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  1. Hi all, Thanks to everyone who took the time to give advice and comment on my situation. You'll be happy to know that we successfully transferred Harlem into my name this morning! She's ours now! We love her and Jaxx has grown fond of her (even though shes still a little crazy) We hope she knows how special & beautiful she is - I was conflicted at the beginning but I now know that she is where she is supposed to be. A bit of work is needed to train her up but each dog is different and has their own individual personality. Thanks everyone <3
  2. this girl has shown no signs of even missing the old family - weird. Over the weekend Jaxx and the new girl started bonding a bit more so now I'm even more confused than ever, Photo attached Black dog is the girl "Harlem"
  3. @persephone haha true but she still acts like it - very different to my Jaxx who is very chilled @juice thanks yeah its just a hard decision that all 4 people will have to agree on so i think on the weekend we will be having a family meeting lol just sucks because she is a sweet girl so I'm really torn. The naughty behaviour has come from the guy not putting in the effort with her and I feel as though our friend (not the one whos dog it is) is being pushy almost trying to convince us to take her
  4. Thanks. Its all so confusing - things are just easier with 1 dog, my parents look after Jaxx when we go on holidays so I do also feel the responsibility for them as well. Jaxx is my number 1 and its hard to consider another one now that we've had a good thing going for 4 years. Hubby thinks we should give her a chance to fit into our home. There has been no communication from the guy. I didn't think I would feel this way
  5. @juice you do have a good point though. She could grow up and become nasty. So then my question is how do people have 2 dogs and not worry about them fighting?
  6. Thanks everyone for the advice. The dog is beautiful so yes we do like her and she is desexed. She is a little naughty jumping up on furniture and bugging Jaxx but I guess that is that puppy stage, right? The question will be do we want to be a 2 dog family.. this is something that we will have to consider greatly. I had a hard time yesterday with my emotions and i was feeling as though all my love is with my boy and i dont want him to think that we have bought this new pup in to replace him (jealous) @juice I know we don't HAVE to, but I don't think the guy looks after her ver
  7. Hi all, My husband and I are minding a 1 and half year old staffy for a friend of a friend who has recently broken up with their partner. We said we would mind the dog for a couple of weeks until he found a place of his own. We already own our baby Jaxx (4 years old) staffy and we live with my parents as we are building a house. My parents adore our boy and treat him as their own. Now this new puppy has come into our lives and now we are not sure what to do. We think that the friend is not going to take the dog back (just get a vibe that he doesn't give a shit) My staffy is a bit j
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