalogica-biologically-appropriate-dog-food
  5. Sydney Royal 2016

    Was there an official photographer? I always love checking out the photos!
  6. Sending Bloods To Jean Dodds

    Thanks Oakway looks like travelling is what needs to be done! My local post office also said they wouldn't ship it
  7. Sending Bloods To Jean Dodds

    Hey Oakway... South Australia isn't great for vets. The nearest one I trust is 380 km away so was going to do it all myself... I've read you need 'serum' so is this spun blood?
  8. Sending Bloods To Jean Dodds

    Bump I also need help on how to keep chilled and what to say to post office.
  9. Two Female Dogs ?

    As someone who has experienced same sex aggression between females I would not risk it! My 4 year old ended up KILLING my 13 year old. She also attacked my submissive 2 year old. There was no forewarning, she just decided she wanted to be the only bitch in the house one day.
  10. Elbow Callous

    Good luck hope its all good news!
  11. Elbow Callous

    Hey there! This happens regularly to my dogs. I rub coconut oil/medicinal manuka honey on the area and cover with a couple layers of vet wrap. Manuka honey helps inflammation/infection and coconut oil is used when the skin is just rough and the hair is gone. There are other 'butters' or things you can buy online for things like this to although I have just used what was already in my cupboard (namely the above) and that has worked :) You just have to be sure its a callous and not something else! an inflamed callous may need to be drained by the vet depending on whats going on there.
  12. Bitch On Bitch Aggression

    Ososwift thanks for your story. Sounds very similar. I have also heard that sentiment and I'm inclined to agree. I find it puzzling that neither of my breeders educated me about SSA in the dobe. I have done my research but assumed that with well bred girls and training it may not happen to me (HAHA-I was wrong). I am not set up on an acreage nor do I have proper kennels or lots of space like a lot of dog enthusiasts so I am finding it slightly unfair on both my girls to be living like this at the moment but will start with the vet and go from there. :)
  13. Bitch On Bitch Aggression

    Thank you very much for the rec! I will give them a call tomorrow :)
  14. Bitch On Bitch Aggression

    @Diva Thanks for your response. Its extremely hard but it happens I guess. Vet and behaviorist it is. I would love to know WHY.
  15. Bitch On Bitch Aggression

    Thanks Persephone. Yes just not sure. I have heard of SSA in this breed but knew it was higher risk for two males to be together. Even then, I see so many female full households its upsetting because that used to be us. Between a rock and a hard place regarding rehoming. I will do a full panel thyroid, could be hormones? She is also neutered. I just don't think our current system is fair to either dog although it works and I would be happy to continue if it needs to be done. I'm just looking for suggestions or stories and I appreciate any and all advice. I've always only had bitches, no dogs and never had a problem but I would be wary of having a multi bitch household again, at least in my breed. @cowanbree so rehoming worked for you? I mean, she was ok away from other bitches? Do you mind me asking what breed? You can pm if you like. Wonder if anyone could recommend a behaviorist in South Australia? I'm about 4 ours out of Adelaide but willing to drive any where. I have heard that some bitches from my breeder have turned out with SSA, which leads me to another question, is this sort of thing proven to run in certain lines? @JulesP unfortunately my eldest succumbed to her injures from the first attack and passed away. The other two are separated permanently but I just know for a fact its all the one bitch. My younger bitch is very very submissive to her..lays on her back generally just doesn't mess with her. The older bitch that is deceased may have growled at her a couple of times if she was being too boisterous but thats about it. Maybe that was enough to set her off and now she feels she must defend her top dog status. Thanks all!