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  1. Thank you for doing that, sorry I didn’t mean for you to take little Danny out for some fresh air but much appreciated. Im surprised the amount of ashes isn’t very much compared to the size of Danny. That’s probably about 1 measuring cup worth.
  2. I just managed to snip it off while he was wiggling on the ground on his back Caught him in a moment where he decided to stay still. I snipped it and pull the bit of plastic stitches out. It was tiny. I hope I got all of it
  3. I think I found an urn I’m happy with but I’m not sure whether it would fit. How much ash would a 11 kg dog produce to say a normal size Kleenex box 21cmx11cmx10cm. Would it be about 30% of the box or more? Is it okay to leave the ashes in the sealed plastic bag and put in the urn ? I worry about breakage. Would it get mouldy or deteriorate if left in plastic?
  4. Haha yeah I too freaked out, I thought it was skin because it was pale white. Did the knot eventually fall off by itself or did your vet have to intervene?
  5. I can’t fathom that they would even use non dissolving stitches in a place that’s so far back and hard to reach. Any dental work would surely be dissolvable, wouldn’t it? It would be silly to have to put the dog under it remove it’s stitches. But you are right, no harm to be sure I guess. I hope I can leave it alone and not irritate him at the same time.
  6. My dog had some dentals done about 3 weeks ago, removed a molar at the far back. While brushing his teeth, I noticed the stitches are still there, I can see the knot, Do I need to take him back to the vet to remove or will it eventually fall off on its own? I thought they would dissolve on its own, not sure why it hasn’t. He would put up a fight when I try to pick it off so I’m not sure the vet can get to the back of his mouth. Would it become inflamed if left in?
  7. Wow thats fantastic! I mean how great she is doing!! Thanks for letting me know.
  8. If you don't need a custom one made but just want one of your breed, you can try Etsy, Ebay or Aliexpress. I recently purchased a schnauzer one and it's quite good, I have another one in transit.
  9. Wow thats fantastic! I mean how great she is doing!! Thanks for letting me know.
  10. Thanks for that, that’s good to know. I guess not all vets will do the same thing but good to know a rough estimate of the costs ahead. It’s not small given all the medical bills at the moment. So all adds up. But whatever will give him comfort and the best of care I will do, at any cost. No, I really appreciate all the advice and experiences you guys have so generously shared with me. Things I didn’t think off or even thought were options. Really grateful for that. thanks so much @Snook
  11. Interesting you mention this as I was only looking last week. They are predominantly from the states, there are some beautiful ones. But there doesn’t seem to be a market here in australia for that as when I filtered by ship from australia, hardly any came up. Im probably just being too picky, an urn is an urn. It could be the circumstance of needing to select one making it all less appealing. But you guys are right, there aren’t many pet cremation services around and of those that do it, their vessels and urns are pretty similar.
  12. Perhaps you are right. I don’t have an issue with using the vets cremation service. All I really need is it to be an individual cremation and I think this is pretty much standard nowadays. I don’t need them to have empathy (although it would be nice) as I don’t think I will need to deal with them much, I just need them to make sure my baby is returned safely and done properly. The other element is costs, if it turns out to be a few hundred dollars mark up via the vet, then that’s a deal breaker. I haven’t enquired yet so I’m only guessing. But the main reason is I don’t want to have to decide again and go through the whole ordeal of where he will eventually reside. I’ll like to do it once and do it properly. I can see myself become even more distressed needing to handle his ashes a second time.
  13. Thank you everyone again for the great advice. In my last post, I asked whether it was common to arrange yourself because I wasn't sure whether the vet expects you to use their service. I have seen the one my vet offers and the choices are very limited with the urns, really just a handful to choose from and nothing that I really like. I've googled a number of companies and none of them seem to offer a "supply your own urn" option, which seems to imply i would have to choose one of their vessels or scatter boxes which becomes expensive when you need to pay for things twice.
  14. I have a question, is it common for people to arrange this themselves and not use the one from the vet?
  15. @Loving my Oldies thanks for that, they look good! Thank you for checking in @Snook. My baby is going well but his nose bleeds are a bit unpredictable. For over two weeks he has been normal but then all of a sudden last week he started to bleed again which freaked me out a bit because I thought it may be the end but he managed to bounce back and now he is back to normal again. The bleeding has stopped and we are again in the “safe” zone.... for now anyway. To be honest, this post euthanasia thing is really stressing me out a little (despite the good advices that you and others have provide). You are right that I may not need to decide now and should be spending that time with him instead but I don’t want to leave this unresolved for him while he is still here with me. I haven’t found anything or a company that I really like.
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