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  1. Yes some dogs are just cows when it comes to grass I've had a couple. I do believe they will seek out certain grasses if feeling a bit "blah" but it's not likely they will find what they need in built up areas.
  2. You need a word IMO that is easy to pronounce. Also you may change breeds. My prefix that was used for my Greyhounds is actually made up of parts of the names of 3 German Shepherds! That was the breed I thought I would end up breeding. When the time came to register a prefix I thought of all sorts of names to do with greyhounds and yet I kept coming back to my original, put it first and got it. Good luck, I'm not very creative so not much help with a name
  3. Often pops up in stress. I has a GSD that got a couple of spots after being boarded in kennels at 11 months of age. My understanding is it lives on the skin in low numbers unless stressed. Sometimes occurs in bitches after whelping - huge stress. I treated my bitch and never had it develop again. I'd treat it and forget. Unless it continues to occur then I would investigate further.
  4. https://suzanneclothier.com/breed-personality-study/ Suzanne Clothier's thoughts
  5. I think we all know a dog that is not typical of their breed but the vast majority are. Out of those 2000 dogs, a high % were crossbreeds, they lost me at that.
  6. If the papers aren't back then you can't check but you should take the pup to the vet within 48 hours for a wellness check and they can scan the puppy. If you want an ANKC registered dog then you can ask to see their membership card. Ask if it will be on main or limited. As excited as you are, if you are not happy with the breeders answer's or don't like what you see, then walk away. Actually, just thought, you should get a vaccination card and often a microchip sticker is on that. Not always, sometimes it's handwritten. And there is a puppy tax to be paid here Photo's are required please!
  7. Yes to registration with the council and DogsQld which is a part of the ANKC. Not all breeders have contracts, it's not a strike against them but ask now so there are no surprises at pick up time. Microchip papers may not be back by pickup but they should be signed and sent on asap. ETA, breeder registers with DogsQld. Again papers may not be back at pickup. There should be copies of DNA tests available for you to have a copy of. Ask for a feeding guide as to what puppy has been fed. Congratulations and welcome to the dog world
  8. you wouldn't get any papers with them. If the bitch is too small for the standard then they really shouldn't breed her. But yes, I would consider the pups pure bred poodles. I don't think it's ethical. I think it's a money spinner. Please make sure the parents are fully health tested and you see the original results and get a copy to keep if you go ahead with this.
  9. I saw the picture. The tail was carried high, gay tail, and the kink was towards the tip of the tail. I had worse on a greyhound pup I bred. And I've seen much worse. Kink would have been there from birth.
  10. Having had several intact females I've never had one be incontinent during a season. I have to wonder, if due to her very poor start in life, if their is some anatomical issues going on now that she is in season. I think this is a good time for another vet exam. Thankyou for helping this poor little girl.
  11. Can see the kink, very common thing in all dogs. And yes doesn't carry the tail correctly for the breed, which also happens a lot. Back in the day it was called gay tail but I don't think you can say that anymore.
  12. Kinked/curly tails can pop up at any time.
  13. Anything is possible in any living thing. How old is she and what age was she desexed? I don't know what a pig jaw is but it sounds like she's on limited for a reason. Everything you have said can occur in any dog and any breed. It comes under the sh!t happens catergory. I've owned a couple. I don't see why you should get any sort of refund, depending on what was discussed between you and the breeder and what was in the contract. Costs the same to rear a limited pup as main registered pup. It is entirely possible to get throwbacks. You could get a DNA test done through Orivet, this would at least settle your mind as to her purity.
  14. @Pinkett86you can certainly give him a raw egg 3 or 4 times a week. I've never given eggs daily but I don't see why you can't.
  15. Depends on the breeder. You might be asked to pay the fees involved.
  16. Personally I have never believed you must pay over $100 for a small bag of food. Nothing wrong with supermarket dry food like Supercoat. Add in some raw chicken necks, eggs, sardines, safe table scraps etc and you can feed your dog like a king for half the price.
  17. such an angry little person aren't you. Plenty of people have no idea how Labradoodles came across. You never mentioned guide dogs so how was I to know you knew their background? And you don't know all. There is a standard for Labradoodles in America, breed club and all. Not recognised by the ANKC.
  18. Labradoodles were created by the trainer? for Guide dogs, for the people that were allergic. He is on record as saying how much he regrets it. There was no guarantee any pup would inherit the proper poodle coat.
  19. Pretty sure most ethical breeders are keeping a close on that disease. I believe an MRI can help pick it up. Ask them about any health tests they have done, howlong their dogs lived to and what they died from. Hip and elbow dysplasia and Addisons fall under the sh!t happens umbrella. Dogs for generations can have clear hips and elbows and boom, a bad one pops up. I don't know if the eye problem could have been picked up with genetic testing. I've had a couple of real lemons in my life. I'm still in dogs.
  20. You're asking the wrong person. And it's show potential. Many things happen between selling a show potential 8 week old pup and it, possibly, becoming a show champion. For both dog and person things can change. Ozzie you were told the stud dog owner put conditions on the use of their dog, there's one reason, but you rejected that.
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