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  1. adaptil spray for nervous dog

    Did you try it with adaptil?
  2. Dogs walking off leash

    Great suggestions, will try that next time
  3. IVDD- how to go about treatment

    @Boroniathanks for raising this to my attention otherwise I wouldn't have seen this @Garret, I'm sorry to hear this. I ended up taking my dog to the hospital to see a specialist. Put him on some nerve medication and he has remarkably improved significantly. Hasn't relapsed since (knock on wood). He seems to be back to normal, however, I keep a close eye on his movement, I don't let him bolt out the door into the yard like he used to. But its all looking well. He is no longer on the meds, was only on it for around 2 weeks. It has help my boy, not sure whether it has the same effect on yours but worth asking the vet. I'll PM you the name of the med once I find it, I wrote it down somewhere. We did go for an MRI and confirmed he had a protruded disc. Doesn't seem to be bothering him at the moment when it hasn't flared up. Surgery was an option (albeit a risky one due to the angle) if the meds didn't work but in my mind, probably not worth putting him through the pain and long recovery at his age. I'm thank my lucky stars that the meds worked, I hope it does for you too. All the best!
  4. Wouldn’t have a clue, it is most likely in a warehouse. Not sure whether that is air conditioned. But I think the volume they sell the stock goes out the door pretty quickly
  5. no freezer space. Wouldn't it come out all wet? If the bag is not opened, does it go bad in the foil packaging in such hot weather?
  6. The dog food I want is currently 30% off however I’ve probably got one month worth of kibbles left. Given the hot weather lately (high 30s everyday) I’m thinking I shouldn’t stock up on more even though the saving is tempting as it’s not often it’s on sale. The bags are in foiled bags so I’m curious whether the hot weather will make the food go bad, or less fresh. Your thoughts?
  7. Taste of the wild dog food

    Wow so much cheaper! Does the costco one always have stock or is it a rotational item where it only appears once in a while?
  8. Pet medication at chemist

    Thanks The strength and brand and packaging is all the same. @karly101 Why doesn't the vet just write a script rather maintain all that overhead? Its bad for the vet in terms of storage and packing and dispensing etc, and bad for the customer as it is so much more expensive. Wouldn't it work better to just get them to go get their own meds from the chemist and keep the ones that you need for emergency/surgeries at the clinic?
  9. Loose teeth

    can it go under local anesthetic without putting my dog under?
  10. Pet medication at chemist

    Thanks @Divawhat are the websites you are referring to? How do they fulfil and order online if it requires a prescription?
  11. Taste of the wild dog food

    Thanks. Is it the same recipe as taste of the wild, just different brand? How much is the costco one and how many Kgs?
  12. Loose teeth

    My boy has some loose teeth. Don't want to put him under to get it removed. Will it fall out on its own? It has been loose for a while now. Doesn't seem to bother him but its gone a bit brown on the edges.
  13. Why are pet medication so much more expensive? The same med for dog and human, costs about 50 times more if i get it at the vet hospital. My dog went into hospital recently and the specialist dispensed me some drugs. Because it is for long term use, he says he can write me a script for the future to get at the chemist. I'm not sure whether this means cheaper prices and what it means for my pet insurance claim. If i have it dispensed at the chemist, can I still claim under insurance? I looked up the drug on the chemist warehouse page and it only costs peanuts, but i paid hundreds at the hospital.
  14. Taste of the wild dog food

    i used TOTW salmon for my boy. I did it because of the good reviews and it seems to do well with them. Its one of the few brands that only have fish as the protein. Other brand chuck in chicken fillers which my boy has a mild allergy to when he was young. Does the costco brand have fish?
  15. Spasms in front leg

    Very fair point. The MRI/CT I was told would most probably pinpoint the problem. At the moment, my dog keeps relapsing into pain once the pain killers wear off. So in effect, I'm just masking the problem. Wouldn't the likes of bowen, accupunture, chiro and physio be all in the same boat ? Gives the pet relief but doesn't fix the issue. If left unattended, all the symptoms will surface again. Since getting the pain he can't go a day without the pain killers and even when he does, he can still be in excruciating pain. With surgery you have a very good point. At the moment I'm not 100% clear whether surgery can fix the problem. Can IVDD be fixed at all? @karly101 seems to imply there are success stories and I also read online from some of the websites @persephone kindly sent me that its not all doom and gloom. Does pet insurance offer coverage for MRI and CT? I know there is still a huge out of pocket but any coverage will help significantly. @Dogsfevr how often do you see a bowen and while i understand they do help, do your babies still experience pain. Do you still need them on pain relief medication with these alternate therapy treatment? I did a google on canine Bowen therapy NSW and I couldn’t find any practitioners. Where do I start if I was to find one?