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  1. adaptil spray for nervous dog

    Not using adaptil. But I'm thinking maybe perhaps I need to increase the dose? My boy is 10Kg. Based on the guidelines... it suggests 1-2x 75mg table for 10kg (150mg)... but then also suggest 1x 225mg for 10kg-15kg. Given that it is natural, how much increase is considered safe? @JRG based on your 20kg weight, guideline suggests 1x 450mg but you mentioned that you give up to 2 a day. Do you see a difference on the days you give one capsule compared to two?
  2. adaptil spray for nervous dog

    Been on this (zylkene) for about a week now, not a slightest change - not even subtly. Is it too early to conclude it doesn’t work on my boy?
  3. adaptil spray for nervous dog

    thank you everyone What am I to expect after giving it? Would he be drowsy or just calmer? How quickly do i see the results? All the 75 mg (from both websites above) is out of stock. Can i get the 225mg and half it as suggested by @Animal House?
  4. adaptil spray for nervous dog

    Thanks all. He is due for a checkup soon so I’ll ask. He is currently not on any meds or supplements. It’s $40 for 2 weeks worth online. Any place where I can get it more cheaply. My boy is 10kg so I was looking at the 75mg version. Do I have to worry about fakes if getting online? Also would insurance likely cover part of the cost?
  5. adaptil spray for nervous dog

    Thanks all. zylkene has been mentioned a few times, I googled it and it came up as a natural medication? Is this something I should try, is this a human med or one specifically for dogs? Do I need a prescription or need to be concerned with side effects? It says none on the internet. I don't think hearing is an issue. He hears me peal an apple in the kitchen while he is at the back of the yard playing. Vision I don't think so either, he is not bumping into things but maybe his vision is not 20/20 but and still see shapes and things so explains him not bumping into anything. May be that needs to be looked at.
  6. adaptil spray for nervous dog

    Just for at home. What homeopathic remedies help? You mean things like lavender oil that has calming effect? I used to give him dermoscent for his dry skin. It’s an oil infused with herb fragrance like rosemary. Didn’t see any calming effect but he smell nice
  7. I just want to see what you guys think about this spray. My boy is a nervous one. As he ages, I can see him become more and more nervous at things he is not familiar with which causes him to bark. I remember using this spray on him when he was little and remember thinking this is a gimmick, and doesn't work. I didn't even finish using the bottle. But i don't know, I want to calm him down and I'm wondering whether I should give it a second go, perhaps the formula has changed since he has last tried it. He has also tried the thunder vest, didn't calm the slightest.

    I always wonder how pet insurance gets away with it. My insurance one year went up 33%. I couldn't leave as my dog had a pre existing and I wasn't prepared to give it up. But their insurance cost more than my own PHI.
  9. Help! Looking for Specific Brand of Dog Toy

    @Carita that is so funny! You literally have a farm. I'll keep a lookout for the goats and let you know if I spot it somewhere.
  10. Chicken Frames

    Probably want to also reduce his dinner intake on the day you feed the chicken frame.
  11. I don't want to cause a scare but I read previously that raw salmon is poisonous for dogs, i'm not sure how true. I just did a goggle and this came up: https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/nutrition/can-dogs-eat-salmon/ https://www.vetmed.wsu.edu/outreach/Pet-Health-Topics/categories/diseases/salmon-poisoning
  12. Custom painting progress of my dog

    its turned out very nicely!
  13. My dogs don't dig, but i never use fertiliser or any sort in my backyard - they can't be trusted. Best case scenario is they leave alone, worst case scenario is they will roll in it. eek. Hence the reason nothing grows in my backyard.
  14. how do dogs eat without teeth?

    He is actually not having issues eating, even without soaking it so it softens. I was just curious how they do it that’s all