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  1. I used to ride at a school as a kid that just renamed the new horse whatever the horse it replaced was called Crazy that the attack was caught on video and all the owner got was a $330 fine. I wonder if maybe laws should require a control and containment class after an event like this. If this dog was so fixated on taking down a horse, what chance does a child or even another dog have? Muzzles are great tools and so many different types are available now. This dog should absolutely have one on in public, especially if the owner cant control it. Awful experience but glad the horse and rider are ok. And how good was that horse not to bolt right out of there. Whats the bet the dogs owner didnt take it to the vet after it was kicked in the head to get checked out either
  2. Sometimes the area around a lipoma can swell, so if inflammation has reduced the lipoma may seem to be changing size too.
  3. I feed royal canin and advance, just what the breeder and vet recommended. If its not in store, I order online and if its not online (yet to happen), the vet stocks it. I tried black hawk but it made the puppy spew so Im sticking with what works for now. Goodluck!
  4. Oh good point! I didnt think of that. We live rural so occasionally there is a waft of dead rabbit in the air. The buns tend to sleep all day, oblivious to the world until sunset when they want to play. The girl bun would definitely be horrified, but the boy bun would probably try to steal some. He stole bacon off my plate and hid under the couch with it once, so if we're talking bad farts, that one was right up there with the best of them! He also tried to get into the puppies snuffle mat and treat ball for dog biscuits. I've had to rearrange the spaces with fences to stop the bunnies finding dog biscuits! Im going to look out for mackerel tails too now thanks for that suggestion. She just tried sardines this week and they were a hit. There were no air dried rabbit ears at the shops today anyway. Found a photo to fit! Not the best but the most recent. This was from yesterday, all of them eating their carrots. The fence is to stop the bunnies from stealing the puppies food!
  5. Horrible there have been so many dog attacks in the news lately. Are they happening more or just reported more?
  6. I thought these breed specific foods were a scammy marketing strategy, a smart one at that! But if they aren't I might get some breed specific food. Cheaper than home cooking with nosh like I am doing now! For me, becoming disabled as an adult, I would never write off a dog just for developing health issues later in life. Sure, its not breeding stock, but neither am I. When it comes to that we will deal with that. A companion dog is enough. The fact is, if a purebred dog that met my needs was available at that time, I would have got a purebred dog. I am sure I am not alone in that. I watched the dogs overeast jump from $3500 to $5000 overnight and that was well above my budget. The oodle was cheaper and local.
  7. I've seen videos of a dog that knows sign language and can fetch each toy by its name, signed by the trainer. Its super cute. Yeah some of what Bunny says is debatable, especially when they talk dreams. Im not sure she gets that one yet. The easy words and concepts I rekon she absolutely gets. The "bird go belly" video is hilarious. I do love seeing her new dog Otter pressing buttons like "bunny friend" its so beautiful. Bunny rabbit hole Im super interested in it too. There are so many dogs doing it now, and a program dedicated to studying them. I really like Mila, who seems very intelligent as well and pressed the buttons with her nose instead. It will be cool to see the data down the track, patterns of speech, choice of topics and if the dogs ever get bored of it as they age. Or if they can tell their owners of aches and pains as they age. It would be great to know what is going on if a dog is worried or frustrated about something. I agree body language is generally enough for most of us. But I am so tempted to try these buttons, if only they were a bit cheaper! Its not a cost I can be bothered with, I think any dog could easily pick up an "outside" or "walk" button if they were interested. My dog would sit herself on a "brush" button, I am sure. She asks for a brush all the time without a button! A treat button may be a recipe for disaster haha
  8. Ah Greenies! Thanks @Deeds for the reminder, I do have a bag of them. Shes funny with greenies, dances with them and then carries them around, burying them under couch cushions for two days before she eats them. Great info thanks @persephone I was a bit worried they might be like chewy rawhide so its good to know they are crunchy. I think I will give them a go next time I see them in store. I did a bit of reading last night after the post and they seem to be ok for toy size dogs. Shes ten months old now so not a baby puppy anymore but still small. I have about a billion photos but not many good ones. I've never thought to get them all to pose together but I should for a family photo! My photos are getting a "too large" notification when I try to post.
  9. Im looking for something other than carrots for the puppy to chew (no bones). I have seen air dried rabbit ears in the grocery store and was wondering if anyone knows anything about these? A good option or bad one? I have pet house rabbits and the puppy gets along great with them, would air dried rabbit ears make my little lop bunnies too appealing to start chewing on?
  10. I am sure the attention is a big part of it! TikTok would have an even bigger audience than Instagram. I think you tube can be viewed without an account - here is Bunny early in her communication https://youtu.be/IxneYBVzQ9Y
  11. I have heard of maddington meats being the place for bulk, but have never been there myself. Not sure if its what you are after but thought I'd mention just in case it is.
