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  1. Ah okay, I actually don’t know. I was googling some of these companies and they had scatter boxes that looked exactly like the eco urn in your photo (and they cost about the same as an urn as @jemappellementioned). I didn’t think they would have any features that would allow pouring out the ashes because the container is a cylinder so you just open the lid and pour (at least that’s what I had in my mind ). Having said that some scatter boxes I saw were actually square boxes.
  2. Thanks for that. The eco urn looks like a scatter box. Isn’t it really the same thing?
  3. That doesn’t sound too good. What did the ashes come in if they didn’t even care to provide a scatter box? I think when they are a monopoly, the service and personal touch isn’t a priority for them.
  4. Do you mean they are no good? If so, I’m going to avoid them if I can. I tried to google some and most of them seem very commercial, I don’t get the feeling of care.
  5. If i opt for the scatter option, it will be in my back yard where he feels the safest and spends a lot of time especially in the mornings where he just sits and sunbathes. I just worry my other boy will sniff and ingest it. I could scatter it in a fenced off area but my boy never goes into that area so defeats the purpose. Which company did you use @jemappelleand would you recommend them?
  6. Thanks. No I was just worried they are conscious but won't be able to move their legs (or any part of their body) as though they are paralysed. That would break my heart. But I think that's not the case and you have described it well. @Powerlegs seeing you are also in NSW, do you mind telling me which company you used? I'm putting a list together to go through and decide, i've added the one @Loving my Oldies and @Teebs recommended as well (thanks for that!)
  7. thank you everyone, I’m very grateful for all the tips and experiences that you have all generously shared. Can you tell me a bit more about this. I was of the impression it’s part of the procedure (unless it can’t be done like in @Snook’s case with Justice.). When they are sedated they are just calm right and still conscious, they still can willingly move their legs too? what’s the pros and cons of sedation? How does this work. Do you call them afterwards and they come pick it up from your vet? I’m also worried that doing this way the vet wo
  8. I don’t know how you went through this 17 times! I don’t know that I can ever do this again, it’s too painful.
  9. Thank you both so much for the detail replies. It makes it so much clearer. I’m sorry for the loss you had to go through with yours. @Loving my Oldies the urns are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. @Snookim not so sure myself whether I want an urn to display. I think it will make me really sad when I look at it and remind me he is gone. I don’t like the idea of a group cremation so I’m probably going to pick the individual one where I can get his ashes back. Do you mind telling me what you ended up doing with his ashes? Burying in our backyard seem like
  10. My boy as some of you know has a nose tumor and I know it’s only a matter of time I will have to take him to the vet one last time. I want to be ready with whatever has to follow to give him a good resting place because I know I’m going to be broken into pieces on the day and won’t be able to handle any decisions. I’m balling my eyes out just thinking about this day. im hoping someone can share the process. I’m not sure what happens at the vet, do I leave him there after the procedure or do I have to arrange for cremation before hand? How long can I stay? The vet probably won’t ki
  11. thanks everyone, i had my script filled today and i can't believe how much of a markup SASH charges. I previously had panadol dispensed at the hospital and was change about $28, at the chemist it's $8! Its a bit offputting how much of a markup is placed on such common medication. I know they have a business to run but at these prices it feels that they try to suck as much out of you while your pet is sick and you really have no alternative at that moment. I rather they make their doctor's consult fees higher (not that its already not high enough) but for things like panadol, I f
  12. Right thanks. Does the vet have an issue writing you a prescription seeing they also stock the meds?
  13. Has anyone had to buy medication for your pet at the chemist with a script provided by the vet? How does it work because pet won’t be under Medicare
  14. Itchiness, reviews online seem to suggest it’s very effective treating itch. Plus a few weeks ago, his body had small spots of scabs appear. Once it falls off, it reappears again. I took him to the vet but my vet said we should pause the treatment for his itch because he was going through something with his nose which was more severe and the medication to treat the itch would contradict with scoping procedure. It must have been a steroid I believe. Effective but short lived.
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