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  1. thanks for the suggestion of cemetaries; there is one around 4 kilometres away, and also Perth's main cemetery (Karrakatta) that is about 10k away. A nice stroll through Karrakatta, visit and tend the graves of a few old friends who will never grow old sounds rather charming (and Keisha will love the new smells). But I won't be able to let her off-leash; I tried for 3 months to get her used to wearing a Baskerville Ultra Muzzle, with no success. ricey
  2. Yes, i have hired the the private dog exercise area at Morley Vet a couple of times (Morley Vet is my vet of choice, Dr Rodney Sundra is Keisha's vet). Both times, Keisha just stayed by my side and sniffed the dog smells and had her tale between her legs. I guess she was overwhelmed by all the dog smells, much more so than when we are out on walks. At the Morley vet dog exercise area I had her favourite chew toy with us and I tried to get her excited with it by dangling it under her nose and amping her up, then throwing it. She wasn't having any of that, just stayed glued to my side with her t
  3. My lovely girl Keisha is an 11 year old spayed old family red APBT; she has been with me for 4 years. When I adopted her, I knew some of her back story (and it wasn't real pretty). Keisha had been in and out of dog refuges since she was 18 months old, and had a long list of failed foster homes and at least 2 failed adoptions. One of those failed adoptions was by a young dickhead male who got her into fights with other dogs; "my dog is tougher than your dog" scenarios. Yeah, so she has a lot of mental scars, and some physical ones as well. Fortunately, the dog rescue got wind of Keisha's situat
  4. I use a Black dog front attach harness when walking Keisha (rescue American Pitbull terrier, 32 kg). After having spinal surgery 4 years ago, I really could not have coped without the Black dog harness, and I am just so happy that my dog behaviourist (Danielle Breusche) clued me up about them. Both of us (Keisha and me) are so much happier on our walks.
  5. Hi sandgrubber, I read (and re-read) the whole article referred to in your original post and I thank you for posting it. Although I am heavily involved in dog rescue, I have never been comfortable with the rescue mantra of "early spay and neuter is mandatory". One size does not fit all, and it would seem that there is good scientific evidence that early neutering can be harmful. While I agree that spay and neuter programmes do a lot to limit the exponential increase in unwanted dogs, I don't want the remaining dogs to suffer unnecessary repercussions from too early neutering. I expect tha
  6. Cream kelpie cross is what sprang to my mind. I'd suggest that she would be best registered as a kelpie cross, for her safety's sake. If she is part dingo (and she looks quite a lot different to all the dingos I have met- all 4 of them lol), I'd suggest that it is a very small part of her that is dingo. Do a google on cream kelpies (images); you'd see a lot of dogs that look like your girl. Of course, there is more than a touch of dingo in kelpie blood lines anyway... There is also a post topic on DOL that is titled "How to tell if your dog is a dingo?" which quickly became a bun fi
  7. My girl Keisha is a 9 year old rescue old family red nose American Pit Bull Terrier; these dogs are known for their allergies. I tried for 2 years to keep her allergies under control by washing her weekly with Aromesse Dermacton shampoo bar. This worked to a degree, but never really fixed the problem. I removed chicken from her diet and this helped a little bit. I put her on a single protein diet, feeding her Prime100 SK-D Kangaroo and Pumpkin and this helped a lot. However, she was still chewing at her butt and paws, and her armpits were still red and sometimes raw. I finally gave
  8. Yes, Ivy is a goddess and I worship her still. Ivy arranged (and paid) for so many eastern state Pit bulls to be rehomed in WA when the anti pit bull madness struck Victoria, NSW and Queensland. Ivy will never get a mention in the Australia day honours list for her work, but shit she deserves to.
  9. Hi juice, was this dog one of the ones that came through my yard on the way to Ivy in Kalgoorlie? If he was, then he was and is still safe. Cheers, ricey
  10. I have to be a little bit careful about photos. WA is probably the safest state in Australia to own a Pitbull, but I still have to be careful. My Keisha is the best thing in my life and I would not jeopardise her for anything. Then again, my council rangers know exactly what breed she is and collectively they couldn't give a rat's arse. Suffice to say Keisha is an old family red Pitbull and would be recognised as such by anyone who knows the breed type. Do a google on 'old family red' Pitbull (images) and you will see what Keisha looks like. Disregard the cropped ear dogs and the snarling dogs
  11. It is over two years since Hobbes left me, and I have a new dog now. Keisha is not a replacement for Hobbes and I never expected her to be that. but she is a beautiful American Pitbull terrier like Hobbes was. Keisha was 2 years in rescue before I put up my hand for her. This time my dog is an Old Family red, rather than tiger brindle and she is rather beautiful. Like Hobbes, she is superb with humans of all ages, but unlike Hobbes she does not have much tolerance for her own species (hence why she spent so long in rescue before being rehomed). My vet (who had a Pitbull in the UK many years ag
  12. Interestingly, merle is the only unacceptable colouring for pure bred American Pit Bull Terriers. It seems that ethical breeders of the APBT recognised the problem with breeding purely for merle earlier than some other breeders. ricey
  13. My next guess is an Irish Wolf Hound/Border collie cross. ricey
  14. Yeah, as I am an admitted working dog breed tragic, I recognised the cocker in the middle for what it was. ricey
  15. Yay! The old dogs can be the best dogs, no doubt. I have just adopted an 8 year old "Amstaff" (old family red nosed red LOL) and she has brought such joy into my life, and started to fill the hole left when Hobbes my tiger brindle pit bull died. This poor girl had spent 2 years in rescue and usually in kennels as no one wanted to give her a go or deal with her issues. FFS! This is a dog that is perfect with humans, including very small humans, but gets very scared around other dogs. Not that hard in the scheme of things really. As much as I would like to get a puppy and raise it right with app
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