  12. I'm sure a few of you have seen the talking dog craze by now, but I recently watched the Hidden Life of Pets and Bunny has been thrown into the spotlight again. Its such an interesting topic, while we know animals are great at non verbal communication, this attempt at verbal communication shows just how intelligent they are. I've followed Bunnys progress online for a while now and am utterly convinced this dog knows what it is saying. The owner now has a second dog - Otter, a standard poodle, who is picking up button communication even faster. Its awesome to watch. Not only these dogs, but many others are communicating with words. I will try to add a few of my faves but I am not sure the rules surrounding social media links here. I dont have buttons, im not promoting or selling, just thought it a fun topic. Apologies if not permitted. https://www.instagram.com/p/CXMMG9GJ8P7/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= https://www.instagram.com/reel/CeOiZd1AgQu/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cev7hTdl99D/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= What do you think? Is it a good form of additional communication? Does it add to the dogs experience of life? How can it be used in the future? Do you think its just another passing social media craze?
  13. I said not many, right there. Only my opinion because I had been actively searching for years. I was just trying to add my experience to the discussion. Nearly every rescue dog advertised has a photo. My intensive searches of small shelters were within WA but I looked at the big pet rescue sites for interstate small dogs daily as well. Very few small dogs over the last few years and very high demand for them. I agree, that will change with more being bred now. In WA the rescues have been full of staffy and big bull types. Having had these before, I knew they were not suited for me now. Certainly not for my home with free range house rabbits and ducks in the garden. Instagram and social media has influence, especially on the young and wealthy. Oodles to an extent were a status symbol for a while. Hence so many in the big cities and fewer in regional areas. I could have got a staffy or a roo dog for free locally even at the height of the pandemic. I do agree this will likely change in the future, and expect to see more neglected coats of oodle dogs with groomers in such high demand able to pick and choose their clients (as they should). NSW has way more people and more choice of everything. WA may as well be barren planet.
  14. Not many oodles in rescue shelters - yet. Very, very few small dogs in general over the last 4/5 years. Oodles that needed re-homing at an older age were still going for big bucks over the last couple years. Now with the flooded market, this will likely change and I would not be surprised to start to see them in the shelters in years to come. Either for behavior/training reasons or medical surrender/health reasons. As @moosmum said, it will take a while before people realize the money isnt there for them anymore. Even if my dog does have health issues in the future, she has been insured since 8 weeks old and the maths was done considering her actually reasonable purchase price. Paying $5000 for any dog was completely out of the question for that reason. Online oodle communities have been good in supporting people new to dogs. One person recently asked what the lumps were on its puppies tummy (they were nipples), just to give an example of how inexperienced some are. I have to say, I am in awe of how great some of these little dogs have turned out despite the non doggy homes they landed in. The other side of that, is the dogs that have been fired from groomers, or become reactive around children, the allergies and incontinence, but these, so far, seem few. Perhaps the purchase price was protective. Who's going to discard dog they paid so much for, and put so much time into. Some dogs are child substitutes. Most oodle owners appear to be spending money in training, vet care and day care rather than give it up. This wont be true for all, but is for many.
  15. When I got mine, there were under 200 dogs listed on gumtree of any breed, including rescues. Now there are well over 600 dogs/litters advertised. I'd imagine the oodles flooding the market now are likely not as specifically bred, just due to the demand and the prices they were selling for. A while back I saw a "havapoo" havanese cross poodle, but I doubt the mother was a havanese. Her legs were so badly turned out and her mouth was awful, easily visable in the photos alone. She looked more like a shaggy dwarf basset hound. So any shaggy puppy can be called anything. I guess you wouldn't see the turned out feet with a long puppy coat. I will be interested to watch if those bred back to genetically tested stud poodles, being more poodle than anything else, will have unsuspecting owners who cant cope with poodle personalities. Mine is definitely poodley, bounces around like a bloody arab pony. She can be flighty and fussy, but is not naughty. Her prey drive is higher than I wanted in a dog, but shes been a very, very easy puppy. Maybe I can pick up a second dog cheap sooner than I thought haha.
  16. Yes, this was the hard part for me. I wanted a small dog because since becoming disabled, verbal communication is an issue, so I do tend to avoid people and their judgements. Breeders all want a phone call and meetings, sometimes deposits, and waitlists. I was able to get assistance for a single call and pick up, but getting social help for months of negotiations was never going to happen. I thought getting a show dog might be a great recreational activity for me. I got some great help and info from this site and was excited to try it. Once I know the rules I am able to participate confidently but interactions with breeders didnt have rules to follow. Most ads seem to say no time wasters, yet you're not allowed to ask the price on the first enquiry either. Many websites said they did not allow the buyer to choose their preferred sex ,colour and certainly not which pup. One breeders site I went to had a page dedicated to etiquette and that it was poor form to enquire with more than one breeder. That it was a very small world and I was intimidated by the tone. It really got confusing and stressful and all I wanted was a pretty dog to brush and take out on weekends like I used to do with the ponies. It became far more complicated than I had the capacity for. Now I have a beautiful little oodle and would not trade her for the world. I cant show her, obviously, but we enjoy our nights on the couch grooming and brushing and fussing. Many hours in the garden playing and training. Daily trips to the post office, weekend markets and walkies around town. I have become more interactive as she grounds me in social situations. She is just the joy I required, despite being a backyard bred mongrel, she was simply available and easy for me to access. I am forever thankful. In most ways she is perfectly suited to this lifestyle and I have barely done any training with her at all, she just hasnt needed it yet. Bred to be a pretty pampered pet.
