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  1. Picking a breeder

    Oh my gosh, she is just so tiny yet full of beans, how can she run so fast?
  2. yay, what a generous soul
  3. Harness or Collar, what do you use for walks?

    Thanks everyone for your replies, it's good to get different views....much food for thought, and as always, what works best for your dog is what is important. He walks well on the flat collar to the puppy park (short walk) and I take it off when we get there. He knows where he is going, and is quite happy to walk on the path without veering off, so no pulling there. He also goes for enrichment/sniffing walks in the park which is just over the road from our place, and I use the flat collar and just allow him to take the lead (mostly) so to speak. When it's time to go, or a change of direction (away from something disgusting, half dead bird etc) I'm finding I get his attention away from it with an enthusiastic 'come' and with a treat and that's about 80% success rate (so far). He doesn't go for long exercise walks as such yet, but when I eventuate to a walking trail or similar, I'll see how he goes with the flat collar and maybe reassess if needed.
  4. In regards to walking your dog, what do you use? My 6 month old pup (large breed rescue cross breed) I use a flat collar, as he (mostly) walks nicely, and doesn't pull ( unless he wants to sniff something in the park that is near him but we are walking the other way kind of thing) but we also do a short walk (2 mins) to the puppy park a few times a week, so I always just take his collar off to play there. In recent posts I've read that prongs/check chains etc can be less damaging than a flat collar if used correctly. ( I won't use either of these, as there's no need for me to do so, and I'm not a fan of the Halti collar either for my dog) But I've heard that the front attaching harnesses are quite good, I do have a few different harnesses from when I had my old dog (car harness, back attached harness etc)....so just looking for suggestions, as I don't want to potentially hurt his neck with the flat collar. Any suggestions for a good front attaching harness? What do you like/dislike about your preferred equipment for walking your dog?
  5. Goodbye my gorgeous girl

    I forgot to reply to your post, sorry @stellnme. I'm sorry you lost your girl too. Thanks for your kind words, there's quite a few dogs over the years that are tucked away in that corner.
  6. You'd think people would use common sense when it comes to choosing a breed, sadly a lot of them don't. As an aside, I wonder why the GSD owner was using a prong collar? To me, that's the mean part. Just MHO.
  7. Italian Greyhounds

    What a sweet face he has, glad he settled in and his new mum is happy with him. Love the name Floyd it suits him...., and good to see you back Kirislin.
  8. My boy choc lab

    It could be fleas, mange, ringworm, anything. You really need to see a vet, your dog is in discomfort/pain. Ring around and See if you can pay the vet in instalments, it's pretty cruel to leave the dog like that.
  9. Goodbye my gorgeous girl

    Thank you Avanti
  10. Goodbye my gorgeous girl

    Thanks @Snook, she sure was one of a kind. I think about her everyday.
  11. Ideas to extend part of fence height in rental

    Thanks Hannah, it would be a bit tricky as there's nothing to attach it to really. I ended up using a bamboo fence screen, which is 6 foot high and about 9 feet in width. Attached it to the side pool fence once end with cable ties, and the other end of the fence with some twine. Managed to find a few small screw holes in the colorbond fence as well, so used some thin wire to attach the fence screen to it. I put concrete pots at either end and a sleeper at the base. Will find a pic and upload it, for now it looks good, is secure and the dog hasn't even looked twice at the fence since.
  12. Goodbye my gorgeous girl

    Thanks PM, I miss her smiley face and soft ears, but I had the privilege of being owned by her for over 13 years. They take a piece of your heart when they leave, but it's a small price to pay.
  13. Jonah & Jesse go to Cape York

    Oh CT, we will miss you, I always loved coming in to read/see of his latest adventures with Jesse and Jonah. RIP buddy.
  14. Harness for bikejoring

    Have you had a look here? http://www.activedog.net.au/?q=content/bikejoring-equipment
  15. Ideas to extend part of fence height in rental

    Another good suggestion, but it means I'd be losing that part of the yard, finding something big enough to fit it, and it will be more expense than I want to outlay to be honest. @PantoThe neighbours are a lovely older couple who I'm sure wouldn't mind what I put up (I'd still ask them though) as that's the side of their house which just has some water tanks (which are ugly to look at from my point of view anyway. Do you mean put up a colorbond extension thingo Panto?