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  1. Link - no pics Originally thought to be a homicide.
  2. antinol - how to feed

    "Many dogs will eat Antinol right from your hand or straight from the bowl along with their regular meal. If your dog eats around the SoftGel, simply cut it open and mix it in with the food" Taken from this website, so they can do either. https://vic.pharmacy/product/antinol-dogs Hope that helps.
  3. Words don't come easy

    So sorry to hear about Jarrah Sandgrubber, sometimes words just don't explain the loss we feel.
  4. The Evil Beagle

    Really sorry to hear about Daisy Huski, she was certainly a bit of a legend around DOL in the earlier days. Run free at the bridge girl, such a good life you've had but we humans think it's never long enough with us.
  5. Aww, she looks very dashing in her tartan coat, one must keep up appearances even when recovering from major surgery.
  6. Thanks for the update LMO, so glad she came through the surgery okay, and fingers crossed she heals well in time
  7. any word on the gorgeous girl yet LMO?
  8. Good luck Sooty, sending calming vibes to you LMO.
  9. Dogs are sentient beings

    Thanks, we were lucky to have had her, she was just a happy girl with such a personality. Yeah, the MCT's are nasty, Minty was on a daily dose of anti-histamines, but hers was quite advanced, I opted not to have an ultrasound or bloods to see if it had spread to other organs etc, because she wasn't going to have Chemo, so there wasn't much point putting her through more (very expensive) tests at her age either. How old is Justice now?
  10. Dogs are sentient beings

    Thanks @Snook, you could always ask your vet if they would come out to do it when the time comes. We also had to consider her age/anxiety at the vets, she had already gone through a big op 2 years earlier, it was a Spindle cell tumour, removal with clear margins, which she outlived her initial prognosis by 3 months at the time the Mast cell was discovered. Minty's MCT was a sneaky devil, it was inside a fatty tumour, at the bottom of it actually, on her back leg, once it was biopsied it grew very quickly and the skin at the bottom of the tumour was black/dead, and that's what she knocked and it burst. We were warned that it could and would eventually happen, and when it did, that would be basically the end, as they wouldn't be able to stop the bleeding/oozing. We had 3 days, which were full of joy (for her) because she got to eat anything/everything, pizza, ice cream, we played ball endlessly (her favorite thing) she had her favorite visitor come over with more food, and on the afternoon before the vet was to come out, we took off the dreaded bandage, so she could go for a run in the park, it was lovely to see her run and do zoomies and we just dealt with the mess by putting maxi pads under and around the tumour and good old duct tape to hold them together.
  11. Dogs are sentient beings

    When my old girl Minty (who was 13 and a half and on palliative care for a Mast Cell tumour) had to be booked in to be put to sleep at home, (mast cell tumour burst so we only had a few days left with her) I asked my vet if she could give me some tablets to calm her down on the day, as she was a nervous dog. I didn't want her to be anxious or stressed when the vet came to do it, even though it was being done at home. She gave me two separate tablets (sorry, can't remember the name of them offhand) to be given one hour, and half an hour before the vet came out. She was maybe a tiny bit calmer, but still had to be muzzled and restrained to have her leg shaved and the cannula put in. She went very peacefully, just drifted off to sleep it seemed, though I wish now I'd done a trial run with the drugs, because on the day they didn't seem to have much effect, but I'm thankful that it didn't have to be done at the vets, she hated going to the vets after being poked/prodded/bandaged, biopsied etc in her final months.
  12. Picking a breeder

    Oh my gosh, she is just so tiny yet full of beans, how can she run so fast?
  13. yay, what a generous soul
  14. Harness or Collar, what do you use for walks?

    Thanks everyone for your replies, it's good to get different views....much food for thought, and as always, what works best for your dog is what is important. He walks well on the flat collar to the puppy park (short walk) and I take it off when we get there. He knows where he is going, and is quite happy to walk on the path without veering off, so no pulling there. He also goes for enrichment/sniffing walks in the park which is just over the road from our place, and I use the flat collar and just allow him to take the lead (mostly) so to speak. When it's time to go, or a change of direction (away from something disgusting, half dead bird etc) I'm finding I get his attention away from it with an enthusiastic 'come' and with a treat and that's about 80% success rate (so far). He doesn't go for long exercise walks as such yet, but when I eventuate to a walking trail or similar, I'll see how he goes with the flat collar and maybe reassess if needed.