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  1. can your breeder not recommend someone from their end?
  2. if you are referring to the nipping puppy post then I have to say I agreed, or rather, I didn't take it the way some of you did, with leac1801. Some of you seemed to think they were suggesting hanging the pup by the collar. It is not how I took the post at all. It's the only post I've read in months that could, vaguely, fit in with what you said Rascalmyshadow. Where are the other posts you are referring too?
  3. What Tassie says makes a lot of sense. I wonder if, as you can't show him everything that startles him, if you actually teach him a word, that means yep that might be scary but stick close to me and I'll save you? So rather then taking him up to the gate he learns to stick super close to you as you go past. I think it would take time as it is a trust issue. Maybe stick to the same route for now as well so when he hears the "monster" ie gate or the dog barking it is one he has passed many times and one you have "saved" him from many times so it builds the trust. Not sure what you can do about o
  4. check with your breeder that they are happy with what you are planning and aren't voiding any guarantees. All my, large breed, pups were raised on a mixture of raw and commercial food. I never added much in the way of vegies unless I had some left overs. Raw meaty bones/mince plus some eggs, sardines, sometimes left over rice/pasta. My dogs do all like raw carrots though! But that's as a treat.
  5. A lot of breeders have something similar to this. i.e. no breeding and papers signed over after desexing certificate sighted. But I would want clarification on the bit that says "unless it is used by XXXXXX" which I assume is the breeder. Usually, if the dog is used for breeding, commonly called breeders terms, they do so at the breeders house. So a bitch might be away for some weeks. You would also want it in writing how many litters, who covers all the costs, what happens if the bitch dies etc. According to the ANKC papers should be handed over as soon as possible after puppy has
  6. I think that's a wise move. While there is always a risk when buying a living creature there are ways to lessen that risk. Good luck in your search for a new family member.
  7. GSD breeders have been hip and elbow scoring for generations. As I can't be bothered reading a DD breeders website I'll take your word that a written guarantee on sound hips and elbows is given as opposed to a guarantee that parents etc have been scored.
  8. unless of course no health testing has been done on the parents
  9. so these are crossbreeds passed off as a purebreed? If so there's your answer. "Breeders" out to make money no matter what.
  10. I wouldn't be applying anything when you don't know what it is you are treating. Time for a visit to the vet.
  11. What breed? First litter? Can take 2 or 3 days before fully accepting after a c-section, particularly if first litter. Did the pups get any colostrum? I'd be keeping pups away and only putting on Mum under full supervision. Might need to hold Mum down initially. Are you giving extra calcium? Mum in a quiet spot? Pups really need to drink from Mum so she continues to produce milk.
  12. I'm pretty pragmatic I think and my feelings do come into it as well. If I ever have another dog with either osteosarcoma or adult onset megaeophagus then it will be PTS pretty much straight away. Dogs hide the pain so well. I was 12 hours too late for Sam with the osteo and I've never forgiven myself for that. As for poor Fern and I battling megaeophagus for 12 months. I don't think it was worth it, for either of us. I prefer to go early, while there is still some dignity and quality of life. Yet I did dither over Sybil, my nearly 16 yo cat. I had makeshift steps next to a few obj
  13. Not sounding good ☹️ Not sure if it's just me on my phone but photos are not showing up
  14. I'm not a lot of help but how long have you been feeding raw? Has he lost weight in this time? I do believe that raw is the same as kibble re feeding guildlines i.e. that you do not have to feed what the graph is telling you so maybe 2 pounds is right for your dog. Re the organ meats you could grind them up with some of the meat your dog does eat. Also nothing wrong with sprinkling a bit of cheese on each meal. I've done that before. Remember not every meal needs to balanced everytime as long as it all balances over about a week. Has your dog seen a vet for the itchies? Might be wo
  15. so sorry Sarasmum and family
  16. You know I have to say that pup does not look as if it's thriving. I'd be getting a full blood panel on him. Have you checked with the breeder of your pup about diet or contacted other experienced owners?
  17. Are the bitches related because poor progesterone levels can run in families. Best you take her to the vet and get her tested
  18. Owners have only got themselves to blame. The dog has got out at least 3 times and he has attacked 3 dogs, killing one. PTS is the right answer
  19. for sure it needs reporting, breaking multiple laws as Jem said
  20. I'm sorry for your loss but you don't know that your dog would have survived without surgery. Personally I think you did the right thing and gave her a good chance
  21. did you take the pup to the vet for her post sale check up? Had a vet seen her at all before she died? You would have to prove the pup swallowed the bead at the breeders house I would think to get any money back but I must say, as a breeder, I would be devastated and yes would have refunded something, as long as you had taken the pup to the vet sometime before she died.
  22. some dogs, like people, are more stoic then others. Might need to up his pain relief. Chat with the vets again.
  23. I laughed at the might be a weird cat guy. And I love cats.
  24. I'll be blunt. The time has come. I agree with your daughter. As a nurse we can't help our patients pass with dignity but we can help our beloved pets. I'm so sorry you are facing this. God speed to you and your beloved friend
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