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  1. Dog Tags - Online

    Thanks! I've given My Silver Wombat a go
  2. Dog Tags - Online

    Hey guys, has anyone ordered dog tags online before? I've googled but most of the sites I'm seeing look a bit dodgy. I'm just looking for a bog standard laser engraved tag that I can hang off a collar - and being the incredibly social butterfly I am, would prefer to do that online so I don't have to stand in a shop while they dust off the machine and make small talk about how they don't know how to operate it.
  3. Steve Empty Your Inbox

    Steve if you actually *disable* PMs on the board then (to my knowledge) people get a different error message when they try to PM you (that PMing you is disabled and not just that your inbox is full). If you do that and pop a message to that effect in your signature (with your email address) you might stop some of the confusion.
  4. Rare Or Disqualifed Colours In Breeds.

    It shows Instead of the post. I find it almost more irritating than just skimming over the post because you *know* they've said something stupid under it. And you *know* that you'll waste time clicking again to view the post. And you *know* you'll be more irritated when you find out that you were right and it was just rubbish. And then you have to fight the additional urge to reply because they've just annoyed you even more :D Anaaaad it doesn't seem to work on the lo-fi version of the board.
  5. Rare Or Disqualifed Colours In Breeds.

    Lot of argument at the time about how "purebred" the panda shepherd was. The middle shepherd was a dilute (liver) blanket black/tan. Can also get a slate dilute colour in them where the black becomes a blue colour.
  6. Doler's Reactions

    Geez Troy's keen for cooking isn't he?
  7. Gahhh

    Portable cat enclosure $34.95 +P&H --> http://www.dealsdirect.com.au/p/cat-fun-house/ Portable cat tunnel $49.95 + P&H --> http://www.dealsdirect.com.au/p/deluxe-outdoor-cat-walk-run/
  8. Man Charged After Trying To Kill Police Dog

    I wouldn't read much into 'received treatment at hospital". Any break in skin - a graze - would 'receive treatment at hospital'.
  9. Irresponsible Dog Owners P!$$ Me Off!

    If you don't give the council the tag numbers, they can't contact the owner until the ranger gets out to collect the dogs and find the tags themselves...?
  10. The Purest Green

    "Oh Edmund, can it be true? That I hold here, in my mortal hand, a nugget of purest Green?" Wish my garden was... well, alive like that.
  11. Maybe he didn't? This --> "RSPCA ACT Chief executive, Michael Linke, who owns an american pit bull terrier, said it was a much maligned breed and that the dogs which attacked Harry could have been mastiffs, staffordshire bull terriers or cross breeds. that you keep repeating, isn't written as a direct quote of what Mr Linke said. It could well have been that he said that it may not have been an APBT and was asked directly by the writer whether it could have been a mastiff or staffordshire. He might have replied to that "Yes, it could have been any type of dog, even a crossbreed". Paraphrased by a writer it could end up being written "Mr Linke said the dogs could have been mastiffs, staffordshires or crossbreeds".
  12. OKAY. I was just clarifying because you were saying that you'd changed it ONCE AND ONLY THE ONCE!!! and I read it that you'd changed it at least twice from your previous post. As for being OBVIOUS, I honestly have no idea what your point is. It's sort of like someone has said "Have a free pony" and everyone else is saying "Ooh! A free pony! I don't have to pay! By jove what a brilliant state of affairs!" and you're standing in the corner bashing out "I DON'T WANT TO PAY FOR THE PONY, THIS IS CONFUSING, WHY SHOULD I PAY FOR THE PONY". I'm not sure that you've understood what was said by Mr Linke or the context he said it in?
  13. Then how does it prove detrimental to the pure breeds he mentioned?
  14. That's a fib, you've changed it at least twice. Once to change the question, a second time to remove a question. ETA: And how could you add the results of a previous poll to this one if they were answers to a different question? Why exactly do you think saying "it could have been x, y or z breed" is detrimental to any of them? If he'd said "It could have been a poodle or a maltese or a crossbreed" would you be so worked up over it?