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  1. Just onset. Stage 1 according to the upc results yesterday. Looks like the diet is working according to the bloods. I did ask about this but he said in his experience the reliability is a bit hit or miss so he usually doesn’t recommend it. i just don’t get how the blood test and urine test are telling two different stories.
  2. Yeah was a bit high the first few takes but eventually trended down and went back down to somewhat acceptable range when he got used to machine. He is always quite stress at the vet so high readings are likely just that. Vet was happy with the reading and said to just monitor in 6 months. Just wondering whether the UPC urine tests are reliable or do they need to be done several times to be conclusive? They asked me to repeat this in one months time but thinking about it more I’m not sure it will make a difference if nothing else has changed (eg meds, diet as he is already on a renal diet). He has had several USG (different type of urine test) done earlier a few days / weeks apart and they were consistently borderline high so there is definitely signs of kidney issues.
  3. Just an update, my darling boy did a blood test today and everything is back in range again so the diet is working. It's almost on the low end like nothing happened. However, we also did a UPC, and that indicated he was stage 1 kidney disease. I don't really quite get how the blood works can be great yet the urine is saying his kidneys are failing. I can't quite comprehend. If the blood works was like this the first time round, we would have never known his kidneys were in trouble.
  4. Are heartworm medication just as severe as tick and fleas in terms of toxicity? I would treat my dog heartworms, this is a must, we have so many mosquitos and it has never crossed my mind not to. I think it is more risky not to. For fleas, i only apply as needed even when my vet tells me to apply all year round. Never used tick medications. I'm of the opinion that less is more in terms of these meds. But if the area is bushy and a tick prone area, then I would consider flea and ticks but obviously since my dog has medical issues, I'm being extra cautious this time round.
  5. So how do people protect their dogs against fleas and ticks if this is such a problem. If you don't take prevention, wouldn't getting bitten by a tick be a bigger issue, it is deadly isn't it?
  6. Does the sharp magic shave too close for the underbelly and pee pee area? I hate clipping too close around that area as it’s so sensitive. I currently use a 10 blade with my wired clippers, I don’t want to go any shorter than that The ears and bum I use a #30 so shorter there
  7. I cant' remember who (probably the breeder), but I was told not to shave the paw with clippers, rather use scissors. I don't know why. Is there anything stopping a clipping the area between the toe beans?
  8. that link doesn’t seem to work for me, perhaps sold out by the time I got to it! That’s okay, I don’t use combs on my clippers, but given the size is smaller like you say I doubt my Andis blades will work on it. what size blade does it come with? I wonder whether it’s the super short one which is no good for me thanks, I’ll look into it
  9. Thanks. I have my eyes on these: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/265423199750 They are not rechargeable though. Not sure they are any good but @Boronia are these the ones you are referring to? I have a pair of very reliable Andis and they are wired. I have many many blades, can i use these blades on the shear magic?
  10. Merry Christmas everyone! Any recommendations for rechargeable pet clippers. Preferably rechargeable, a pair for infrequent use ( like just a trim here and there that I missed in the proper grooming cut). If I want one more durable for more frequent use, a recommendation for that also?
  11. Wow $90 for delivery is a bit too much. Can I source this locally?
  12. Yeah I got one from bunnings too. But it’s not airtight. I’m sure it is not fresh once it reaches the bottom of the bag
  13. Would like some suggestions on how you store you kibbles. I haven’t been able to find anything airtight. So it literally stays in the foiled bag it came in but the seal isn’t that reliable. Even if it’s a medium size container that I can transfer some into and refill as needed would be nice. the ones for humans are too small and requires constant refilling.
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