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  1. who cares what other people think as long as your dog is safe? A muzzle will solve your problem. Try googling muzzles for staffies and you should find something that will fit. Or follow the link Snook provided or try a large pet shop. Maybe send off an email to your states Staffordshire club, explain your problem and ask them if they can point you to a good muzzle.
  2. White factored Border collie eye/ear issues?

    I'll give it ago though not my breed. My understanding of the BAER test is that if a pup has normal hearing then that's it. Normal hearing for life. As for eye problems I don't know.
  3. Unplanned litter

    Get a grip asal
  4. Unplanned litter

    The reference to desexing is the new laws in SA state all pets must be desexed by 6 months. Most of us know that is very unlikely to be happening. ETA not saying Flick won't get the bitch desexed but maybe one? of the puppy buyers. Just because it's law doesn't mean it will be done http://www.dogandcatboard.com.au/breeder-registration-faqs http://www.dogandcatboard.com.au/news/the-time-to-desex-your-pet-is-now
  5. Switching Over to Raw Diet from Kibble

    if you were to add more raw bone into her diet I doubt your pup will have sloppy poo's. Personally my dogs have never done well on Black Hawk. If you haven't done full raw before then I would suggest you stick to a reasonable dry food with some added raw.
  6. Unplanned litter

    any vet should be able to desex the pups. Sell them for $500 each and that should cover the cost of vaccination, microchip and desex. Or give them to a rescue who will do all the vet work and screen the buyers saving your friend a lot of hassle. Sure he will be out of pocket but that's the price you pay when rearing a litter, even though it wasn't of his doing.
  7. Unplanned litter

    Might not have known the bitch had been bred but as the OP said the papers were limited then the pups couldn't be registered anyway.
  8. Unplanned litter

    There is nothing stopping your friend from selling the pups. He just has to make sure the pups are microchipped and vaccinated before sale. If in Queensland he has to get a BIN ? number before sale. If in Vic he will need to get a PER ? number after 1st July but not sure if that is coming in this year or next. Not sure about the other states. If your friend wanted to take this further he could make a complaint about the original owner with the state body ( i.e Dogs Queensland )but he is not going to be fined or anything by the state body. But they won't be able to issue any papers for the pups. What breed is the bitch?
  9. Unplanned litter

    if pups arrived a few months later then she was not pregnant when sold. Gestation is 63 days. How old are pups now? If the bitch was on limited register then the pups can't be registered. Even if the bitch was on full registration the pups still couldn't be registered unless the bitch actually got pregnant to another fully registered dog of the same breed while owned by a registered owner and the stud dog owner was happy to sign the stud certificate. It is also possible it was an accidental mating that the original owner didn't know had happened. But it does depend on when the pups were actually born. A few months or a few weeks after the new owner bought her? I'm not sure what you mean by the new owner being in big trouble? Are they a registered breeder?
  10. Importing from Europe

    I used JetPets to export to Europe. From what I have heard around the traps it is often cheaper to use a European company to import. Maybe ask amongst your OS breeder friends who they would recommend on their end. Good Luck!
  11. Let little Rusty have the best home

    So the in-laws are happy to give him up to either yourselves or a reputable rescue? How big is your yard? You could put up a shade sail and provide him with a paddling pool, make sure he is kept clipped with a shortish coat. But.... he will still need to be walked daily, you would have to commit to getting up 1/2 hr earlier on your work days and also another walk in the cool of the evening. I would imagine he would be an active boy being a spaniel x poodle. What a lucky little dog Rusty is to have someone who cares for him and wants to see things done right. Good luck
  12. Pet insurance

    I have had dogs insured with 3 different companies. Had claims with 2, no problems paying and the other nil claims. Having forgotten to insure my youngest dog, who proceeded to break a toe that needed amputation and discolated her hip and now recovering from suspected meningitis, I would recommend insurance.
  13. Gee, bad news for america.

    Distemper certainly is still here in Australia. It was one of the diseases one of my dogs was tested for recently.
  14. Has any one had a dog with acute polyradiculoneuritis APR ? If so how was it diagnosed or did you just stop feeding raw chicken? Any information gratefully received APR is now at the bottom of the list of possible problems
  15. Update on Opal, she was really sick last weekend and I thought this was it but an injection from the vet and within 12 hours she was much improved. She had lost 4.5 kilo's in weight and I'm happy to say she has put on 1.5 kilos in the last week. The steroid dose has been halved to 30 mg daily without any regression. The omeprazole has been ceased. All tests on her spinal fluid have come back negative so it's being treated as the steroid responsive meningitis.
  16. Paralysed Dog

    My girl Opal was definitely depressed with her illness (update: now much improved) and I think nauseated. Maybe a trip to the vet? One injection for Opal and she was back to eating within 12 hours and hasn't looked back
  17. Paralysed Dog

    Great news Tully, so pleased for you
  18. My Dog could have been attacked

    if you see the pitbull again you might like to tell the owner what you have learnt, share the knowledge
  19. Vaccination vs Titre Results

    I'm not one to over vaccinate but I believe distemper is on the rise ( don't ask me where I read it as I can't remember ). I also believe the actual numbers for a titre don't matter as long as they are there. However saying all that I would do a C3 at this time. Distemper is an awful disease and I wouldn't risk my dog getting it.
  20. Paralysed Dog

    How are things going @Tully?
  21. It is a bit more then one in a million. As someone said, there's not a problem until there is a problem.
  22. Thanks JRG. Opal is doing so much better on the pred. Still walking like a drunken sailor but the frantic pacing etc has stopped. I feel like I have Opal back. The mental side of her. The physical is still lagging but she is back to jumping on my bed now What Opal may have is Steroid Responsive Meningitis Arteritis SRMA, which as the name says is very responsive to steroids. I am really hoping the further tests do give a definite diagnosis. The few people I have been able to chat with about SRMA have said their dog made a complete recovery.
  23. Debarking

    While I haven't debarked a dog I know dogs that have been done and they still remained the same. They don't seem to realise they are no longer making a large amount of noise and are happy to continue barking but a lot quieter. Most dogs still make some noise.
  24. Puppy Becomes Hyper Active After Having Food

    In my experience they don't do half as much when you are not there as they do if you stay with them.