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  1. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss and it's doubly hard when you have already lost one not long ago. Run free now Lacey
  2. Congrats on the new addition! He's a handsome little guy, and I love the name. Soda. Screaming Soda, So did You do that? Ah, endless possibilities.
  3. What a great reunion, I wonder why the Humane Society adopted him out to someone else so quickly though? I would have thought lost pets got seven days or something? Poor woman must have been devastated know her dog was adopted to another family. (maybe not microchipped and couldn't prove ownership or something?) Either way, I think the adopters should have given him back knowing it was her dog, they'd only had him a few days. But boy, he knew who his mumma was. Such excitement, it was lovely to watch them re-unite
  4. Absolutely Horrific. LINK I had read in an earlier abc report that a woman died after being attacked by 3 dogs she was looking after in an enclosed yard. Now the latest update is mentioning Pit Bulls, which is likely to stir up BSL, so we'll have to wait and see more updates as to the breed of dogs. Either way, a horrible tragedy. RIP to the poor lady.
  5. Yes, set kitty boundaries, unwanted behaviors must be discouraged, cats can be so stubborn and think they have us wrapped around their little finger (paw ) Some bossy cats will turn into terrorists if they aren't reigned in somewhat, she seems to have no fear (or a real hatred) for dogs. I'd definitely restrict her freedom and let her know that Clive is to be respected, she can't behave like that and get away with it. Little minx. Maybe keeping her in a small (soft) crate in the same room (but far enough apart so she doesn't get worked up) each time Clive comes in... with some lovely treats/food that only come out when Clive is there, so that she associates him with something good.
  6. Aww, Strudel and her new family, how lovely.
  7. Oh geez, and here I was thinking male because of the name. Just tell her I think she looks very pretty, pink collar & maybe name her Bolt Sparkles?
  8. Don't know how I missed this. Welcome to Jinx Sparkles And Bolt is all growed up How will the 2 boys go once they mature? (bull terriers are known to be a bit picky when it comes to dog friends) I know they say 2 bitches can be bad. I've only ever had male/female for a long time, but many years ago had 2 bitches, one was a Rottie and the other Kelpie x. They never had a problem as they were both soft dogs, real snuggle bugs. Edited to make sense
  9. What a handsome young fella he is, even if he does trip you up now and again.
  10. Healthy dogs, happy owner, have fun on Monday, look how much he has grown too!
  11. Well that's good, I like user friendly when it comes to technology
  12. Thanks Snook, that sounds like a good one. I like that is had audio, though like you I wouldn't talk into it as it would only make them confused and run around looking for me. Was the app easy to use? I've read a few reviews of other cameras that used apps, and a couple of them weren't that great for remote viewing. Though I can just watch it back later. Thanks PK, I wish I had a spare device, that would be a great idea as well. Much appreciated advice, thanks ladies.
  13. Hi, Just wondering what other people use, if you have a security cam, baby monitor, CCTV or similar to check up on your doggo while you aren't home? I'd like one where I can see it via my mobile phone and check up on the dog in real time, with audio (I won't be talking, just listening)...as well as a recording option so I can watch the playback. Also needs to be portable, as unable to fix it to anything as we are renting. I did check out a few security cameras, and specifically pet ones, but those were $300 . Plus I'm a bit technically challenged with these things. It'd need it to be wireless, with audio and a recording feature, as I'll use it in the back hall where the doggo stays when I go out....which is a few times a week & no more than 2 hours, usually way less. Just want to check on what behaviour is going on (slight separation anxiety when I leave, and yes we have been working on that before you ask ) and if there is any barking/whining. Also needs to be portable, as unable to fix it to anything as we are renting. ETA: I don't have a laptop or tablet, so a webcam setup isn't an option.
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