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  1. Greyhounds

    welcome to our world Bryan! Are you after a fancy leather collar or a plain one like they use at the races? And there should be a pic and a name
  2. Greyhounds

    well why not, everyone else is doing it so the greyhounds should as well off and running
  3. Bone biopsy?

    How long for the results to come back?
  4. Refund on Deposit Paid?

    you need to review what was agreed upon when you decided to put down the deposit on a litter not even conceived. You also need to speak to the breeder asap.
  5. Bone biopsy?

    When my 1st grey's xray pointed to osteosarcoma my vet said we could do a bone biopsy but they are often false. So we didn't bother. That was in 2004, maybe they are more accurate nowadays. I'm sorry you are going through this and I can't be more help.
  6. Training a greyhound not to chase

    I wouldn't underestimate the drive in a show bred grey. Like race breds it's there in varying degrees and it's something I always harp on about when talking to possible puppy buyers.
  7. Best wishes to you both on this last journey
  8. Is a Border Collie right for me?

    I don't have BC's nor ever owned one but from what I have read from those that do, mental exercise is the secret to keeping a BC happy in the suburbs ( or anywhere for that matter ). Plenty of BC's compete in agility and yes would love bush walks. There are some health problems in the breed so my advice would be to only buy from a registered breeder that has health tested. Goggle should point you to websites for the various states breed clubs which should have heaps of info on them. Also look here and here
  9. My dogs always got itchy on Blackhawk
  10. Playpens and Crates for First Puppy

    I've never used a playpen for any of my pups - German Shepherds and Greyhounds. If I am going out I just toilet them before I go and pop them into the crate. If longer then a couple of hours they go out into the back yard. All my pups are introduced to the back yard asap. Even the ones born here are spending hours outside by 4 or 5 weeks old. The ones that came here at 8 weeks of age, or older, also were spending hours outside each day. Broken up with inside visits. All slept inside at night until older but then all learnt to sleep outside as well. I want my dogs to be able to sleep inside or out, in a crate or not, on their own or with another. I also use a full size crate and never used a divider. My inside crates are 48 inches, b ut you could use a 42 in for a Goldie.
  11. I think more and more breeders are doing 1st meetings away from home. But once a relationship has been built then you should be able to visit the home IMO. My last litter I had a buyer from interstate. She was on board long before the litter was born, I stalked her FB page, requested a copy of her drivers license, googled her property etc all before saying yes to a pup. Pup was flown over and is now an adult.
  12. Tick treatment for puppies

    ask your vet
  13. Training a greyhound not to chase

    Your Cav comes first and deserves to feel safe in his own home. Either up the greyhounds exercise, which includes some free running in a safe enclosure, or consider sending him back.
  14. you will both good and bad about whichever company you choose. I've used Jetpets nationally and internationally with no problems. All pups have traveled fine and there was no impact on their crate training.
  15. Selecting a Dog Breed

    If the dog is going to be on it's own 5 days a week from 8 - 5.30 then I think it's a bit mean to then make it also sleep outside at night. In the winter it will be lucky to see you beyond being fed. I don't have a problem with dogs sleeping outside in general but only if they have plenty of time with their owners hanging out and doing stuff. I do agree with it not being locked in the house while you are at work, besides the toileting issue it's pretty boring being in an empty house.
  16. tell your parents you will no longer be visiting with your child unless dog is in a crate.
  17. buy a crate that the dog can go into and still be part of the action.
  18. What to feed a Puppy (& other questions)

    The breeder should give you a list fo what the pup is used to eating. Keep her on that for a few days as she adjusts to the move and then alter her food if you wish. Keep in mind some breeders will say you void any contract if you feed her different to what the breeder says. Pup should also be on a worming schedule and you continue on from that. As long as the worming chews cover the weight of the pup then it should be fine. Again I wouldn't worm her, even if due, for the first few days. Yes feed her at least 3 times a day. No need for milk and extra calcium in her diet. My greyhound pups are fed a puppy dry food until they are around 12 weeks of age and then I switch to an adult food. By 8 weeks they are happy to eat chicken wings and necks and minced whole carcasses. Chews for my greys are split marrow bones, turkey necks and similar.
  19. Staffy

    The dog humps the 4 yo! Get help fast. And you need to teach your son some manners as well as the dog. If need be lock the back door and take out the key so the kid can't get outside to the dog when you are not watching. Buy a crate and train both kid and dog that when the dog is in the crate that's it - it's a no go zone. But you need a professional trainer quick smart
  20. ethical breeders don't breed for colour, they breed for sound dogs, they choose what dog will complement their dog. Colour is the last thing, or should be, chosen
  21. Don't they have to be on concrete? As in escape proof, no digging out
  22. up to you if you pay the deposit or not. I never take deposits on my pups. What happens if something goes wrong between now and pick up date? Will you get the deposit back? From what I've seen on the pet pages most byber's are asking for deposits. I wouldn't be too worried about missing out. Those cross breeds are always being advertised. But most want deposits. If you go ahead make sure you get a receipt and I would be asking for a copy of some ID. At least take down the rego numbers of any cars in the driveway.
  23. Importing semen from NZ

    The only difference I see would be the airfare would be cheaper. Everything else would be the same. As for why, if that's where the dog you want is then that's why. Most people choose the dog that would most suit their bitch not just OS because they think it's better
  24. Vet warns of Greyhound Adoption Risk

    I just don't think one breed should be singled out. Plenty of other breeds with very high prey drive and many of them are owned by idiots. Maybe if the leash laws and other laws were enforced everyone could walk their dog without fear regardless of breed.
  25. long hairs crop up occasionally. Nothing dodgy about it