  17. My dog isnt a furbaby. She has hair. Hairbaby just doesn't have the same ring to it.
  18. I found it all too hard to find a little dog, of any breed, from a proper breeder. So I got an oodle off gumtree. Simple process of meeting and picking a puppy. It was literally, ring up, meet and take the pup home the next day. I got my pick of pup, the colour and sex I wanted and for the price I was willing to pay. I had initially been interested in finding a show dog, after failing at finding a rescue, but it was truly too difficult for me before I had even found a dog (of any small breed). So I cant show this dog, but am already considering another because of the pure joy she brings to life. She loves being brushed and fussed on and I am delighted by her. Her breeding now doesnt matter to me. I'm just glad I found such a stunning little girl after years of wasting time doing it the "right" way. Goodluck in your search, I've discovered, you'll need it!
  19. Thanks @DogsAndTheMob I dont have a facebook account so I like the groups that let me view without one thankyou for the link.
  20. Thanks @Tassie for that clear explanation and for the reassurance in talking to people at shows. Often when I disclose being anxious about that sort of thing, people just say toughen up without offering ideas on best approach. I appreciate it. @Dogsfevr I am closer to Albany than I am to Perth. Night shows sound like a really great idea with the heat up there. I have family I can stay with, provided my future dog handles the travel and the families mini 'oodle. I would be unlikely to go up more than about 6 times a year though. Not a big fan of the city bustle. Are there show "seasons' and then an off season? That would suit me as well knowing when the break is. @Rebanne that sounds like a great option for me. I think desexed dogs are cheaper to register with the shire here too and far fewer hoops to jump through in order to keep, so I would definitely be happy with a non breedable dog if I can still show it in conformation. Having to find someone willing to part with a well loved dog of that quality might be the hard part!
  21. I have been watching a few vidoes on youtube which has been fun, now that I know a bit more about what I am watching. I am still a long way behind in some aspects though! I am definitely drawn to the conformation side of showing and rally obedience looks like something I might like to try. Is the difference between rally obedience and obedience just that one has written and vocal instructions, while the other does not? Most of the videos I have seen so far are from overseas. I really am falling more in love with the havanese breed the more I see. I am not at all good with social skills, living an isolated life, so finding a mentor or even talking to people at a show will be the major hurdle for me. I am already overwhelmed by the etiquette of contacting breeders and navigating the purebred realm. The closest show to me is next month and I do plan to go and watch, plus that would also be the closest dog club to me if I was to find a dog and join. Just wondering, and maybe a stupid question, but are experienced older or near retired show dogs ever available to novice homes? One that could show me the ropes? Say an ex breeding female or one who has achieved all they needed to at city shows and are ready to slow down to a country show level? I'd love to raise a puppy, but if this show road is one I want to go down as a serious long term hobby, I have time for a puppy later once I know what I am actually doing in terms of grooming and handling. I live on half an acre and while I want small indoor dogs, I have the space for a couple to run and play together on my off days.
  22. That sounds terrifying @Little Gifts. What good dogs you have! I must admit, part of the reason I want dogs back in my life is the alert and security aspect. Living alone was fine at first, but as I get older, I find myself getting more concerned. Even a bark is better than having no warning of intruders at all. I am doubtful my choice of small dog would scare anyone off, but just having more sets of ears in the house with a noisy mouth, would be a comfort to me. I have house bunnies and ducks that can make a ruckus when they want to, but it's usually to alert me to a dying fly behind the litter box, or a mouse in the coop A dog is probably going to care a bit more and attract more attention if I was to be incapacitated in any way. Amazing story that this man survived.
  23. Thanks @BDJ that's really helpful to me I had a little buckskin for a short time, with multiple breed registrations and man, that was a long day at a breed show! The Andalusians following her were a breeze in comparison, plus, no make up, no plaiting . To be honest, I was initially drawn to the havanese breed because of their long flowing "mane". I truly enjoy the brushing and grooming aspect of animal care. Shih tzus look quite fabulous too, but I prefer the face and sturdiness of the havanese that I have seen online (I am yet to meet one in person!) One class per day would much better suit my current abilities, thanks for explaining the structure. I work much better with a goal in mind, so I will have to learn more about this point system. Having the comparison of best in breed/show to champion/supreme of supreme horse makes this all a lot clearer to me
  24. Thanks so much for the links and info! I have some reading to do @Diva I have found a show near by to me on the link you provided, fantastic! I will for sure go down and check that out. @DogsAndTheMob I have been following US based dog forums for a while and everything looks like so much fun! I don't have much of an exciting life with very little recreation so getting to shows might be a good goal for me. I appreciate the responses, thankyou
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