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  1. I actually get the impression that microscope work isn't performed at this vet. He doesn't even check it, just sends it to the lab. Some he would look at the specimen on the slide using the naked eye and say this looks like a lipoma and not nasty so we won't send this one to the lab. But i'm not sure how he can tell without a microscope. It seems simple enough to diagnose from the above youtube video. I wonder why they don't do it.
  2. Thanks everyone. Could I just clarify something to make sure I'm understanding correctly, the FNA you are referring to is the test to extract a bit of the lump into a needle and put on a slide then view under the microscope? Exactly what @Boronia 's video shows. The thing is, my vet does the first two but doesn't view it under the microscope and they refer it as fine needle aspiration. They send the slides to the labs to get checked out instead. Is it common for vets to be able to understand how to use the microscope?
  3. I'm struggling to find a good vet. The one I'm going to has the best reviews in the area .... by a long shot and I've been seeing them for a while too. I would think they would know how to do a fine needle aspiration but doesn't seem to be the case. Finding a good vet is a bit of hit or miss. Until I actually get into the consult room, I won't know whether they can do this and there is no point asking them over the phone because the receptionist is usually a younger kid (I say kid because they are like in high school) taking the call with very little (or none) animal medical background.
  4. My vet didn't give me this option. He basically said need to send to the labs, thats the only way to tell. So its $200 per lump. I also went to see a specialist for some other matter and I asked him to look at the lump as a passing comment, and he basically told me the same thing, he can't tell without sending to a lab as a biopsy.
  5. My schnauzer is 10 and I've noticed a lot of lumps and bumps on him now. We got a few of them tested and they turned out to be lipomas which are benign, but there are more appearing and my vet says he will just continue to get more as he ages. At what point do i stop testing? Its a very expensive exercise - around $200 per lump and he now has around 6 new ones. Are lumps common to appear once a dog is over 10? I read today at an animal hospital that 50% of dogs over 10 have some form of cancer.
  6. Great suggestions, will try that next time
  7. @Boroniathanks for raising this to my attention otherwise I wouldn't have seen this @Garret, I'm sorry to hear this. I ended up taking my dog to the hospital to see a specialist. Put him on some nerve medication and he has remarkably improved significantly. Hasn't relapsed since (knock on wood). He seems to be back to normal, however, I keep a close eye on his movement, I don't let him bolt out the door into the yard like he used to. But its all looking well. He is no longer on the meds, was only on it for around 2 weeks. It has help my boy, not sure whether it has the same e
  8. Wouldn’t have a clue, it is most likely in a warehouse. Not sure whether that is air conditioned. But I think the volume they sell the stock goes out the door pretty quickly
  9. no freezer space. Wouldn't it come out all wet? If the bag is not opened, does it go bad in the foil packaging in such hot weather?
  10. The dog food I want is currently 30% off however I’ve probably got one month worth of kibbles left. Given the hot weather lately (high 30s everyday) I’m thinking I shouldn’t stock up on more even though the saving is tempting as it’s not often it’s on sale. The bags are in foiled bags so I’m curious whether the hot weather will make the food go bad, or less fresh. Your thoughts?
  11. Wow so much cheaper! Does the costco one always have stock or is it a rotational item where it only appears once in a while?
  12. Thanks The strength and brand and packaging is all the same. @karly101 Why doesn't the vet just write a script rather maintain all that overhead? Its bad for the vet in terms of storage and packing and dispensing etc, and bad for the customer as it is so much more expensive. Wouldn't it work better to just get them to go get their own meds from the chemist and keep the ones that you need for emergency/surgeries at the clinic?
  13. can it go under local anesthetic without putting my dog under?
  14. Thanks @Divawhat are the websites you are referring to? How do they fulfil and order online if it requires a prescription?
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