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  1. My dog isnt a furbaby. She has hair. Hairbaby just doesn't have the same ring to it.
  2. I found it all too hard to find a little dog, of any breed, from a proper breeder. So I got an oodle off gumtree. Simple process of meeting and picking a puppy. It was literally, ring up, meet and take the pup home the next day. I got my pick of pup, the colour and sex I wanted and for the price I was willing to pay. I had initially been interested in finding a show dog, after failing at finding a rescue, but it was truly too difficult for me before I had even found a dog (of any small breed). So I cant show this dog, but am already considering another because of the pure joy she brings to life. She loves being brushed and fussed on and I am delighted by her. Her breeding now doesnt matter to me. I'm just glad I found such a stunning little girl after years of wasting time doing it the "right" way. Goodluck in your search, I've discovered, you'll need it!
  3. Thanks @DogsAndTheMob I dont have a facebook account so I like the groups that let me view without one thankyou for the link.
  4. Thanks @Tassie for that clear explanation and for the reassurance in talking to people at shows. Often when I disclose being anxious about that sort of thing, people just say toughen up without offering ideas on best approach. I appreciate it. @Dogsfevr I am closer to Albany than I am to Perth. Night shows sound like a really great idea with the heat up there. I have family I can stay with, provided my future dog handles the travel and the families mini 'oodle. I would be unlikely to go up more than about 6 times a year though. Not a big fan of the city bustle. Are there show "seasons' and then an off season? That would suit me as well knowing when the break is. @Rebanne that sounds like a great option for me. I think desexed dogs are cheaper to register with the shire here too and far fewer hoops to jump through in order to keep, so I would definitely be happy with a non breedable dog if I can still show it in conformation. Having to find someone willing to part with a well loved dog of that quality might be the hard part!
  5. I have been watching a few vidoes on youtube which has been fun, now that I know a bit more about what I am watching. I am still a long way behind in some aspects though! I am definitely drawn to the conformation side of showing and rally obedience looks like something I might like to try. Is the difference between rally obedience and obedience just that one has written and vocal instructions, while the other does not? Most of the videos I have seen so far are from overseas. I really am falling more in love with the havanese breed the more I see. I am not at all good with social skills, living an isolated life, so finding a mentor or even talking to people at a show will be the major hurdle for me. I am already overwhelmed by the etiquette of contacting breeders and navigating the purebred realm. The closest show to me is next month and I do plan to go and watch, plus that would also be the closest dog club to me if I was to find a dog and join. Just wondering, and maybe a stupid question, but are experienced older or near retired show dogs ever available to novice homes? One that could show me the ropes? Say an ex breeding female or one who has achieved all they needed to at city shows and are ready to slow down to a country show level? I'd love to raise a puppy, but if this show road is one I want to go down as a serious long term hobby, I have time for a puppy later once I know what I am actually doing in terms of grooming and handling. I live on half an acre and while I want small indoor dogs, I have the space for a couple to run and play together on my off days.
  6. That sounds terrifying @Little Gifts. What good dogs you have! I must admit, part of the reason I want dogs back in my life is the alert and security aspect. Living alone was fine at first, but as I get older, I find myself getting more concerned. Even a bark is better than having no warning of intruders at all. I am doubtful my choice of small dog would scare anyone off, but just having more sets of ears in the house with a noisy mouth, would be a comfort to me. I have house bunnies and ducks that can make a ruckus when they want to, but it's usually to alert me to a dying fly behind the litter box, or a mouse in the coop A dog is probably going to care a bit more and attract more attention if I was to be incapacitated in any way. Amazing story that this man survived.
