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  1. Recommended Boarding Kennels (sydney)

    This thread is nearly 9 years old @Luke Roberts why bring it back up?
  2. Show dog brush advice please

    Hi and welcome to DOL. Can you ask the breeder of your dog what they use? They would be the best ones to ask. Or you could google for Dachshund forums, join and ask them. I personally can't help as I have smooth coated dogs who only need a bath and a towel dry

    Do not send her away for training, no matter how desperate you are. Has she seen a vet? There are drugs that can help. Your dog can't learn anything when living in such a state of high arousal all the time and it can't be much fun for her. Where abouts are you? DOL members may be able to recommend someone you can see. I can't believe the behaviourists you have seen have not suggested medication, unless it is something you have forgotten to mention. Also you are not failing, personally I think the dogs first family failed by dumping her. 10 years of very bad behaviour may prove impossible to change. Is she biting your kids?
  4. Microchip issue for new puppy

    Good luck sorting this mess out. The form shouldn't have been blank. It should have had the signature of the previous owner and also the barcode of the chip number. The vets are right, it should have been registered before being sold. Did you get registration papers for the pup?
  5. Bleeding Barnacles

    me either. In fact I would be insisting on it.
  6. Kibble+raw

    I feed my dogs twice a day. Raw one meal, dry food the other. Don't stress too much about food. Most of it is a beat up. I give raw bones or whole carrots for teeth.
  7. Worrying behaviour? Please help?

    so Messy is nearly 4, walks nice on lead but no one has ever tried to pat him before? He is a cattle dog, a working breed. What I recall about cattle dogs are they are not keen on strangers approaching them. Messy obviously found this a bit much so next time someone asks to pat the dog just say no. It is your job to protect the dog. Not all dogs are social butterflies nor should they have to be. In fact I like the sound of your dog, happy to walk with you and take no notice of others. You idea of properly socialised most likely differs from mine. Maybe you could start some training at home with him, or go to a local obedience club, they are usually not too expensive.
  8. So pleased your family is back together
  9. Bloodhound

    Hi, I don't own a bloodhound but research is showing the later the better for desexing particularly for a large/giant breed. If you can cope with your girl having a season then I would hold off until after that. If you ask your breeder then they may be able to give you a rough idea of when their bloodlines have their first season. Though there is always one that doesn't follow the rules My youngest bitch came in 4 months before what is common for her lines. @MattB
  10. Advice please

    as above ^^^^ Good advice.
  11. dogs paw cleaning cup?

    I bought the ebay one. When I get around to using it I have no intention of pulling things apart etc. I'll rinse it out and turn it upside down to drain.
  12. dogs paw cleaning cup?

    You haven't seen my dogs feet and legs!
  13. dogs paw cleaning cup?

    A lot of USA greyhound folk swear by them so we will see
  14. dogs paw cleaning cup?

    I'll try to remember to get a picture.
  15. dogs paw cleaning cup?

    I've bought one to try for this winter. I go through a towel a dog otherwise
  16. Dropped pasterns in puppy

    sounds about right. Improvement can be very quick.
  17. Approriate dog fencing

    Is this the 4 foot section? If so I would definitely want it higher. Short term for privacy you could attach some shadecloth with zip ties. Another option is the sections of brushwood/bamboo you can buy which is 5-6 feet high.
  18. Approriate dog fencing

    I wouldn't consider anything under 5 foot for a backyard. It's often a place a dog is out on it's own. 4 foot would be fine for the front yard if someone is out there with the dog. I don't think dogs should be out the front unattended. Where I live a dog rushing at a front fence scaring passerby's can create some problems for dog and owner.
  19. male contraceptive implant

    there have been dogs that never regained their fertility, many more that the implant lasted months longer then it was supposed to and of course some dogs that it worked exactly as designed.
  20. male contraceptive implant

    if you think you might want to breed in the future with your boy then I would advise you to freeze some semen before implanting him. Seems a bit of overkill when you are just babysitting. If the bitch is staying for a long time and may come into season while staying with you, you would still have to keep them separate so they don't mate when you are not there.
  21. behaviour

    how often are the dogs allowed into the house? If only at night he might be wanting some attention from the people. He is only young. I'd try playing some indoor games or training (or outdoors) before asking him/expecting him to immediately go into quiet lay down mode.
  22. what's the daily dose rate please?
  23. Worms

    You need a blood test for heartworm.
  24. Scam using info stolen from DOL

    @mitaall the aussie connections have been taken down. Troy's post is above yours
  25. Worms

    whereabouts do you live @Ricky2? There are heartworm meds around that only treat heartworm and not expensive at all. I use Valuheart for my dogs. $18 for 6 months worth. But you dog needs a heartworm test first at the vet.