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  1. Can I have a couple of recommendations for a Greyhound with some issues please. Not mine, a newly adopted one
  2. Um you need to get a reputable behaviourist to come and see your dogs, all of them. Impossible to diagnose or offer any suggestion over the internet and so much info not given.
  3. be very fussy about breed! What's the point in buying a dog, and that's what adoption is, that does not suit you? Dog is unhappy, people are unhappy, something bad can and often happens.
  4. Why didn't you reach out to the breeder of your pup? Could have saved you a lot of heartache. I'm with the new owner. Trial was to see if the pup fitted in ok with them, not for you to change your mind. Seeing as how you couldn't cope with the pup as is, what's changed that makes you think you could cope with it now?
  5. I can't help you with bones. Phoebe still isn't keen on them yet her teeth and mouth are in excellent condition. I just give raw marrow bones once or twice a week and the other 2 swoop on them but not Phoebe.
  6. you could try drying out egg shells and crushing them and adding a bit to her food for the calcium. I admit I wouldn't be too worried about the calcium as she is eating a good quality dry food. I had a very picky Greyhound who often walked away from her food. I had the best success with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. Home brand tuna cat food would also get her eating. In the end I just offered her her meals and if she walked away the other dogs got it! She started eating eagerly at around 4 years of age. She was always very lean, often with nearly every rib showing,now I have to watch her weight! Her base diet is still the same, dry food, and minced chicken carcasses. Phoebe is now 7 1/2 and as fit as a fiddle.
  7. I'd be reporting this to the local council and asking for the rangers to patrol the area. This would soon break it up if it's not an official dog park.
  8. Most people make friends of breeders in their chosen breed. And start the ball rolling that way. It helps if you are friends with breeders here who can vouch for you. It won't be quick or easy. I don't know of overseas forums.
  9. are you talking about importing frozen semen? If so it is done frequently. You need to talk to a reproduction vet, there is a fair amount of paperwork to be done, your vet should be able to help you as well as put you in touch with a company or two that does the actual importation. I also suggest you reach out to other breeders and ask their advice and certainly ask your mentor.
  10. The only way to prevent this is to put the dog away every time you have visitors, every single time. Without fail.
  11. Hi Judy, I suggest you contact your local breed clubs. They usually also run a rehoming service. https://grcnsw.org.au/ https://www.labradorclubnsw.com/ also look here: https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/dog-breeders.asp
  12. Interesting the say they are a registered breeder yet don't mention papers for the bitch. That's a red flag for me. Roseinwinter if that is your add then maybe you could push the breeder a bit more about their prefix and DogsQLD number.
  13. she is very cute and I can see why you are taken with her but it is also obvious you do want a guarantee that she is a purebred. I think 7 grand is a lot of money for an unpapered dog though I don't really know what the going price is for poodles. It is possible she is full poodle or one or both parents may have something else lurking in the background. If there is something else it may not make any difference. By what the breeder has told you they sound pure but if you want a guarantee then you need to look at an ANKC breeder and be prepared to wait a bit https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/community/poodle-toy.asp
  14. ask to see the results, especially for eye tests as poodles have a couple of eye conditions which can lead to blindness. You are entitled to a copy of the parents results. You do not want to see two carriers bred together. A carrier and a clear is ok as no pup will be affected, they might be a carrier but, unless you go on to breed, it's not a problem. I imagine you are paying quite a bit so you certainly are entitled to know the health history.
  15. https://www.poodleclubofqueenslandinc.com/
  16. if the pup doesn't come with ANKC papers then you can't be 100% sure. Have the parents had their health tests and did you see the results?
  17. you need to see a behaviorist so you and Ace can get the help needed. Dog attacks can cause some bad side effects. If you can give a rough area of where you live I'm sure more knowledgeable people will be able to recommend someone. I hope the owners of the attacking dog are paying your vet bill and I hope you reported the attack.
  18. as long as you realise there is a risk, small may it be. I'm a firm believer in getting pups out and about early and am prepared to take that risk. Mind you, even going out to my front yard with a pup is risky as all manner of dogs trot past and I have no idea what they may be carrying.
  19. But there was no stud fee paid nor breed health tests nor ANKC registration/fees so don't forget to add them on.
  20. Puppies do make a lot if strange noises while sleeping. Has he been back to the vets? Have you reached out to his breeder? I would be concerned that a puppy has not eaten well for a week.
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