  7. Thanks @BDJ that's really helpful to me I had a little buckskin for a short time, with multiple breed registrations and man, that was a long day at a breed show! The Andalusians following her were a breeze in comparison, plus, no make up, no plaiting . To be honest, I was initially drawn to the havanese breed because of their long flowing "mane". I truly enjoy the brushing and grooming aspect of animal care. Shih tzus look quite fabulous too, but I prefer the face and sturdiness of the havanese that I have seen online (I am yet to meet one in person!) One class per day would much better suit my current abilities, thanks for explaining the structure. I work much better with a goal in mind, so I will have to learn more about this point system. Having the comparison of best in breed/show to champion/supreme of supreme horse makes this all a lot clearer to me
  8. Thanks so much for the links and info! I have some reading to do @Diva I have found a show near by to me on the link you provided, fantastic! I will for sure go down and check that out. @DogsAndTheMob I have been following US based dog forums for a while and everything looks like so much fun! I don't have much of an exciting life with very little recreation so getting to shows might be a good goal for me. I appreciate the responses, thankyou
  9. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. I live rurally so youtube is a great suggestion in the covid age I figured with the price of puppies at this stage it may be worth looking into getting one that I can do more than just potter around the garden and cuddle with. I don't currently have a dog, but am keeping my eyes open for one (or two) and any toy or small breed is on the radar. Thankyou for the reminder to be looking for mains registered. I do love the fussing of the grooming and primping on show days, already have a crate and sounds like my old horse show gear and outfits may suffice initially. Plus the wagon to drag it all there! I am not really interested in breeding dogs as I could hardly bare to part with my home bred ducks, but I assume they need to be entire for conformation shows? Is it easy to assess the dogs adult conformation at a puppy age? Are the male/female classes separate? Is each breed shown separately or do they all fall under "type"? Are there age classes, then all champions in together for supreme? How do the points work in dog showing? Do you have to qualify for the royal? I must admit, I am not a big fan of the perth royal show having been numerous times with horses, but I do very much enjoy the agricultural show circuit following it - are there dog classes at ag shows? Or is that more on the agility side? What is sweepstakes? Sorry for all of the questions, I have tried to read up online but seem to only get american based websites and know things are very different in Australia, especially Western Australia. Is there a link to that information that anyone could provide? I would probably only travel to high point shows if the dog shows promise. Do you retire show dogs at a certain age? My last mare came home with a supreme at 18 years old so I am open to long show lives, but am unsure if it is the "done" thing in the dog world.
  10. I have no idea about dog showing at all and am unsure if I will ever get this far, but is anyone able to give me a run down on basic costs or just list requirements of breed showing? I assume there are membership fees, entry fees, equipment and grooming gear. What is required of the handler, in terms of dress, shoes and workout? I used to show horses and miss it dearly but am limited in both income and ability now and wonder if looking down the dog show path might be for me. How many shows are available each year and how often should a dog be shown? Is there a high point or championship/dog of the year? Do the dogs show across many disciplines? When do you retire the dogs from show life? Thanks in advance for taking the time to read or reply.
  11. I feel your pain OP. I have been looking for a dog for 4 years now. Initially I was going for a rescue, but in 4 years I have never managed to get a rescue organisation to even reply to me! So I started looking for puppies last year and was shocked at the prices that just seem to keep going up, even for odd mixed breeds with obvious parental faults. Due to my situation, I require a small dog this time round, so I researched and found the PERFECT breed for me, and almost applied for a pure bred puppy to be flown from over east, when the prices jumped up by $2000 suddenly! Now, I do understand why that is the case, as I have been watching gumtree puppies and have seen multiple cheap pups re-sold on for higher prices. But it is sad, as I am completely priced out of the market as a pensioner and I wonder how many others will now never know the love of a dog because they do not have the riches for one. How long will this upward trend continue? Is there any chance prices will ever return to a reasonable level? Is there any hope for people with lower incomes? I used to show horses and I am not joking, when I say they were cheaper to keep in a year than the purchase price of some puppies today.
  12. I saw Dr Katrina Warrens interview the other day and completely agree! There are so many dogs lately with absolutely no manners, but people seem to think a cute dog doesnt need manners, especially if they are small. Reminds me a lot of miniature ponies, some people don't train them because they are tiny, and then they turn into hell demons that kick and bite and those people wonder why. I have seen a number of bizarre training trends on instagram/tiktok lately. I love dogs, but having boundaries and basic expectations of an animal is not cruel or evil as many on social media seem to think now. Makes me doubly glad that I am not a parent as I am sure that is a much worse realm to deal with
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