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  1. Credit due . . . .

    Good customer service are hard to find these days and when they happen, it deserves a shout out! Good on you!
  2. Be Smart. Don’t be like Me!

    Ah the things we do for our babies
  3. Be Smart. Don’t be like Me!

    Obviously it wasn’t tasty enough to come back for seconds
  4. Which store allow dogs?

    i love the way you roll
  5. I’m not disputing that they shouldn’t impose separate excess across time. I just think should still be one claim for at least a year rather than per policy period.
  6. Perhaps follow up was a bad example. What I was trying to say was sometimes with an illness it can spread over a few consults. If it's part of the same illness, it should be part of the same claim. If it was within the same policy year, even if it was 360 days later, they would consider it the same claim. It is only boundary cases where the illness spreads across policy years that is ridiculous.
  7. I’m quite amazed how insurance policies are put together and the reasoning (or lack of) that comes with it. So today I found out that if your dog has a claim say for example surgery to remove a lump. Typically for these treatments will require several trips to the vet, three at least. One for consult, two for surgery and three for follow up. Now hypothetically your policy renewal date is 15 June. If you visit the vet once before the 15th and make a claim and the other two after the 15th, I was told I need to pay two excess even if we are treating the same illness. It’s two excess because it’s across two policy periods! Even if they are one day apart. i think that’s insane. Surely they can make the restriction 12 months from the first claim which would be more reasonable.
  8. Degenerative Myelopathy

    I’m so sorry. Time will heal your pain, just hang in there!
  9. Food suggestions for my old girl

    My boy recently had almost ten teeth removed including the molars at the back. He previously had other teeth out too so there isn’t many left. He is still eating fine, I was also assured that they managed to eat even with no teeth. Even with so many out, I still need to slow him down with a slow feeder bowl. Probably avoid bones since they can’t chew and break it down. Sardines I think is fine, soft and mushy enough.
  10. Anaemia in 13 yr old Chinese Crested

    I hope you are able to get to the bottom of this. I hate it when your pet is not well and you feel so helpless. All the best and give Maddie a cuddle from all of us!
  11. Stay Loyal dry food

    Poor baby. I also wouldn’t go entirely with the brands the vet recommends. They will sell whatever brand they have and not necessarily know much about reviews (or better reviews) of other brands they don’t hold. Has the vet given your baby any meds to firm up the stool?
  12. Gorgeous! Congrats! Colour is beautiful. Out of curiosity why is it called a dark blue? I really love how you said this. It must have been such a hard decision to make but obviously the right one.
  13. Which store allow dogs?

    Gone on an excursion :D But I think could be just that branch. I would have thought car dealerships would forbid dogs, so many cars go in and out they wouldn't want the liability of accidentally hitting a dog. They can't predict what dogs would do either, they could bolt out all of a sudden.
  14. I've been on TOTW for years - it once had excellent reviews! Only recently switched due to these reports. Something about it going through some radiation or treatment in customs as its imported. I now source locally.
  15. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    Good to hear. Just to add on to what the others have said, If you know he is going to be on it for a while, get larger quantities. This will avoid having to pay a script cost every single time. Vet meds are awfully expensive, I know! I’ve experienced this myself, got charged like $70 for 10 when it only cost $10 for 100 wholesale.