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  1. Well that's good, I like user friendly when it comes to technology
  2. Thanks Snook, that sounds like a good one. I like that is had audio, though like you I wouldn't talk into it as it would only make them confused and run around looking for me. Was the app easy to use? I've read a few reviews of other cameras that used apps, and a couple of them weren't that great for remote viewing. Though I can just watch it back later. Thanks PK, I wish I had a spare device, that would be a great idea as well. Much appreciated advice, thanks ladies.
  3. Hi, Just wondering what other people use, if you have a security cam, baby monitor, CCTV or similar to check up on your doggo while you aren't home? I'd like one where I can see it via my mobile phone and check up on the dog in real time, with audio (I won't be talking, just listening)...as well as a recording option so I can watch the playback. Also needs to be portable, as unable to fix it to anything as we are renting. I did check out a few security cameras, and specifically pet ones, but those were $300 . Plus I'm a bit technically challenged with these things. It'd need i
  4. Such a happy little guy, did he like the water, or just the rolling in sand part (which put a big smile on my face)
  5. What beautiful items, your Aunt is so talented! I'm about to grab a few tickets.
  6. Ooh, she is just beautiful, those puppy dog eyes
  7. Beautiful Bella She always looks so majestic. Exciting news about a new addition too! How have you been Griz?
  8. Play dates are good, even in crappy weather. Who is the handsome Lab with his tongue out? (apologies if said Lab is a girl)
  9. I'm so sorry to hear about Kane, what a shock for you. It's never easy losing them, but especially hard when they are so young, and you had been through so much together. Cry all you need to, have as many doona days as you need.... all the pain that goes with losing a loved one (whether person or pet) takes its toll on us, so take care of you. Run free little Kane. When you are at the bridge, there will be a lot of our doggies to show you the way.
  10. Aww, she's growing up so fast, can't believe she is 2 already! Love the pics, she has the look of cheekiness about her :
  11. They are beautiful, just look at those faces Their family must have been devastated to give them up, I hope they find a place soon. The beagles look like they've hit the jackpot with you though, what are their names?
  12. I'm sorry that you had to let her go, it's never easy is it. She had a lovely long life with you and the best care and attention whenever she needed it. Run free Jeune.
  13. While I'm sad for the owner, I'm more devastated for the people who got attacked and the lady who was killed. On one news story they interviewed (on camera) a neighbour/local lady who said they were often running around loose, and had attacked an elderly lady before.
  14. I'd be taking this gorgeous pup to the vet (good to get a check up right after buying a puppy/dog, get advice on vaccinations etc)...this condition can dry out crucial parts of the eye, so he may need drops etc, best to get him off to the vet to be checked out. Bit more about the condition HERE
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