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  1. Kelpies

    @Jellyblush, we need pics of the gorgeous little Maisie. We need pics! And Hi. Whoops, forgot to say that.
  2. Dee Dee Duster - until we meet again

    Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about Dee Dee. I remember all the photos and stories of Dee Dee and Zeph, and the Christmas card with their pic on the front. She obviously led a wonderful life, and gave much joy to others being a pets as therapy dog. Run free beautiful girl. Hugs to you and Zeph.
  3. Good news article about a Rotty

    He did say "meet my loving dogs" so perhaps he was just walking one at a time? Well done to Basil and Jarrad, kick in the pants for the ungrateful parents.
  4. 52/2018

    Amazing capture BDJ, this is so beautiful...just wow. Well done.
  5. @~Anne~ You could ask these people, even if only for suggestions https://www.petrescue.com.au/groups/10446/CatRescue-NSW Or try over at Catworld (like DOL but for cats) forums in the Cat Rescue section http://www.cat-world.com.au/forums/index.php?/forum/46-cat-forums/ @trifecta may know of places (just ignore this if you know longer do this) @*kirty* might be able to suggest someone, though she hasn't been on in a while. Good luck! Otherwise if you have no luck, surrendering to a no kill shelter would be the last option.
  6. Lulu

    Sorry for your loss Woof. They do leave a huge hole in your heart, but we love them so much when they are with us, we'd do it all over again. Run free at the bridge beautiful Lulu, I'm sure my Charlie will show you around, he always liked the taller ladies.
  7. Attention German Shepherd Breeders

    I see their concern, I wouldn't house two females together either, your girl might be bulletproof in the park, walking etc, but having another female living in her house can bring trouble. They don't call them bitches for nothing. Is it specifically a female you wanted?
  8. Attention German Shepherd Breeders

    You could try Germ,an Shepherd dog Rescue as well. They are breed specific and you can often find young dogs that would suit your lifestyle. Good luck. Here's the link, if you're in SA https://gsdrescuesa.com.au/adopt.html You could also try https://www.petrescue.com.au/groups/10692 Or https://perfectpets.com.au/profile/shelter-rescue-welfare/german-shepherd-dogs-in-need/Wynnum+West--Brisbane----QLD/773
  9. Luxating Patella

    This topic was back in 2008, wonder why it's been rehashed by a new member?
  10. Kobi

    It's such a heartbreaking decision to make isn't it. Kobi was a beautiful boy...run free over the bridge now, there's lots of Dolers dogs to show you around. I'm sorry for your loss Gotta, they leave a big hole in your heart when they go.
  11. Crumpet - 17/6/08 - 24/12/17 My Beautiful Little Girl

    I'm sorry for your loss LMBD, what a beautiful tribute to a well loved companion. Crumpet will run free over the rainbow bridge now, with lots of Dolers dogs to greet her and show her around.
  12. Me either gillybob, I can't see them paying a 10K fine either, but hopefully not being able to own dogs for 10 years is of some comfort, and the community service, hope its something befitting, like picking up dog poop from parks, or scrubbing disgusting public toilets.
  13. Sighthounds

    Boscoe's face
  14. Good morning

    Hi, and welcome to the forum. Have a look Here for breed info on Dachshunds, and also a list of Dachshund breeders on DOL on this page if you scroll down Here. Depending if you want smooth or long hair, wire haired, or Miniatures of all 3. Most breeders have a waiting list, but it's really important to buy from a registered ethical breeder who has done all the relevant health tests on the parents, as most breeds of dog are susceptible to different health conditions which can be hereditary. Daschies can be prone to spinal problems, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (an eye disease that can lead to blindness) and Cushings. Going through a registered recommended breeder who has tested the parents for these genetic faults , you are going to be getting a healthy pup, ongoing support etc. There's also some great puppy training info on the forum, HERE and also HERE and one more, HERE
  15. Hello y'all

    Welcome to the forum. 7yo''s want lots of things, it doesn't mean they get them. Do YOU want a dog? Does your partner want a dog? Because you are the ones who will be looking after it, feeding, training, walking, taking to the vets (and being responsible for the cost) for vaccinations, desexing, worming, as well as any unexpected illness or injury (which can run into the thousands, might be worth looking at pet insurance). Maybe a fish tank, see if he can responsibly care for a fish (with your supervision). I think rabbits/rodents/reptiles/birds are still a huge responsibility for a kid.