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  1. Dental - to pull or not to pull

    Ok thanks. He doesn’t seem to be in pain and I can’t see any redness or swelling. I’m just paranoid then.
  2. Dental - to pull or not to pull

    Sorry may seem like a silly question. I know of dogs (bigger ones) where the water bowl is full of saliva. But my two never have this problem in their water bowls. So got a bit worried whether there was an infection or something
  3. What are they rolling in?

    +1 for my eldest boy! Only on grass. He is smart enough to not do on concrete or hard floors.
  4. What are they scratching at?

    And all this time I thought they were logical!
  5. What are they scratching at?

    On a bed that makes sense, but on a portable carpet??? It’s flat, it doesn’t get any flatter.
  6. Dental - to pull or not to pull

    it’s almost been two weeks since my boy had a bunch of teeth removed. Stitches not completely desolved, but he has finished all his antibiotics about a week ago. I noticed today in his water bowl, after he drinks water the water looks like it has saliva in it. Is this something I need to be concerned with? he hasn’t been complaining about pain and is going about his activities like business as usual. No loss in appetite even on the day of surgery.
  7. Which store allow dogs?

    Omg. Isn’t this just common pet etiquette... actually common etiquette in general! it true now you mention it. I often see people walking their pets without a doggy poo bag or don’t clean up after their dogs. its so common in Europe to see dogs in shops (particularly in Paris). But then again I see poo everywhere on the streets and it seems no one cares!
  8. What are they rolling in?

    Why are there dead fish readily available to roll in?
  9. I’m sure every dog does it. They find a spot and then starts scratching at it. And they persist at the same spot. There is nothing under the spot they are scratching at, but they just do it and it drives me crazy! Usually it’s on carpet or on their bed. After they are satisfy with their scratching, they do a 360 turn and then sits on top of the spot. What are they doing?
  10. What type of dog should I get?

    This I agree. Everyone needs to be mentally prepared to welcome a dog into the family. It’s also hard work like picking up poo, grooming, toilet training, vet visits for vaccination and god forbid illnesses, regular walks etc. if you are prepared for all the above, then you are returned with unconditional love loyalty and a best friend forever.
  11. What are they rolling in?

    One time after a long bath and blow dry, my boy went out to roll in the grass. Just so happened there was a poo there. I don’t think he intentionally did it (at least that’s what I tell myself) but had to get him washed again but my my boy loves to roll on grass! He has his moments and then shakes all the shavings off and then rinse and repeat
  12. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    Its weird that this happened so suddenly where the immune system just shuts downs. So scary for both the parents and the fur baby. I would be in tears.
  13. Annual blood works

    I guess this is a fair point In my head I have always thought if I had to do it again, what would I be, and a vet is always at the top of my list. i always thought being able to help an animal who would otherwise not have stood a chance would be most satisfying. Of course you also get the bad stuff that comes with it, but between being a doctor and being a vet, a vet was always high up on my list while being a doctor was never a consideration. So was surprised of the high suicide rate.
  14. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    Is it fully treatable so that she doesn’t relapse? Like meds for life?