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  1. they both look gorgeous!
  2. Help! Looking for Specific Brand of Dog Toy

    @Carita that is so funny! You literally have a farm. I'll keep a lookout for the goats and let you know if I spot it somewhere.
  3. Chicken Frames

    Probably want to also reduce his dinner intake on the day you feed the chicken frame.
  4. I don't want to cause a scare but I read previously that raw salmon is poisonous for dogs, i'm not sure how true. I just did a goggle and this came up: https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/nutrition/can-dogs-eat-salmon/ https://www.vetmed.wsu.edu/outreach/Pet-Health-Topics/categories/diseases/salmon-poisoning
  5. Custom painting progress of my dog

    its turned out very nicely!
  6. My dogs don't dig, but i never use fertiliser or any sort in my backyard - they can't be trusted. Best case scenario is they leave alone, worst case scenario is they will roll in it. eek. Hence the reason nothing grows in my backyard.
  7. how do dogs eat without teeth?

    He is actually not having issues eating, even without soaking it so it softens. I was just curious how they do it that’s all
  8. What are they scratching at?

    Oh is that why? I brought them a flat memory foam mattress and they seem to always want to go back and sleep on their old stinky pillow
  9. Credit due . . . .

    Good customer service are hard to find these days and when they happen, it deserves a shout out! Good on you!
  10. Be Smart. Don’t be like Me!

    Ah the things we do for our babies
  11. Be Smart. Don’t be like Me!

    Obviously it wasn’t tasty enough to come back for seconds
  12. Which store allow dogs?

    i love the way you roll
  13. I’m not disputing that they shouldn’t impose separate excess across time. I just think should still be one claim for at least a year rather than per policy period.
  14. Perhaps follow up was a bad example. What I was trying to say was sometimes with an illness it can spread over a few consults. If it's part of the same illness, it should be part of the same claim. If it was within the same policy year, even if it was 360 days later, they would consider it the same claim. It is only boundary cases where the illness spreads across policy years that is ridiculous.
  15. I’m quite amazed how insurance policies are put together and the reasoning (or lack of) that comes with it. So today I found out that if your dog has a claim say for example surgery to remove a lump. Typically for these treatments will require several trips to the vet, three at least. One for consult, two for surgery and three for follow up. Now hypothetically your policy renewal date is 15 June. If you visit the vet once before the 15th and make a claim and the other two after the 15th, I was told I need to pay two excess even if we are treating the same illness. It’s two excess because it’s across two policy periods! Even if they are one day apart. i think that’s insane. Surely they can make the restriction 12 months from the first claim which would be more reasonable.